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BOO!!! PG the Halloween Ghost haunts the halls of Ailsa Craig , Kalorama.

October 22nd

Australian politics is in a weird place, seems mostly about point scoring and denial these days. I have to say it's nice to see Tony Abbott's polling falling to a new record low, a centipedes belly button is higher! Gillard has overtaken Abbott as "preferred PM" too by 10%. No matter how many family member Mr Abbott wheels out, most Australians can tell he's full of shit and won't fall for it. Good to see. The American election is only a few weeks away, I still think President Obama will get back in but only just...by the time you read this, the US election would be over..or if I got it together this diary might even be up. If you haven't voted yet- give ol' Obama some more time to try and repair the crap that Bush did. Good luck America, I hope it all works out.

October 23rd

I have to call David Jones about a bill, I'm glad I did, they messed up-so instead of paying $155 it was a mere $2.30! (Phew). My sister is a bit obsessed over buying the best china from them...the best plates, tea cups etc..I've created a monster!*GRIN*. She works hard enough so good on her...and of course David Jones stocks exactly what she wants.

OK it's true I did buy "Rescue from Gilligans Island" on dvd..I just had to see those castaways get rescued....!

October 24th

The emails regarding Ghost Cars book come in huge waves, like Tsunami emails.... it's very quiet and suddenly 50 of them arrive..not sure what sparks it, kind of fun..I'll miss the day when I go "All gone on pre order" not far away.

I see the old Neil Finn website is getting a bit of a shine and polish...that's the thing with official sites, they seem to only get a good working over when a release is coming up.. I suppose they are promotional tools after all. I prefer fan sites, always will, they have more heart and soul-I quite enjoy seeing what the fans (of all bands) come up with. The NEWS board on www.frenz.com/neilfinn/ is usually up to date.

Still being neil I'm sure the "official" site will be good..hope so. The Frenz Com one has had over one million visits and thats just from word of mouth. Good work Deb!

October 25th

I send in my final pay invoice for Bic Runga, I can't complain, 16 years of working with her was fun, a lot of people don't get that much time in their "real job" (whatever a "real job" is....that probably means boring and a controlling boss in an angry environment...see my fingers..that's me counting my blessings). We'll stay mates, I'm honoured the Anthology album is dedicated to me... see me blushing now!

I call my uncle Des on his birthday, and we have a chat, it's good..... so the family side is in the positive for a change.

October 26th

A mates girl buddy calls around to our house, hmm a bit weird when you decline someones sexual offers. Threesomes are more of a summer thing don't you all think that? *GRIN*...see I'm still a gentleman....but she was cute wasn't she Marky!!! It's only sex right? Welcome to my world.... and even scarier that I mention these sexual advances on the diary.

October 27th

We have a longggg chat to Jen Foxy One..Benny is away in Germany on tour so we (sadly)didn't get to chat to the wonderful Yeti. Foxy was in fine form and we were laughing way, way too much.

I take my Mac laptop to the General store and continue proof reading Ghost Cars..it will take some time, just want to get it right. Locals come up and check out the images etc etc they love what they see, funny-feels strange...

October 28th

Home made bread today so I didn't drive to the bakery. I have a high success rate with my bread, usually nine out of ten turn out, tastes pretty good I have to say. Loads of Ghost Cars orders today, from far and abroad.. I get excited when they go to some remote country where we have about 3 fans....hope everyone will enjoy the finished book.

October 29th

Happy Birthday Peter Green.... ok it's not me, it's the guy from Fleetwood Mac and he's 66! I'm far cuter and younger!!!!!!!

How many Aussies will buy loads of tickets in the $70 Million lotto draw.....which is tomorrow, probably quite a few, imagine winning it all!

October 30th

Well i did win $15.00 on lotto, not quite the $70 million I hoped for. Still no one won, next week it's $100 million for prize. That will send some people crazy.

I drive to my local supermarket to grab some Halloween candy for the bags. I'm a bit pissed ,the plastic vampire bats are now $1.00, I bought 5 bags last week at full price... don't you hate that... it was too tempting I grabbed a few more bags. You can never have enough fake vampire bats for Halloween. A bit lame me moaning, some people are starving in the world, and I complain about the price of a vampire bat-what a dickhead I am.

I'm glad all our USA mates are safe, that big storm certainly hit America. I was saddened to see Jane's Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park surrounded by water- they have spent so much time making that fantastic, I hope it survives.

October 31st

Happy Samhain! I do love Halloween for many reasons. Not just the stolen version that America tartied up but also the European version. I decide that I'll go for a traditional cozzie this year-in other words I'm flat out and no time... so I grabbed a sheet from some thrift store- no white sheets so I have a blue one. I will be a blue ghost. Mark almost jabs out my eye while marking the 'cut' areas for the eye holes. I've stitched them a bit so they are a bit Burtonesque!

Work in the office and take a few hours off in the afternoon to start on the house. The bat hanging is a pain, I want a hundred or so hanging down outside the door..so we have to tie each on black cotton. Thankfully Mark helps.The giant motion sensor screaming Ghost is hanging form a branch on the walk track...so it drops down screeching-cool!!!!!!!! Fake cobwebs every where and (rushed) carved pumpkins. Pretty cool for an aussie Halloween.

Our friend Wendy brings her kids early (during dinner) but fun....kids are always welcome at our place. They have never been to our place so it's like some crazy kids dream...Spencer the small lad says "how come you have such a giant house"......I said it was bigger but shrunk in the rain! *GRIN*. he tells his mum later he wants to live at our house-forever! That's a long time eh?

Several other ghoulies invade during the night, most sneakily.... but the screaming fake cat alerts us.... no one gets past the cats sensor...but the hand screened lolly bags are taken....

Mark takes a snap of me in the hallway of Ailsa Craig...at low speed some I'm a bit ghosty see through! Love it! Happy Halloween everyone!

November 1st

How come it's November, hell Christmas is way too close and another new year! Does my head in. I work on press and fan stuff for the link on Neil's "Song of the lonely mountain" from the upcoming Hobbit movie. Lots of interest...the movie will be massive. The www.frenz.com/neilfinn/ website gets a lot of visits, especially the NEWS section.

November 2nd

I haven't been to Dr Chiro for a month so I book in, need a correction or two from all this computer work. Having a fun friday, the supermarket doesn't charge us for a bulk buy roll of 24 toilet paper (yey), next I win a petrol voucher at our petrol station, it always happens in threes so I'm waiting for the next bit of good luck!

Give Mr Warwick a call but voice mail on so will speak to him next week.

November 3rd

Our buddy Rosemaree drops by and brings food (we love that) and her friend Nicole. So we have a BBQ-I spent the day cleaning it- don't you hate cleaning BBQ's!!!! I also make some profiteroles for desert. It's such a brilliant saturday, we spend a lot of it on the decking in the wonderful sunshine. Nice to have the 2 girls visit, a really enjoyable evening. But no pool game Rosemaree-rare! I stay up with Marky till 5.00 in the morning, so see the sun come up... just in a party mood.Next day both of us are showing our age.... no longer kids....!!!!!

November 4th

Even Banshee slept in! Drive to the bakery, nothing like an aussie pie to recharge one.

Head to the office and do an hours worth of emails.....! Didn't really have a vibe but it got rid of a mass of replies. Our mate Bek calls, she has discovered Game Of Thrones, better late then never so thats cool. Nice to chat to her.

I have a nap and am awaken by a screech..and I think Banshee is killing a bird. I bolt to the kitchen and Mark is already on the decking. A parrot had landed and Banshee being a cat grabbed it... the 2 chickens were also out back....and this is the cool part. The 2 chickens ran at Banshee and screeched at her till she let he bird go (Mark witnessed it)..the bird minus a few feathers flew off! Incredible- maybe the chickens were looking after their feathered friends? Banshee looked very guilty for hours. She (thankfully) rarely kills birds-we have bells and reflectors on her but now she has one more thing to stop her-bird loving chickens! That parrot was sure one lucky sucker!

The Aussie news is full on USA election footage. It will be close- so remember to vote, vote, vote and especially for Obama.... America doesn't deserve to go back to those horrid Bush years with just a new face! Go Obama-yeah! He deserves another term to keep repairing what that moron Bush fucked up!

Enjoy life!

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