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July 26th

I love Mondays especially when 6 bills arrive all at once. A bill, bill ,bill.... cant someone send me a cool book or something, bill, bill bill. Oh well it's part of life.... I think the companies get together and decide to send all mine at once though. It's some oddball joke.

I'm hoping we can announce some Australian Crowded House dates soon, plus it might help turn the album around with the general public. The fans have now all bought INTRIGUER but the public still have to cotton onto it. We seriously need to relight the fuse again all the vibe is running out and it's slowly dropping on the charts.

July 27th

Markys birthday- hope it's a nice day old/young man. He's been celebrating for a few days now so I think he had a nice birthday. he's worth spoiling , my best friend.

Australia just had it's biggest monthly (June) trade surplus- EVER. Exports rose by 7% so it looks good for the government and Australia in general. We were all talking the other day and it occurred to us that we don't know a single unemployed person- which is kind of strange- usually someone is out of a job but for the moment- no one. Employment is good here, seems to sit around 5%.

Marks real present is that we have hot water again in the main house. Finally the new hot water system is in, after Yarra Valley Water blowing it up!!! We've saved so much water waiting, I have a deep long bath- possibly the best soak I have ever had!

A rather alarming report on the worlds phytoplankton (which is the basis of the marine food chain)- it appears to be dying off and fast, 40% of it has gone since 1950. When such things happen it is not good, it is the ocean saying it's sick. It is possibly the most crucial factor in the marine food chain and we all take it for granted because we don't see it in our daily lives. Friends who dive have mentioned that the ocean seems to be more blue less green, and that is due to such declines. Yet we have people like Tony Abbott and the Liberals in Australia voting against things like the ETS. I never liked the Liberals leader Malcolm Turnbull very much but at least he had a brain and was ready to back a plan to make a start on fixing or at least reducing our emissions. Obama has totally dropped the ball in America,, so much for being a leader- but you can't totally blame him- when the lame arse Republicans were to gutless to cross the floor in the senate to give the required 60 votes. Just sit there America and do nothing- so much for being a world leader. I've always thought America was amazing at leading. At least Germany, UK and France have begun some movement to get the EU to deepen it's emission cuts to 30% by 2020.

July 28th

I get some ticket numbers in for Tim Finn's SCALA London show. Not sold out but a decent amount of tickets, I think a few people will be last minute and just head on down. So rare that Tim plays London, be sorry if people blow it and miss the chance.

My sister calls and is coming to Melbourne with her friend for a visit, only at our place for a short period so want to spend as much time with her as possible. Marks step brother too arrives the same day, our place always seems to 'fill up'.

July 29th

Our friend Spock is visiting today, calling into the plant nursery near our place. We give him an hour but he must be running late or a no show so we head off and do our thing. Of course he turns up while we were out and leaves a birthday present for Marky. Sometimes our timing is just out, we are reasonably flexible most days but every so often it all picks up speed like riding a skateboard down Mt Everest!! Today was such a day.

Mark drops the Blu ray player in to get it's magic chip added so we can watch ALL Blu rays, I hate zone bullshit. We have to pick it up tomorrow. I get some photos done for the contest winners, finally the image loads correctly onto my old camera. I was walking past my travel agent and decided she could hassle the insurance company and get them moving on my stolen lap top. She does, she's great.... they promise me action by the afternoon.

We are back in the office, an email arrives and then a phone call, a new Apple Power Book Pro is on the way and a new bag (yey).

I got to see some very cool renderings of Chris Evans outfit for Captain America. As many of you comic book geeks know Chris will be Captain America in The First Avenger movie. They are rough but I have to say a very cool look. So funny as Chris was Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four movies....and now Hollywood is fucking with Fantastic Four and doing a reboot (yawn) but they do say it will be grittier. It's some men in suits wanting endless reboots... I don't know sometimes brand X just works why re boot movies- yeah Batman big bucks ,money talks Batman walks I know I know... Captain America movie is out July 2011, delayed for a few reasons.

July 30th

Time for my favourites list:

Favourite Book- Dandy In The Underworld-some excellent quotes.

Favourite CD- The Runaways/Queens Of Noise- Double CD from Raven Records Australia

Favourite TV show on Blu Ray- Watching HUNG at the moment on Blu Ray. I think Mark has a bit of a thing for Thomas Jane who plays the very well hung Ray Drecker. Quote' well he's a real man".

Favourite Snack- Coconut roughs and Blueberries.

Favourite Porn DVD- has to be Batman XXX

Creep of the Year- Tony Abbott-who will never be PM thank fuck!

Why I love women- Because the vast majority of them in Australia are thankfully smart enough not to vote for Tony Abbott-they don't want to be chained to their sinks again by this ugly dinosaur.

Hair colour- Darkest brown to black- aka Joan Jett.

Fashion item- the return of studded wrist bands and leather coats lined with deep red material.

Things I love the most-When our friends call us and I don't have to always call them. When friends thank me for sending an Email. Mark making me a cuppa.

August 1st

I read a small article on Art purchased by self managed super funds. It was part of the personal use and collectible assets area. The investment (art) must not be stored or maintained in any premise owned or occupied by the person. It's great for the Australian art world as it means self managed super funds can invest in art works.

Spend the whole day and night sending out Crowded House Pre-sale ticket links. By 3.00 in the morning I am really worn. Need sleep.

August 2nd

Chat to Greg Skyhook around gig speakers, mostly about bands live sound how it's pretty lame these days.

It snowed here today for about 5 minutes, then hail... I watched the 3 chickens freak out about this white powdery stuff as they tip toed through it to their laying pens. Banshee was sitting on top of the Jukebox in the pool room in the house watching it snow so happy she was all warm with an open fire going.

I see Kylie's album dropped to #3, so she's drifting back from the #1 spot- if she tours her album will goto #1 but for the moment it has ran out of steam. I'd love to know how much money they spent on promotion etc.

Tim Finn played The Troubadour in LA tonight, a very passionate crowd from all reports. Richard Thompson climbed up to duet on Persuasion- how many times has he done that now, the crowd is always appreciative. Good that Tim has the guts to keep performing live, so many people can't do that, I'm happy for the fans though that get a chance to see him live.

The Runaways Movie Blu Ray arrives and truly love it. Kristen Stewart will always be remembered for Twilight, but you know she is just the best as Joan Jett- the way she moves, and she can actually sing and play guitar-who would of expected that!!! You can tell that the real Joan Jett was involved. Some photos at the end, one shot she is next to Joan Jett and they look like mother and daughter. This movie is great for the old rock and roll heart- cool sound track too- plenty of Iggy Pop, Bowie and of course The Runaways.

August 3rd

I heard that 100,000 people have been to the Tim Burton exhibit in Melbourne, so far. It runs till October so they might well double that number. For a country with a small population that is impressive. No wonder though it's fantastic-have you gone yet?

Call into Dr Chiro to become porcupine boy and a few adjustments, I drift off today into the land of dreaming- eyes all blurry when I woke up- I can't believe I fell asleep on the acupuncture table! Lucky I didn't roll over- ouch.

August 4th

Tania visits for some lunch, have a bit of a girls talk- think she wanted some advice, I'm always careful about that as I can be dead WRONG! Still nice to chat and see her, we all had food at Ranges.

I see that Anne Rice says she is no longer a Christian. The article had the worse photo I have ever seen, she looks like a grey haired chimp- just a horrible photo. "In the name of Christ I refuse to be anti-gay, I refuse to be anti-feminist, I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control" she wrote. "In the name of Christ I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen". Thank the Goddess for that now she can get back to writing a good book. Her Christ series were so fucking boring. I tried I really tried to get into them hoping that the historical side of it all may be interesting, this is Anne Rice she knows how to write- but those 2 books, truly as dull as old dishwater. I think the final thing that changed her mind around the church were the child abuse scandals within the church. I think her son is gay he's probably relieved that the extreme religious rubbish has faded away and he has his mum back. I'm just glad we might have a decent writer back.

August 5th

I phone up and book Miss Banshee in for her yearly shots. She is such a tough cat, braver than me with needles. She looks like she wants another dozen in her- gimmee more! I'm waiting for our vet to slip and stick on in my arm.

I head to the barber at Mountain Gate to get a nice dark hair dye job and a snip... I walk past the local Liberal candidate for Aston. His name is Alan Tudge I keep thinking of calling him 'Tugger'!!! I decide to be polite and I ask "Give me a reason to vote Liberal". This guy is a new boy on the block replacing some other old crusty Liberal that has gone to get a hair replant or something, scary- Tugger looks like Steve Fielding from Family First- you know short hair granny glasses, rather way too serious stare and daggy pants and some cheap plastic belt with the daggy pants pulled up way too high. He thinks he's casual smart but looks like a politician kissing baby and arse just to grab a vote. Still I am nice, he might be an ok guy and I'm genuinely interested what the Liberals are selling.

He gives me a predictable ramble, I stare at a grasshopper on the wall eating a bug while the ramble reaches some new height of boredom-I politely wait after all I stupidly asked didn't I? No wonder people rushed by and grabbed a flyer and threw it in the bin across the way. He mentioned the state of the economy. "But" I interrupt him- "Australia just had it's biggest monthly trade surplus in June- ...the biggest in Australias history". I proudly say like I am the one who made that surplus happen! "No you are wrong he says".

"What" - oh boy did he make a mistake. "Actually I'm not" I say rather calmly. "No you made that up". A small crowd smells blood and hangs about in a not so subtle way.... "Well it's also mentioned in all the papers today every news channel..in fact why don't you walk into Coles supermarket and I will buy you ALL the papers with it in it, c'mon" I have now thrown down the challenge- the crowd smiles-showing vast canines -yummy electoral blood. "No" he almost stutters. "Chicken... " I stare him down... he tries to stand defiant.

I head into my barbers, and several people outside are also now inside. My wonderful barber gives me the page from The Sun newspaper and I head back outside to present Tugger with it, I think he sees me he moves off rather quickly..."Hey here is the paper'.... his daggy pants legs seem to pick up speed.... "Don't you want the truth" I bellow..."Email me"..... he really thinks I wont. Boy he doesn't know me. As he turns I realize my hoodie jacket is now open and I'm wearing my "Up yours Howard" Tshirt with Howard crossed out and Abbott pencilled in. Opps - no wonder he is running. Well I have his flyer that proudly says "Understands how Canberra works from practical experience". For someone so connected he sure knows jack shit about the biggest monthly trade surplus.

I'm inside the barbers and pretty much everyone is talking about Tugger and the evil smelly "Tony Homophobe I want women back in the kitchen Abbott" (who'd call their kid all those other names?). An older man says- "I heard you outside I think it's great- politicians think we are all stupid, it's nice to see a young man approach them with facts". The lady with the natural dark black hair agrees (how come she has such good hair I ask- hair envy!!).... so a small community gathering about voting- poor Alan Tudge not a single person here is voting for him. It's not my fault- but ignorance on such things as trade surplus shows him to be thin on the knowledge when it comes to major figures. Heaven help him if I mentioned exports were up by 7%, he'd probably say I made that up too.......

A new straight barber, who is very gay and happy cuts my hair, he is fun but we do turn the barber shop into some crazy laugh in. After the Tugger Liberal bloodbath it's a welcome relief.

Arrive home and Mark doesn't comment on my cute hair cut.... oh well its for me not him. I email Tugger with some newspaper links to the trade surplus. At least he emails me back, and tries to get out of his ignorance, I tell i'm if he is going to quote me to at least quote what I said correctly. I email the Labor guy todays events and he finds it very funny. At least my Liberal encounter made one person happy. I think our friend Tania is finding someone else to vote for as well. I'll single handedly change everyones vote if it means keeping bum breath Abbott out as PM. You all know I can do this...speak to every person in Australia!!!!!!!!!

August 6th

Lovely Miss Merlinz calls to tell me that the wonderful Joss Whedon is at the Sydney Opera House August 29th. I'd love to go. I'm also wet and naked so I cant chat which sucks as I love a good chin wag with the girl. yes I have had a shower I wasn't just wet and naked for the fun of it...well maybe?

Two gift parcels arrive today and unexpected and make me smile- one from Kay and one from Nicky- just receiving such things you get such a buzz. Lisa sends some stamps too, which helps so much with the evil postage bill. I keep saying thanks and people go 'they're only stamps" but for us it's life blood. So for those who send them in from time to time- thank you so much.

I visit Tania and Warwicks place for the evening, 2 of his other mates are over too- so sit and chill, have a beer. I play Russia backgammon for the first time, I actually win with some help from Lance. Good to see Tania smiling. I head home not too late, probably 1.00 in the morning. The deer are feeding on the side of the road again in the fog, I think my rather loud Led Zep CD startles them a bit.

August 7th

I climb out of bed at some early hour, or it feels that way. Only a small amount of bread flour left so I bake a half loaf for today, climb back in for a snooze. It's kind of nice outside, almost Winter sunshine. Wendy Francis from Family First sends out this truly fucked up 'tweet' : “Children in homosexual relationships are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse,”

What is wrong with people who are like this, all this evil sort of stuff just creates hatred and the children of gay couples suffer, not to mention how it makes a gay parent feel. I track down her email address and tell her what I think. I decide the various gay parents we know should also have her contact address and this evil message. I hope they all told her to fuck off and die. There is something fucked in the head about Family First as a party- I'm hoping after such truly moronic misinformed rubbish from pieces of human waste like Wendy Francis that FF rots at the next election. The funny thing that happened a few days later, David Barrow who was the Family First candidate for La Trobe stood up and said he supports Gay Marriage. Of course fucked in the brain Family First disendorsed him. I made sure we (and many of our friends) had letters in every Australian newspaper telling Wendy Francis what we thought of her. Something totally fucked in the head about her- lets hope she crawls back under the rock that she slithered from.

August 8th

Aunt Trudi arrives in the morning to do some voice over work with Marky on Kenya footage- I hardly saw her they hung out for a few hours- I worked around the house. Our lovely mates Ben and Jen dropped in from BrisVegas-they truly brought the sunshine with them- so brilliant to see them-god we miss them heaps. Benny and Mark worked on my lap top god bless them both. At least we had the fire going. Banshee made an appearance to show Jen her 'feathering' and how it had grown between her cat toes since they last saw each other. We received a very very cool birthday present, kind of a copper globe in light form encrusted with jewels..... think it is hanging near the library.....plus lunch at Ranges. So we were looked after..... sad when they left.

Our charts are in and Intriguer is at #70 in the ARIA Top 200, the TV adverts for the tour have started so it might turn it around a bit and create some sales. It needs something, I just want to get it to Gold status here, and it still has ways to go.

That's it for now- the Aussie election is on in 2 weeks, lets hope Labor or The Greens do well, Tony Abbott is not to be trusted, a self confessed liar and homophobe-is that what this country really deserves- I think not- Australia should be looking towards the future not living in the past with such a rat faced relic. Every second email we are getting (thankfully) is from people all over this amazing country, all saying how they won't vote for such a swine- it's great to see that. Email me if you are not voting for Abbott *GRIN*.

So next diary update is election eve...... I'm putting my money on the redhead (Labor) and also love The Greens to do well... after all I am Green am I not?


P.s- After I just completed the Rocky Horror Show Book the Labor Party sent me this brilliant clip....love it! Our favourite at the office (it will probably only make sense to Aussies) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCVL9vTM_yU

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