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Winter at Kalorama? No it's the new Crowdies album cover! (October release).

August 20th

Greg Skyhook sends me the You Tube link to 'Fuck Me Ray Bradbury' ... one of my favourite sci fi writers..he also penned "Something Wicked This Way Comes' ..anyway love "rachel does stuff's" song and especially the clip. She's rather sexy eh? Check it out at:


So there was meant to be snow today, well there was they didn't lie, the whole 35 seconds worth. I held out my hand and indeed snow flakes fell. It didn't last long. I blinked -snow over. It went quicker then snow up an LA rockstars nostril!

Happy Birthday Rosemaree, almost 50, well 49- where are those twins you are meant to have? Mark and myself could dress as twins, Tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.... I don't know, never trust those clairvoyants even if it's 4 of them. In the end just have some sex get pregnant and make it happen. Mystics won't change the outcome, unless one of them is the father! Now there's a thought.

It's cooking in Russia, normally it's meant to be around 23 degrees, the last 4 weeks it has been 38 degrees and quite a few out of control fires. That reminds me our Summer is approaching fast, come Spring we'll start preparing again... bushfires (shudder).

Drive to Tania's and pick her up for Rosemarees dinner at Prahran. She mentions if I can pick Rosemaree up, which is fine but it means a bit of rushing, the traffic sucks on Friday evenings going to the city. I take some short cuts and get us to Prahran on time with Rosemaree in tow. We are back at La Camira- a few of us, Bec seems like she is in a crappy mood. Everyone likes the painted duck in the memory case that we gave her... it even looks like a duck. Miss R enjoys her deco purple fake mink throw.... it looks nice and warm.

Drop Rosemaree off and take Tania home, I know she needs to grab Jake. We time it well as Warrick arrives so spend some time at their place. A good night.

August 21st

Oh Election day.... we just know it's going to be a close one. We drive down to vote at the local school. We are on a boundary area here- Casey and La Trobe are our electorate. We know Casey will stay Liberal (unfortunately) but each year their % shrinks.... and we have been working on La Trobe. Getting friends who live in the area information and talking to people at places like the Barbers and supermarket- you'd be amazed how strong 'street level' politics works...I have a good feeling about La Trobe.

I settle in, Mark has the lap top working in the house and we watch the ABC. Anthony Green , a distant family member(*GRIN*) is on board as he is a great political commentator ....and that lovely Stephen Smith from the WA Labor Party- I always thought he'd make a great PM. It's a slow start but hours and hours later it looks like both major parties won't get enough seats to hold power. The Greens have done really well which is great. We are very happy about that. It's also looking incredibly good for the Victorian seat of La Trobe.... I think after 20 years La Trobe will indeed change hands and go to Labor- hurrah. QLD sucks- but Victoria , South Australia and Tasmania all show swings for Labor and The Greens. Just the swing in QLD is so severe it rips away at the Labor majority. This election wont be called tonight, indeed not for awhile. It looks like there could also be 4 independents ....so a good possibility of a hung parliament. I am just stoked the Australian Public didn't give that arsehole Tony Abbott a win. Neither party did...it's been a really strange election. It's great The Greens did so well, especially around Gay Marriage in this country. Abbott is painful he's acting like he has won.... why would anyone really vote for this turkey. Urgh! I think a strong message was sent to both major parties.

August 22nd

I spend a part of the day doing some voice over work for Mark on Kenya footage. Some of the footage is really great- Mark has a great eye for the right shot, and HD.... love it. I only had to do several hundred re-takes!!! At least I didn't make strange clicking noises from dry throat! (That was dry throat not deep throat you rude readers!! We're nice boys! The only Deep Throat here is the character on our X-Files dvds).).

I keep checking the election information on the AEC but no real change, so many seats are too close too call. If the worst scenario happens and Abbott and the Liberals do get in, that's life, we lived with the horrible hoWARd government for 12 years so we can deal with more homophobes running the country. I still have faith and a little voice in my head says it will be ok. God now I'm earing voices I've finally gone mad *GRIN*

August 23rd

I am feeling the love today! Some days are just the best. Now I won't get any sleep for weeks! Way too excited. Thanks xxx

August 24th

I manage to remember "Amanda no pants " birthday. She was part of the old school gang. I was tempted to send her some underpants but thought that might be a bit too bizarre. So I scrawled on a card ,called and emailed. I'm sure she had a fantastic day with that tribe of kids of hers.

I always pay my debts, I left 25c under the door of Viewpoint, I owed them.... my parents hammered it home always pay what you owe. Sad eh! Cost me more in petrol to deliver the 25c.

See me smiling today.

EMI are releasing The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House...as part of the 25th anniversary. They wanted a few of my photos for possible use....as long as the band want them I'm ok about them being used. The 4 lots of cover art are really good, variations on the seasons and Nicks caravan idea..... works well, he'll kill me but so much cooler then the 'Intriguer' cover- I still have a problem with Intriguers cover art. I get it but it just doesn't hold up over time for me. I pick up Together Alone and go yeah excellent and the back of Temple is superb.... oh well i can't love everything. At least I'm honest.

August 25th

Bec is off scuba diving somewhere around the world, I know she calls into Guam so it's that direction- have a great holiday.

Greg Skyhook emails, he worries too much, I keep telling him there are no russians under his bed! The communists are not coming... well not this week. I'd tell him he'll go grey if it hadn't already happened years ago.

What is wrong with Paul Hogan? He needs to pay his taxes- so cocky in denial- no wonder they want to do him like a dinner. Just pay up, now he's crying poor... tears running down his face lift.

August 26th

It's another cold day here, hanging out for some warm weather. The dams are up 10% on last year. Those lucky Finns in LA, all that sunshine.... gimmee. I remember sun.

Abbott keeps refusing to put his election promises into treasury to be checked- what is he hiding? Turns out it's a ten BILLION dollar black hole. They can't even get their figures together-who'd vote for this tool to be PM?

Speak to Spock from BCO, catching up next week for lunch and we get to see the land and the construction of the new house. So many houses being built in Melbourne, trades people are getting endless work.

I surrender the last of my pay to the Pakistan Flood victims , took awhile as I wanted to make sure the agency we used got supplies etc to them and my little bit of money wasn't chewed up on fees.

August 27th

Spend most of the day working on a VIP email for Neil and the Crowdies, they chew up so much time, especially outdated email addresses when people forget to let us know they've changed them.

Spot the September edition of Rolling Stone magazine (USA) on line, love the True Blood cover- fantastic.

Funny how Ken Mehlman has finally come out. He was the republican campaign manager who helped Bush get a 2nd term for President- evil horrible homophobic government.... pity he didn't come out when it counted, he could of done a lot more for gay marriage etc when it really mattered.

Waiting on our badge stock for INTRIGUER & TEMPLE OF LOW MEN.... love those cool little square album cover badges. They've become really collectible I hear- people always asking us for them. I wish I would of kept more then one in the archives. So I guess I'll be spending a week packing all of these... wrapping and taping and envelope stuffing. Fun (not).

August 28th

We watch the wonderfully freak Aussie movie THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS... it was filmed in Sofala (NSW). Such a strange little movie- really like it, especially the echidna VW with all those spikes.

Paris Hilton you big snow queen, of course that cocaine was yours - really does anyone believe it wasn't. She should of requested a drug test straight away if she really was innocent. Look it's snowing -up Paris's nose!

I put together a birthday box of goodies for Laura- bought a few bits at Mangala-thank god Mark reminded me, I am hopeless.

Still no election news, could be another week they say.

August 29th

Happy Birthday to my cool little sister. Which also means it's 9 years since Shirley died in the helicopter crash. Same day for both... so I'll always remember.

Nice two part article in The Age on "The kids are alright"-it's Lisa Cholodeko's movie (she's the girlfriend of our mate Wendy Melvoin), the reviews have been really positive. Merlinz & Maz went and enjoyed it.

August 30th

Some more artwork arrives for THE VERY, VERY BEST OF CROWDED HOUSE. This project started way back in April this year. There are several formats for the cd.... 4 different covers, all relating to the four seasons. Booklets are still being done... id-ing some photographers snaps etc. I like these covers..... I'm looking at the cover art for 'Summer" and the clouds part and sunshine beams through the office windows (wow MAGIC covers!). I refuse to look at the Winter cover all day in case the cold weather returns!!!

I think Melbourne has turned 175 today, I could be wrong didn't see it mentioned anywhere. For such an old continent the cities are so young.

I hear from Neil and the Finns managed to catch up with our old favourite roadie Arloe-think they all went bowling. Mark Hart is writing the set lists for the shows this week so he'll throw in a few curve balls. (Go Mark!).

August 31st

Last day of Winter but I know that's a lie, I bet September will still have some cold arse days.

Visit Dr Chiro, get popped back into shape. I have some small ache on my side so he works on that. I think I slept upside down or it might be from too much chopping of wood.

A letter arrived back from a friends address in QLD- and Australia Post said it was the wrong address- but I checked and it was correct and my handwriting ISN'T that bad...... how hopeless is that, pity if it was really important. Aussie Posts service leaves a lot to be desired.

September 1st

Yey Spring, Yey, fantastic.... the only evidence outside are my tulips popping out of the ground, it's raining and grey. C'mon Winter let go, you've freezed our arses off enough.

It's Laura "Bingy Bingy" Birthday! Have a good one.... I like it when people start catching up.....old age here we come.

Mark surrenders and lets me watch Velvet Goldmine (again) on DVD.....

September 2nd

Independent Ian Wilkie from Tasmania has cast his vote towards Labor, as has the Greens member. So 2 more seats and Gillard can form a minority government. The 3 independents are expected to decide over the next week. Tony Abbott caught out again lying. He claimed it's policy's had been carefully modelled by the University of Canberra (the affiliated NATSEM) but the people at NATSEM claimed it never spoke to them. Just another Abbott lie- I've lost count now.... why would anyone want this creep for PM is beyond me. He still cant explain the $11 Billion black hole in his costings- the tide is turning the public are smelling a rat. Thank the gods the Independents requested the figures.

We drive up to Eltham to catch up with Spock and young Jordy. Give Spock a funky birthday present- yes more birthdays. Have some food at Piccolo - wow the coffee is great. We see the house they are building, expected a concrete slab but it looks great. Jordy's a good kid so well behaved and fun. It's a really nice day.

Head home and work very late on band stuff. I spend an hour working on my Crowdies book-the final 2 interviews get done when the Australian tour is on in November. The office starts getting cold around 11.30 despite the heaters so time to get to the house before midnight. The fog surrounds the house but one of the local owls is sitting near the steps. Guess he's on a hunt for some food- I love owls.

September 3rd

U2 tickets on sale today- I bite the bullet and get Red Zone tickets. The money goes to AIDS charities for red section sales so despite the insane price tag we have our 2 tickets (honestly Crowded House fans can never complain about ticket prices after what we paid for 2 tickets) ...but it will be a great place to see the show-directly in front of the stage. The red tickets sold out in less then a minute, my fast typing got us in with seconds to spare. Tell Mark the good news- he'll be stoked, we both like U2 live.

I book an appointment with my doctor for Monday, so I'm off to Prahran next week. Into the city. I wonder if I am pregnant?

September 4th

I hear from Miss K and Miss J, up to mischief - which is a really good thing. Miss the US "Girls". They live too far away.

Well Spring was short lived, Victoria hit by massive rain fall, areas towards Ballarat flooded. New Zealand's day starts off worse, 7.4 earthquake rocks Christchurch, 4.30 am. Not a nice wake up call.

I cook a roast dinner and while that is in the oven I work on a Skeleton in the Grave Yard 'memory box' . It's not too bad, think we'll keep this one for ourselves.

My sister calls and my Mum is in hospital, I call and check and they say she will be alright. Of course I worry , the fact she had to go to hospital scares me .....

Run through some bits and pieces with my EMI contacts on "The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House". I leave the office at 10.00.

September 5th

I sulk, I stay in bed, I don't talk. Sometimes we have these days. I climb down deep into the bed. I don't go to the bakery, I get even more annoyed that Mark didn't let the chickens out. Did I say I am sulking. I hear from Neil no more solo shows for the time being. Guess they want to get the Crowded House dates over and done with-solo is probably a weird distraction.

I roll out the recycle bin and someone has left us a Spring daffodil in my letter box! Made me smile- sulk no more. Sometimes it's those little things isn't it!

That's it for now.....


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