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August 9th

Once it hits August the year seem to move up a notch and the days just roll by- you are also left wondering where the year went and what about that list of things I was meant to do. Is that another stray grey hair (not any more- *snap*).I got a few things ticked off the list, one or two delays. The Crowdies book is still waiting on the final 2 interviews. They were planned to be done when the original Aussie tour was meant to happen, and that got blown out and put way back to November. They were originally suppose to run after the West Coast Blues Festival way back in march- the Hordern show on the 30th, Melbourne was going to be The Phenary (Convention Centre) April 1st and others. So when those gigs got cancelled just caused chaos (for me) around the final interviews. Saying that there is no choice so I just have to wait till we can do them on the Aussie tour. I hate delays.

Marks mum calls and wants to see the Crowdies on their Australian tour- our crowd is now officially getting older *GRIN*. I guess my Mum will roll along as well, though large crowds tend to freak her out.

I had a dream last night that America had another recession but it was much worse, a very depressing dream, so many major cities in it became like Detroit with rotting carcass for buildings and Mad Max type gangs- I woke up in a cold sweat, it was rather unnerving, it finished with some weirdo taking a shot at Obama with a sniper rifle- I felt really ill for most of the morning, it was way too vivid. It made me feel quite ill.

August 10th

Our Crowded House tickets are on sale today, we had many, many many nice emails from fanclub people who scored some really good seats via the pre sale and didn't have to deal with the public insanity. That's always nice. Even with the large number of club people the seats are still fairly good. Some people left it to the last minute so their seats probably wern't brilliant.

Somewhere between lunch time and 1.00 the Liberal party had $7 BILLION go missing in their 'spending. Hockey said $25.7 billion, Abbott- $18 billion- this is the party that says it is great economic managers- really- so where is that $7 BILLION guys. It's only on paper but you'd think between the two of you you'd get it together!!! You can send me the missing $7 billion I can help re invest it on a shopping spree and helping the needy. I'd use some of it to get the water and power back on in parts of Iraq, after all it was the West who blew it up in the first place- how long has it been now!

I also had a laugh, David Barrow from Family First stood up and said he believes in Gay Marriage- EXCELLENT, oif course Family First disendorsed it's candidate for La Trobe. Stupid he was party of such a shit party anyway but brave he stood up and said that, both impressed and amused I was.

August 11th

I hear from the badge company and our badge person is in hospital for an operation, so they are delayed by 4 days, not a big deal and at least they were got in contact and told me so that was appreciated. I think they arrive on the 22nd.

I (sadly) saw the Liberal party's plan for their idea of modern broadband.... good grief it is appalling and Australia might as well stay in the dark ages, totally embarrassing. So many companies and federations slammed it in the papers today- saying it was a total joke. Abbott was asked about it and didn't have a clue , I actually wonder if he knows what broadband is? You'd think with this policy being such a (possible) major part of economic infrastructure he would have either notes or someone from his party that knew some stats and details- he just came across as tragic. Yet another reason not to vote Liberal. The bush and country areas will lose out again, I'm surprise the Libs partners in crime- The Nationals even support this seeing how country Australia gets basically nothing from this.

A huge storm rolled across Victoria late this afternoon. It hit the mountain at midnight, noisy as all hell. All our trees stayed the right way up, just one huge branch missed the chicken pen. But all over the mountain trees and power lines down. So we can't really leave...which is ok plenty of work to do. Power went off 5 times. I don't mind being trapped in such a lovely place.

August 12th

Happy Birthday Allie.

Give her a quick call at Kofi beans - very quick as the power started flickering again so the main phones were about to go. Oh well it limits our work for the day. So I play catch up on a few things.

It starts to rain while we are driving Banshee to the vet. Her yearly check up and shots. The vet says she is the healthiest cat she has ever seen, no gum disease, and not overweight, exactly the right weight. She scores a 10, and takes the 2 needles like it means nothing. I'm glad she is so healthy, she's happy to get home after her short journey-I think she thought se was going to the Pet Hotel and we were flying away again-she looked at us with the 'take me with you ' face.

Rain rain, wind and hail!

August 13th

I email PM Gillard to encourage her to support gay Marriage. I see Arnold the Governor of California has thrown his support around Gay marriage and the court has ok'd for gay marriage to commence again in about a weeks time. Watch the homophobe churches throw money left right and centre to try and stop it. Thankfully quite a few Churches in California are supportive of same sex marriage. Proposition 8 was always total bullshit and should never of passed in 2008. You know this will get stopped agian by the high court or something...but points to those who try to do the right thing.

Brian from Rockwiz calls, always nice to have a chat. He's fun. The show seems to go from strength to strength.

My Sis and her friend Tina arrive today, just a quick trip, I'm sure it's a shopping excursion and dear brother is about 3rd on the list (: Some funky convertible pulls up and they both have chunky snow caps on. At least the house is warm, Winter still has us in some icy death grip- it's cold on top of Mount Dandenong.

August 14th

I decided to have some 'me' time today. While several thousand support gay marriage in the city, I'm in the garage with the door open finishing off two paintings- 'Drown' and 'Zoo'. 'Drown' is really a test piece, not quite happy with it, but 'Zoo' is really cool-that one works. Some tourists walking by stop and ask about the paintings etc so have a chat, not sure if it is the mirror ball or the giant fake mushroom that catches their eye but the garage always drags people in when the security doors are open. It's such a lovely day here. Sis shouts me some apple pie and coffee at Viewpoint and I drive to Ferntree Gully for some art supplies.

I'm counting how long it will take for the stupid appeals court in America to delay gay Marriages taking place. Judge Walker you are a hero, against fuckers who support Proposition 8- I guess the supreme court will be next-maybe that isn't a bad thing?

August 15th

Mark and myself were talking about The Dead Weather, and how cool 'Die By The Drop' is... such a great clip. What a talented bastard Jack White is.... I'm (Peter) Green with envy! He seems to just have music project after music project, and they all are very cool, total respect to JW.

I head up to the garage and art area and complete a small 'memory box' for Rosemaree for her birthday. You know those small wooden boxes with glass fronts. I painted a miniature duck in flight and it's landing on a sea of silver glitter. I decided it needed some river reeds so snipped up some green garbage bag ties. It's pretty cool- I like giving those small handmade presents too as well as a 'real' present. Arty creations are good. Trudi and Robyn gave me a stand heater like you have at outside restaurants, so it's perfect for the garage. Just have to get it all happening, so it's a cool work space...a warm work space in Winter. It holds 4 cars so it is a pretty large area.

Mia Freedman penned a great article on marriage and gay marriage in "life' magazine that is with the Sunday papers. I found a really cool link on the article: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/contributors/a-united-front-20100816-125h9.html

August 16th

I saw a report today that said that America now has 1,271 security and intelligence organisations with 854,000 people with top secret security clearances. I'm sorry that is insane, and that many people with such high security clearance is just dumb and dangerous. Talk about overkill!

Was out for a walk with my camera and spotted a rather cool sticker on someone's bin, just had to take a snap for the diary site. Says it all really. Can I have a Tshirt with this on it please!

We watch Tropical Thunder on Blu ray (again) always makes us laugh, what a piss take that movie is-excellent. Jack Black is a chunky little thing isn't he?

I had some time to myself today so thought about Dad. He's been gone for 24 years now, insane how long it has been. As time moves on it gets a bit blurry but our family still remembers, Mum still takes flowers to the crematorium. Still sadness in all our hearts.

August 17th

Considering it's a major election we have only seen one sign up here for the local Labor candidate. Nothing else no other signs- how weird ? It's funny all the people we know up here chat about the various parties, we are all fairly relaxed. I did get an invite to the National Tally Room in Canberra on election night-I'm still laughing that I can't bring 'Pets'....or fireworks or confetti or HOOTERS! I hope they mean trumpets and not the women who work at that fine establishment.....!!! Maybe they mean the set of Owls that live at Ailsa Craig? Hooters could mean anything. Somewhere around the house is a fake pair of breasts from a shoot, I should pack them in a bag and declare them at the door! I'll be spending moments with another Green on election night, the wonderful Anthony Green, I always enjoy his coverage and tweets and such.

We are having our lunch at Morrisons today, Sheridan and her special healthy sandwiches. The strange old European man is there he always says hello, makes us laugh, he's old school and stuck in his ways but we kind of dig him in a perverse way- I think we are the novelty guys in his life. He probably goes home and says 'I sazz does two guyz at Morrizonz today.... dayz are strange..very strange..... I duz like 'em".!

Work on some polling data for a pollie friend, it's endless too many numbers doing my head in. I escape and drive to the Deli for coffee. I do take some band work with me so I'm not totally wasting time.

August 18th

Ok who stole that warm weather, it's freezing again. You know it's cold when Banshee the cat refuses to leave my bed.

Good grief the Liberals have spent $33 BILLION (Labor $12 Billion) on pledges so far for this election. For a party that says it's frugal that's quite a lot of 'spending' from the public purse. Labor is $12 billion, unsure on The Greens.

The Crowdies are playing the Amoeba Music Store in Hollywood (19th) they have some cool stuff- we always visit Amoeba when it town. I guess it was Amoeba that destroyed Arron's on Highland. You always seem some famous or infamous faces at Amoeba. Funny though someone always seems to be carrying all the stuff they buy. Famous people can't carry much eh?

August 19th

A slightly shortened diary this fortnight, thought I'd send this off to amazing Deb while we still have an hour or so spare. The next few days are so busy I know the diary will suffer and not get done so here I am a short diary.

Any Aussies reading this remember to cast your vote this Saturday 21st. For everyone at the office here it's either Labor or The Greens. A few good independents out and about. I think Mark and myself will go for Labor, as the rubbish bin sticker said, "I can't vote for a homophobe and we wont vote for Tony Abbott". That and hundreds of other reasons- he can't be trusted- ok I think he's an arsehole *GRIN*. But people should vote with their conscious, and just be happy we all can have our say. Good luck Australia!!!


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