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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2012!

December 19th

We seem to of been sidetracked by our time off, so this diary is a tad late. It's 2012 now so I have to jump back a few weeks. Pull the old 2011 diary off the shelf. It's kind of cool as all the REAL diaries are lined up, going way back like some religious iconic testament to the life and crimes of yours truly.

Today we have recovered from the Christmas lunch (early lunch with some mates) and Mark and myself make the decision to carry the Rolling Stones pinball machine from the garage to the pool room. Not sure how many of you have lifted a pinball machine but they are not light. So we decide to carry it in short bursts. Nice and patient. It's hard walking backwards down the tracks, I use my toes to feel the stones along the edging so I don't go crashing off the side into the shrubbery. After decades of trying to find this machine we can't blow it now and wreck it. We do well, only 6 stop and starts till the first lot of stone steps. Of course they wind around just to make our life more difficult. But we are focused and get to the bottom of the main staircase. It's steep so picture yours truly trying to lift the machine higher at my end to level it out, and also to stop it from flipping over- smashing into a million pieces and squashing the living fuck out of me.

The pinball is rolling around inside, and if it had any power the TILT sign would most certainly be lit up! Two huge efforts and up the steps we go, I give one final burst of steam, my arm muscles are so tight, and I notice how tanned I am at the moment. Well Summer is here. Mark gives some primal grunt and we are over the top. PHEW, I collapse to the ground mission almost accomplished. We turn off our secondary security system, and open the heavy metal doors that lead to the pool room and finally The Stones are in the building. What an effort, but have to say, this relic looks so incredible when it's lit up. It had to be my 'find' of 2011.

December 20th

Off for some final christmas shopping, just bits and pieces for the neighbours. I walk past the Tattslotto place with huge banners for a NYE $31 million draw. I think of our mates in Qld- Wendy & Paul and grab all 4 of us a ticket. A 50 gamer- who knows, imagine if we won.

We finally get a chance to watch Red Dog on DVD & it is really great. Grown men are crying all over Australia whilst watching this one. I think of my own red dog Bindy from many years ago..... Coco the dog is the star, and it's one of those Aussie must see movies. It's out in the USA in early 2012- please go see this movie, it is fantastic. The Australian landscape, the characters and of course the red dog. I want to know why all truck drivers are not as handsome as the one in the movie *GRIN*. Good soundtrack too.

December 21st

I email Tim to remind him to dig up the "Six months in a leaky boat" lyrics. He's away at the moment so he'll have to do this when he returns. USA Frenz remember 4 USA dates are on the Tim news board: http://www.frenz.com/timfinn/ He rarely plays USA so don't miss out. I'll be glad when the 3 final Enz are all together in NZ so I can get these Time & Tide cds signed, it will have to be in the new year now when I'm back from holidays. I hate delays.

Mark prints out some images for my sisters christmas present. I'm taking her along with me to Hawaii in February. She deserves a few days off.

December 22nd

An amazing present box arrives from Wendy in QLD- I am blown away, and have a laugh at the mini box of fun stuff... she should create birthday and special occasion boxes for a living, they are always amazing.

We are working so miss out on the '3 Ducks" Christmas Party, can't be helped , just wanted to finish up, and with 2 days to go, we want to get as much done as possible. No emails for several weeks- brilliant.

A special christmas present arrives from Santa for yours truly. A large black remote controlled helicopter with a built in HD video camera. Wow. This is so cool..and sexy shiny black. Who says he doesn't listen to ones wishes. I think i got it for being naughty not nice!!!

Love the Pink lady chocolates and champas that Sharon and neil sent to us, the chocolates are grand! Oink oink all gone.

December 23rd

I visit our neighbours with some presents. They are also looking after the house for a few days, so have to run through endless security codes for the cameras and stuff.

We test fly the helicopter in the park- it flies so HIGH! This is going to take some getting use too, after an hour our flying skills have only improved slightly, fun though, despite Mark not letting me fly it over the Kalorama nudist colony!

Very cool Christmas presents arrive from my best friend. Two Patti Smith books- the biography penned by her and a fantastic Patti Smith photo book- both outstanding. Can't wait to read them. "Just Kids" is hardcover too which I love. Patti Smith, now there is a real icon.

December 24th


I can't sleep so am up early preparing for us to head off. 30 minutes before we go and Miss Banshee won't come inside, so I head out to find her. She's near the front door so I have to try and grab her. I go for it, a piece of the pathway cracks and I fall onto my hand, 2 fingers bend up (ouch!!!) and instead of her body I grab HER TAIL! What a dumb move- this freaks her and she turns. Really turns. I try to keep hold as I'll never get her in otherwise. Her teeth go into the main vein in my hand, her claws, seem to fly like some hairy Freddie Krueger and I end up with 37 cuts over both arms. Blood is everywhere, I have to throw away my shirt. I let her go and am almost in shock. Both arms/hands ache from the endless cuts. Blood is really flowing so we grab the first aid kit, I wash all cuts, add cream, I am sliced and diced. It takes awhile for me to settle down.

I worry I will never find her but i do, she's sitting on the water tank shaking, terrified. I feel so guilty and it takes awhile for me to entice her in with food and milk. She does come in. She hisses and growls every time she sees me.

I curl up near here on the bed, let her have her space. I spend the time wiping blood off the cuts. I hate that she thinks I would hurt her. As I am lying there she gets up walks over slowly and plants a cat kiss on my forehead. Now there is a red dog moment.

Animals are so forgiving, much nicer then humans. At least she is inside and safe. I wrap my fingers, and we head off. I have serious driving to do today and hope all is ok. I wear a long sleeve shirt to cover the cuts. I look like both arms have been in a car accident. What a dumb arse I am , who grabs a cat by it's tail, even as an accident i should know better.

We make it to the valet area and they have a fast check in. Our bags are carry on so we don't have to wait in Sydney, just straight to the hire car. On the flight the attendant opens the Qantas medical kit and makes this ice pack for my now swollen fingers. My knuckle has almost gone and my hand is throbbing. At least the numerous cuts have stopped bleeding.

I drive using (mostly) one hand and drop Mark off at his mums. I make it home just after the relatives have turned up. My cousin Lea is a nurse and thinks I may need to go to hospital. At Christmas- no way. The great aunt and uncle are getting on and I want to see them, it could be my last chance. My friend Bek got The Seekers to sign a Best Of cd to them- which they are so stoked. Everyone is checking it out. My Mum says how she likes a lot of those songs, so I blow one of her presents and give her a signed copy too, now instead of xmas morning. The rest of the rels look on "No no more signed Seekers cds"... how many do they think I could get done. It's a nice night. Fun and Mum does well, christmas is usually shitty for her.

I sit next to mum and wash my cuts at midnight, I convince her I won't get any poison from Banshee, she knows how strong my immune system is. My hand is swollen, a bit red and aches, maybe I'm bluffing. I decide to pop a sleeping pill as it's also sticky hot weather. I'm asleep 5 minutes later. Best sleep I've ever had at home.

December 25th

I wake up by 7.00. Sis is expected at 7.30 but I know she will be late. Mum cooks me breakfast and we both eye the presents under her gigantic tree. How on earth did this small lady put this monster tree up?

Sis arrives and we are all spoilt, a new fantastic black shiny coffee machine for Ailsa Craig! Sis is so excited about the lightening trip to Hawaii mid Feb. I have the usual run in with her husband, who doesn't travel, but this year I wave it off, so much bullshit over a few days away. He should be more concerned about my sister going to Hong Kong by herself for 2 weeks... anyway she is happy. Ala Moana shopping centre will never be the same once she hits it. Cyclone Jennifer!

Christmas lunch is fun, my cousin David is now a regular because his mum and dad have now departed. My sisters friend Tina and her mum are eating with us and my uncle Des. Food is great, excellent christmas pudding and trifle. For the first time ever I get something good in the christmas cracker- a really good pen! Yey.

I drive the family to the crematorium to put flowers on the graves , god it's a hot day. I hear that Melbourne is hit by a freak storm, golf ball size hailstones hit the state. I realize my grandmother has been gone for 50 years now and dad 25 years, time flies by.

My hand is slightly improved though I covered another Tee in some blood. Most of the cuts are scabbed over so a good sign and I have been wiggling my fingers so not broken, just sprained. All this from a cat!

A nice relaxed afternoon, we sit and chat, Mums neighbour arrives with some wine. It's actually an ok christmas. Enjoyed it and it seemed to go by fast. We head back to Melbourne tomorrow, bright and early.

December 26th

Sydney -Melbourne

I pick Mark up at 6.30 in the morning. We drop his nephew Connor at the train station on the way to Sydney. We see quite a few cars heading for the boxing day sales that are on from today. Marks mum comments how much better my arms look. I can tell my body is doing it's thing. No hospital for this gryphon.

Qantas let us put the new coffee machine on with our luggage at no extra charge so that is great. We eat some in the freaky flyer and I send a christmas tweet from their Mac computers.

Flight is boring, I lean on mark and cat nap for 20 minutes. We are soon speeding in the 4WD towards Kalorama. There are over 1000 cars lining up for the sales near the shopping complex near the airport. Insanity.

We arrive home, and sing Happy Birthday to Banshee who turns seven today. It's been a long day, almost some relief that christmas is over. She is so happy to see us.

December 27th

Nice to wake up in my own bed. I'm full of energy today, and I'm stumbling around in the house at 7.30.

I check in with our neighbours Jodie & Jason to see if the family is escaping to the island for a few days. If so I'll look after Stan the cat and Mr Bunny and keep an eye on the house. Happy to do it for these guys, we dig them.

I get a really nice Egyptian style card for Molly ; part of the Finchley Paper Arts series (made in Canada I seem to recall) going to send it to him when he is more recovered. He's got such a long way to go, but making small progress, numerous operations and out of the induced coma. A music world without Molly Meldrum would be rather strange.

December 28th

Happy Birthday Benny.

Before we get a chance to call him, he leaves a message for us- he's working with John Butler at The Falls gig. Eventually we track him down. We never see our old friend enough, living in Qld seems so far away at times.

I pick up Beks Green Day Best Of cd, such a cool best Of this one, a must for all record collections. She will love it.

Marks uncle and wife arrive, so we grab them from Ferntree Gully station , they are nice , good to see them. It blows out most of our day but that's ok, we are on holidays.

December 29th

I get our tickets out of the safe for the upcoming Church gig at The Forum. I know it won't be as brilliant as the 2010 gig, because this is a set of 3 albums they are playing and none of them my favourite-saying that I do love seeing these guys play live so will have a great time plus front row seats.

I take a few hours and work on our BAS, tax stuff for the company. I get it done and will mail it off to our accountants. Tax man must be impressed that I get it in so quickly.

Bek tells me she has booked Mexican for pre-Church show.

December 30th

Happy Birthday Greg Macainsh.

Yet another year has winged by and our Skyhook bass player has his birthday today. He's off to see The Church too. So i call and see if he wants to have mexican with us before hand- he does so we will all meet up.

We get a park on Russell street and wait for the parking meter to tick over, after 7.30 parking is free, so tick tick tick. Nice we can walk to both the restaurant and venue with no hassle. The margaritas are strong tonight, the food a bit average, and I decide to pay. Refuse to let him pay on his birthday. Greg tells me that a friend of his who is an art critic spotted my 'Glitter Andy' (1 of 5) at Greg's place and was actually impressed with it. Even a ballpark figure what it could be worth (wow that much!). So I went a bit red-faced and was humble-I get happy that Greg enjoyed it so much he put it up.

We walk to the Forum, I am subtle and brush my teeth near my car, I hate eating mexican and then going to a 3 hour gig.... clean teeth feel great. Greg catches up with his friend Jentah Sobott. Some of you might remember her as "mouse" on tv show Prisoner (Cell block H). Jentah is fun, she's an old family friend of the Macainsh's and we always have a chuckle when she is about.

The Church play for nearly 3 1/2 hours. 3 sets, 2 breaks, and it was good. But as I expected, because these 3 are not my fave albums it seemed to linger on, still they were really good just wish Mark and myself could write the set list. Home by 1.00 in the morning.

December 31st

Phew it's hot, 4 days in a row where the temperature will climb past 100. Our neighbours have gone down the coast and Jodie told me to use the swim spa. So that is perfect. It's New Years Eve , we get quite a few calls, and Rosemaree comes up and we have a bit of a BBQ. I decide romance is the call tonight so for the first time in ages I think I want just the two of us together at the stroke of midnight. Just Marky and myself.

We end up in the swim spa. It's insanely big (the spa not our rude bits) , bubbly and has micro lights in the bottom so it changes colour at night, all very subtle. So here we are lying in the water, surrounded by giant ghost gum trees, the roof of the world covered in stars, shining brightly. No drugs tonight, I sip on a few Gin and Tonics and Mark on Mexican beer. It seems perfect, and calm. This is romantic eh? 2011 was a strange year, it felt vicious and one of survival. I don't think I enjoyed 2011. I hope 2012 is better, more stable.

So Happy New Year from Kalorama, may it be a good one for you all.


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