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Archive: 19 November - 2 December 2012

November 19th

So looks like Neil will be playing at the Hobbit world premiere, not a big surprise, why wouldn't you do it for such world wide promotion. I bet the live feeds fry the net! My mate Sarah is going over, she loves those hairy footed Hobbits and Finns-not that the Finns have hairy feet ......!

The weather has finally turned here in Australia and you can feel Summer approaching. The usual hot summer-fire fire fire articles are appearing. We always start the yard clean late November, just the garage roof and all those other areas-the tree drop is insane up here. I guess there will be a stage where we are too old to do this ourselves and will have to hire help, I'm talking in 40 years time! Even two acres becomes difficult to deal with after awhile. For the moment it's good-though a challenge-time wise. Good to be out in the fresh air, I love having a real yard, it's an inherited trait, plenty of time to be locked away in a concrete box when I'm old and crusty. Nature boys that's us.

November 20th

We watch Dark Shadows on BluRay tonight. It's not bad, it seemed to be either loved or truly hated. We really enjoyed it-it's Burton and Depp so c'mon, it will have "that" flavour. A million and one worst movies then this one.

Cheque mailed into the book printers so Ghost Cars printing is underway, it takes about 3 weeks...then checking addresses, addressing the mailers etc etc, so we are going to have some busy days. We allowed some blank pages in the back after the Live Dates list, so when Crowdies eventually play again people can keep adding dates to their list.

I've worked so long in the office I decide some time is owing to me so I decide to paint the garage roof and clean all the tree drop. The garage is insane it holds 4 cars so that is a lot of painting and cleaning. I was stoked though as I found 2 huge cans of paint in the garage so saved about $60 not having to buy roof paint-gotta love that.

November 21st

Happy Anniversary Marky-wow 32 years together- what a team! No one else comes close! Joined at the hip-today is ours!

November 22nd

Another day another pre sale for the Neil Finn-Paul Kelly tour. It seems like ages away but it's not, December is almost upon us, and that means 2013 is just around the corner. I haven't even begun to buy christmas presents yet! Urgh!

My sister is better then I am, she's 50% done. Still she does love to shop.

Spencer at the 3 Ducks names our cockatoo that visits Louis...so he does have a name. It's the one we rescued, he keeps returning to us.

November 23rd

The proofs arrive for Ghost Cars so sign off on them. Mark spots that the pages are smaller so we make sure that is corrected. Fairly soon I start contacting everyone to reconfirm their postal addresses. Phew big job but it has to be done. With so few spares of these I do not want any to go to peoples old addresses. The remaining stock will go up on Debs Frenz area as well as www.RocketPocketBooks.com

"Iron Sky" arrives on Blu Ray so we watch that, it's actually ok..I think it cant decide if it's sci fi, dark humour or something else, still we do enjoy it.

We are in the local Woolworths supermarket and Mark and myself both hear "Love is strange" playing, we both chuckle. Do Woolies even know this is from the XXX rated DeepThroat movie? Obviously by the smirk on the faces of customers a few of them do know! How brilliant.

Jane and Allie stay over. We have dinner and party on a bit. In the end we play the Rolling Stones Monopoly. It ends up being a tie between Mark and Jane at about 4.00 in the morning. It was a fun night, take some rather cool (well at the time it seemed cool) photos of us all through the Bombay Blue Gin Bottle. I am nicknamed Gin Morrison. I play too much Doors that night. Fun evening.

November 24th

Wake up feeling a bit urgh, so head off for coffee with Jane & Allie at the General store. It helps.

Oh poor old Larry Hagman dies age 81. That's sad, such a nice old geezer. He was exceptionally generous to many people. Long live JR! (and Major Nelson).

Call Eddie Rayner and have to leave a message as he is not home...or avoiding the phone. Just need a christmas message from him & Neil or the Enz xmas cards won't be done. I've asked Eddie so many times (emails etc)... maybe he's away...or just avoiding me.

November 25th

The Stones "Crossfire Hurricane" is on the ABC tonight, horrible that they have broken it into two parts!I love watched the Brian Jones footage and the hysteria. They used too much footage from "Charlie is my Darling " though, but apart from that it is good and will help "GRRR!" the Stones best of sell. I see GRRR! has climbed one more spot in the top ten here. We noticed a huge poster for it at a local bus stop.

November 26th

A bad start to the day a crappy email from NZ. (rolls eyes)! Happy Birthday to both Toija and Maz. I suck at remembering such things. Too many, does my head in.

Interesting job offer came in today, I declined as I still have faith in Neil Finn and his amazing music. After the start today I almost said yes. Sometimes I wonder if my loyalty is appreciated. Really I do.

November 27th

Our satellite signal dropped, it's rainy and foggy today but out I go and trim this huge tree limb and out of control ivy. It's amazing how it helps, back to normal again, technology is brilliant.

Noel photos arrive in a few days time, so have to make a time for him to sign these for the Xmas Packs. Probably December 7th I'd say.

Nice call from Warwick and Miss N, tying the knot and we are invited! He sounds amazingly happy which is great. Loads of weddings late December eh Jennifer *GRIN* (another couple we are very happy for).

November 28th

All goes well for the Hobbit premiere, Neil and band playing History, I Got You, Something so strong, Distant Sun (with a brilliant ending), Better be home soon (which made me think of Hessie) and finishing with Song of the lonely mountain from the Hobbit movie. A good crowd, all filling up the length of the 500 metre red carpet in Wellington. I jumped to the theonering.net website for the streaming and ditched www.neilfinn.com as my mac seemed to work better on the One Ring stream (plus it had a bigger screen). The Frenz seemed to of appreciate it.

November 29th

A stinking hot day here and it's not even Summer yet. Over 100 degree's and it was cooking. We are heading to Tiamo- 303 Lygon Street, Carlton for dinner with our dear mates-Ben & Jen. Seems ages since we last saw them so this is great. On the way we grab The Dark Knight Rises on BluRay. Big W have it at the cheapest price plus I get some Qantas points.....we give Benny the bonus dvd that comes with it.

Navgirl takes us to a park just around the corner from Tiamo... as we are about to head in we hear Mr Yeti baiting us. So great to see them... food and company brilliant and we are spoilt- paid for...so thanks guys-we love ya!

I got home within 45 minutes which was fast, considering I dropped them off in the city. We watch the Batman Bluray in the nice cool lounge room- such a great air con unit- the room is perfect.

November 30th

A promotion email arrives from Woolworths so I score a one litre Berri super juice for free whilst doing our shopping-hey it's normally $5 so free is good. Work in the office all afternoon and a big part of the night, so a long day. I wish I got paid by the hour. Today is work work work..yeah I love it.

December 1st

Oh hell it's December, which means Christmas is arriving fast. It's too soon.....

I head to the general store and mail quite a bit of stuff, envelopes and parcels... takes awhile. Rosemaree arrives and we have a coffee, Annies in today not Nelly but the coffee is good. Rosemaree helps with some layout and paper work (so thanks) and good to see her. Hear from Aunt Trudi she is buying Mark the $47,000 Rolling Stones tickets for Xmas... and we don't believe her.

We mow some of the lawns today, I'm blissed that Mark takes over the mowing of the back part of the property. After 4 areas you collapse in a heap by the time you reach the far piece of land. It looks brilliant all mowed and neat.

Continue watching James Bond on Blu Ray.... how many more do we have left Marky? Grace Jones is in this one..

December 2nd

A much cooler night last night so I did get some sleep. Banshee lets Marky sleep in and she didn't cat snore so he is happy. I head to the bakery to grab some rolls and pies. See the "urgh" neighbour with her dog and didn't recognise her, she's aged really really bad - maybe it's karma. I post some more mail at the store so a few parcels will head to happy homes this week.

Got our Keith Richards vibe back after watching the 2nd part of Crossfire Hurricane on tv tonight. Still seems like a dream doing the Stones band room that time- I was a hard working "hostess". It's one thing off my "to do wish".

Working long hours checking all the postal addresses for the Ghost Cars book, so few are made we can't have any go astray... it's not too far away now. Going to give Neil book #002...was going to be #001 but really Mark deserves that, from all the effort he has put in.

That's it for me....end of the year and my vibe is picking up, into over drive. Trying to get as much "stuff" done as possible. All those little things we've been putting off.

Happy Holidays everyone...


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