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August 12th

"Breaking Bad" returns to cable tonight, and what a fantastic start.....so well written, we'll be sad when this & Dexter go this year. Quality shows..

I totally mess up and forget Allie's birthday, not that I ever remember birthdays, my friends know how bad I am. Sheepbook has helped remind me, well just.... but Allie has her ID off so even that didn't help. I'm not even asking forgiveness as my friends know I am fucked around birthdays. Plus they get me 364 other days of a year so it's always an endless birthday. Have a good one Allie..see on diary time I remembered! We'll celebrate when we see you.

The results are in for the Rudd V's Abbott debate. Mr Rudd wins 3 of the 4 channels (Rudd- 9, 10, ABC) only channel 7 thought Abbott won. Which he didn't Tonyt the phoney just kept on ignoring the question. Fuck he's a heinous human being, sure got hit with the ugly stick when he was born. I see the SUNRISE TV show-their website Soapbox page keep removing any anti-Abbott comments .... Sunrise sucks anyway and their website is shit. The moderator of the site is a dickhead!

August 13th

Go through photo albums to try and find snaps of the Osborne street years (Finn house) for "The Early Years" book..find a handful. Mark surprises me with THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT on Blu Ray and it still works as a movie....Aaron who penned The West Wing did a fine job..and you can tell he would be perfect for The West Wing after he did this movie......except every time I see Martin Sheen in The American President I keep thinking HE is the president not Michael Douglas.. a good movie.. some fun and romance and well written. It holds up all these years later.

August 14th

We hear from Greg Skyhook who seemed to enjoy all the Hooks music Mark resurrected.... a few bits and pieces he's never heard before, which is always funny as he played on the tracks and wrote the songs! Good job Marky, YOU WERE RIGHT (upper case on purpose! *WINK*).

Spent most of the day wading through the Yes/No's for my FB page... seems to take forever. Saying No to 2/3 these days and yes to the rest. Getting some sort of balance. I don't want a page of nothing though, want to make it slightly entertaining, most Facebook pages seem so stagnant. When the novelty wears off I'll simply stop.....

August 15th

Nathan Brenners birthday today and I only know because of sheepbook..I suck at birthdays. So I dig up a snap of him with the Enz, one he wouldn't of had and I think he enjoyed it.

Miss Banshee to the vet for her cat flu injection. Moss is away so she gets it from the other vet, and Banshee is great. She doesn't care one bit about a needle. We were told she is exceptionally healthy, a little bit of winter weight added, so she is now the perfect cat weight. Sad a lot of people have unhealthy cats , usually obese and the owners are in denial that they are so, some people feed their cats absolute shit, some don't, some cats are just chunky too I guess. Not good for the animal to live it's life like that. I'm sure it's all Banshee's outdoor running and climbing that keeps her lean. So that was all good news. We do love that crazy kitty.

2.00 conference call for Project X, seems to go well. I have a list a mile long around it, but it was a good one hour meeting.

Matt Damon in Australia and he speaks out in support of gay marriage. We like that- Mr Abbott still too gutless and homophobic to allow a conscience vote.

August 16th

I've been trying to find a copy of Tom Burlinson's book "Tales of a young bastard " bit it seems to be hard to find these days....not even on Ebay...not sure if it was just a small print run or simply everyone is holding onto their copies.

We start watching Banshee (season one) tv show.... and it's great-even Banshee our cat watched it!

Been thinking a lot about my Dad today, he's been dead now 27 years, that seems so long... very sad. Been a bit down all week and head feels like it is full of cotton wool.

I give Allie a call, seeing I missed her B'day, so many damn birthdays this time of year.

August 17th

At the 11th hour I decide we really should be supporting the Gay Marriage Rally today, the last in Melbourne till the election.... Markys locked in all this editing so I call Rosemaree and then Jane. Jane ends up going and we have a really great day together. Even though it was 11th hour, we arrived right on time. The first thing we spotted were 2 gay penguins, which kept us amused for ages. There were thousands of people and the sun suddenly came out- it's been a harsh Winter, so to get 4 hours of sun was just so good. Maybe God loves gay marriage rally's -he certainly did today! So speeches and cheers and then the march- thousands of people with signs and chants... shoppers cheering from the street which was very positive. One crazy religious bigot- ran at us- seriously mate do not fuck with a Gryphon while he is marching- I hissed and he stopped in his tracks...muttered some religious insanity and ran away. Possibly it was Jane's tin whistle blasting in his face that did it! Thats the great part of Australia, you can march in the streets and you can also be a religious loser... and allowed your say (rolls eyes). It finishes on the steps and felt great. Years down the track many Australian parents will be asked by their kids what they did to change the law and allow gay marriage..I wonder what people will say. Oh I supported it? How they'll ask....... same for some of our friends who ramble on how they support gay marriage but actually do jack shit as far as doing something!

We headed home and the weather changed, really changed. On the way back from the Indian restaurant I almost didn't make it home, looked in the rear vision mirror and trees crashed down behind my car on the mountain road. It started pelting down and the wind got to some insane level. We were still determined to get to the Caravan Club and see our Dog Trumpet mates. So we headed off, and trees were down on the main tourist road. I got around the first few but one giant totally blocked the path, so we tried a secondary road..and same thing, but this time a conifer and power lines. After an hour we simply gave up. I considered the old fire trail but it's a single lane and this much rain I was more worried about it crumbling under my car. So home we went, and lit a fire and dried off. We totally love it here but occasionally mother nature dictates and tonight she was totally in control.

August 18th

Happy Birthday Nigel Griggs from the Enz... a young 64! I give him a quick call but looks like he is out....had to write a band bio so thankfully that is how I remembered. (Phew).

We had such a exceptional day here. At midday I sat down to watch Music Max (Cable) -the results were coming in for AUSTRALASIA'S GREAT BAND. They were playing the final top 20, from masses of votes. I was hoping for a trifecta, Split Enz, Skyhooks and Crowded House anywhere in the top 20. So many mates had voted and the brilliant Frenz. It meant a huge amount of video play if we did well. The Enz came in at #18... which i was stoked, just for a NZ band to even make the top 20 was great......... the countdown went on and on..and now into the top 10 and no Skyhooks or Crowded House. Suddenly at #5 the might 'Hooks. I was so happy I squeaked out a cheer.. I gave Macainsh a call he seemed delighted which was great. #5 is exceptional- above Powderfinger, The Church, even Chisel... YEY! But no Crowded House. AC/DC always win these huge Polls, always... as it got to #3..I thought this will be Crowdies..but no it was INXS.... oh my god are we #2.............but not AC/DC #2- that is incredible, holy fuck we are #1. The public and the fans have gotten us to #1.....above AC/DC. Remember Mark and myself love the Bon Scott AC/DC (the current AC/DC mean jack shit to us though)......I call NZ and leave message for Neil, I email the guys..I am at a loss for words but I have that stupid smile on my face! Well done everyone! Crowded House #1-amazing!!!!!!

August 19th

I hear that the Woodface apartment goes for $915,000.... and the 2nd one, the same price.... that is over the top!

We love Mondays on cable- Dexter, True Blood, The Newsroom , Breaking Bad and all 1 hr after being shown in America... this is sensational.

Congrats New Zealand, gay marriage started in NZ today... once more leading and showing Australia how it's done. If Abbott gets in, gay marriage will never happen here, please think before you vote Australia, give marriage equality a chance, lets us all have a CHOICE! Vote NO to Tony Abbott & the Liberals. Don't let a homophobe become PM of this amazing country.

and speaking of... I see horrid Sophie Mirabela is getting some challenge at her seat of INDI. Cathy McGowan and Robyn Walsh both amazing woman are making old Mirabela sweat. She's horrid.... if you vote in INDI say NO to Mirabela!

August 20th

We have some Mexican with Rosemaree tonight, give her the Crazy Cat Woman figurine for her birthday. Jane and the kids turn up-sorry young adults- far more mature then I am. A fun night. I had a great midori margarita.

I order the La Femme debut on cd from Aztec Music..... yey! 1978 music and a cool sound.......

August 21st

Good news for Boom Crash Opera, their catalogue will be released via Liberation on October 18th. So many bonus tracks-wonderful to see these releases are not so far away-good work Deano.

Good grief, Tony Abbott's baby bonus costing Australia 6.2 BILLION dollars per year-what a waste of money.

August 22nd

Ok it is true I did streak for BCO today... anything to highlight their FB page.......I told Maz I'd get it to 3000 "BCO friends" and I did. A man true to my word.... you can find Boom Crash Opera band page here on Sheepbook:


Excellent to see that Green Day and Alice in Chains are playing the Soundwave Festival in Feb-March 2014...that will be a fun one.

August 23rd

I photograph a few more Skyhook costumes for the net.. and send out a few tweet images too. The cozzies work so well, very very cool.

An endless day on band work... we stay in the office till very late this evening. I cut some firewood at dusk..... as it's still cold up here on Mt Dandenong. Mark pissed off that the broadband sucks up here, it's insane that we have to take this long to download stuff.... we are an active office, it's pathetic..... please Mr Rudd win the next election and Kalorama needs the NBN!

August 24th

Call into the General Store and take my AEC paperwork and booklet so I can 'study'. My home made bread today is very very average..think the yeast is being messed up by the cold weather.... I do raid my vegie patch for potatoes, the last of the snow peas for a roast that I am cooking. The spuds are excellent!

In the afternoon I call in and visit Martin and Hisako... and Hisako gives us some cool home made cookies.......!!!

August 25th

The weather is ok today so I go for some small hikes around the side of the mountain. A young Kangaroo is on the trail and I am blown away as he hops along next to me for nearly 20 minutes. I sit and he shares some of my water... seems to trust me which is nice. It does my head in... he's such a character. I hike to the TV towers, and they have electric fences and guard dogs and endless warning signs, they over do it, and I just laugh at the paranoia. I run into 2 of the local extreme religious people who rant and rave about Muslims. Why is it that extreme christians always sound more whacky and insane then the muslims they are ranting about. I bait them a few times, I can't help it, they seem like crazy people.

We watch "Mental" tonight -Toni Collette just great...you can tell that PJ Hogan directed it, he did Muriels Wedding.... it's like Muriels Wedding the alternative universe version-we like it.

That's it for another diary... The Australian election is on in two weeks. You can't trust Tony Abbott-he is a Liar, please Australia do not be fooled by this arsehole..... and really why would anyone vote for a homophobe! Please don't!

Take care


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