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Vali Myers & Foxy -7 Years Gone Never Forgotten !

January 25th

I spend the day getting the email system ready for the UK-Eire- Scotland dates. I spot some disaster with the Irish link so hassle the UK agency in the hope they can get back to me in time. Still questioning why they wouldn't of checked the links before sending them, I'm glad I did. I guess someone just thought they'd be right. Talk about 11th hour. Pre-Sales kill me, a part of me just doesn't want them, but a huge volume of people get some good seats. Everyone can't that's how it goes, sometimes it's easier going up against the public hordes - in the end I'm only the messenger. I hope this one flows ok. I'm going to stay in the office till 2.00 most mornings just to reply to any Email queries.

I get our ARIA charts in while I'm waiting, Recurring Dream is the biggest selling album this week by an Australian artist on their catalogue chart! It's not solely a Best Of chart, but mostly covers stuff like The Essentials series etc.

January 26th

Happy Australia Day.

We found our Australian flag and I wanted to fly the aborigine flag too off one of our trees but it was impossible to find one. Next year I'll order on line. Feeling a bit patriotic today and use some stage gaffer to attach a small Aussie flag to the side of our car. We head off to Tania and Warricks place fora BBQ. I'm a bit blown away as every 2nd car has an Australian flag fluttering away on it- nice to see. I'm always a bit split down the middle as I love this country, beyond any other (well maybe Peru comes a close second). ...but I always feel that it must be like invasion day for the Aborigines that were here first. I know it's past history but I do still think of them each Australia Day. I do wear my Australian Boxer shorts (made in Australia too).

We arrive at the BBQ, all new faces, new people, I try not to be too strange or a tosser,dickhead whatever. It's a nice day, it does heat up, Australian Summer, everyone wearing hats, Warrick on the BBQ. We stay for about 4 hours maybe more and it's really fun. I have to head off, I know Mark wanted to stay longer but I have my pre-sale for Uk tonight, so I blow out my public holiday for what is work.

It ends up being a late one....endless emails questions, emails emails and more emails. It's 4.00 by the time I leave the office.

January 27th

The back road around the mountain is blocked today, think they are adding new tar to the road itself. A lot of the tourists use it to get to Sky-High, which I accidentally called Mile High the other day!!!!

We are both incredibly worn today with on 3 hours of sleep. Those long nights in the office kill us both. I know it is appreciated but when you are feeling this shit you start losing the vibe for your job. My head starts thinking about retiring, and yeah I'd say it's mostly lack of sleep.

Salad for dinner- boring eh, but it's all I could muster the vibe t do.

Again I work in the office past midnight , I hope the pre sale goes well. We put so much time into these. The one area you can never (legally) do anything about is scalpers.

Cathy calls around 11.30 and it's great to chat and laugh, I wish she didn't live so far away, some of our best mates live in Queensland- you should all move back down here, it's far better. Plus we are here.... I'll tempt you all with my very sexy chocolate mousse!

January 28th

A friend of ours turns 70 today, she's remarkable as she looks about 55! Imagine being 70, I guess 70 is the time you think of death lurking around the corner.

Brent and Helen in NZ email me around the Auckland Town Hall show- so many bands have played that place, it's kind of iconic odd shaped building on Queen street. Next year it will be 100 years old. I'd love to see Neil play the Town Halls organ which is about the same age (I think it is one of NZs 'protected national objects' that you cant even touch)..... anyway a fun place to play.

We are drowning in emails, the pre sales have stopped us getting loads of work done...... I'm just making my way through it all. I'm dying to continue work on GHOST CARS ON THE FREEWAY but till the tour dust settles down it is on my 'to do' list. Hopefully back onto it very very soon.

January 29th

Season 5 of Weeds arrives on Blu ray, it got a bit of a slagging from Weeds fans but we have totally enjoyed it. Some people really do over react. It's got some fine moment and the ending is excellent! There is one more good season in Weeds for sure.

Banshee let me sleep in today and I nearly missed the Henry Rollins tickets going on sale. Of all days for her to do that. I bolt to the office and have 40 seconds to spare, I end up with Row B, totally stoked. Rollins shows will sell so quickly he truly is loved in Melbourne. I buy a ticket for Bec and Marky as I know they will enjoy him as well.

So I hear EMI disclosed tax loss of 3.19 billion dollars! God that's a decent LOSS! I think the Crowdies contract is coming to an end soon, if not already. I honestly can't remember. I guess the music industry having global revenues dropping buy a massive 30% since 2005 isn't helping them any. I guess that means if we reach 13 platinum with Recurring Dream in Australia we probably wont get multi platinum albums ).

January 30th

A blue moon tonight, which means the 2nd full moon in the same calendar month. There is never a blue moon in February as it doesnt have enough days (I think it takes 29.5 days to return to the same phase? Am I right..something like that).

It looked incredible blazing huge through our trees....I expected ET to fly over in a bike!

Our friend at Ranges turns 23....! 23 years years old , what a bitch, how jealous are we- TOTALLY. She's lovely actually and we get her a small birthday present.

January 31st

We were going to Becs and she was going to have a BBQ for us, but we all decided with todays major fire ban day that we would stay here, in case of any disasters. It's a stinking hot day but I am told it will rain later on. A fire has broken out on the other side of the mountain near Emerald where our buddy Nigel from the Enz lives. I keep an eye on the CFA site, and we keep Banshee inside in case we have to Evac. I test all the emergency systems, I have grown use to it all now, not a bit of panic. I don't call Nige as I know everyone else would be and it just distracts if you have to pack. Emerald and one other areas told they should evacuate so I hope our bass player has gone with Voodoo the cat under his arm.

By 5.00 it is slightly cooler so i decide to BBQ the few things we have, it's a closed BBQ system and cant cause a fire...... and while I am cooking the heavens open up and it buckets down. I close the BBQ lid...... and it starts hailing like Zeus throwing rocks at me. Good I think that will help put out the fires at Emerald. The BBQ food is great, a 30 second break in the hail and rain allows me to grab the food. It soon starts but more like a fine mist... I walk around on the decking loving it. Smells great and feel brilliant on my skin. I call Nige later on that evening when his life would be returning to normal.

I'm in the office lately and some musical out takes from Buffy are playing, I think about Sarah Buffys coat in the archives and remember we need to air it. It has some small spots of mould so I spend the evening cleaning it and it's back to new.

Hey Joss isn't it time for the Buffy movie? They are starting to get a bit old....

February 1st

So we hear that president Obama and family will be visiting Australia in March, I'm sure that will cause a buzz. Expect the typical Obama's holding Koala bears and on Sydney Harbour. I promise to use the good plates when they visit us for afternoon tea in the ranges! I can give Michelle some handy hints on the White House vegetable patch. If I have my way there will be solar panels back on the white house roof very soon.

Mark goes out and picks a massive bowl of blackberries. All that vitamin C and they contain salcylate which lowers the chance of heart risk I think? There were enough to make a big blackberry pie but we pigged out on them and that never happened.

I have a visit to my dentist tomorrow, my teeth are pretty good and don't need cleaning etc. But a chance of a root canal for this one which got damaged on the UK tour, so tomorrow is D day. Thankfully the little bump on my gum which was a great concern has almost faded to nothing. So I'm hoping no root canal. I'm going to suggest we try a broad spectrum anti biotic first!!!

My evening is really positive, the third diary book GLAMOUR has now sold out. So Hussy, Bang! and Glamour are now all extinct. Just leaves the 4th diary book TRIP. If you need TRIP copies can be found on the merchandise page of this website. I get a real buzz when the books sell out, but there is a huge empty space on the stock shelves, there is a feeling of loss. Thanks everyone for showing such great support for these little books.

February 2nd

LOST starts in the USA..I figure if the evil man in black can be John Locke he could quite easily be something like the smoke security system /monster. I keep hearing the first episode will be amazing on this final season. I'm surprised it starts Feb 10th in Australia so not too long a wait. I just hope they play the complete season and not change it's times.

I head off to the dentist. I arrive on time but I wait. It's only 10 or 15 minutes, no one else is waiting, I hate the waiting. Don't get me wrong I totally trust my dentist and his wonderful assistant, they are both incredibly kind people and know well enough to side track me. Its all that drilling and noises I hear while I wait. I have a chat to Dr Keith and he inspects my gum and in the end gives me the drugs man (yeah)! So no dental work needed (yet) I am so happy this feels right. Am I a big dental coward-oh yeah! Amoxycillin sandoz for this little gryphon.

We watch The Changeling on cable, Angeline J is really really good in this movie.

February 3rd

Neil Finn plays at Bush Hall in London tonight. It's packed full of club members so the vibe will be incredible. He emails me ten minutes before he goes on, I'm still awake but about to head off to the house. I'm glad I did as he tried to Skype me whilst live on stage. (PHEW). Sounds like a brilliant show so many grateful emails.... I'm happy. he was in a fun mood.

God Tony Abbots climate change plan is in, it's a bit lame, some tree planting and not much else..and no mention where all the water is coming from for all these trees. Plus he doesn't quite say where the money comes from overall to fund it...it's all a bit wishy washy. I know there is a bi-election in Altona in Melbourne on February 6th, I hope the Greens and Labor do really well. Ted B and the Libs , I just can't picture Ted being a premier for Victoria, he seems to say a lot but it never means anything. I don't really know anyone that wants the Liberal Party back in Victoria, I'd be happy if they were never elected again in my life time. It's funny as it's a week away and I've seen very little about this bi election. I don't mind Nicola Roxon who is the Labor member for that area. She doesn't annoy me like many politicians. Hope she keeps her seat.

I give Tania a call on her birthday, I beat Rosemaree by 5 seconds calling her. All our friends are getting older. We'll be giving each other walking frames at the next christmas party.

Working in the office till 11.30 tonight, I'm getting worn from this and the Amoxycillan probably isn't helping, rather mood swinging man I am.

February 4th

The Seven Ages Of Rock is on ABC1 tonight. I like the archive footage stuff best, especially Queen Live In Japan in the seventies.... excellent. I always thought the Queen fanclub was pretty good, it costs more then Crowdies but thought they offered really good value.

Frenz Com Twitter has been handy, I notice we are up to almost 1000 Twitterettes now ...so quick and enjoyable to send out small bursts of information , even if it's strange rhymes Neil's Mum told him. *GRIN*

I see in a weeks time our mate Vali has been gone for 7 years now. Some deaths don't feel long some do..Vali's feels like it has been 7 years. I think of her a lot, everytime someone mentions a fox I think of Vali and her companion foxy! I think I'll spend the afternoon of the 12th watching some of her wonderful documentaries. We miss you foxy girl, the world doesn't seem to be as bright and if nothing else you woke up all the sleep walkers!

February 5th

Rain & Grey compliments of Cyclone Olga. We like it like this.

Our NZ Pre sale starts today for Auckland Town Hall Crowded House tickets. NZ is one of our smallest markets for pre sales, so i don't expect it to be massive, just nice that the Eccles remember us for things like this.

I'm feeling really average today, bordering on sick but not to that point. Think it's some reaction to the capsules. My sister is allergic to penicillin so maybe that's partially it. I'm going to finish the pack but BLAH!

Banshee the cat is acting stranger then usual . I think she is sick or something too. She's talking a lot and hopping in the recycle basket, and seems to spend a lot of time on her litter tray not doing anything. We think it might be a urine infection.

February 6th

We end up taking Banshee to see Dr Moss. That cat loves him, and we are lucky as they always find a way to fit us in. She gets two needles and doesn't even flinch - so brave so tough such a junkie cat! I have a pill for her too, we are becoming a family of sickies this week. Mark has to look after both of us. Actually I'm a lot better today.

Chainsaw a fallen tree branch, it's huge so Mark helps-more fire wood for Greg Skyhook. he';s off to India soon, I try to convince him to cross the border to Nepal.

I get little sleep, Banshee wakes up at 4.00 so I look after her till 6.00. I'm a good cat dad! A sleepy one....

February 7th

Still no confirmed word on the possible extra Australian dates, waiting waiting waiting. We all know they will play Australia this year but like many others wanted it to be the start of the year. But apart from the Festivals no word yet.

A year ago the Bushfires ripped through Victoria, 173 lives lost. There are so many specials and events around this. I'll watch the documentary on the ABC that looks amazing, and sad and hopeful...... Today it's sunny but no wind just a nice calm Australian Summer s day. The latest reports say that the fires were 20 times stronger then anything our firefighters could ever hope to stop. Gives you an idea of how intense it was. I'm just glad that so many survived, but all of us especially in the National Parks and mountains still have that fear in the back of our minds. It does make you think about how fragile we humans are!

Life is too short live it now!


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