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Andy Warhol

RIP Andy Warhol-25 years! (Art-PG 1 of 5-"Shine on Andy")

January 30th

I quite like Pajama Club's version of SHE BELONGS TO ME which appears on the Bob Dylan Tribute album for Amnesty. Notice they tag it as Neil Finn & Pajama Club, I guess for the cross section of people who will wonder who Pajama Club are. They still need to cross over with the general public, a bit like pushing a boulder up a hill but every so often we get an email saying they just discovered the band . At least Neil and co are giving the project a shot, they seem to be enjoying themselves...more Pajama gigs down the track I promise.

January 31st

Australia's richest woman, Gina Rinehart try's to secure another 10% of Fairfax media. That mineral fortune of hers just keeps growing, she doesn't appear to be very charitable, but hey maybe she just keeps it private. ..and fighting the mining tax and carbon tax is not a charity Gina!! All that money and she hasn't the slightest bit of dress sense. She always looks like a walking bag of potatoes, she has the money to get advice or maybe she simply doesn't give a shit.

February 1st

Looks like Adam Ant will play those rumoured Aussie shows. Tickets are about $90 USA!!! Yieks talk about steep, thats $70 more then what we were paying for the USA tickets. He's seriously not worth that much. I guess we'll be offered some free tickets, so who knows.... lost a lot of my Ant-vibe.

We all have an early night, Marks nephew departs tomorrow morning. I have 2 meetings on so I am off for those but we will drop him off at the train station.

February 2nd

I'm feeling like crap today, chemical off balance, the black dog is in the building. Woof.

I'm awake early, no real sleep. I cook everyone breakfast, as I don't think Connors airfare covers flight food, so we'd better feed him!!!

I work in the office all afternoon, and what ends up being till the late hours of the night. I do take time off to watch The Straits, new aussie drama on the ABC. It's ok, good not great.

February 3rd

Funny how politicians can become annoying. I didn't mind Queenslands Campbell Newman but lately he kind of creeps me out. I think it's the way he avoids looking at tv cameras, like they will catch him out being dishonest or being a liar. I don't mind Anna Bligh, always thought she had her heart in the right place when it comes to the state of Queensland, would love for her to get across the line and win the next Qld election. She's been around for awhile so I guess the public do grow bored. But Goanna! Opps Go-Anna! She'll be the underdog in this QLD election that's for sure.

February 4th

Lots of teenagers at the Laneway Festival in Melbourne today, nice reaction to the Pajama Club. Think I spotted Hedwig Crombie sneaking in backstage! They are playing a show at the Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney on March 14th- so talk of Liam and Elroy playing too....the Finn Family Singers may well happen... *GRIN*.

The Black Dog has left the building. Mark made me laugh, it sent it packing.

February 5th

Great to catch up with Giles & Fenella at the Kalorama Kitchen. I am insanely early so read and write, reply to some mail. These days I don't get much of a chance to catch up with people so it's nice to sit and chat with therm. Good folk.

February 6th

The next batch of Enz Time & Tide cds arrive, I'm just waiting on Tim to return home to sign away. Thankfully I had about 15 cd slicks signed for T&T from the last rehearsal session so i can pop a few in my suitcase and mail them from Hawaii.

I speak to the folks at United Airlines again, this time the person knew what he was doing so I've managed to get a chunk of my money back from the airfare. Just as a credit, which is ok.

I take an hour out from work to pack my bags. Stuff in some mail, some parcels for Jennifer and Miss K , not as much mail as I usually take to Honolulu so i can get it posted in one visit.

February 7th

Thought I'd visit Dr Chiro today, always good for some acupuncture needles etc before I jump on a plane. The reception is full of people, they all look like they are in pain and 3/4 would be really overweight which is probably adding to their burden.

I leave my iPod at home so just chill out, my brain ticking over with "things to do"....and some excitement of some surf and sand.

February 8th

AB FAB makes a return to ABC tv, and I have to say this episode is a return to form, the last "reunion" they tried way too hard and it just didn't work, but this one , has some fine AB FAB moments. Patsy, what a delicious character to play. No wonder Sydney Mardi Gra's are full of Patsy lookalikes....

I make sure the Glitter Andy artwork is packed securely. Giving someone art is such a private thing, and you never know if people will like it, you hope so as you know the time that has gone into it.

Lock my bags so I am ready to go tomorrow. Nice and fast.

February 9th


I'm up early and manage to have some breakfast with Marky at the '3 Ducks". I know it's only a few days but I'll miss my best mate so so so much. It's like having a lung removed, you function but it doesn't feel the same. Still sometimes a few days away is a good thing, we all need some small moments to ourselves.

Qantas doesn't fly to Honolulu so we are on a Jetstar flight, business class, Sis and myself. She lives south of Sydney so I have to fly up their first and meet up and jump on the flight.

I depart Kalorama with time to spare to get JQ508 1.30 flight. The 4WD left at long term, I am always amazed at how many cars are in the long term car park, and each one paying about $70- crazy! Someones making loads of cash! Invade the frequent flyer lounge for a coffee and snack.

I have grabbed Marks Rob Lowe book , so i read that on the plane to Sydney. I call Sis and she drives up to the domestic terminal and collects me and we head off to International.

So good to see my wonderful sister- we laugh, in fact we laugh at everything. No idea why. Being a whole state away we never get to see enough of each other.

Drop our bags in, my sisters bag is half the weight of mine, a very very rare thing. Head to the frequent flyer, as we are early and time to kill. I check their computer for any last minute emails and work related. My pay is late but I try not to think about it. Julia will be onto it.

The flight leaves on time but the final call at the frequent flyer seemed very late, we were almost the last on board. We both sneaked small bottles of water on board and security missed it, which makes me wonder how secure security is in this country. Seats 3A and 3B. I have my window seat for napping, I hate aisle seats. Jennifer looks about the business class cabin, she loves to watch people. Food was ok, we both watch the Margaret Thatcher movie, which was good not brilliant like some say just good. I pop a stillnox and get 6 hours "sleep". I only dribble once!!!!

I feel great, just have fruit for breakfast, hate scrambled eggs on planes... Hawaii customs not busy at all, customs lady is really a sweetheart to us both. Our bags arrive safely and into a cab to the Ramada Plaza Waikiki (1830 Ala Moana Blvd). The suite on the penthouse level is great. Not amazing but very comfortable, views, balcony's and has a nice feel to it. The sort of room you could live in for a month. A new person at the front desk has a bit of an attitude but one of the regulars takes over and the room is ready within 20 minutes. Keep in mind it's only 8.00 in the morning. The foyer full of people who have to wait hours for their standard rooms. Up we go in the lift to PH. I tell sis it stands for Paul Hester !!! No idea why.

Day one is always an easy day, just good for the body to recover. A quick shower, and we head to Ala Moana shopping centre. It's a regular track that I've done hundreds of times before. I take the quick route, out the backdoor of the hotel, past the post box that I have filled with mail. I have to remind myself that this is my sisters present so whatever she wants to do, we will do it. First stop though, the Saint Germain bakery. They make these nice salad rolls, just what you feel like after 10+ hours of flying. We visit Saint Germains every day, it's on level 1 just a few doors down from the post office. Next a Frappuchino from the Starbucks near Sears. I promise Sis tomorrow is Sears day, plus we should wait as their Valentines Day 60% sale starts tomorrow. We explore a few shops, saddened that Sam Goodys store at Ala Moana is closing down. Only 1/3 of it still exists, the store is becoming smaller every day, they are obviously just keeping open till their rent expires. I buy a few things, throw away prices, but sad when I walk out the door. Another music store dies!

Back to our rooms and we get ready for the beach. It's my usual hang out and I think Sis will enjoy it. I go to Fort De Russy beach- which is located between the Waikiki shore condos and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. It's got this great park, several places to play volley ball and and incredibly safe beach. I'm in the water fast, if I hesitate I'll think it's cold. I have a facemask with me so under I go. I'm amazed by the baby fish, quite a lot and the odd sea urchin. Sis braves it and is in 5 minutes later. I lend her my mask and she loves being under the waves. We both swim out to the reef, good exercise for both of us. Only a few surfers are out, waves are wimpy. I chat to the rental guy, who used to be a life guard at this beach.

I get prices for the silly aqua bikes for tomorrows swim time. I'd love to swim every day- so making the effort.

It's been a long day so we get some takeaway tonight, and crash to sleep around 11.00. The room is perfect, the only noise I hear is the odd snore from my sister in the other bed.

February 10th

Honolulu I've got my travel pack of muesli so we have a bowl of that to start the day. There is an ABC store nearby that sells everything from flower lei's to milk, sis buys both! I live up to my promise and we hit the Sears sale. First stop shoes. I need some new runners, so I grab a pear of Converse. The same ones are $110 aud at home, I get them at a reduced price of $19.00 aud! They are so comfortable. As I'm leaving I spot some Wolverines. They make great hiking and work boots but always around $200 mark. My sis shouts me these, for $49. Crazy! I love valentines day (well the sale)! I take Sis to the Bongo jewellery area, sadly it's gone downhill , all the unique stuff they had replaced by boring costume jewellery. Except one ring, which I try on and yes, I can't get the damn thing off. It takes ten minutes and by the time it was removed I hated the thing. It wasn't even magical-no wishes were granted, just a swollen finger! Sis goes hunting for tops, I head to the Levi store part of Sears. They always have jeans at good prices and the higher quality Levi'. I am after a pair of "greys". Levi used to make these brilliant grey jeans but they seem to of replaced them with an inferior type. But today I am wrong, I find 2 pairs of the old grey, excellent material, LEVI 505 straight legs. The size for me is a size smaller then usual but they fit, in fact these feel a bit loose. Have I really dropped TWO waist sizes? Not bad, I'll believe I have. I have to say my butt looks pretty good in these- what an ego admiring ones own arse in the Sears window. The cute Levi counter girl goes "wow nice fit"! I go Gryphon red! Maybe she read my mind.

I look at the 2nd pair, and I'm convinced they will fit Mark. So I get these, and with the discount- $16.00 aud each! C'mon that's almost stealing. I spot an Everlast jacket, it's a waterproof wool lined completely inside the sleeves, and it's $19.00. I will never get these at this price again, and means I have some new clothes-I am shopping more then my sister!

I've located where the local Walmart is, I've never been before but I am on the look out for a new toilet mat. Yes you read that right, someone had too much to drink and managed to destroy our old one (no not us, a young person). So a toilet mat is on my vacation list. I know, I know...... so maybe Walmart after a swim.

Sis has a few bags, she's happy. This was to be a shopping trip for her so I will carry bags and wander around next to her for most of our time.

We eat 1/2 our St Germains and head back to the room. House keeping have already been in, they are so fast. No sign of the rain that was mentioned on Foxtel's weather. It said rain every day but the whole time we were in Honolulu it rained 3 drops, every day was perfect.

Lots of tourists at the beach, accents of all types. Very white English people looking like pink roast beef after a few hours. Not a drop of sun block on them or a hat- are they crazy?

3 aqua bikes are out, so we have a swim and decide we'll grab one. Sis has her underwater camera so we try for some "interesting" shots. Of course I probably break half the rules attached to the bikes. I slip over the edge into the crystal blue sea. Sis has to paddle on her own but the bikes are easy to handle. 2 surfers from home ask me to take their photo with their camera. Just as the first snap happens the girl slips and ends up arse first in the water- of course I capture it! So the next 10 shots are failed attempts to climb back up and pose together. I finally get one romantic shot for them, the palm trees of waikiki swaying gently behind them, Diamond Head majestically rising up. In the distance I spot a submarine. I don't tell sis that tomorrow we are heading out on a speedboat to link up with a submarine and dropping down to 120-150 feet to the ocean floor. It's time to head in, aqua bikes are cumbersome at best, so I swim behind it pushing..... I've filled my quota of exercise for the day.

Sis takes me to dinner at the Indian restaurant. It's changed hands so I'm wondering if the food will be as fantastic as before. An American waitress asks what we'd like. I enquire if they have any Bada Wada. (Bada Wada is a potato/mustard seed entree, deep fried)... she looks at me and says "Sir I'll see if we have any BOTTLED WATER out back".

I just laugh, I'm sorry. I keep saying "Bada Wada" and she keeps saying "yes Bottled Water". The Indian manager intervenes, he knows what I am saying. Poor girl turns a shade of beetroot. I found it incredibly funny. He tells us how he used to live in Melbourne, near Prahran , and has such fond memories of the place.

We both watch a couple come in, order drinks. My nose twitches as I hear the girl say to the waiter- we'll be back just going to an ATM. I say to Sis" see those two, they won't come back-she is lying". I can just tell, no idea why, could be the way she said it, could just be instinct. We never saw them again.

The food is good, almost as great, Tika chicken and garlic Naan perfect. My sister has a taste for mango lassi so I tell her how to make it. Tummy's happily filled we walk back to the hotel. It's a mere 3 minutes away so the Indian place is a great location.

We watch some tv and head out, Walmart calls. I wasn't sure how big this Walmart was, happily surprised that it was a huge mother of a shop. One way or the other my sister will bring Americas economy back into the black! I contribute by buying Mark a hula girl duster. Her grass skirt is the duster, every house must have one. I find Apollo 18 on DVD, it was cheap took the chance, it's a bit blair witch-ish, about the secret 18th Apollo mission to the moon and why we haven't ever gone back. Fiction but a fun romp.......

A funny thing happened to me in my bathroom tonight! Now there's a starter line...... as I flushed the loo a massive explosion happened. Somehow I'd timed the flush to coincide with the Hilton Hotel across from us setting off their Friday night fireworks. The skyscraper hotels create bombastic echoes and the glass windows reflect the fireworks, quite magical being on the top of the hotel while all this is happening. For a moment I thought I'd somehow exploded the Ramada's toilet system (Phew).

February 11th

Waikiki- Ocean Floor

The closest area for our boat is the wharf near the HIlton. The sea isn't too rocky but my sister doesn't have the best sea legs. I'm pretty good, only thrown up once on a boat and that was some extreme crossing near France. Our new friend drives a submarine for a living. Wow how many people can say that! So we are tempted and ready to drop into the deep, that hidden home of undersea creatures. I assumed the submarine would be tied to some floating platform. I was wrong.

We head out to sea and I can tell it's getting deep, the colour has changed. I look over and a large water bubble appears...next a 100 foot submarine rises out of the depth, it is such a Jules Verne moment I almost pee my pants with excitement. My mum reminds me that at age 8 I did send away for instructions on how to build my own 2 man submarine. I clearly remember having thrilling dreams of heading out to sea from Wollongong harbour. My dream version was much smaller then this beauty. I am captivated by the front, the massive glass dome that is the front of the submarine, where the captain sits. The portholes are gigantic, double the viewport size of regular submarines. I scamper on board like I was born for this. I was tempted to offer a fee to track down the japanese whaling fleet with the spare torpedo that I keep stored in my back pack... but the green sea turtles and colourful fish swimming alongside as we plunge deeper and deeper remove all thoughts of sinking the japanese fleet. (at that moment I'm told we are close to Pearl Harbour which seemed a bit surreal).

The depth gauge fascinates me and we seem to submerge quickly. Aircraft wrecks, pyramid shaped man made reefs to encourage coral and fish fish fish. We are near one of the shipwrecks and I spot 3 divers outside. MY sister has her camera so one of them stands up and does the 'underwater hula" which is brilliant. As they watch us, a huge green turtle glides onto the deck at the front, and manages to look like the boats figurehead. We are on the sandy bottom, you can tell that hurricanes have swept through as some areas are stripped clean. Some coral is making a stand, baby fish darting about. Bigger fish working out ways to eat them. We are under for about an hour and it's nice to see the underwater world from a comfortable seat.

They send up their air bubble so the tug boat can locate the sub. Soon we are back on board our boat heading back to the mainland.

I'm watching CNN news and a newsflash comes in, singer Whitney Houston is dead. I tell sis the media will make her into some goddess diva and ignore all the other shit. She had choices with her life, like all of us. Rarely are you forced to take drugs etc , it's such a press thing to spin the spin, especially in the states. Yeah she had a great voice, most of her stuff I felt was MOR dribble and not into it, but many were and thats a good thing (I guess), but St Whitney she wasn't. I'm far more of an Etta James fan and her passing saddened me far more.

February 12th

Waimea Bay

I'm talking to Mark every day, god knows what our phone bill will be like. Day one of being here, our Mum went back into hospital. So we almost jumped on a flight and went home. But the doctor said she was aok, so just staying in contact was good enough. This is one of my sisters few holidays so I want her to have a good time.

Sis has signed onto some bus group for a DFO store, they are about 30 minutes from Honolulu and I decide to "let her out of my sight". I'm heading to a book store and then the bus to Waimea to fall off a surfboard a few times. I make sure she has all the numbers, the hotel address, money, mace, gps emergency beacon, bodyguard, blackbelt karate certificate and a T-shirt that says "I'm an Australian don't fuck with me". OK just the first 3 or 4..... I know she'll be ok.

I find 2 new books by our old mate Mercedes Lackey so snap them up, , Whitehead & Wingfields UFO book and a Slayer book (not connected to Buffy)... all bargain prices.

I head back to the room, chat to our maid, she actually scores a tip from us, which she tells me is rare at the hotel. I grab my surf gear and head off. Thankfully I'm not the worst person on the water, in fact a few are really bad. I think fear keeps me on the board! Fear of coral cutting my feet and other body parts. I've borrowed a "fish" , which is a shorter board, I seem to find a better balance on that. One of the firewire brands. I manage not to dent it too much! After a few hours of swallowing salt water, being belted about I decide to call it time out. Plus the waves have increased and an inner fear tells me STOP! So I do. I have cut my small toe, a tiny coral cut so I rinse that out, don't want to be an old fart with a toe missing.

I get back before Sis, she is an hour late but I know my sister and the temptations of cheap prices. Sure enough by 4.30 she wanders in, a young woman is hidden somewhere amongst all those shopping bags. She shows me her bargains, I show her my bruises cuts and new board stance. She buys Mark some converse runners which is so cool...and her doting brother some presents. She sits and I go to our kitchen to make a pot of green tea. I've bought her a I Love Hawaii tee! It should read "I Love SHOPPING In Hawaii" Tee!

Dinner tonight is at Tropics which is the bar and grill which is part of the HIlton. It's right on the beach itself, so at dusk a very fit, muscled hawaiian man jogs past and lights all the tiki lanterns on the beach (quite a few of the woman and a few men have their tongues hanging out as they perve at this fit tanned God)!. It sets the scene, swaying palm trees, a sunset that every romance novel would die to have on the cover..... even a cool band playing. I have a Margarita, Sis a Pina Colada .... they make a pretty good wood fire pizza too... so nothing exotic, really we are there for the location. Tomorrow we are up early and head home. So this last snapshot of Hawaii is a good one to have as we wave Aloha (it means both welcome and goodbye doesn't it?). I'll be back, Hawaii always calls me, Sis soooo wants to come back but who knows when she can.

We sit and watch the Grammy awards in the room. During the commercial Jennifer says how relaxed she is and that it's been a great vacation. I'm a happy brother. The Grammys are an oddball showing tonight. Foo Fighters who are usually marvellous were crap, and sadly so was Paul McCartney - he's usually spot on.... Taylor Swift showed everyone how to entertain- I now get why this 22 tear old scores $30 million a year. No mention of Etta James passing in the Grammys RIP area, so someone f**ked that up. ..and Nicki Minja what was she thinking, it was so amateur hour. Leave the shock stuff to Lady gaga she does it a billion times better. I prayed for a giant GaGa hand with a pair of scissors to sneak out of the curtains and cut the wires that Nicki was suspended with 30 feet above the stage.... it was such a bad epic song...... it has to be the 'what was she thinking" moment!

I know I have to be up early so I don't sleep...... can't miss our flight home tomorrow.

February 13th-14th (cross the dateline)

I climb out of my way too comfortable bed half an hour before the alarm and wake up call. I am stealth like and let Sis sleep till the alarm goes off. We head off, my Amex still works so our room is paid for. The roads are empty, the sun like us has just woken up. Every store holder from Ala Moana Shopping Centre is by the roadside waving to my sister, thanking her for single handedly paying all their rents (ok they are not but they should be *GRIN*).

The Hawaiian Jetstar guy is a jerk and thankfully my sister double checks that we are seated together. We are not, despite us locking in our seats 5A and 5B. I tell him the system is stupid, why bother locking in your seat if you don't get it. I pull rank and call his bluff. Thankfully the counter guy next to him has his shit together and gives us seats 6A and 6B. When we are on board we find that our original booked seats are actually empty. He messes up our flight points and about 4 other things, I now wonder if our luggage will actually arrive into Sydney! He was the only useless person we dealt with in the whole of Hawaii-yes there is always one!

The full body scan machines are down, so we go through the old style security check. After a frappuchino we head to the Qantas club which is just down from the departure gate and they have vegemite (yey). So toast and juice. I check the computer and read The Age on line - no major changes at home. My pay is in the account so I'll be using that for our house rates (boring).

It's an older style plane so no screens in the seats in business. Instead we are all given an iPad. Loaded with movies & games. After a cat nap I play UNO. We must have some strong tail wind as we arrive 35 minutes early. I have a bottle of Jack Daniels in my luggage so I pray to the booze goddess Betty Ford that it hasn't broken. It's wrapped like an Egyptian mummy so I have a positive feeling about it.

Sydney immigration is easy, they just wanted to move people through, my sisters ukelele wasn't even checked and she declared it and numerous other bits. She grabs a hire car and drops me off at domestic. We hug so tightly , I have a cool Sis, I can't imagine not having this great relationship. I'm a bit foggy and sleepy, so grab a shower pack from freaky flyer and enjoy the warm water on my very very tanned skin. I have on a white singlet and look in the bathroom mirror- wow that Hawaiian sun agrees with me.

I sit next to a never smiling business woman who is wearing last years power suit. I wonder what she thinks I do for a job. She was so tense, no wonder no one was next to her on the couches. Our flight is delayed, by about 45 minutes so that sucks, but it gives me a chance to finish the Rob Lowe book, which is well written and fun, I guess like Rob himself. Loved the WestWing, Martin Sheen sections.

Melbourne airport full of people selling roses and heart shaped candy boxes. It is after all Valentines day. I have some chocolates in my bag for Mark. He's at home making his infamous homemade sausage rolls (yum)-far better then candy.

I'm waiting behind an old man fumbling about with the long term car park payment machine..the LT bus spots me and starts bipping his horn and tells me to get on board. Apparently I can pay near my car. The bus guy sounded so crappy, and his mate on the radio just as negative. Well he is stuck on a bus driving people to the airport to exotic parts unknown while his life is just a loop - always the driver never the driven.

I'm home by 10.30 at night. I feel ok. The house smells of freshly cooked rolls, yum. I open my bag and give Marky some presents. It's really nice to be home, but I have to say we had the best time. Stay up till 2.30 in the morning. Despite it being one hell of a day for travelling, I feel pretty good. Oh yeah Happy Valentines Day!! I did buy a box of cheesey heart shaped truffles! Such a romantic I am.....

February 15th

My house rates are due today, never feels good having to give the council $2500. Grrrrrrrr. I'm back in the office, wow loads of emails!

February 16th

I get a few nice emails from Bic Runga. She's over here next month for promo and asked if we can catch up for dinner one night- totally. If all goes well she may have some aussie dates for May, still need to be confirmed.

I open a small parcel from Merelyn & Maz and it's "The King Of Darkness". The same freaky keyring that Mark has. Of the hundreds made by that company she gets the same one for me, which is great, some people having matching cars, matching clothing, matching tattoos ,we have matching King of Darkness key holders. Thanks girls. www.vooddoo.com

Adam was here in Oz doing some promo, a few tv shows. Thought it was funny how he had fake hair hanging out of his hat, I thought everyone knew he was bald? He seemed quite chirpy on a few shows, good to see.

February 17th

Angie Hart plays The Caravan Club tonight, being good on my budget to pay for my holiday bills so watched Blu rays instead..... and aussie movie Snowtown. Snowtown shows what true evil is, something I'll only watch once. The actors are way too good in it, they scare me.

I visit Nigel in the afternoon so he can sign a few more of the Time & Tides that didn't have his signature on them. Always a joy to visit Nige- we both had some serious stories to tell today, really nice afternoon.

February 18th

Great to see that the 75 year old "Skipping Girl" sign in Melbourne now runs on solar power.... she keeps skipping ahead even in the technology that powers her!

I am wired, TWO coffees at the Kalorama general store today, I sit and read my UFO book. Nice to watch the humans wander past, all paying bills and buying The Age newspaper.

February 19th

Well next week Feb 22nd Andy Warhol will be 25 years gone. He so inspired many of us. I'm happy to say that I was lucky enough to meet him, even a brief encounter was something that sticks with one. I'm sure I gushed, he was such an art hero, and really giving me the extra minute, which this diary site is named after, was kind of an exotic thing to do. Even if he kept on saying I was from Austria not Australia! Who am I to correct Andy on such things? So Andy in 2012 you still send me into a spin, just opening a Warhol art book gives me reason to celebrate and it lights so many of my creative fuses. Oh Wow, well yeah, oh wow"!


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