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Archive: 16 January - 29 January 2012

Jan 16th

I spend most of today going through all the Crowdies tour dates for the Live Gig area of the Ghost Cars book. Still a few missing which is frustrating , I need to email Grant Thomas in the hope he can remember a few of the earlier ones, it's mostly the odd showcase in areas like Sydney or having the town and not the venue. Just want to make sure that we give this our best shot.

The phones are very quiet today, no idea why. But it means we can work in the office. I'm double checking the addresses on cd mailers for the signed Time & Tide cds. I've emailed everyone but some people have been slacko in replying. So till they do theirs will go to the bottom of the pile. How hard is it for people to get back to us.

Jan 17th

I send out some twitter reminders about Pajama Club playing the Laneway Festivals in Australia and NZ. My twitter account seems to grow, it's GryphonMusic, quite enjoy twitter, nice and fast and short bursts of info and stuff.

Jan 18th

Instead of our usual donation to the Sea Shepherds I order one of their flags instead, thought it could flap high on one of our trees. Every dollar helps their fight against whaling.

Later this month Amnesty International release their Bob Dylan Tribute Album. Neil and Pajama Club are on it covering "She Belongs To Me" an ok version.

Jan 19th

Tania & Rosemaree arrive today and we have a quick bite to eat. Tania really sweet says she'll come up and give us a hand with the tree stuff, really appreciate it. So I'll owe you a favour for that- thanks for being a good mate. Even if it's just pulling up some ivy it all helps. Love how you just jumped in and said "yes I'll happily help".

Sis decides that she really does want to sit in business class on the flight back from Honolulu so she sends a cheque for the difference. her poor old brother is happy for the financial help *GRIN*. It also means not getting stuck in that insane line that stretches out the airport door for the morning flight home. She has her brothers tastes in flying!!!!

Jan 20th

Mark spots a potoroo sitting on the big tree stump. These are very rare, I think all 3 species are on the threatened list. They are a kangaroo-rat type animal about the size of a rabbit. Foxes have reduced the species to almost nothing, the Gilberts potoroo is said to be down to 30 or 40. It was very fast and gone but 99% sure it was a Potoroo. We love it when rare animals visit, rock stars included.

We burn off today, and work in the office. Burn all the tree fall stuff, I leave Mark in charge and go to the office to work on Pajama Club "stuff". They get emails from places where I've never once received a Crowded House email which is interesting.

January 21st

Rosie makes my coffee this Saturday at the general store and a fine one it is. Young Nick scoffs that her coffee is horrid but she must of fluked it on mine, but it is perfect. Nick brings his dog Jack in, he's rescued from the lost dogs home and a great dog- I miss not having a dog, maybe when Banshee goes to the big cattery in the sky we will get another pooch.

January 22nd

Love how Joanna Lumley (Patsy from Ab Fab) wants to fly into Sydney for Mardi Gra and march with all the drag queen Patsy's! I have to admit they do it really well, so decadent, so gorgeous and so truly absolutely fabulous! I hope the current season of Ab Fab is ok, the previous one they tried too hard, so fingers crossed for a return to form.

January 23rd

Our office officially re-opens but I have been working for days now, it's like we never closed! Nearly 3000 emails awaited me.

January 24th

Pity the Pajama Club are not playing the Singapore date for the Laneway festivals, it's a really cool place for a gig, quite a few bands have played in that area. The Aussie and Auckland date starts in a few days, Laneway is such a grower of a festival.

Speaking of gigs, Bic Runga is about to announce a UK show at Shepherds Bush Empire on April 18th. It seems like ages since she last played an English gig so hoping she gets a good turn up for this one.

January 25th

It's Australia Day tomorrow so Mark helps me climb the flagpole tree and we hang an Aussie flag up. No breeze though so it's like a limp aussie tea towel hanging on a tree!!! We borrow our mate Jason's ladder, and it's as unstable as a member of "family first" so I dare not stand on the top few rungs.

The fantastic Boardwalk Empire is available in Australia on Blu ray for $25.00 which is a pretty good bargain. Such a fine show, it deserves to do well.

January 26th

Happy Australia Day. The BBQ is heating up at Ailsa Craig and we have some very tacky but kind of cool Australia shaped pieces of BBQ meat. Some poor bastard must spend weeks shaping these pieces of meat to resemble Oz! But no Tasmania... just the mainland in meat form.

January 27th

Tania calls in and we head off to see Steve Cummings at the Ivy Bar up here at Olinda. Someone we know actually playing at the top of the mountain-yey! It's such a wonderfully small room, like a lounge room and about 36 of us are there cheering him on. When we walked in he said hello to us and a "goodbye Peter thanks for turning up" when we departed. He still has an incredible voice, I hope the smaller crowd doesn't stop the other 2 shows of his up here in February and March. Tania has a good time, a really nice night. A few people came up and said hello which was nice.

January 28th

Call into the general store and have a coffee with Nelly. Just finishing up the "comrade rockstar" book. I still think Dean Reed committed suicide... he knew his time was over. The descriptions of Russia are marvellous, it all came flooding back.

We get an emergency call to look after Marks nephew for nearly a week. It's family so we do it... and he's ok. So a teenage boy in the house.... I buy double the amount of food.

First night he heads to bed at 2.30 in the morning. We are not going to be nagging uncles and step uncles, treat him like an adult, hey he may need the sleep *GRIN*.

January 29th

I never sleep when someone is in the house, I hear every creak of the floorboards. Our guest awakes at 2.30 in the afternoon, so a good 12 hours napping. Makes us look good getting up at 9.00.

Mark finally bumps off my score on the Rolling Stones pinball machine ...it's so close to the highest score you can possibly get. So of course this give Connor something to obsess over and he plays way too many games trying to beat it (and fails). No one will ever beat Marks score...maybe me.....we'll see.

The 2nd half of the Enz TIME & TIDE cds arrive so they are sent off for signatures. It's taking slightly longer then expected. With Tim blowing out the USA shows I'm trying not to bother him with stuff, not for another week or two.

Thats it for another rushed diary.

Surfs Up (well soon) yey!


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