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Ghost Cars cover

The rough of the "Ghost Cars On The Freeway" Book cover.
A photo of the stage backdrop taken by PG & painted by the wonderful Nick Seymour

September 24th

Up early again and take Rosemaree to hospital. Such a lovely day outside, was happy to grab some sun.

Get some pre sale Morrissey tickets, Row A in one of the sections, I'm just happy t see him perform again and in my hometown!

He's been doing his email Q&A, some very funny moments, he is in fine form. Love what he says about social media....

"I know nothing about Twitter, and I can only roughly assess Facebook. Twitter seems useful in some ways because you are no longer at the mercy of press interpretation, but Facebook is too self-gratifying. You might think you have 900 friends, but it's an illusion. You might as well live in a lighthouse off the Scottish highlands. People think that they are in touch because they print a few lines everyday, but to me it seems like the essence of loneliness."

September 25th

Wow Gunns shares become almost worthless, really 2 cents. How the might have fallen, a horrid company and poorly managed-I'm glad they are rotting. The Tassie forests really are fantastic and worth saving!

Neils at the Living Room in NYC tonight, chatting about the RAIN soundtrack. Quite a lot of clubbers going. Had some fun emails, heard the dvd player died. My mate Augie filled me in on all the fun parts. I'm just glad that his music loving mates can get to hear him chat about such things. In an intimate room in New York City-how cool is that. I know he starts recording soon in the states, I've kept it quiet as I don't think he wants it announced yet, so I've kept mum about it.

September 26th

Morrissey public ticket sale is happening. The Sydney Opera House gig and Enmore Theatre have both sold out. I know Jennifer is going to see him at radio City Music Hall, now that is a cool venue for ol' Mozza to play-he would dig that. Great that he is including Wellington (Dec 14th) and Auckland (Dec 15th)- NZers should really take the chance to see this amazing icon. Don't blow it, he may well never return. Tickets still left for Brisbane on Dec 17th, Melbourne on the 19th ..... you'd be nuts to miss these shows.

September 27th

Email quite a few of the Tasmania politicians to get them to support their attempts to move gay marriage to be a reality in tassie. Still short by a handful of votes but we get it very very close. It will happen in Australia, it will just take time. Maybe when Tony Abbott has the balls to allow a conscience vote!

I buy Mark some herbal tablets to try and help his tennis elbow and some tiger balm cream. So it's a bit smelly under our bed covers (yieks). All that camphor, menthol, cajupot oil etc! No tigers in it!

September 28th

Today I was bombarded with orders for Ghost Cars (Crowded House book). Just the one interview to go and we are ordering an exact number of books so a few fans are a bit panic stricken. I keep telling people they will have to pay ten times the price on Ebay down the track if they leave it too late. Some people won't listen... GRRRR! (Tiger-balm roar!)

September 29th

I was thinking the other day how lucky we are here, we've made so many great friends from working around our bands, even the people we've never met, are so good to us. Possibly it's one of the best parts of the job.

Chatting to Bic today and I'm finishing up soon, it's kind of ran it's course and probably one of the few people left working for her. It's been a pretty good 16 years!!! Yes 16 how bizarre where has the time gone. Sounds like she wants to focus on being a mum etc. Will probably do some final stuff, my last day will be November 1st. I'm not too freaked out, left feeling "It's been a good run and lots of fun". She's also someone that I do care about and she knows we are only a phone call away. After 16 years I'd better get an amazing work reference *GRIN*!!!

I watch Greens leader Christine Milne give her speech at the Press Club and I have to say she was impressive. I know very little about her but she's pretty good. gave me some food for thought. I just know the crusty old Liberals and to an extent Labor will do the usual "tree hugging, blah blah " bull shit but she had some VERY good points. Think she earn't a lot of respect today.

Melbourne Grand Final is on Hawthorn V's The Swans, I care very little.... I guess our mate Warwick will be happy with The Swans winning!

September 30th

I put the sand on the cement layer for the new water tank! How blokey I am! In my blue singlet, all sweaty, grotty and my sweat smells sweet and strong- I'd fuck me! (opps). Did I really write that.? Actually Mark did the main cement work, I'm just taking all the guts and glory per usual.

Sydney Grand final, so stoked to see The Storm win. Cam and Billy nice blokes and good to piss a few Sydney relatives off.

October 1st

In the seventies this would be Rocktober. The promotion by radio 2SM and 3XY. They'd have these amazing free Rocktober gigs and promotions and Aussie bands would be playing everywhere. I remember when Skyhooks headlined the Rocktober 1976 show at Sydney showgrounds, such a brilliant gig.... oh memories, seems like yesterday not really 36 years ago. All of those teenagers from that period would be getting grey hair now... it was an amazing time to love music and to go to gigs, nothing comes close these days. I think that's also why i try to go the extra yard for fans, as I know how truly passionate they are around our bands and I appreciate that....! Just digging a band and their music SOOO much is a fun, excellent thing. The power of music!

October 2nd

The Tree people arrive-yey. Finally the massive sleeping giant is being chopped up and removed, the other huge limbs on the ground made into fire wood (ok I still have to axe them). These huge island guys , all with BIG chainsaws front up, except one who has a tiny tiny chainsaw. I wickedly say "Sorry mate size DOES matter" and we have a chuckle over that. Nice guys and they have some of their family members helping out. I bring them drinks and tea etc, they seem to appreciate that and the cold hard cash. Will be brilliant to get our yard back to it's fantastic state. Next I have to rebuild the fence and replant native shrubs, all of which I love doing. The chain saws are a buzzing all day, they go for 5 solid hours.

October 3rd

Mark grabs "Prometheus" on Blu ray, it's coming from the USA so may take a few weeks. Also the latest South Park on blu ray, love that first "Human CentiPad" send up , Apple episode-brilliantly done. The one lone guy using a PC gets a shock from a cattle prod.... "who uses a PC"...ZAP, ZAP! You just have to laugh... they cross every line with that show-we like that.

October 4th

Oh nice start to the morning, some dildo driving a cement mixer (hmm picture that!) flipped it on our corner near the back gate, tilted and stuck in the gutter... I put a fake gun to my head and pull the trigger. At least the excess cement that is drained gives the old mud gutter a protective coat-so I guess we win!

New season of Dexter starts tonight and we get it straight away from USA. It's fantastic as always... love it.

Email Matt Sherrod yet again..pretty much the last chance for him to reply about being in Ghost Cars, I just don't want to hassle him, so his call, sad though he should be in it.

October 5th

Call into Rosemaree's and use her washing machine (thanks love)...well Mark did. I have to get a repair man onto ours, annoying as it's in perfect condition and my extended warranty just ran out. Oh well, if that's the worst of my worries I should just shut up.

Cuddle with my better half in the evening, don't believe it folks passion doesn't diminish as your relationship gets older, it just keeps getting better and better and better.

October 6th

Seared lemon chicken, coated in garlic, honey and balsamic vinegar on a bed of rice for dinner. Not bad Green , not bad at all. Hell I love my kitchen, such a great size to cook in, just no vibe in pokey kitchens, I love a good work space.

October 7th

I have our "book meeting" with Marky in the afternoon. See how professional we are. Run through a list of "things to do"... not as many as I thought, I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel for the "Ghost Cars" book-Hurrah!

October 8th

Having a chuckle at the Porn Parody titles available, "Harry Twatter", "Invasion of the Booty snatchers", "Rocki Whore Picture Show" and my favourite "Edward Penishands"!!! Who thinks of these, if nothing else it makes me smile. Such a little pervert I hear you say! Thank you, I wear it like a badge of honour. So many people are so uptight about sex, and sexually frustrated. All single people should be forced to masturbate daily! Let go some of that sexual tension.

October 9th

We are loving that Foxtel finally gets our favourite shows to us the same time as the States-Dexter, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Sons Of Anarchy and Game Of Thrones. Very happy indeed, we never ever watch free to air tv, well maybe the ABC 24 hr news channel. No wonder channel 9 and channel 10 are starting to fall apart at the financial seams! Still Channel Ten does have that crap "Bolt Report" with heinous old Andrew Bolt, what a bitter misinformed turd he is, and a mate of Allan Jones-says it all really.

October 10th

Not long till the USA election, seems less hoo ha this time, maybe we are immune to it all here in Oz. I still believe Mr Obama will get in but only just. Did anyone really believe America would massively improve after one term. It will takes a decade after the horrors of George Bush for the USA to recover, I hope the Americans give Prez Obama a second go to try and get that wonderful country back on track... wish they'd do something about those fucking stupid gun laws in America. I think it's about 40,000 people a year killed by someone using a gun. Even accidental fire arm discharge is 750. Which is bizarre as that is double what Australians total killed by guns (ours is about 300-350 TOTAL per year). Ok we have a smaller population and Australia has sensible gun laws. 40,000 compared to 350. Now that is scary! What was I saying again..... of yeah- GO OBAMA!

October 11th

860,000 Australian homes now have solar. The power created is more then the Loy Yang coal plant in La Trobe.... good clean energy. Good to see, they expect it to hit 1 million by February. Why do state Liberals in this country do all they can to fuck the solar industry, destroying rebates etc. Shameful.

October 11th

Brilliant SONS OF ANARCHY episode tonight. Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified) plays trans gender sex queen Venus Van Damme- a truly brilliant role, both brave, hysterically funny and also kind of cool... loved it!

I see Boy George is on the panel talking about the amazing aussie icon Leigh Bowery. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leigh_Bowery I have a fantastic book on Bowery in our library.. so before his time!

Australia is going for one of the seats on the United Nations Security Council, the Libs and press think Gillard and co will fail in their bid, but I actually think Australia has a very good chance and will get a seat, we'll know in a week. (*Australia DID get the seat). The U.N. is a complicated beast, sometimes they fail but most of the time they do make a huge difference.

October 12th

Call in and see Miss Rosemaree and the cats..well we see Scully the other is still hiding...Scully still making that very strange noise, like a crow meets a choking victim-yieks! Call into the plant area of Bunnings & thankfully the plants look a bit healthier, last time they needed some serious watering and tlc. Buy some more lavender and a few natives for the fence line. Love working our yard.

October 13th

Drive to the bakery and the wild peacock is walking by the side of the road, he shows off his amazing feathers, we worry a car will run over him. I bet the tourists are amazed that he is just walking about! I call into the general store to see if my cd mailers have arrived from aussie post but no sign of them yet. Annoying as I've paid for these, Ausralia Post is this mega huge company but they can't even get their mailing boxes out to us...

I bet they have ran out and had to print more. I shall try and be patient...I just hate delays especially telling fans things will take a little bit longer, guess it is out of our hands. I drive for 40 minutes to 3 other post places and get a huge 7 more mailers-seems everyone is out of stock.

October 14th

Still no word from Matt Sherrod re: Ghost Cars, looks like we will go ahead without him. It happens, I'm a bit over the hassling....his choice I guess. I know he's been away on tour but we've tried contacting him a few times, even the guys say they haven't heard from him, so seriously gone awol! Guess I can pop in a few Matt snaps at the end...

October 15th

I see crusty old Rupert Murdoch has started attacking Obama in his press. Predictable (yawn). I thought Rupert was actually dead, maybe just the walking dead. Still he does own the shitty old Herald Sun, who employs horrors like Andrew Bolt, so really would one expect anything less. The fact that scabby old Rupert hates Obama is really a damn good reason to like Barack in my eyes.

"The Newsroom" keeps on improving, loving the characters, and as expected so well written. Love the comments on the Tea Party, perfect description...one of the best moments on TV this year. I'd love some of our friends t watch shows like this , great drama with a fantastic smart script, compared to some of the shit they watch. Sad really.. society is getting dumber.

I see Bruce Springsteen is jumping up again at Obama's rally's at Ohio and Iowa.... that's cool. Go the Boss..we like Bruce..he's cool.

October 16th

China now produces 60% of global PV cells... the German solar cells were always the best, so hoping China keeps the quality up. It also means solar panels worldwide are now 20% cheaper. I see Mitt is starting to attack China... which is kind of dumb considering how much the USA relies on them.

I won $15.80 on lotto last night, not the 30 million I had hoped for *GRIN*.

October 17th

Watch "The Bang Bang Club", pretty good, and kind of sad in many ways... Sth Africa at it's worst.

Spring has finally started taking hold, some nice days. It's great for our solar too. Our electricity bill arrives and the solar array has now paid for itself (even allowing 10% interest). I email that to Greg Skyhook was is a bit jaded about solar- he was always saying we'd never get the money we spent on it, so nice to prove him wrong. It also means if we are here for a few more decades each bill will have a % re sold back into the system off our bill. Usually 20-30% depending on the month/sun. It seems all of us on the mountain also received $100 off each bill (GSL adjustment), so i can't complain about a $47 power bill for 3 months.

October 18th

We attack this giant weed tree (no not marijuana type weed) that has been shading the cherry tree...it was a lot larger then we expected, so needed the chain saw. But it's great, more sun on the decking and space cleared back for the cherry tree to thrive. I just want it to give us some cherry's! It's huge but not a single cherry in sight.

I hear from Neil, he's having a photo taken around the studio in USA, but weather is crap so guess he's waiting for that to improve..must be an outdoor photo?

October 19th

I wonder if LA Zombie is still illegal in Australia? We may have the directors cut and we might of watched it! Funny how a Zombie just happened to have a condom handy when having re-animator sex! Bringing those dead humans back to life! It's not as gory as I thought.

We get a wonderful postcard from Wendy and Paul, having a great time in Tassie. Love how Wendy describes tassie devils as soft (she didn't mention cuddly)! Tasmania is a brilliant aussie place to escape to.

October 20th

Some friends take us out for dinner, we were spoilt. Nice when people feed us.

We spend this saturday working in the garden, so much to do before Summer and bushfire season arrives.

October 21st

I get to see some of the next polling numbers, I see Mr Abbott has dropped below a centipedes bellybutton as far as his "disapproval" rating. The two party preferred vote is nearly neck and neck. Good to see. Tony Abbott would be the worst PM this country has ever seen. I'd vote for a piece of dog shit before I voted for him-truly heinous. Good to see Australians are finally waking up-the Libs should simply return Turnbull as Liberal leader. Still it could be worse, we could have Mitt!!!

This diary is a bit late, my fault totally, side tracked by work.....sorry Deb too.

Love Life, it's way too short

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