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January 14th

I helped out a few fans today, I found a few items for them around the St Kilda Record Fair, so it saved them hundreds of dollars by not having to buy the same thing on Ebay. My good fan Karma for the week. Town & Country CH disc for $220 that's insane! So glad they didn't spend that much. I like helping the fans, when we can. Sometimes I have to say "no" simply because it conflicts with what Neil and the band would want or copyright etc. Other times we can say "yes" so I'm happy about that.

Today was officially our first day back, we work in the office till 10.00 at night. How does one face 6000+ emails- well I do it with no grace or dignity..I fall on the floor , sob and kick the shit out of the computer. Actually I just went for it. Very little spam-junk mail, a lot from people saying they love love love Ghost Cars. People have been so patient around the book, we've been mailing out what we can, it is a tiresome very long process.

January 15th

Had a cuddle in bed with Marky this morning, so a late start, we both know we'll be working till late so it's all ok.

Some very very LOUD kids at lunch today, I was patient, Mark hacked them to death with a parmigiana knife and fork. It was the chunky mother in the bad tartan skirt. She did nothing to control them, so I used the stare of death and it made one of them disintegrate into a pile of dust that would of made Buffy proud. Mark grabbed a dustbuster, sucked them up and deposited the noisy brat into the tartan terrors hand bag! See problem solved, death by mind ray! Oh if only it was that easy!

January 16th

We thought Meg the chicken wouldn't make it past Christmas. Well she has , the last chicken standing, she managed to get into my blueberry growing area and consumed all the berries off one bush, since that time she has recovered, her comb on her head is upright again (always a sign of a happy chicken). We'll have to rescue some friends for her from cages-so she isn't alone. She keeps following us so she is missing her mates. See the power of blueberries. We have started calling her 'Resurrection Chicken" which the neighbours must laugh at when we call her in for the night!!!

January 17th

Crowded House Live at the Artists Den is now available on HD digital video download. I send Deb the main video image to add to the front of the Crowded House website, just to keep it fresh. So little Crowdies news , but felt it was time for the main page to get a little bit of freshening up -thank you Deb. [editor's note... I'll get to it soon! -Deb] Not sure what's happened to Crowded House, kind of faded into the background a bit. Talk of Neil having a new solo album later this year, so I guess that has become a priority.

We picked the lucky contest winners today for the Finn-Kelly contest, I love getting emails from people when they have won something, always excited and appreciative.

It's been a long hot day here, 40o c so we escape to the house where it's cool cool cool...and some "Crunch" ice cream (yum).

January 18th

It's meant to rain and that didn't happen -so many bushfires are springing up all around the country, it's insane. My friend Miss K is snowed in at Pittsburgh so she will hate that. Which I get, the snow novelty is always great the first few times, then it becomes a drag I'm sure. I think I prefer snow to fire- at least with snow you can only go insane from lack of Vitamin D and a bit of log cabin fever.... fire is just stressful to start with and if it happens at your house well - death!!!!

January 19th

Rosemaree catches up for coffee while she is on holidays. I like my saturday mornings at the general store. I work on my "lists" and sometimes office stuff, and a bit of writing. I watch the human traffic wander in and out. Meanwhile my bread is baking at home, so I have to time it to get back before it's burn't .

I hear from the Finns today which was nice, I was starting to wonder where they are.

January 20th

We wake up to the smell of smoke and go into a small panic- no alrams screeching so we are ok. I find out it's actually blowing in from the massive Gippsland fires which are 100 kms away.

Major article in a Brisbane paper on men shaving off their pubes and being hairless in the lower regions. They seemed way too excited that more and more men are doing this...who thinks of these articles?! It reminds me of the salon at Prahran that had "We do Back, Sack & Crack" painted in very large letters on their window! Excellent! Wish I would of taken a photo, blew that moment.

Hmmm USA gun rally's- what dick would hold a sign saying "An armed society in a polite society"-I don't get that shit- and people need semi automatics because???? Talk about over kill .... I love America so much but the gun bullshit, I'm so glad I do not live in the states under such violence. Horrid. The right to bear arms is bullshit, it comes from a past era where times were different.

January 21st

Nige calls back and we chat for awhile, mostly about animals, bands, cats, drawing the raffle and Enz... so A, B,C, D, E! He loves animals so much so we decide he should draw the raffle tomorrow. He said he'd be honoured to do it.

I cook spinach pie for dinner, sometimes you just have to cook the "ol' classic"!

January 22nd

Miss Hairball gone 12 years today. We find a cute snap of her with her sister Alien. Alien ran away to live with the greeks a few doors down-they adored her so we were fine about it. It also means Heath Ledger has been gone 5 years, sad as his acting career would of kept on growing..... bummer it wasn't Tom Cruise instead! (opps).

I fall in love with the celluon magic cube-the virtual laser keyboard for the iPad! Very funky! I want...

At 5.30 I grab the raffle tickets an do the drive to Nigels. Pink (the original Pink not the USA one) was also at Nige's so great to see her. They pick the winner and consolation prizes... I still think we should of dressed Nigel up as a barrel girl!

Amanda J from Canada was the winner, she's a newbee only been in the club for a decade!! I bet from this day on Nigel will be her favourite. He said he'd happily call and give her the good news.. what an extra bonus!

I'm home again and it's close to midnight, I take some recycle up to the back gate & I hear a noise in the trees above me. I see the best thing, a brown spotted mother possum and she had the tiniest babies on her back, I'm talking the size of matchboxes. Truly my heart melted, I am such a softee. I turned my torch off , didn't want to alarm her..just watched her climb about with her delicate cargo on her back- when I see such things I just can't understand why anyone would ever harm an animal- magical- made me so happy (doesn't take much, I'm a cheap date for Mr Happy!).

January 23rd

I put in a peanut plant, when the yellow flowers die off the peanuts start forming underground- will be interesting to see if we can grow peanuts up here. If nothing else it's a great talking point. Some may say enough nuts at Kalorama already! i think I'll get about 50 from the plant.

Our washing machine is still dead for a few weeks so Rosemaree kindly lets me use her. I forget to take Marks gear, so just mine, all into one load. Scully hisses and growls at me and finally settles, we cat-chat! I have picked some of our flowers from up here, snip off some orange roses too just to add to the arrangement. Nice for her to come home to find some flowers. Especially first day back at work.

We watch "Young Adult" on cable- ex model chick Charlize Theron is brilliant as always- the only model that can act! Plus she's great, supports so many of the same causes as us and yeah she is a fox! Patton Oswalt from United States of Tara was in it too- really enjoyed the movie. Astrid at the 3 Ducks also loves that one.

January 24th

The Avengers was the biggest grossing movie in Australia last year- more power to Joss W. Great to hear that, still wish there would of been a Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, sadly time is running out, the original cast are getting too old.... maybe Buffy can have a daughter.... and Spike looks like a brown sheep these days... maybe Joss could do a re boot of Animal farm & cast James as... no I'll be nice. (chuckle).

Sad to hear Japanese director/writer Nagisa Oshima passed away- an amazing man! So bold with some of his ideas and work. More Japanese directors please & less whalers! Then I'd love Japan all over again. I see the Sea Shepherds are well and truly on their way to the whaling battleground again-stay safe guys- you are all heroes!

January 25th

I see a third Poll (in a row) shows that Ted Bailleu (Failleu!!!) and the Victorian state Liberals would be kicked out if an election happened now. So he'll probably end up a one term premier. What do they expect, since they got in unemployment in Victoria has started getting out of control, stupid wastes of public money on this like searching for black panthers and delivering massive amounts of sand to beaches that never needed it & having it removed again, are just stupid. Roll on the next election, it didn't take long before people realised what a bunch of losers are running this state. They f**ked up the solar industry as well-Failleu deserves the chop! He can join the unemployment line.

We drown ourselves in a our Buffy the Vampire Slayer festival....the later seasons date well, this will always be a classic.

QLD has now been hit with massive rain, some areas getting 600mm, areas like Gladstone and Bundaberg are flooded out and hurricanes ..... mother nature sure doesn't like Australia very much at the moment, she is testing us. We are a tough bunch of buggers so throw it all at us girl- we'll come through!

January 26th

Happy Australia Day and especially Happy Birthday to Amy Rose!

We tend to celebrate Australia Day because I love this country but I do feel for the first Australians who have been treated so appallingly by white men. Hessie used to say "invasion day". I appreciate what we have and still want to celebrate this amazing country though. I'll be glad when we are a republic, stand on our own two feet-I feel nothing for the Queen or the royals-well the Queen Mum could pull a good beer so she scored a few points for that, & Di's exceptional charity work is always good (plus she liked Crowded House) & Charles has his environmental side... but the rest I don't give a shit. Cut the chord I say. Time to leave the womb! Let us take our first steps..even a few stumbles won't hurt.

Meanwhile in NZ Tim Finn is at the Okere Falls Festival near Rotorua playing. I got an email from him the other day, really lovely one, just made me feel really great-thanks Tim.

Rosemaree drops in and we decide to have a BBQ but after all this time the gas bottle is empty, so I cook inside. Nice evening, with a good mate.

January 27th

The Crowdies climb one spot on the ARIA chart with "The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House" #18 (was #19). Still ticking over and heading towards double platinum.

I make up a huge container of fresh carrot juice from the 10kg bag of carrots I bought. They were just so cheap-and tempted me..my eyesight will be 20/20.... and already my nose is twitching like Cosmo! I thought it might be hayfever but really I'm turning into Peter Rabbit!!!!

Spend the day getting a huge pile of USA Ghost Cars ready, and they'll go out on the 10th. Trying to get as many done as possible for one big hit - make a serious dent in the pile. Thank you everyone for being patient.

I notice as part of their promotion JB HI FI have the brilliant Skyhooks: The Collection (2 cd set) for sale at $9.99. Yes the cover was done at our old house, it's already platinum, but I get excited to see this one sell so if you are after a Hooks cd-grab this baby & hey it's a great price. Now there is some music for the Australia Day weekend! Viva La Hooks!

January 28th

I see the Australian Federal election is on Sept 14th. I hope that walking horror Tony Abbott does not get in, I hope Australians are not stupid enough to vote for that walking zombie. We currently have low unemployment, a strong aussie dollar, low interest rates. I don't know of a single person who is unemployed, really it's pretty good. I hope people ask themselves if they can trust him, I know nearly all our friends and family most certainly don't. If it was Turnbull it would be a different story but Abbott- good grief no, he'll destroy this country, plus his attitudes to woman and not mentioning his homophobia- Australia deserves better- NO TO TONY ABBOTT I say! Plus he's so damn ugly!

That's it from Kalorama.

Take care


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