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Archive: 14 November - 4 December 2011

November 14th

Bic Runga's BELLE makes it to the NZ stores on time today, for awhile I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see a new Bic album, so it's good that we have a newie. Ireland is the only other place to have it as a release so far, I'm sure Australia etc will get it's release in the new year. I know it will do well in NZ, her past albums have debuted at #1, so i'd at least expect top 5. She gets emails from the most bizarre places, in some cases even more extreme then the Finns, always makes my day when I see emails have arrived for her.

Sad to see EMI get broken up between Sony (publishing) and Universal for the recordings etc. $4.1 BILLION. Phew! I'll miss EMI. I think Universal are a boring record company.

November 15th

I have had quite a few emails in from people with suggestions around the charity project. Looks like we will be giving sanitation and clean water to a school in a third world country. The cool thing is, the target is easier so this will probably happen at christmas. Thanks to the many who have sent me an email on this appreciated.

It seems quite a few of our girl mates are having weird weeks, I've spoken to a few on the phone and they sound so stressed. Think I'll take the phone off the hook for a few weeks. It's hard being honest with some woman they really don't want to know the truth, I really have to learn to lie to females. yes that outfit really does make you look fucking well FAT! OK not that honest.

November 16th

Famous for 16 Minutes hit 400,000 visitors today. I do remember being so excited when the first 100 clicked over. Seems so long ago- thank you to the diary readers who keep coming back, suffer my poorly scrawled BLOG and big thank you to Deb for encouraging me and taking the time to get this up on the net. Appreciate that A LOT. I've insulted so many I wonder why people come back.?

Mark spots that the movie HOWL is coming up on Foxtel in a few weeks. It's about the Allen Ginsberg trials from many years ago. "Howl & other poems" is one of those must read releases and the court case around the obscenity trial was fascinating. The movie has James Franco as Ginsberg so I'm still a bit hesitant. (*I was wrong Franco is actually really great in this movie). Anyway will be cool to see, no idea why we don't own this on Blu ray?

Aussie diary readers, you can help Australian orange growers out. With the strong Aussie dollar and the imports of cheaper oranges, growers have it tough here at the moment. So if you are buying fruit grab some AUSTRALIAN oranges or if you buy juice make sure it's from 100% australian oranges.

President Obama arrives in Canberra 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I was trying to work out what would happen first Obama arriving or the diary ticking over it's 400,000. Mr Obama beat us-but hey he was early!

November 17th

PM Gillard gave a really great speech today with President Obama by her side. She really can be PM material- good to see...her voice wasn't as squeaky as it normally is- she has been practicing!

I've chatted to the fans about our latest charity project. We were trying for a solar energy converters for a school in a poorer area but now looks like we will be giving clean water and sanitation. It's half the price and means we can (hopefully) get this signed up on and done in time for Christmas. We are a mere $85 away from this happening. We accept donations of $1 up- just the club paypal account , which is the same as our email: petergr@netspace DOT net DOT au (turn that into a real email address). Remember to email me that you have donated to the charity project so we KNOW what it's for.

If we go over the total we'll use the extra to buy pens and books. We were worried about buying a pig or goat in case it became dinner... it will be fantastic when we reach this (easier) target. I like that we asked everyone what they would prefer- that way the project belongs to the group. Thanks for making this happen.

November 18th

Australia is in Obama overkill, actually I don't mind, he seems like a decent bloke, especially compared to the jackarse that was before him. For the first time I wanted to write the "C" word but didn't, I can be good. SEE I CAN.

The coolest footage was of PM Gillard & President Obama with the young school kids- I think both leaders were having as much fun as the kids- it was good to see- instead of the standard dull media fodder that they seem to film. They looked like normal people, and the kids were buzzed.

It was the hottest day of the year since February today..Summer is getting close you can feel it outside. Our solar was going for it- re sell re sell all that energy.

EG Awards voting finishes today, we haven't heard a peep so who knows how Pajama Club went. They had like 60,000 votes come in this year.

November 19th

Mark finally finished his DVD "American Journey" some beautiful images and some crazy person dressed up as Elvis playing the slot machines in Vegas (cough)! I have a very talented boyfriend (and not just with the HD camera- oh la la!). He'll go red over that line.

November 20th

I put our green rubbish bin out today. That's it. I wasted a whole day.

November 21st

Happy Anniversary- wow 31 years, I thought it was 32 opps.

We head to Mexican with Tania and Rosemaree. I am shouted a margarita (thanks Miss R) so two later... I am a bit drunk. Such a cheap date. Nice to hang out with the girls., I worry that as soon as the waitress comes up she says "Midori Margarita for you"! Betty Ford here I come. BURP!

November 22nd

Bic debuts at #5 on the NZ charts, I said #2, she said #5..she wins (again). I thought I was the chart expert. Within 3 days BELLE hits Gold status , I expect Platinum by Christmas, her NZ tour dates will help. I have set up a Twitter account BicRungaNow whch anyone can sign up for- just for instant sort of news.

I work out a date for Xmas dinner at Kalorama- so lock that in. Will be a fun day I am hoping. I have an idea that this year I will put painted boxes under the tree, white covered in chrissy scenes, painted by yours truly full of goodies for people. That's the plan, now to keep painting the boxes.

I work on the Ghost Cars CH book for 3 hours today. Nick is one of the main interviews I am waiting to do. He's about to become a dad again so I have to wait for all of that to be over with. Kids they will change your life *GRIN*

November 23rd

Marks nephew Connor arrives in Melbourne- so like his uncle before him he flies to Victoria to have an adventure. He knows we are here for any emergency's.

I take an hour out and start painting the damn boxes for christmas. They actually look ok.... I worry when I freak myself out how good something looks. Not so much professional as FUCKING GREAT! (opps sorry). Ho Ho Ho!

I've decided that Matt Doran is the cuttest (male) newsreader on TV. He has cool eyes. For the woman I actually like the older 'ladies" the more mature classy dressers.... great I'm now a newsreader groupie- shoot me now. No don't I don't need another book ending like in BANG!.

November 24th

Peter Slipper becomes the speaker of the house in Parliament. Tony Abbott the whiny sook has a big moan over it. He's only pissed because Gilard cleverly navigated one less vote for the Libs. No one saw that coming. One has to watch those redheads.

November 25th

The first of the Christmas cards arrived for the year-already. Three from the USA and I am stoked, all three had unused USA postage stamps and little notes saying thank you. Very very cute. I emailed all 3 people straight away, postage is the killer for us so this is the perfect gift. Thanks guys...I kind of went "Ohhhhhh".

Was meant to be in NZ for a few days but here at home, Mark has some rash from the plant life up here so I decided to stay. Still time to get to NZ in a few weeks. I have to get the Time & Tide covers signed so need all 3 Enz members in Auckland at the same time....

November 26th

Happy Birthday Toija- we have a chat, hopefully the Toija tribe are up here for Xmas lunch. I spend most of today looking after Mark, I'm not going out or seeing anyone in case he is contagious!

November 27th

The Mars rover is off and racing- go "curiosity" imagine if it filmed some freaky looking animal walking across the martian plains!!!! Imagine!

Tim Finn emails me and is donating handwritten lyrics for "Six months in a leaky boat" to the club auction. I have found a snap from the clip so they would look great frame. I LOVE the Crowdies posters from Tolosa Park- nice band image and from such a fun tour. Some great bits and pieces. It was funny my first email was from someone's husband making a bid on an item as a possible Christmas present for his Crowded House loving wife! How sweet is that.

The Very Very Best Of Crowded House still in the National chart- way past gold and speeding towards Platinum. It will make a nice gift in a few christmas stockings this year I'm sure.

November 28th

Henry Rollins tickets on sale, we get row 4 at the National. Last time I was at that theatre was when the Enz played there- part of my job was to climb into the domed ceiling and drop hundreds of streamers and confetti during Bon Voyage. Our mate Gina woud help, first night she wore skin tight leopard pants and super high heels- not very practical to climb a 3 story ladder! Think Peggy Bundy climbing a very skinny ladder!!!!!

Our solar was still working at 8.00 in the evening, i couldn't believe it, it wasn't massive but there it was the panels still churning out some power. Gotta love that.

Mark is still blotchy so we have been hermits. Sucks as we missed our friend Peggy when she was in town-saying that if she caught Marks blotches they would not let her back on the plane to USA..so better to be safe.

November 29th

I am up and about by 6.00, Mark heads to the offer at 7.00- he's after some Blu rays in the Black Friday Sale. So cheap- Sons Of Anarchy $15. It's about $75 here. He kicks he scores.. what a bargain price. We are both bleary eyed all day. I snuggle back into bed.

The club charity project bumps another $10 off the total, so little to go about $70- yey.

The power is off all day- they are changing over the lines up here and working on everything so it's ready for a bushfire summer.

November 30th

Do couples have a funeral song?: I think we do-probably Keith Richards singing " We had it all" that would be my choice anyway. I unsuccessfully try to make Mark dance with me when it's playing- well that didn't happen.

The Human Centipede II is banned in Australia- urgh .

I've given up trying to get LA Zombie- seemed such a hassle was not meant to be! I think it's still banned here too.

December 1st

First day of Summer and no sun!

We have lunch at Morrisons, do the banking and all that stuff. I email every Labour senator today to encourage them voting YES for marriage equality. Gay marriage will happen in Oz, it will take time but it will. Andrew Barr is fantastic and I hope our fave politician Stephen Smith says YES....! I still can not believe Tony Abbott refuses to let his Liberal counterparts have a conscious vote on this-what the fuck is he scared of- oh gay people, I forgot he is a homophobe. That's the "phobe" in him!

December 2nd

For some reason Mark and myself found the expression "Bolivian Marching Powder" to be incredibly funny for Cocaine. Of course what else would you call it!? I try climbing a 40 foot tree that has no limbs installing eyelits on the way up, I'm determined that it becomes a flag pole. I got half way, even that was remarkable. I'll have to rent a cherry picker machine. I want to fly flags from it, skull and crossbones, rainbow flag, aussie flag..... etc

Most of the emails today were about the Frenz Auction- people want to add to their collections, some cool items- will go to happy homes. It ends December 9th. Only a few days left.

December 3rd

The Pajama Club play Wellington tonight, of course there was a 5.7 earthquake,. Just some shaking happening, all ok.

Meanwhile I love how the motion for a conscious vote on marriage equality was passed 208 to 184. Good on labour for this. The cool part was the verbal vote on a change to Labour's party platform for gay marriage and the YES was VERY loud. A proud day to be an Aussie.

Mark wandered in and warned me that horrid smelly old Fred Nile and that fucker Pell from the Catholic Church were planing protests and 10,000 gay haters were turning up. This worried me as politicians pay attention to numbers. They ended up with 92 people. No I didn't forget some zeroes- 92 people turned up to say no to gay marriage. You get more at the Sth Balmain Bingo Hall mid week! That is pathetic. Thank you Australia for not supporting these 2 worthless religious dickheads! All I could do was laugh, I was so proud of this country. See me dancing and shaking my arse at the tv when both religious zealots are on the screen.

10,000 people marched in Sydney to support gay marriage, 150,000 signed the petition for it. We had several people I know hold up some IT'S TIME signs and they were everywhere all over the news. Looks more "real" when they are homemade. The letters pages in newspapers were overall very supportive- a change is happening , it's really good to see.

I did wear my " So many right wing christians, so few lions" shirt all day. people wanted to buy it from me at the coffee place.

December 4th

I wake up with some of Penny Wongs "speech" ringing in my ears ": all Australians are equal and it's time to remove discrimination...time for equality and change..". Thank you to the many diary people too who make an effort. Even voting in a poll can help. Fuck it throw a shoe at Tony Abbott make my week.

Weird day, meant to be Summer but freezing up here, about 8 degrees, meanwhile in Perth it was 38 which is getting hot. Mark laughed as I carried pillows outside to relax on the decking and read, I ran back inside within seconds- what are you thinking look on his face.

Crowdies at #50 tonight on the National Chart- still hanging in there.

A fun lot on GryphonMusic twitter tonight , they make me smile and say really bad things that will one day come back to haunt me, I just know it.

Take care and stay strong!


P.S. The Japanese whaling fleet has left port today to slaughter more whales in the Antarctica. Japan should be ashamed of it's actions & we urge all Japanese to stand up & tell their government that the slaughtering of whales is wrong. Thankfully we have people like Sea Shepherds and Greenpeace who try to protect these amazing creatures. Check out the Sea Shepherds page (also the new SS Hoodies are pretty cool so score one of those to help with costs to keep Sea Shepherds in the seas). http://www.seashepherd.org/australia/

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