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February 20th

I got to see the movie promo for IRON SKY today- a German-Finnish-Australian movie, Loved Kaiti Kink singing "Under the iron sky" she's a bit Bic-ish in that way.

Had to buy a sympathy card for a friend who lost their partner , I never know what to write. What do you say to someone when such a crappy thing happens?

I keep going to buy Taylor Swifts "Speak Now" cd and it is always sold out. I think it did quite well here, she has a very strong following.

February 21st

I had some weird temperature last night, of course that somehow added to extreme dreams. I don't think I'm sick but I remember having the same heating up of my body before my kidney stone attack in the USA. They have to get done soon, so hospital time coming up I guess.

February 22nd

Andy Warhol dead 25 years today. I play "Songs for Drella" and think good thoughts for this amazing man. So little in the papers etc. If it was 25 years for some football player I'm sure the Herald Sun would dedicate 20 pages. (Boring).

"Outland" gets more extreme per episode, I love it, very funny and hope it ends up with some super cult following. Anything to drag people away from predictable reality tv shows- people seem to become more and more like sheep as time marches on. Why is that? Bah Bah.

February 23rd

Hell February is close to over and even though we are working long hours, it seems like we still have heaps to do. Only 3 weeks till the Pajama Club play the Oxford Arts Factory. No idea how tickets are selling, management have been very quiet. Hopefully all is well.

Our mate Bic Runga has added a show at Cork Opera House on April 15th. She has this amazing little following in Ireland, wouldn't surprise me if she sells out the gig.

February 24th

Not feeling 100% so blow out going to the Stephen Cummings launch for his new album at the Caravan Club. Didn't see much about it on the net so hoping it went well. I get some Bic VIPs out to fans , the irish will be happy with those 2 dates. BELLE sold a few copies in Ireland too and a bit of airplay. Gotta go where the punters are eh?

February 25th

It's pelting down, so I decide to wash the car, I don't mind getting a bit wet, and no it's not like the scene in Debbie Does Dallas! I keep my clothes on, don't wish to scare too many animals. It's really bucketing down, parts of NSW and Queensland are flooding. The weatehr certainly is messed up...I hear a week of rain for Victoria too and big storms.

By afternoon huge gale force winds arrive and the trees on the mountain are creaking and groaning, like and old persons knee joints.

We have added a SteriPen to our survival cupboard at Ailsa Craig- plus it's handy for us to take to places like Peru where the water is a bit suss. It uses UV rays to purify water, so better then chemicals.... and you never know down the track how messy the world will get having a small water purifier that doesn't rely on chemicals is pretty cool. Find it here:


February 26th

I think it's going to be raining for a week... it seems endless. More flooding in Australia. Dorothea Mackellar was right "I love a sunburnt country.... of droughts and flooding rans...."

February 27th

Club mini auction finishes and lots of emails and fun. Some cool last minute items especially from Neil Finn with those "History" lyrics. A very cool item.

February 28th

Angelina Jolie so damn hot in that black velvet strapless Versace number at the awards! So stunning and she shows everyone how it's done. Incredible, she is a sexy ol' Momma.

We escape for Mexican tonight, just had to do it and get out of the house. My one margarita truly sucked. So i told them. It was crap. The guy at the bar was useless. At $12 a hit it should be great. I called Tania about her court case, just to check on her. She says I was the only one who did, not even family-that's a bit sad. I do make the effort.

February 29th

It's a worry about the Arctic sea ice, down by 1/3 since 1979. It causes changes in atmospheric circulation , which causes those extreme freezing winters in Europe, China and USA. Still some people think climate change is a myth... when did people get this stupid?

I grab Mum a birthday card, & just flowers this year but she likes flowers- she likes carnations, I hate carnations so I send a mixed bouquet!

Mark is ill today, some flu bug I think. I steal his spotlight, at 4.00 I decide I need to drive myself to the Angliss hospital- I have a familiar kidney stone pain... so I go before it is really bad and I can't drive. I am in a room within 10 minutes and I have the best nurses fussing over me. Ted Bailleu our premier is full of shit, nurses deserve a pay rise, I watched them all night do amazing stuff and so caring. Angliss hospital is frigging incredible. The nurses have our families full support.

I am once again scanned and tested, a shunt put in my arm, blood samples. I refuse pain killers till the 11th hour. By midnight I am home, but the doctors have locked me in for a consultation next week, and I'll have to go back into hospital over the next few weeks for operations. I am shit scared, and I wish the Angliss could be the place for my Op as I feel safe at that hospital. To the staff- a huge thank you - you are incredible. Basically the same tests /treatment that I had in July in America. The USA treatment cost my travel insurance just on $9000 aud. Guess what my Australian treatment and hospital cost- $11.00. Yes eleven dollars and that was for pain killers. How could America not want a similar system- are you insane? So much for your country looking after ALL Americans. I have private as well as Medicare but Medicare is exceptional here. $11.00 brilliant. God bless you Gough Whitlam for allowing all Australians to be treated at hospitals.

March 1st

Davy Jones of The Monkees dies- heart attack . I never met Davy just Mike Nesmith and that was at the 'Gong, so long ago. Cathy wanted to meet him so we groupied our way into soundcheck! From what I heard Davy was a nice bloke and very kind to his fans.

I rarely watch free to air tv but heard a very familiar tune on the latest South Australian Tourism advert for Kangaroo Island. Mr Eddie Vedder singing "Rise"- beautiful images and a cool song. If you are going to sell out might as well do it for something cool. Love it. Finally an advert on tv where people are not screaming out information at you- just great scenes and a captivating song.

The winds are out of control, it's like the end of the world up here. Huge crash and another massive tree limb lands on power lines outside our place. Something like 700 calls to the SES.... we escape and they move the limb off the lines so I have yet another giant piece of wood to try and chainsaw. At least it was only tree drop, the one massive limb and zero trees down, at our place. The wind was howling all night, I really expected more disasters when I awoke. No sleep till Brooklyn for us!

March 2nd

The wind is still howling and now rain. Well Summer has ended so I'm told. I ache , I am very tired.

March 3rd and 4th

Have coffee with Nelly at Kalorama General store and our usual saturday chat. Always fun. I'm home in time to grab the fresh bread out of the oven, it's been baking away. I'm told I need some time recovering, so I'm on a go slow all week. Think I sleep most of the time this weekend. I have some pills but only take a handful. All my others tests were 100% fantastic, just these painful kidney stones- which will be gone in a few weeks. Yey. People have laid off emailing me on bulk so that helps.

I hear from our mate Marj- who is also having a rough health moment- so hope it all goes well for you too.

A big thank you to the many who emailed, so many people who are really suffering , in some ways I'm happy this is happening now so the wretched things can be gone. At least they haven't multiplied!

Stay healthy


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