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September 10th

Not much sleep last night, kept worrying I'd oversleep my alarm (which I've never done in my life) and not wake up. But i didn't, again I was awake before the alarm went off, a quick shower and fed Miss Banshee and was out the door as the sun was rising. I'm driving Rosemaree to the hospital for her consultation. It's the same hospital I went to for my kidney stone "stuff" so that makes me a bit cringe worthy. I'm on time, in fact exact at 7.45.

I drop her off and head to Centro for some shopping till she calls. I buy some new phones for the house & office. At first I find the phones I want at Big W, but I spot the same set at Dick Smith for $35 less!!! So I return them and buy at Dicks and save. I only felt guilty for 5 seconds, still a decent saving. We are obsessed by the phones and the buttons, just don't want them breaking, so I check out 50 phones (phew)! I'm phone-fried!

I am ordering a coffee and Rosemaree calls so cancel that and grab her and head home- nice and fast.

A friend sends us an invite to the Adult Movie Awards in Vegas, which I kind of find brilliantly funny- think "Boogie Nights" dear readers.., I'm sure it's all very serious but it just makes me grin. Would love to attend just to be perverse. It's in Vegas in the new year, what would our mothers says!

September 11th

I hear from Nick Seymour regarding his segment in Ghost Cars book, mostly questions around his art and the stage costumes which I love. So Nicks done, just leaves Matt. I have this policy that if someone doesn't want to do something I just let it ride, I rarely ever hassle, so if Matt is too busy or doesn't have the vibe he doesn't have to be in the book, still it would be sad as he is the only one "missing"...... I'll email him (again) in a week or so.Final chance as we want to move ahead with this.

September 12th

Love how Foxtel is now showing shows 2 hours after they are on in America. So we get to see True Blood, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter and Boardwalk Empire the same time as our American mates (yey).

The weather is improving at Kalorama, Winter is slowly loosening it's cold grip on us, every second day is nice, Spring has indeed sprung. Sun and blue skies. Nice.

September 13th

Morrissey announces that he is playing Festival Hall Melbourne on December 19th, he'd better not cancel it like last time. I still have the street poster from the cancelled gig. Tickets are on sale to the public on September 26th. It will be a brilliant show, such a legend. He keeps saying he may well retire at age 55! So only 2 years to go...I don't believe him... but just in case go and see him on his Aussie/NZ tour. I do check out the wonderful True to You Morrissey site so I can read his words, that always make me smile. www.true-to-you.net His thoughts on the royals are so perfect.... I can never imagine a world without Mozza! An honest man who isn't afraid to speak out at all the bullshit. More power to him and why the fuck doesn't he have a new record deal for that album of his?

September 14th

I email the folks at Plantronics to try and get a replacement ear cover for my office headset, I love the headset so don't want a new one... I keep having to "borrow" the rubber bit from Qantas business class headsets but they are slightly too large and fall off. So hoping the Plant people can find me one or two....so my criminal days of stealing from Qantas will come to an end.

Mail our mate Jennifer in NYC a small gift, she spoils all of us so often, it's the least I can do.

September 15th

While it's almost warm, I get the ladder and use some sugar soap on some marks on the wall in the pool room...it's the sort of stuff one does in Spring, clean, work the gardens...wear slightly large boxer so it can all hang precariously! Yieks! Pendulum thoughts enter my head!!! Too much information for some of you!

September 16th

I didn't sleep too well last night, too many thoughts racing around in my head like a Dagger GT super car...with no breaks, ideas, thoughts even some fears....! So fuck the world I'm sleeping in today and not getting up till I smell those wonderful homemade sausage rolls that Mark is cooking in the kitchen. Even Miss Banshee crawls back into bed...

The always brilliant SONS OF ANARCHY is back on cable tonight, Season 5 and fantastic as always..love it love it.

September 17th

It's crap that True Blood isn't nominated at The Emmys, they are becoming piddly and MOR, such a well written show, still didn't they ignore Buffy as well... at least Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter get nominated.. so some small hope.

I see Tony Abbott falls behind by 14% as preferred PM. Labor and the Libs are neck and neck on two party preferred... why would anyone trust such a horror like Tony Abbott as our PM. I pray Australians grow some brains and stand up to this bully and homophobe. Urgh!!!! He'll send Australia back to the dark ages. We are so lucky in this country, many people forget just how lucky. We don't need Abbott as our "leader"..we really really DON'T!

September 18th

Great that Senator Laura Smythe for the electorate of La Trobe voted YES for Gay marriage, while Tony Smith senator for Casey up here voted NO-because they had to toe the line and vote NO by Tony Toupee's demand. It's early days and the marriage equality bill will get voted down this time (having 44 Libs not allowed a conscience vote will do that). The real test will be in Tasmania in a week, but if that is a YES I'm sure the federal side will bring in the lawyers, history will remember those who stood in the way of this basic right! Peter Garrett who has copped flack over the years was one of the first to stand up and say YES so that was excellent.

September 19th

We are being spoilt by cable tv-new season of Boardwalk Empire is on tonight! Off to a great start. We will probably never watch free to air tv again, well except the ABC 24 hour news channel. So glad I'm not a sucker for reality tv, give me a good drama or a script that is well written, reality tv for empty heads.

I heard on my grapevine that horror company GUNNS looks like going into voluntary administration, one less shitty pulp mill in the world, a few old growth forests may well be better off too. Good riddance I say. I get a few letters in the various online newspapers for Tasmania, all in support of their upcoming vote on marriage equality-sometimes you DO have to fight for basic rights. Next we email all the legislative council members of the Tassie Parliament (Phew). Only then do I feel like I've made an effort. It's much easier to ignore all this but sometimes you need to be the opposite reaction to the negative fearful hate that exists...and say NO things can change..and they will. So nice when pollies actually email back, and not just a cut and paste.

September 20th

Our mate Fran calls, have a chat for awhile, her 2 babies are growing up fast, be good to catch up soon. I think I've known Fran since she was 14 years old, how the years have flown by.

I get our 3 quotes around the fallen tree etc, have to get them to take it away too so no big hassle for us... it's never cheap but that's all part of having a few acres with amazing trees on it, sometimes a few fall down! Crash boom blam!

I should be able to invoice the government for the trees as carbon storage *GRIN*!

I take an hour off in the afternoon and start digging the hole for the water tank. Joan Frances the chicken is reaching her end game, she's old now and her time is coming, you can tell her crest (is it called a caruncle?) is falling over, her days are numbered. Anyway I carry her up near the hole for the cement just to keep an eye on her. I go to the garage to get some different shovels and when I return she is in the hole, lying down. She looks up to me with pleading eyes, please kill me now and bury me, that is what the hole is for? I go no No NO! get out your time has not come yet.... poor thing. I'll spoil her as much as one can for a chicken in her last days. American kills 23 million chickens per day... so I am going to keep Joan Frances going so she isn't 23 million and one! No idea how much chicken Australians eat but it would be a lot. Glad we saved our three from small cages and they can run wild.

September 21st

Green Days new album UNO is out today and it is fantastic! Track 6, " FEEL FOR YOU" a wonderful pop song, PINK is currently #1 in Australia, much as she is ok I'd love for Green Day to bump her off. So I buy 2 copies, one for our mate Bek who is cooking us lunch this weekend. Anyway check out UNO my album of the month!

September 22nd

Quite a lot of road works happening today, so 20 minutes late for our lunch at Beks. It was really good, such a nice day, so we sat outside and were spoilt. One of her two cats is huge, not so much fat just a big big bones cat...the other is really effeminate and looks so girly girl next to big boy. They love Bek though...good to see. By the time we got home the sun was setting so just enough time to get the girls in... the 3 chickens put themselves in at dusk if we are late, but we try not to be so Mr Fox doesn't have a chicken dinner!

Neils in America, and will be doing his Q&A on RAIN next week.... quite like how fans get to have a chat about this. It will be more interesting on all the other stuff they will ask him (and his replies) especially around his comments on starting a new album in 2 weeks! It's more fun for him to tell me instead of me asking him... does it matter what album..as long as it's good, we all so want to 'tag" everything...funny that.

September 23rd

We cement today, just a nice square for the water tank-blokey us.. getting our hands dirty. Mark is good at mixing a perfect cement, actually I'm fine too but he seems to enjoy it. I'm continue planting a sea of lavender bushes along the walk way..and found a few more aussie natives for the other side, Ailsa Craig is looking good ... though very lush.

Looks like we will be taking Ghost Cars to the printers the 2nd week of October (depending on which book printer we use).

All the best


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