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Magnetic Island Boulder House!

August 20th

Happy Birthday to Rosemaree. A few of us gather at our regular mexican restaurant for a small feast. Good to see Jane and the kids again...ok young adults! I was bad and did encourage one to try and eat 57 deserts!

No time for the barbers today so a quick home hair dye moment. We are both still working on the book "stuff" it seems to take over every waking moment. Roll on our week off.. we are feeling a bit fractured from long hours.

August 21st

I visit Dr Chiro for a few corrections, want to be in 100% shape for some hiking and swimming on the island next week. I am so charged that we finally have some time off. Warrick snaps me into shape, "click snap crack pop", human again. I need a new office chair, I'm convinced it's a huge part of the problem.

I use the David Jones website to send my sister a voucher for her birthday. Plus a small parcel to her, she's great, couldn't imagine my world without my funky sister in it.

August 22nd

Michael Gudinski turns 60-seems so long ago since he started Mushroom Records. We have clashed at times but I do believe he has a rock and roll heart. I see Jack Fertig died today... aka Sister Boom Boom from the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" their 'chapel' was in San Francisco.. what a wild life!

I spend the afternoon answering emails, when Neil and the Crowdies are off the road it seems to ignite peoples desire to email me. Which is ok. I always try to reply.

August 23rd

I go through the check list, ferry bookings, check with our vet for Banshee etc etc . The list of things to do, is a mile long. A week off on a tropical island is a lot of work!!! We go to bed at the normal time (midnight) but I know I have to get up in 5 hours, I won't sleep, I'm far too excited. It drives me nuts that Mark never locks up his bag or has it ready the night before. Mine is already in the car, we are very different in that way. I just want a stress free morning... ready to go and boom-up up and away.

Late afternoon I take Banshee to her accomodation. Always seems strange when she isn't roaming the halls of Ailsa Craig.

August 24th

Melbourne- Brisbane-Townsville-Magnetic Island.

Mark fiddles about in the morning and we leave 20 minutes late. So I'm not happy, I bite my tongue because I don't want a stressy start to our holiday. I do drive rather quickly, to make up for loss time. If our bags don't make the flight it will be a pain in the arse. We drop the car off at long term. The pick-up bus is packed so doesn't even stop at our area. So we start to walk to the next one and of course a bus approaches as we are half way, so we bolt back to shelter "C". Thankfully it's the nice driver and we climb on panting like old farts that we are. So both feeling a bit "urgh!!!". Next the auto check-in keeps rejecting our bag scan. The Qantas new technology never works. The final straw is that the handle snaps off my bag. I just laugh, find a Qantas person and eventually it goes through a manual area. We make it to the frequent flyer lounge for some breakfast and a much needed coffee. Our flight starts boarding 10 minutes later.

It's a smaller plane so we are in business, just 8 people. I can't believe it, the gods are having fun with me this morning. It really IS him- Tony Abbott is next to us! I find out he is heading to the Brisbane boat show to open it and grovel for some votes. I open the Age and on headline area says how crap Abbott was on the 7.30 Report so I open that page and read the back..so the headline is facing him *GRIN*. I decide if the gods have placed Mr Abbott on the same flight as me I really do need to tell him it IS indeed time for the Liberal party to have a conscience vote on gay marriage. How often does one have the chance to tell a politician he is wrong, especially at 15,000 feet. So I did. We have no idea what his reply was, some weird guttural noises. Very much like Beavis & Butthead. He did look like he wanted to scratch his way out of the cabin! He obsessively played with his hair (toupee?) all the way and I got to see his horrid teeth close up, not a good experience. We arrive in Brisbane and remind him of what we said when we walked past him. It was funny, in America, he would have a private jet, entourage of 50 and security everywhere. On this regular flight he had one woman who was wearing way way way too much makeup and couldn't type to save herself. We do indeed do it low budget in Australia-and that's not too bad. OK I might of had second thoughts when I was cutting the apple with my white plastic Qantas knife-I could of jumped across the aisle *GRIN* and of course I am joking. But really I guess it IS that easy to do such things here but people don't so that says a lot. Gryphon kills Tony Abbott with white plastic Qantas apple knife..no no no would never happen..not even a good headline.

We arrive Brisbane and it's grey skies. Mark keeps hounding that the weather at Magnetic is meant to be rain for a week and a I quite think he may be right (and the weather man too). I tell him I have cosmic forces behind me and the weather will indeed be perfect. After all I am a magical Gryphon. Lets see if that bluff works! I almost believe it myself.

Back into Brisbane's frequent flyer, a regular haunt. No celebs today, it is packed though, but no stars,well apart from us. Try to call Ben, Jen and Cathi but no one home, guess everyone is off working. We try to have some food from the buffet , I find some pumpkin soup which is actually ok. Mark grabs a free copy of the latest TIME magazine that has a special on Mars and the rovers, so thats in the bag. Our flight to Townsville boards on time, seats 4A and B. I have been working on corrections on the "Ghost Cars" book on both flights, just little bits and pieces. I chat with Mark on some tiny changes, and we agree on them all. His layout job is fantastic.... love what I am seeing. I am waiting on Nicks Q&A and I'm sure he will do it, he's just stuck in the studio working on the movie score.

We arrive Townsville around 2.00 in the afternoon, we've already been up for 9 hours.. so feeling a bit worn. The weather is really nice outside the terminal. I head to AVIS and get our hire car. Our first stop is the closest Woolworths supermarket. We want to stock up on some food at low prices. The supermarkets on the island are great but can be pricy. As I park the car a lot of local dust is blowing around and some lands on our windscreens. I notice a small crack in the windscreen that wasn't on the "dents and scratches" report, they'd better not try to pin that one on me I say to Mark.

The supermarket at Pimblico is great, I even packed recycle bags for shopping-see I am prepared, a regular girl guide I am! It's cancer week so we buy up a big pile of daffodils from them- nice to have some flowers in the Boulder Court house. I've packed my GPS so I don't have to pay a rental for one with the car, so save about $25 a day. ..so it can go to the Cancer people via flowers. We lock in Fantasea Ferry at Ross street, Sth Townsville and are on our way. I've pre booked so just have to pick up our ticket. It's quite warm, no sign of the rain the weather man has stressed Mark over....

Ferry arrives, Mark is filming, and our car and many others make it on, it's packed, 100% full... I had to exit the car window as the door couldn't open because the cars were so tight. We sit on the top deck, the Aussie flag flapping behind me on a pole. I am so happy to be heading to Maggie for a week... I see it in the distance, my shoulders sag, no stress it's all left behind me on the Ross street dock. We wave to fishermen, and other boats are out enjoying the sun.

40 minutes later we are on the dock at Nelly Bay. We drive the car off and Boulder Court is 2 minutes away. It is so great to see the house again, I'm blissed out. The palm trees are actually swaying (just ever so slightly) in the breeze. Hmm the front door is open as it should be but the security door too so it's came unlocked. A bit of evidence inside that one of the local rock wallaby's or possums have wandered in for a look!!!! The agents forgot to turn on the power and hot water, which is a bit silly, as we are hanging out for a shower.

We each dinner outside on the balcony, it overlooks the ocean (Cleveland bay)... this house is at the very end of the point on the giant boulders, #12A, so you have uninterrupted views and just mesmerised by the ocean. It's been a long day, my bed is huge and comfortable, I open the 4 blinds and just watch the moon shining off the ocean before I nod off. I sleep really well.

August 25th

I wake up at sunrise, I'm in bed in my levi boxers and just a sheet. The suns rays bursting through, it has been such a harsh grey winter at Kalorama, the warmth on my skin is superb. There are those curlew birds on our lawn whistling, they make me laugh, such bizzare skinny legs.

Mark makes me breakfast, what a sweetheart. We sit and eat it on the decking.

Today we are off to The Forts. It's almost tradition that we do that first, pack some food and drinks and a small hike, just 30-45 minutes. You have to keep your eye open for koala bears, I think Magnetic has one of the highest koala populations in Australia. So everyone you see on the hiking trail have their heads looking up. Our timing is good as there are so few people, which we like. As we approach the final steps t the Forts I spot a small girl koala in a tree, just 2 metres away, so you can get close, not close enough to stress them. She does however look up, what a beauty she is. So we film and photograph her. Some European girls are going past so we decide to show them our Australian fauna (sounds rude!!). They are so funny, they melt, first time they have ever seen a Koala... their instinct is to pick it up and rock it like a baby-wrong wrong wrong, they hate that, you have to be a "tree" if ever you can legally have one on you. Anyway she's beautiful and we really must protect such creatures.

We are alone at The Forts on the top of the bunker which gives such grand views. We see a cloud layer come moving in below us and actually start to circle the island, it's moving so fast. I hope Marks dire weather predictions are wrong and thankfully they are, the cloud exits the island heading to Townsville and the sun is shining as we head back down.

Near the car area, I spot a local woman making fresh juices and smoothies so I order two and we chat. She's great...such a character and she seems to like us. No doubt we will see her again elsewhere.

We head off to Radical Bay, really you should be in a 4WD, this road to the Bay has always been bad bad bad and I like it as it keeps 90% f the people away, really just the locals. Maybe not 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire but I'd say it was close and some could well be used for caving! I am careful as breaking an axel on a hire car is a huge drag. The Bay is great, I head in for a swim and the water is ok, not freezing... quite nice after the first shock, it IS Winter still here in Oz. Mark wants to come back in a few days with the video camera so we only stay on the beach for an hour.

We have a tradition this time, every afternoon we spend by our pool, on the deck chairs with a JD and have a read, swim etc. Making sure it will be a relaxing holiday. I go through a few more pages of 'Ghost Cars' but the pool is way way too tempting. I have my facemask with me so I'm in and gliding along the shiny blue deep end before the first draft of the book lands on the chair. It takes some convincing for Mark to enter the water and he does scream like a banshee. Such a girly girl... 30 minutes later he is finally swimming. I am trying to teach him how to dive and glide....he does improve every day. I am more compact, I'm sure that plays a part. My gangly boyfriend!

I cook spaghetti for dinner. Mark is on the decking and he feels something licking his leg, it's a Possom, he may be gangly but obviously he tastes good!!! (I can back that up). With the house being built on the giant boulders we have to share the space with the local rock wallaby's & possums . We try not to feed them a lot and only things that are good for them-paw paw, banana's, sweet potato, carrots , apples. We keep having to tell tourists not to feed them bread and other stuff, as there are wallaby's everywhere on the island...and people just think they will eat everything which isn't true. Some food stuffs are really bad for them and they should also fend for themselves.

We decide to party tonight, so misbehave a lot, which is great fun.

August 26th

It's Sunday and the markets are on at Horseshoe Bay. We've never been before and thought we'd just check them out. The roads are being worked on, so we have a red on the only traffic lights on the island. It's usually someone with a STOP sign but being a weekend I guess they don't want t pay overtime so they have the stop/go light system. A traffic jam on maggie is about 10 cars! You sit and wait and watch the surf roll in and the palm trees swaying, a very chilled out traffic jam. People would pay for this sort of therapy!

The markets are what you expect, not really bad but not much we want. I wish I hadn't already bought fresh fruit as there was some on sale that looked healthier! We watch the Red Barron plane land on the bay and tide is going out so we go for a walk along the beach to the headland. Just sit on a big rock and talk. Nice. We see the fresh juice woman again and she loves Marks shirt. It has a very island "feel" she says, love her hippyism! Actually she is right , it does.

After a few days we have grown an addiction, no not Magnetic Island cocaine, but Rocky Road Ice creams! come on you knew it would be sweet mouth candy not nose candy! We found a shop at Arcadia on the island that sells them so every day we buy two. All the swimming hiking etc we figure it won't hurt.

I make a detour heading home to the old wharf to check out the rock wallaby's. Meet an old guy who is from Melbourne and feeds them daily, tells me how much these ones love banana's so I make a note for when we return to bring some banana's and skins. The fish are all around the old jetty. I've always vowed to jump in and swim with them. Maybe in the next few days I will be brave enough, I can't see the bottom and never seen anyone swimming here... it's on my "to do" list.... as long as I don't chicken out.

We book dinner at Man Fridays and I forget that it's BYO. It's a very gay name for the islands oldest restaurant! The tables are all outdoor under the moonlight and wild creatures run past the tables. Quite a few old people, guess the price keeps the back packers away. Old ladies wander off for cigarettes so desperate for a smoke, ych. Maybe they are young and ciggy smoking just has aged them.

Home to watch "Underbelly Badness" on tv and some movies we've brought up with us. Even some beach porn but really it's boring... talk about slow moving.... well a hung life guard, really what do you think will happen next.... slow filmed sex....ZZZZZZ !

August 27th

PG taking Clyde for a swim

I drive to the pie counter, which is in front of the now closed (sad) bakery. I am 5c short and don't want to lob a $100 bill on them for a pie, just as I think "I wish I had 5c" this fairy godfather voice behind me goes" Oh found 5c, pick it up and have good luck". "Oh I need 5c" I bat an eyelid at him...and smile. "Here you go sweet pie" (which was cute from a pie shop owner). What a lovely old queen he was and a life saver. The pies are great too.

We are off to the Koala sanctuary again, Dexter the koala from our last visit is no longer at the sanctuary, moved to he old koala retirement village on the mainland. The koala I meet this time is Matilda. The ranger is great, I ask her quite a few questions...I'm also the first to volunteer to hold the salt water crocodile!!!! and a python... hey could be my only chance to do such things. So many guys chickened out on holding the python but all the girls in the group went with it. Chicks dig the snakes I'm told by Mark!

We find out a guy was arrested last week for watching porn at the sanctuary and I'm assuming he got off and was busted (yieks)..how much can a koala bear?! (sorry). He was taken away to the mainland and I'm assuming arrested? I spot a piece on Bowie in the local paper too- the Bowie exhibit at London's V&A Museum in March 2013 will be fantastic. Hope it comes to Australia at some point.

We call into the Horseshoe Ranch to get some horses for an afternoon ride.... so Dale and Clyde (the horses are brothers) are locked in, they are both quite decent horse hands in height. So we head home for 2 hours and will meet back at the ranch in the afternoon. We have to pack some board shorts as we will also be riding bareback and taking our horses into the sea for a swim!

I am amazed at how fantastic the weather is, not a drop of rain...I give a thumbs up to the old gods and one down to the weather man for trying to mess with our holiday. I'm sure some clouds over head looked like letters that read "don't fuck with the Gryphon".... my shoulders have gone brown already and Mark looks healthy. He tans quicker then I do, and we are being sensible, we know it's easy to go from albino's to red by being too enthusiastic, not to mention the "big C" factor...

My friend Bek should dive up here, the Yongala is one of the best shipwreck dives, top 5 in the world, possibly the best in Australia.

We head to the ranch, I decide to take my camera as well, I'm so careful with it. An american guy is also up for a rise and he seems ok, so off we go. I run through a refresher course, at least I remember how to hold the reins correctly. My horse is a damn eating machine that's what he wants to do, so I have to control that. He is a big bastard soI guess he needs that extra food. Mark looks confident and the french girl is helpful. Some serious riding takes place and my Clyde gives Marks horse Dale a nice nip on the arse so off we go faster and faster much to Marks horror. The ride goes through several property's, so nice and secluded. We end up on the beach and take the horses into the coral sea for a swim. Saddles off first and we slip into our board shorts... so bareback...and a handful of horse hair to hold onto. The water is fantastic, warm, so calm..and out we go and you almost float off the horses back. Marks smiling, till our french friend starts taking photos of him.... I say "where can you go to escape, swim your horse back to Kalorama". He smiles a forced smile ...funny. It's a great day and if you go to Magnetic Island check out the Horseshoe Ranch and grab some horses. They have a website too: http://horseshoebayranch.com.au/

Arrive home to find a message from the estate agent, also my mobile finally get some reception and loads of messages. Banshee has been sick. Rosemaree and Sis take care of it, urinary infection. I call Jacinta at the vets and she says it's a stress thing that a lot of cats go through- so antibiotics and 2 stressed parents on Magnetic. I worry like all hell but Jacinta assures me she will be ok.

A simple dinner, garlic chicken and salad and watch the sun disappear .... what a day.

August 28th

We decide today is a recovery day. We tried for Florence Bay but ended up at Arthur Bay instead, which was great. Four people on a long golden beach. We put up our new shade tend and Mark explored the cove and filmed. I've packed a lunch, so before that I go in for a swim. The other house I considered renting is next to Arthur Bay, totally isolated.....I still love the Boulder Court place as it is handy...interesting house though the one by the beach. It's probably not so private in Summer when the beaches fill up.

Sit by our pool, swim, working on the Ghost Cars draft, read and chill. A bit of skinny dipping to break yet another rule. Cool! Rules are made to be broken right...yeah, I always like to break a few ....

I call the vets in the afternoon and Miss Banshee has improved so a relief.

August 29th

Sunrise and I am awake. I sneakily call my sister for her birthday.... and it IS early, I somehow manage to beat my mum with my call. That has never happened, she has always been first so she'll be ruffled over that.

Drive back to Arcadia as Mark wants to re-shoot the Wallaby's with some other lens. I've taken some banana's with me and set up a shot of the banana in my mouth and a wallaby comes down to meet me and eats the other end. He did have a lovely berry breath...

The Wallaby area is next to the old arrival pier, not much left of that. However large schools of fish swim in this area. I decide t strip into my bathers and take the dare. I climb down over the oyster covered rocks. The water looks very very deep, which I guess it is being the spot for the passenger ferries of yester-year. I wander how many hungry reef sharks live in this part, all those fish, must surely tempt some bigger predators. Oh fuck it, I have always wanted to swim here and a school of bar cheek coral trout are nearby, about 12 of them so in I go. As I'm diving a bus of middle aged house wives pull up on a tour. "Oh look a young man swimming with the fish" one shrieks. A young man...oh me... well not quite so ..but I'd better put on a good performance. So I'm diving and swimming about for a short while, trying to avoid my shark fear. The tide is going out and I just don't want to shred my feet on oyster shells. Mark spots me when he returns from his "climb the rocks with a rather expensive HD video camera moment" -grabs my camera and takes a snap to prove I did indeed remove this one off my 'to do list'.

I notice I am tanning as I dry off near the car. The ladies say hello and ask if I am a local... I sure feel like one I say. We look out across the water and we can see our house on those giant boulders on the point, looks like it's a few kms away. Such a bizarre house, amazing looking really.

We next drive to West Point, one of the farthest headlands on the island. The road becomes sand and dirt so we are lucky it is dry. Still as windy as last time. Chat to a local fisherman -just nice to walk with Mark down a long golden beach in the sun. Romance is not dead! As always Marks hat blows off his head-it happens every time....he curses and curses.. and wants to know my secret for keeping the hat on my head (super glue?).

Mail a birthday postcard to Laura and Spock as we will probably miss their birthdays, at least a card means we remembered! I guess.

August 30th

PG & Matilda the Koala

Sleep in till 8.00, which is late for us. Sunny again, not a drop of rain so far, the foxtel weather man is full of crap. I cook some breakfast, go for a drive and grab some pies from the Nelly Bay pie store again. We do the 8km pothole drive again and head to Radical Bay. We decide to call into Florence beach which the locals tell us is the best. I can't recall if we have ever been to this one. It's around 7km down the same holey road as Radical... about 10 people on the beach and like the others just beautiful. Being part of the national park there are 3 water buoys which mark the reef area. You can almost wade out at low tide. Suddenly a HUGE drop, very deep, but you get past the fear of that and it becomes shallow again a beautiful reef. The brain corals are enormous, and just bright colours in some areas. Six banded Angel fish are everywhere, and I make friends with some golden butterfly fish that swim up to my face mask time and time again and look in at me (which one of us feels like he's in an aquarium now- hey I'm the one behind the glass -so I guess I am on show for the fishy's). I spot 2 batfish who are either family or a couple, so I swim along next to them as they dart through this coral world. I find this coral stack, perfectly worn like concrete and safe to stand on without causing the slightest destruction (I am so careful). It means you don't have to swim or tread water, a good spot for a breather. I dive directly below and see this flash of green and it's a Wrasse-such bright colours. A few small sting rays swim by no hassle, no Steve Irwin moment, I just let them do their thing. This reef is a thing of beauty and I'm gob smacked. I head back to the beach and try to encourage Mark to make the swim back out... but he is worried about leaving $12,000 worth of gear on an isolated beach..... I tend to agree. So I relax, recharge and I'm back in for 2 more reef swims. So Florence beach, write that one down... and cross the deep trench and visit the reef and it's inhabitants. It's so worth it..just the best.

I sit on the balcony that night, I do not want to go home. OK to check on Banshee and make sure the chickens are a'ok but Magnetic has re charged me, revitalised me and as I look out at the full moon glistening on the ocean and our palm trees are actually swaying (again) I'd kill for a week more here. Tomorrow we leave. The Rock Wallabys at the house hop up to say goodbye, ok the dried sultana's and banana skin probably encouraged them. Go to bed at midnight and sleep really well.

August 31st

No need to set my alarm, we are both up, the sunshine just kicks in early. Our bags are ready and away we go to the car ferry. It leaves on time, and 10 minutes out from the departure dock, 2 whales break the surface, as if to say goodbye. I tell Mark it's not too late we could ditch the car and swim back, I can still see our house on the point. I change shirts to a long sleeved one ready for Melbourne's cold weather. I notice just how brown I am, boy we will stand out against the Kalorama albino's!

Return our AVIS car early and the car guy is such a rude grump. He goes on and on and on about the little window crack. I tell him it was already on the window and he does this big number. So at the AVIS desk I refuse to sign any accident report , because I know it was already on the window. So if you happen to rent from AVIS double check , triple check the car before you hop in it as they will try and sting you for more money. I'm happy for our bands and artists not to use AVIS if they try this on and told them so. Sometimes you have to stand up to being dicked over by company's. My lawyer said don't sign anything, so we didn't. I told them they can contact him and Mark and myself walked to the freaky flyer lounge. If AVIS want to play hard ball they won't get my business, my friends business, our bands business, my families business. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, I hope they decide it was human error on their part and do the right thing. Sad as it just leaves a crappy ending to the most perfect holiday.

I work on Ghost Cars on the plane, just waiting on Nick and Matt to get back to me... Nick has been working on this soundtrack for ages so I know why he is taking awhile. They gave us an aussie pie on the plane for lunch, which was strangely ok. Arrive Brisbane and find out our flight to Melbourne is delayed. I'm worried the extra 40 minutes will mean we will not be able to get Banshee so Rosemaree to the rescue-god bless her.

I'm glad she did it as we were an hour late. We call in and pick up our baby, you can tell I'm fatigued from the day as I somehow got lost for 15 minutes after buying an orange juice..... finally we are home, the house feels cold, well compared to what we are use to. Banshee looks ok, climbs up on my lap and cat kisses me on the nose. Far cuter then a rock wallaby I tell her.

September 1st

Happy Birthday Laura. I try to call in the afternoon but phone is engaged so I hope she got our card.

Today is recovery day, unpacking day and get our house in order day. I find a message from one of the Beach Boys on the machine, i doesn't make much sense and the number that was left was wrong, so a bit odd.

September 2nd

Happy Birthday Spock too! I head off in the morning for a coffee with Rosemaree, Trudi and Katja and her friend. We mowed the nature strip before hand while the weather was good so I was late, which everyone expected. Good to see Margo at the Ducks, and have a great coffee. Still feels a bit weird being home, but I am full of energy.

September 3rd

Neil will be having a Q&A at the Living Room in NYC on September 25th (7pm) in regards to the RAIN soundtrack. More ticket info here: http://www.livingroomny.com/artist/filmacoustic It was to be at "le poison rouge" but the venue changed today to the Living Room. It should be a fascinating night for those who can attend.

September 4th

Pay water rates, thankfully our next water bill will be much much cheaper. The water pressure is so strong up here so many property's have their hot water tanks fail. Ours did, well a drip drip and it adds up. I start clearing the area for the water tank for the toilets, so much run off from the roof might as well put it to good use.

Excited as the "Ghost Cars" magnets arrive. Just 1000 so I mail them at random or when bits and pieces go out. Just a fun little gift... magnets are handy eh? The image on the front is from a photo I took of one of the Crowded House backdrops from the "Temple" period.

September 5th

BIG storm hits, you can hear it arriving like a freight train falling off Mt Everest , such a howl. We were lucky just tree drop (no trees down at our place) and our power stayed on. 50,000 houses lost power. I'm sure they'll turn ours off tomorrow when they have to mend downed power lines. The joys of living in a national park. We started watching The Hunger Games on blu-ray but the noise outside was so intense we stopped half way. Great costumes and a unique look for that movie.

September 6th

A last minute rush on the "Ghost Cars" book, so many emails today, people think they will miss out, so something clicks and we get the panic emails. It happens all the time, sometimes we have to say "no all gone".

Mail the few Aberdeen radio cds today, so few of these from the record fair, fans were lucky to get them. I spotted one at a collectors store for $120!!! Insane...!!! They cost us $17.50 each from the stall holder so not too bad for the few fans who scored them. I like it when we can save them money from areas like Ebay etc.

September 7th

We hear from Warwick, a visit tonight with his girlfriend Nevine. Will be good to see them both. Are we in party mode?

Work in the office for a solid 10 hours, both of us are up very early and we get a lot done, all of Neil's emails answered.

Good to see the guys tonight, and play some pool. My pool partner is Nevine and we win, the boys are not happy.... but it's all fun for us. Think we all crash about 3.00, so a fun night.

September 8th

I'm awake just to make put some bread into the oven for later on. Catch Warwick and Nevine as they leave-they are noisy in the morning or am I just hungover (I'd say the second). I head back to Marks bed and snuggle, simply because I am cold and he is a human hot water bottle. Recover most of the day, a fun night and our mate Rosemaree dropped by. At first I was worried as I thought something was wrong but she was going past and dropped in the details for me to pick her up for her hospital visit on Monday. We love her so I'll happily drop everything anytime to help her out. She has a big heart....and yeah cooks a damn fine lasagne!!! She got on really well with Nevine which was nice.

Drop some mail into the Kalorama Post Office and Nelly makes me a Nellachino ... and I have not one but TWO pieces of lemon curd pie...I have a delayed stoner reaction?

New season of Dr Who starts tonight, "Asylum of the Darleks" and it is a BRILLIANT episode, one of the best Dr Who episodes ever!!! Loved it.

September 9th

I think my stoner reaction continues as at midnight we both had urges for Macca's... which is weird for us, so I drive off the mountain , and back by 12.20...! Watch the rest of The Hunger Games and fall asleep at 2.00. We are both missing Magnetic Island but overall the weather in Victoria has been Spring like so we are enjoying that. I hear today that Morrissey will be returning to Australia/NZ for shows in late December. Last time he played Festival Hall he cancelled the show -I still have the poster for it...so might try and get him to sign it. I can't wait, should be a fantastic gig and probably the last time Mozza will play Australasia. Tickets on sale September 26th. Will be one of the best gigs this year (I hope).

Nick Seymour emails me his Q&A for "Ghost Cars" so that just leaves Matt Sherrod. Great t read art "stuff" from Nick , things I didn't know about covers etc. Wonderful.

Sorry this diary is late late late... sidetracked by work.

Every day IS like Sunday isn't it?


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