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Peter, Princess the Dog and the First Diary

March 22nd

Today was truly perfect, a sunny Autumn day. I blow out the afternoon and sun bake on the decking, just boxers on and a good book to read. It's not hot, just nice, that kind of warmth on bare skin that feels fantastic. Lying here on my back admiring the crepuscular rays streaming through the clouds. What a nice day to be alive.

I'm happy for Obama getting his health reform across the line. We take it for granted here in Australia. Medicare in the USA was for over 65's I think, here it covers all ages, everyone. I'm still blown away that a trip to the Doctors cost me $15.00, the parking was probably more. It was originally Medibank and introduced by the Whitlam Labor Government in 1975. (Another reason why Gough rocks). Anyway hope this is a good thing for America, I can't believe how the country that prides itself on being ground breaking etc doesn't have full health cover for all it's citizens.

I track down a DVD of Australian TV show 'Chances'. It was produced in the early nineties and Jeremy Sims was the main character. Its such an oddball show, and TV station Channel 9 just wanted more and more sex and skin to be shown. The scripts are rather corny but you kind of watch it for it's camp trippy quality and of course the Gerard Sont perve factor! I don't think he did anything after Chances.

March 23rd

OSCC will be the next thing people are talking about. Head and neck cancers linked to a virus spread by oral sex. HPV (papillomavirus)- which some girls are immunized for before they become sexually active. Head and neck cancers are now the 6th most common cancer. They think HPV might increase with the more oral partners you have. So for those youngsters thinking Oral sex is always the safest it may not be the case. See the diary does cover a wide variety of material!

A friend at a record company calls and asks me if I knew so and so. She apparently committed suicide on the weekend, I didn't know her, but of course suicide this week, the week of Pauls passing just pushes a button. Sends me back 5 years ago.....

Australia's suicide rate is about 12 people per 100,000, I think its now in the top 10 in America for the leading cause of death. Sorry this is all rather depressing......

Anyway I call a friend in another band to let them know, as I know a few of the band members knew her. Felt a bit strange, feel sorry for the ones left behind.

Miss Gabe turns up in the afternoon and that cheers us up a lot. We head to her car and she drags out 'Anisoptera Resurrectus' the painting. I can't believe she did this one in 2006. It's been touring the country as part of some exhibit, it's now ours! Well kind of, about $30 short so raiding my jar of coins which I use for the phone bill. Art before anything else!

Gabe thinks we should tour all our paintings around Australia, she's freaking what art we have. Now that would be strange sending all our babies around Oz, nah we couldn't part with them, the house would be naked. She tells me her art will value only when she dies, what is all this death floating about? She reminds me of Frankie from 'Love My Way". ...the artist! Maybe we should kill her in our kitchen.

I have two large stock boxes of the LUTON cds to unpack. Two huge boxes of Enz music. I know people will love this release, always nice when we are sending them out to good homes. Just think this is the last Luton stock on the planet.

March 24th

I hear from Australian Story again wanting to do some interviews around Paul's death, also maybe a Crowded House related story but linked around it....well I think that's what they were getting at. I know Mardi and the girls don't want to be part of it, the ABC has asked a few times, they just want to get on with their lives and you can't blame them. It gets dug up enough every year leading to the 26th. Don't get me wrong I love Australian Story and I'm sure they would do a good job, but sometimes it's good not to do such things. Each year I just seem to be saying no.

The Blu Ray player is freaking out a bit these days, which I'm sure will give Mark high blood pressure. We watch the wonderful 'Bucket List' , Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are great, some people hate this movie, too schmaltzy but we really enjoyed it. I guess those who didn't like it are into Transformers or some sfx gluttony feast......

A fake Lady Ga Ga on Chapel Street Prahran has been stopping the traffic and getting all the news crews way too excited. Fun back on Chapel Street- good to see.

A Jack Russell and a Tabby Cat have been found together in an alley way, both orphans, but they stayed warm by snuggling in together- and were found in that state, the dog protecting the cat and vice versa. Wow why can't humans be like that. Hope they don't get separated and stay together...when someone finds them a new home. Banshee was like that with Cosmo the bunny, we'd find them snuggling together.

March 25th

Enmore ticket sales finished today at 9 AM, so we released the rest to the public. It will sell out on the weekend.

The newspapers full of snaps of George Michael pashing a young 23 year old Sydney man on a yacht. George seems happy, not sure how Kenny Goss back in the UK would be feeling- but they are suppose to have an open relationship so who knows. I can tell you the mystery boy is a certain young Czech called *********...... a bit of a pash in the Australian ocean, good for you! Everyone should do it and scare some fishes. Not too sure what all the fuss is about.

I hear from Pete & Sue, which is great. Susan has a new show 'The Perfect Woman' at the NG Art gallery in Sydney ..it's on now. Loads of dolls heads adoring the art and other crazy bits..love it. Nice invite too, hate shabby art invites (unless they are meant to be like that).

Pete and Reg and Dog Trumpet are special guests for Crowded House at The Enmore- that will make it a fun night.

Jen from New York sends me a wonderful shot of the new promo posters for True Blood...the next season. The posters have VILF instead of MILF ...brilliant (Vampire I'd Like To Fuck) .. HBO are excellent.... love it. Thanks Jennifer your email made our day. It made me think about my current 6 favourite tv shows..in no order : 1/ True Blood, 2/ Sons Of Anarchy 3/ Lost 4/ Underbelly 5/ Dexter 6/ Breaking Bad

March 26th

Paul RIP! 5 years since he died, seems like 5, people say it doesn't I think it does. I send a few mates a picture of Paul hitting dog poo out of his yard with his golf club- made me laugh- it is so Paul to do that. I considered driving to Blackwood today, wasn't sure if any of his family were going to do so, so I decided to delay it and do it some other time. Enjoy people while they are alive, I can't always do the visit the graveside ritual, I prefer to do the drive when the mood takes me. It does bring back some intense memories but each time I also think of Paul's body deep down in that Blackwood earth and that saddens me.

I send Nick the snap of us by the Yarra , Paul and myself look very young, well it was 27 years ago! Nick is amazed it was that long ago, 'Enz days eh?". Yep.

We do play a lot of the Largest Living Things music in the office, in fact most of the day, makes me smile- music is good like that. I do like it that so many people remember him. Triple M radio played some Hessie interviews.

March 27th

Happy 60th Tony Williams. He's the only Skyhooks lead singer left alive, and he turns 60 today. A true gentleman - Happy Birthday Tony.

We watch the Ozploitation documentary "Not Quiet Hollywood" ..... exceptional, boy Australia sure is a weird place for movies. Quentin Tarantino was special guest, he is such a fan of Aussie movies, well those low budget ones from the 70s and 80s...he really knows his stuff. He came across as being such a very cool guy, nice to see that Hollywood doesn't make a chump out of everyone. Mark Hartley researched it to perfection..... loved it, one of the best time capsules on our local cult movies ever done.

My sister calls it seems ages since we last had a decent chat, really its been 3 weeks. So on the phone for an hour. They always seem flat out, sometimes I just want to say 'chill out' but their lives. She sounds really excited about Kenya, still waiting on her updated passport. The local post office messed it up again.

Earth Hour tonight, we are watching a movie so our lights are out anyway. More worried if people burning massive amounts of candles is more harmful. If a house uses 40 candles in a year thats 280 grams of CO2 every hour!!!

March 28th

The Crowdies play the West Coast Blues Festival in WA tonight. Saturday Sun and Twice If You're Lucky the two newies in the set. I'm still not convinced by Saturday Sun, I know Neil loves it but I still love 6 other songs on the new album far more- (Don't quote me on that) but everyone is different, I'm sure there are people who love this song. Just feels weird to be the first cut from the album for radio etc. I'm sure I'll be proven wrong and it will be some massive hit!!!

Mark had to put the chickens in tonight and Ginny decided to mess with him. Picture Mark chasing a very fast chicken all over Ailsa Craig, wings were flapping and skinny legs racing by (and that was only from Mark). Eventually he got her into the pen for the night. "I don't understand how something so little can run so fast"-Mark.

Speak to my Mum tonight, just good to have a laugh. She was telling when I was really young I used to always have diaries, some were drawings and some paintings and loads of scrawl. She thinks they all got trashed but she did find a photo of yours truly with my first dog! Scrawling away in front of the bird cage at my grandfathers place. Mum said the best present for me was always coloured pencils crayons and paint and notebooks. See the diary obsession started at a very early age. I just had to capture what was going on. I think at some stage music replaced my diaries as the alternative escape. I keep hoping Mum will find all my early diaries in a trunk or old suitcase.

I see this diary has an extra 28 more visitors this month. The number keeps climbing, I'm happy having a dozen people reading it but usually it's a few thousand- you crazy things!!!!

March 29th

Rain rain rain and fog. Goodbye Summer sun....

It means we sleep in, as Kalorama gets fog bound. So dark outside, perfect fox weather so the chickens stay inside today. I let Banshee out and I hear a cat fight. The B&W cat has been visiting and Miss Banshee is defending her turf. As I climb out of bed to investigate I hear the sound of our courier man. My new camera has arrived I am so excited, I'm bolting down the corridor like a kid chasing Santa Claus. I am well behaved and deliver it all wrapped up to Marks room so he can hand it to me later on. I'm too excited to sleep- so I read.

An hour later Mark bounds into the room (ok he NEVER bounds)...and says Happy Early Birthday and gives me the most brilliant camera...and this insane lens. I am bloody well spoilt! I know I know I'm worth it (who said 'NO"? I heard you).

I am shit house at receiving gifts, ask Jen from New York she will vouch for this ,hell ask any of my friends- I never know what to say how to accept things... total freak that I am.

I hassle new management for some USA- Canada dates, in the end the NZ office helps me out which is brilliant. Just seemed crazy that every few days a date would sneak out and catch us all by surprise. I'm not sure if what we have is all of them but for the moment it's a nice big chunk. Think there could be as many as three shows at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

March 30th

I've stopped jogging for the moment, managed to chafe my inner leg, don't want to make it worse. Who said exercise was good for me?

Head to Eastlands and say hello to Wendy at JB HI FI. Buy some more Tim Finn Anthology cds (its now sold out at that store again) as well as a Cheap Trick double and I am really happy. They have a copy of Morrisseys SWORDS. I don't think it had a local release so an import and this one has the bonus live cd. Old Mozza god bless him, love his work. There are babies and mothers everywhere outside, it's like the International baby convention - insanity, get us out of here.

I am playing Cheap Tricks 'Surrender' in the car, what a perfect pop song- just excellent, makes me feel up!

Bongo Skyhook emails and is after a copy of the Hooks nude centrefold that they did for CLEO magazine. Bongo only has a gas mask over his cock! Very rock and roll. Its from the mid seventies, and 3 of the 5 Hooks bared all for a mere $300.

I speak to Roses Only today as they do these wooden fruit boxes as presents. Sadly only to capital cities so i cant send one home for Easter, the best made plans of gryphons and men...

March 31st

I'm under siege today with orders for the Split Enz LUTON cd. Since we bought the final 200, it seems like every person wants a copy. Being the special 2 CD set and only available via us I guess that is why, but it's like every second email is about Luton. I'm taken back by how many. I guess we will run out- and that's it , gone forever.

Meanwhile the Crowdies are at the Enmore Theatre, feels very odd being down here but there simply wasn't the work, and not being a tour as such, I didn't even pursue it. I am glad Pete and Reg (Dog Trumpet) are special guests, I hope the fans get their quirky sense of humour. The new album is great. At the moment I'm playing Dog Trumpet more then Crowded House (such blasphemy!!!).

A bit of a black dog day, only slightly, maybe the dogs tail *GRIN*. It's not that bad.

April 1st

I don't think people do April Fools jokes anymore , really just another day here. Pre-easter so the supermarket is full and those chocolate Christs are rolling off the shelves. I buy some fish for Good Friday, which I rarely ever do.

The foxy one leaves for England today- have a safe trip, not sure if she is catching up with Benny, hope so maybe they can have a honeymoon! Where are you BJ?

April 2nd

Salmon with Peri Peri Saunce, braised vegetables and thin peppers. Mark enjoys it, I eat some of it, my fishing family have worn out my enjoyment for seafood many years back. The house smells of cooked fish.... takes ages to get rid of the aroma. I think it's in my hair, I don't want to smell like a fish! I soak in the bath and wash my hair. Now I smell like some pretty thing..... not sure which is worse.

I work around the house today, cleaning showers and washing clothes. The churches seem more poorly attended this year, probably explains the mass exorcist of people leaving the city for Easter holidays, God is far from the top of many peoples lists. To each their own I say.

I am sorry to miss Bec doing her dive at Federation Square , some record breaking charity thing in a big glass tank. Hope it was a fun one bekster. I make a few phone calls to wish people happy easter, really I was just in the mood to chat.

April 3rd

I was planning on taking the day off being the weekend and Easter but decided to play catch up in the office. I get the USA-Canada dates out to people, no idea if it's all of them or will others be added?

Martin and boys next door visit and surprise us with EGGS! Oh god more chocolate, it's killing us, but what a way to go!!! The other kids arrive to borrow some eggs- real ones not chocolate, so polite, they went to the footy today, the MCG, and were excited by the passionate crowd. There was a bag of pot on the table that a certain musician had left behind which I discreetly slid into my pocket so the kids wouldn't think we were some sort of major pot heads. Truth be we didn't have any... haven't for yonks.

We watch 'Breaking bad' Season Two on Blu-Ray, and re visit 'Six Feet Under'- funny to see ol' Dexter (Michael C) kissing so many men! Go Michael! Daylight savings is over so we put our clocks back, means you can sleep in an extra hour- such luxury.

April 4th

I did sleep in, decided bed felt great..... went to the bakery and the weather is superb here. What a spectacular day. Playing Morrissey's SWORDS in the car, I never manage to get past the first 5 songs, always arrive at my destination.

Home again and Mark is installing new 'stuff' into my computer. I sneak up stairs and make some chocolate mousse, going to surprise the neighbours with desert tonight.

Crowdies are at the wonderful Byron Bay Festival- which is usually a fun festival and the promoters have it together at that one. So that's my Easter. I smile at the blue glitter Virgin mary in the office that some friends gave us- a shiny piece of religion in our day- and I silently give thanks to what we have and our good health.

Hope your easter is equally enjoyable.


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