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Gay Marriage Rally- Melbourne 2011- "A case of WHEN not IF!"
(Photo-big thanks to Allie for the snap... click to enlarge the image)

The 4th Famous For Sixteen Minutes Book "TRIP" is now available!

March 21st

I mail off a card to Pink and George- they never seem to create 'fun' wedding cards, always serious and fluffy. Maybe that is a niche area for Jan- groovy wedding cards instead of dull and sugary nice ones.

I should have a copy of Tim Finn's new album in a week, or a rough of it, so that's always exciting. I loved Astounding Moon such a cool song and that neat little video clip- climb Richard climb! *GRIN*.

March 22nd

Gave our contact around the memorabilia a call, I think I rattle him when I do which is never my intention. I'm hoping later this year some bits and pieces may end up in NZ on display for a project. I am careful that it is looked after, time is never good to many items if they are not protected. Items like costumes are so important, maybe not as important as the music but they represent time periods in bands lives-especially around touring.

I book in Mark for his passport renewal, having a passport that is about to expire is way easier with regards to renewing. Still passports are not cheap , nearly double what I paid for my last one. While Mark is getting his passport done and looking at animals in the pet store I think I'll have my hair cut and dyed, it's starting to resemble a hay stack that has landed on my head, so time for a trim... so Thursday will do for all of that.

March 23rd

Elizabeth Taylor dies and of course she is being buried near Michael Jackson. At least she did amazing things for Aids charities which puts her in the OK book- how many people waste their lives and don't help their fellow humans or animals. So even though ET had 'moments' her generosity probably helped many that she never met. I wonder how many Warhol Taylor paintings will now go under the hammer and make big buck$.

I dig up the address for Mustafa Shopping Complex in Singapore for my sister- she will love it- 24 hour shopping and people buying things at 4.00 in the morning in their pajama's!

March 24th

We head to mountaingate, Mark has his passport to renew and I'm off for my haircut. It's not a bad chop, short and dark and a pretty cool scalp massage. My haircut person also used a razor (shit!!!) that's when you can trust someone. Marks passport took about 5 minutes to log in...my haircut and dye 1 hour +.

March 25th

Nasa's "messenger" takes some incredible photos of Mercury.... about 363 of them, I spend an hour loving the images. The main shot shows the Debussy crater. March 17th Messenger was the first space vehicle to orbit Mercury. It seems so long since the Mariner mission which was nearly 3 decades ago. I hope Obama hands over more dollars to NASA - give to space not war.

I'm having some strange sleep patterns lately, and the smallest amount of anxiety, you know that feeling before some massive earthquake or a meteor hitting a major city. I think I need a bottle of BNC210 to calm me down. It's meant to have almost zero side effects - but how do they know for sure, only time can really tell on such pills. I think a good tea might be better and less chemical haphazard!

I scribble out some signs for the Gay Marriage Rally- one says "It's Time Julia" and the other "No Room For Homophobia in Australia- Goodbye Tony Abbott"! If one is venturing to rally's one must have a placard to wave, it's just protest etiquette isn't it? I can't believe the site I checked on had the wrong date, thanks to Allie for reminding me and Deb for fixing up the diary from her sick bed! Appreciated guys. It's nice that we have had quite a few emails from close friends and net people who are going.

March 26th

The NSW election is on today, Labor has been in for nearly 2 decades so a change will happen, that's not a bad thing, sometimes it needs shaking up so state politics isn't stale. Still I'm looking at the current state of Victoria since it 'changed hands" and already Ted Bailleu has broken several election promises, fighting with teachers and police over promised pay increases, cant decide from one day to the next if he is/isn't axing MYKI ticket system for public transport, and that hasn't improved, and where are all the extra police- just all talk and no action. Sad really.

Tania's baseball team make the finals and I would of gone except for the equal rights rally.

We head into the city, going to (hopefully) catch up with our friend Allie and her mate Jane. The traffic is insane so we are late by about 10 minutes and I think my mobile is playing up as oddball screen messages show up- I have no clue what they mean. I don't have Allies number with me so will have to leave it to her to call. We find a park and the whole row of ticket machines are out so I leave a note on the cars window- so I don't get a parking ticket- it would be great if this means free parking for several hours.

The skies are grey and it could rain, but I know it won't- God won't rain on gays and mates of gays! *GRIN*. It proves to be right , the rain holds off for 2 hours. We arrive in front of the Melbourne Library where the rally is starting and there are thousands of people, at a guess 5000+. Lots of cool speakers and a very diverse crowd all support the right for Gay Marriage. The best part so many young people, so many banners and signs. I decided to wear my orange It's Time Tee from the seventies as it seemed to be a good recycled catch cry. Those old enough to remember came up and commented , which was fun. Mark was hiding from cameras , he hates being filmed, I kept looking for Allie and Jane and it was an impossible task. Every time a tram went past I'd wave my sign at the people inside-they usually gave a thumbs up!

So after awhile the decision is made to march and take the rally through Melbourne's main street and up to the steps of parliament. We did see a few people we know, some came up and said HI, some friends- just good that they made the effort to come out and do this. Thats when you know who your true friends are- those that make an effort on such things. Great to see so many diary readers at the rally- that was kind of cool and only slightly bizarre- I think mark silently freaked out when one took a snap from us from across the way. So there we were marching with the masses - a huge amount of cameras taking snaps from the sidewalk- maybe tourists maybe people thinking we were all freaks. There was some religious kook trying to cause grief - but the crowd were fairly passive and just laughed at him- he was full of brimstone and people waving him away made him go viridescent in the face- I think he really wanted confrontation. The Church always has to stick it's beak in- no wonder church numbers are shrinking. Give me a church that loves all people and that would be what God really would support, not a homophobic church.

We were near the front of the march so ended up on the parliament steps early- it was very cool to watch thousands chanting and marching towards you. It left me with the feeling that for Australia it's only a case of WHEN gay marriage will happen not IF. Good to be part of today and thanks to those of you who came along- you rock.

On the way home Mark gives me the demo's of Courtney Love & Holes "Nobody's Daughter" cd. The CD was released in April 2010 and I do love a lot of Holes releases it never struck the right chord with me- however these demos are truly amazing- plus a few songs not on the album. One is "Stand Up Motherfucker" and it's my song of the month. Why the fuck was this song not included on the album? Anyway I love it and thanks Mark.


March 27th

Seeing we missed the girls at the rally , we have both Jane and Allie visit today- and it was great. We head to Viewpoint first for some coffee and tea, a bit brisk but we sit outside.... chat for awhile , Viewpoint is perfect for chatting. I take some photos for some tourists , usher them around and get the shot right much to Allies hysterical laughter. We head back to Ailsa Craig for part of the day. When people are walking through your house it's handy to remember what parts need dusting. Usually i think our place is clean but every so often I find an area that needs some work. So I decide that I need to wax all the floors in the house- BY HAND.... so that will take me 6 months. I have this organic wax with sandelwood but it starts getting a bit overpowering so Mark and myself are both relieved that I can only do small patches at a time.

March 28th

I speak to sis, and Mum has been in hospital for the day so it now looks like she can't go to Singapore in a few days. She may ask her friend Tina otherwise will go by herself. This worries me so I offer, as the last possibility, I'll go with her if no one else can. Singapore is the last place I want to be for a week but it's my sister so........

I hear from Tim and he will do the special guest spot for Bob Dylan in Auckland- I think Dylans crowd will enjoy his set. Paul Kelly is special guest for Dylans Australian shows. Tims new album is being mailed off to me this week, and I think we are still saying a mid year release.

March 29th

Today is a visit to the Dentist. I was meant to go just for a clean, but when the reminder notice arrived I managed to crack a small filling so now I have a toothache (which is boring) so fix the filling and a clean. My groovy Dentist tells me my gums are really healthy and since I swapped mouthwash it's all good and a good chance of no root canal - yey. So fix the filling- I am amazed how my fingers dig into the padded arms of the chair. I try to be good and not a whimp, he numbs my jaw twice- we like numb. After that is done he says I can have the cleaning some other time as my teeth are not too bad- I tell him he has me in the 'hell chair' so do it now, so brave old Gryphon back for extra pain. At one sage the cleaning drill catches between my teeth, I might of muttered a 'fuck' when that happened..... the cleaning is worse then the drilling, I'd forgotten. Oh well all done.... for the next few weeks my tongue will obsess over the back of my freshly cleaned teeth.

March 30th

I email Mark Hart about his Q&A for the Crowdies Ghost Car book, I think he has been sidetracked. I just want to keep the book moving and get it finished. It fell behind, which sometimes happens, and usually 99% out of my hands. I like that we have some supporters asking questions to the band member. Always adds something to the book.

I've decided to get the Crowdies book out of the way first and then get Early years diary book done... just so I'm staying on top of it all. I hate it when projects fall behind.

The weather is changing as April approaches, it's starting to feel cold in the air. I chop some wood today for the fire, even though we have full central heating it's nice to have a fire blazing away. I've also decided from April 1st to start my Autumn-Winter jogging again- I like jogging when it's cold. Just some laps around the oval.

Bec leaves today for rehearsal with The Seekers in Europe. Safe trip girl.

I cook a seared chicken breast in organic garlic and sweet chilli sauce and vegies. Not bad.

April 1st

I see that William Shatner beams into Sydney airport today, he was hiding under some big cowboy hat! Welcome to Oz Captain Kirk!

We fix up our USA entry ESTA visa stuff. Now America charges, it used to be free- that sucks.

Good to see the Rally To Support a carbon tax had 3 times as many people as the Anti Carbon tax one. Sad that Angry Anderson has become Tony Abbott's butt monkey- Angry used to be cool now he's a dickhead, Pete Wells would be turning in his grave and cringing. The Anti Carbon Tax people were so OLD- they wouldn't even know who Angry Anderson is! Or even care!

April 2nd

I spend a big part of today in bed, I think my body needed to catch up on sleep- for a few days my tooth has been throbbing but thankfully the ache has gone... by the afternoon I'm ok.

We watch Green Day's recent Blu-Ray "AWESOME AS FUCK"- which is their live in Japan concert. Brilliant sound and I like the way it's filmed. Green Day are still in my top 3 favourite bands. Mike Dirnt is a very cool bass player, Nick Seymour should check him out for a few pointers-that guy just works the stage. A fine show and it also comes with a bonus live cd. Green Day rock!

April 3rd

Why is it so cold, snowing on top of some mountain areas in Victoria- and you can feel it outside. Brrrrrrr!

Even with the chill in the air I continue my nightly jogging, and a bit of walking (yieks I accidentally typed WANKING.... thank God I spotted it-how funny-) . I only do 3 laps around the oval, that's enough to get the old ticker working. I took the iPod nano with me last night and Bon Scott AC/DC is perfect to jog to, will have to install HOLE demos today so they can be tonight's jogging music.

Neil plays LA in a few days, only the one El Rey show, I thought they were pushing it trying for two but with almost zero advertising. I don't think Neil did any press- guess they expected it to sell out on fan power alone. At least there is one pretty full show, should be a good night- the last few solo shows were mighty, I enjoyed them more then Crowded House, not sure why could be the choice of songs. Anyway enjoy El Rey!

Run Run Run


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