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August 6th

Still recovering from the record fair. I played the USA radio shows last night and they are great. I gave the Canada one to a mate as it didn't sound very good. The USA radio shows are very cool though.. I keep thinking one was out as some illegal bootleg already but can't trace it, must be my mind playing tricks on me. Love the sound of those earlier shows. Los Angeles 1991 and of course the crazy New Orleans in December of that year. Always seems madness when Crowded House or the Finns head down south! A big thank you to Mark for lending me the extra bucks at the Fair to get the copies they had. The fans these go too will be stoked and owe you a thank you.

I bought the final season of Gilligans Island on Ebay (stop laughing). I do have to stop calling Mark "Gilligan" though. We decided to play "real life sex and match". You know where you put together the strangest combination of iconic tv people from a show. The weirdest two having a sexual encounter- example Mrs Howell and Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. Or Greg and Mrs Brady from the Brady brunch-oh that's right they had a thing in real life (yieks). At least we didn't match The Brady's dog Tiger with anyone....well maybe Fluffy or the Ditmiers from next door!!! Yes total perverts we are... destroying such family classics. Now watch how many readers email me ......their mix and match...and you know you will.

August 7th

It's good to see Gunns in Tasmania dying a faster death, no backer yet for their Tamar Valley project- time to write the obituary guys- horrid company, never liked them. Maybe some old growth forest will actually be saved.

A rush on Ghost Cars book today, the book spots sure are filling up fast, really a handful remain and that will be it! Still have to work on the Top 10 Crowded House collectibles. No using any music releases for this part as there are so many and it would be ten pages not ten items, so all non musical. I told Mark about the Crowded House bikini which has Nicks Temple of Low Men "Falling down town" type design.... I know when these run out I'll suddenly start getting emails from people wanting copies.

August 8th

Mark keeps pulling at my memory cells, caressing them for information (*GRIN*-oh baby). He needs just 2 lines on rehearsals leading up to the Corner /Farewell show. I remember driving Hessie and he kept saying rehearsal was at Chapel Street but I kept insisting it was at Troy at Sth Melbourne. I think he got it mixed up with the music shop at Prahran..... I remember Nick was late and Mark H was jetlagged having only flown in. They obsessively rehearsed "Nails in my feet" and played a rough version of "Recurring Dream" and I don't think either were played. I was running on adrenalin -we were organising both Corner fanclub shows, doing the tickets, the merchandise, some press along with Sean at the helm. Sean was really great to work with. It was such a crazy time, it was all go Go GO... I can never remember sleeping.

We are stuck on the mountain today, 2 huge trees are down on the tourist road so we are going nowhere, add to that bucketing down with rain. We were trying to get to the Swinburne Lillydale Uni Rally but gave up, even the Aussie Post van can't get up here. Jane told me that hey had thousands protesting Ted Failleu's massive cuts to education. People try to better themselves and this dickhead politician pulls the rug from under them. Roll on the state election, Failleu will be a one term premier.

August 9th

It is freezing this morning and Rosemaree was right, snow on the way. It snowed 3 times today, lovely feathery stuff, but by the time it hit the ground it was mush. I wish it would just pile up, if only t take a novelty, Ailsa Craig covered in snow photo op. I light the fires in the house, even put the central heating on and rug up. Am so looking forward to some time away on a tropical island.

I thought my mum had died tonight, Sis and myself were both really rattled, all ok though. Truly it did my head in!

August 10th

Mark points out it was 36 years ago today since Skyhooks played their 'Brats are Back" concert at Wollongong. The infamous Greg Macainsh says "NO photos" and walks off leaving us devastated ...and we politely asked too. He'll never live that one down, the poor man. He's good though ol' Greg Skyhook, a kind heart even though he pretends he hasn't, plenty of time for him in our life. Father figures are hard to find. *GRIN*.

I lend Rosemaree the Shirl book, I know she's buying a copy but though she could have an early read. It's a good one to support.

August 11th

I open our indoor garlic plant box and get it started, we use a lot of garlic for our cooking so a good present this one. That's if it will grow. The weather has slightly improved, well it has to after snow eh?

Enjoying this last season of BREAKING BAD, poor Sky she's almost terrified of her husband. Well he is a Blue Meth King.... and showing that he gets more devious each week. I wonder how it will end, the clock is ticking down.

Nelly makes a really great coffee this morning, I am still writing a few bits for the book. I seem to get it done here at this little table. I point out that we did squash in a thank you for the Kalorama General store but it meant removing the record company and all managers! How funny is that, they probably won't think so-oh well fuck 'em if they don't have a sense of humour.

August 12th

Happy Birthday Allie... be nice when you and Emma live in Melbourne so we can really celebrate such days.

The GryphonMusic twitter group are amazing and helped me out with some support on Gay Marriage. From 200 votes behind to 160 ahead, the homophobic church groups just can't compete. Brilliant. It would be amazing if both South Australia and Tasmania start to push this through. Victoria won't as Ted Failleu is Tony Abbott's butt monkey, too gutless to allow a conscience vote. Be brave Ted go on..well really that won't happen we all know that, Ted Failleu One Term Premier wait and see. I do keep saying that.

August 13th

Watch the latest offering of Underbelly, it's ok, not brilliant. I guess a lot of people have no idea who the bad arses are in this one. Still compared to crap like Big Brother it is a masterpiece. How come Channel Ten have such rubbish on, Big Brother, Andrew Bolt and his dull boring piece of crap show- he come across like he's made of cardboard-talk about a lifeless limp dick of a man. I understand why this station is going under financially with such tripe on. Thank god for Cable. Channel Ten though is the worst of a bad lot.

We watched "The Hunter" tonight with William DaFoe and Sam Neill.... apart from the killing of some aussie wildlife -which was a worry , it was pretty good... DaFoe in search of the Tasmania Tiger....and yes he finds one..and that scene just fucks your head. The Tasmanian forest are truly beautiful - and DaFoe very convincing. You may well blubber at the result of finding the "last" Tasmania Tiger.....ok I did.

August 14th

I did the washing up today and answered about 150 emails on Neil Finn! He jumps on stage with Ed Vedder and suddenly emails roll in from the UK-funny that.

August 15th

Mark N from my GryphonMusic twitter group locates another of the live Crowded House venues.... so down to 8 now. I figure the book goes into the printers mid September so only 3+ weeks to find the final 8. These are the gigs that still need confirmed venues..can you help. (email me: peter@frenz.com). March 1987-5th-Oaklahoma City,OK, 6th-Springfield, MO, 8th-St Louis, MO (Eddie Rayner leaves after this show), 29th-Fort Lauderdale, FL-(this COULD be Sunrise Theatre). April 1987- 26th-Albuquerque, NM, May 1987- 5th-Memphis, TN, August 1987- 31st-McPherson Playhouse, Victoria, BC-(NOT CONFIRMED), August 1993- 30th-Pretoria (Sth Africa).

I call up a few Kmarts to check on Jeff Apters SHIRL book. Half have it, half waiting on stock. The stores that do have it say it's selling really well. Hope it does well for him. I also chat to Shirls parents, who just have me in tears. They are brilliant and so funny... good folk.

August 16th

The plumber and his youthful assistant turn up and fix the dripping hot water system... and we chat where the new water tank will go. It will be great when the toilets are all running on excess roof water. Good for the water bill too. Yey. We are all blokey and lining it up and part installing it ourselves, except for the "official" plumber certif "stuff". It's good to do that, a bit of hands on, mud work, cementing etc...maybe it's an Australian thing. "She'll be right mate" ....

Mark has the 2 ideas for the CH cover rolling along... managed to match the "blacks" up..how many shades can there be, hundreds!!!!!!!!

Green Days new song "Oh Love" is out but I really Do love their other newie "Kill the DJ".... as someone said "it has a dope solo in the song" and yeah it does..kick arse. Hoping that these 2 newies mean the upcoming album will be brilliant as well. They keep kicking goals, album after album just quality material. One of my favourite bands.

I attack the area where the water tank is to go, the vines are like something tarzan would swing on, I have to use the axe on them. I do have the vibe so I'm into this every spare minute.

August 17th

Good to see Tony Windsor stand up to heinous Tony Abbott and let the world know that Abbott would do anything to get the top job as PM. Mr Abbott the most desperate politician ever, would say and do anything for a vote. He's just tacky really, thank God that guy isn't our PM (and hopefully never will be).

It still seems insane that punk band Pussy Riot have been jailed in Russia. Now anyone protesting their jail time seem to be getting heavy handed treatment. All because of an anti-Putin song- crazy. Global Pussy Riot today will happen in many countries to show support! More info can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pussy_Riot#International_support

We head to Mt Buller for our free snow weekend. We could of had a free car too but decided it's good to have our 4WD that way we can decide if we need to escape home earlier. Apparently snow falling as we are just leaving.

August 18th & 19th

Snow snow snow, and it's not really that cold. I love how ski's are now so high tech. Gone are the 2 old fence posts I would use.... god I sound like an old man. Quite a few people on the snow slopes. Only winded ourselves 8000 times but it was really great. With Magnetic Island coming up we didn't want any broken bones so we were careful. There seemed to be loads of kids around, and you can see the professional skiers, so "oh I am cool" with my Fabio hairstyle and really ugly ski outfits. Do people really wear fluro again? I did like the young woman in her "Snow Queen" shirt..wonder if she actually knew that meant she loved cocaine??? Good to see the Kooroora Hotel again where part of the 'Now we're getting somewhere' video was filmed. Almost 26 years ago to the day. I spends a few hours using the net in my room replying to endless emails and a VIP email that I sent out.

The food was amazing, too and the mountain smelt of open fires. A very cool prize...... will be nice to get home to cold Kalorama which now doesn't seem too cold at all!!!


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