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Young PG & The Moscow Circus

July 15th

You know when you really want to murder a relative or sell your first born to buy something. That time is coming fast. later this year the new Mac Pro will be released. It is an amazing computer. 60 GB/s, fire pro processors can support 4096 x 21260 resolution, the truly unique shape in that incredible black aluminium case. It has to be called the Black Star, or The Beast. After seeing and using this why would anyone even bother with a shitty old PC-give it to your grandmother- the new Mac Pro is to die for! Coming to Kalorama soon (we hope!). Like WOW! Mark is dribbling as we speak!

July 16th

Nigel Griggs our wandering Enz bassist is home again today. It will be good to see him, we have been minding his 2 beautiful bass guitars in our security lock up, always nice when we get to hand them back.

I visit Dr Chiro for a few corrections, neck has been a bit sore from too much computer work, which is probably everyones complaint in 2013. I must remember not to lean forward. I'm good at having breaks, Mark is far worse -he seems to stay till all the work is done. I'll go and empty the bin or something to get me out of the chair. If you are reading this now-have a break! Go on....

Beautiful Losers was on SBS2, our lovely mate Merelyn reminded me which is very cool. It has quite a collection of American artists, from that same period- Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine, Mike Mills and I am stoked that Margaret Killgallen is in it, a LOT. The most I've ever seen on her. I LOVE her work-just beautiful art creations around the San Francisco area. Such a sad ending, dying 3 weeks after her daughter Asha was born. Anyway check out her incredible creations, I can't speak highly enough of her. Just look for "other images" on the net you'll hopefully be astounded. Anyway the Beautiful Losers doco was great, created a wonderful vibe for me... which still lingers on. You just want to rush out and create and create...I like that feeling.

July 17th

I cook a roast today... it was really delicious!

July 18th

Tony Abbott doesn't believe in an ETS "because there can't be a market in an invisible substance" - yet he believes in God!!! The ultimate market in something invisible.

Great to see the gay marriage bill pass through England's upper house. I hear that Labor's Penny Sharpe here in Australia and a host of other politicians from different parties may be encouraging a gay marriage bill in the NSW parliament in a week or so..... with PM Rudd and his deputy now supporting gay marriage in Australia it is only a matter of time. The snow ball is rolling, come on board or get out of it's way bucko!

Speak to Sis and thinks are looking really good in babyland...... still waiting on a date, a few factors deciding that but as long as my Sis is ok I am happy.

Mail some birthday cards to Trudi and Fran and some lotto tickets, hey you never know...

July 19th

Work on old slides today... found a really cool snap of yours truly at the Moscow circus in Sydney-watching the elephants. I'm standing with my hands behind my back, in my old man stance.

Like Neil Youngs quote on religion. "Religion is not one of my high points. I really don't subscribe to the stories surrounding each one, because they are just stories, remembered by men." That's always been my pet moan, men are full of faults but it's man we accept knows Gods word and what God wants... with so many child molesting priests getting busted in the Catholic Church (especially) I have a lot less confidence in Churches and the messages of man. I don't trust them t speak for God, that's if God even exists. I think i simply don't believe in the churches/mans idea of God .. I've never been a sheep to follow blindly all in the name of religion, like a good little puppy (pat me on the head please).

July 20th

Good coffee today, find my other Neil Young quote for THE EARLY YEARS book. The book isn't even on the Rocket Pocket Books website yet and we've already sold 100 copies. Incredible. I love the vibe for this prequel, quite a few nice emails already.It's cool when people get excited by something we have done. I'll cut off our advance order price soon, it's so nice and cheap for those who support us. Over the next week we'll have to change it because of the high postage.

We watch "A love song for Bobby Long"..cool movie filmed in New Orleans. Scarlet Johansson and John Travolta... really great.

July 21st

Happy Birthday Fran and Miss Trudi! Have a great day guys.

Banshee is now obsessive about Gippsland Dairies Yoghurt. The Mango and Blood Orange Twist. She forces her head into the yoghurt container to lick out the last drop, one day it will get stuck. I put a photo of her going for it on my Sheepbook page, people seem to love it. I so do not want my page to become a Facebook Cat Page, there are enough of them already, too mundane I'm happy for her to pop up on Sheepbook every week or two but don't see any need for sad arse over kill. Plenty of other interesting things in life. Plenty of Cat people already on FB I don't need to add to that.

July 22nd

We love THE NEWSROOM season two...though, why did they change that fantastic start? The start credits for season 2 are not as good, thankfully the stories are just as brilliant. With Aaron Sorkin behind it, it was always going to be fantastic! Love a really well written drama.

I talk to Bek on the phone for 3 hours tonight, which is great, we both had a hoot. That's what real 'friends" do not hide behind a computer screen on Facebook!

July 23rd

Astrid returns home from America, good to see her at The 3 Little Ducks...looks Miss A and Em partied very hard last night (chuckle).

You can smell the Liberals getting desperate, throwing money at tv stations but you know something, they are failing, Tony Abbott keeps drifting further behind. I predict in the next few weeks Labor will overtake The Liberals on the 1 Party vote. Three months ago I wondered if anyone would of thought this would happen. We saw a sign today in the hills while driving to the 3 Ducks. It simply read "You Can't Trust Abbott" in bright red writing. I hope the Liberals loose our local seat of Casey, and I think they might well do so. When handwritten signs are appearing that's always a good omen.

July 24th

Watch The Bowie "5 years" doco on ABC 2. I just totally love this...especially the rare footage.... Bowie most certainly is back in our lives.

July 25th

Sad to hear our mate Wendy finishing up at JB HI FI, such a hard worker-their loss. We probably won't go to that store if she doesn't work at it.

I hear from Neil on the Enz photos with Mick Ronson. He's away for a few weeks on holiday so I'll go out of my way not to email etc. I love the story around the Neil playing guitar with Ronson.. 1982 was it really that long ago!!!

Mail a huge pile of "Ghost Cars" books, down to 1% now.... if you need our Crowded House book head to: www.rocketpocketbooks.com

July 26th

Happy Birthday Mr Bongo Starr..and also Mick Jagger who turns 70 today! WOW!

My Ziggy Stardust wig arrives, well it's kinda Ziggy... meets a Bogan at a hairdresser sort of look.. just for some fun and maybe as part of a photo shoot... we'll see.

July 27th

Happy Birthday Marky.. have a great day my bestest (much more then best) friend in the universe!!!! We will grow old together and live till we are both 150. You and me against the world!

So many birthday cards arrived and some very cool presents. So brilliant that our friends sent cards. Thanks to Trudy, Allison, Mark, Jennifer, Laura and family, Nick and Nat (Hic Hic Hic), jane and Allie, Merelyn & Maz, Rebekah, Leanne, Stephen, Annette, He's stoked you all made the effort. Mark remembers stuff like that , so you are all on his christmas card list! *GRIN*.

People drop in all day and call. I make a home made carrot cake just as Rebekah arrives. The house is warm, fire going... but a few Glayva's help.

I was telling Bec about Freddie Burrett (Burretti) who inspired Bowie in the early days. Daniella Parmar too was with Burretti-and she inspired Angie with that hair cut and white hair. I remember on my birthday on May 11th in 2001 hearing the sad news that Burretti had passed away that day in Paris. Bowie always gives a nod to him when talking about that early period.

July 28th

Underbelly-Squizzy Taylor returns tonight. Sally Crombie has been working on it, in the set dressing area. The previews have been mixed, I'll wait till i see it before commenting, we've liked most of the other Underbelly shows.

Cold cold day here, a little bit of snow up here last night, saw some splotches of it on the ground, not much but the fact that we even had a little says how cold it is. A new Poll came in and it's all good news for Labor. Their highest polling points in about 3 years. Tony Abbott is dead and dusted, people will start deserting him-you watch..... I'm just glad none of our mates will vote for this heinous homophobe. Maybe it's karma? Argh Australian Politics gotta love it, one day you can be packing boxes ready to move into the Lodge and then...... it's all down hill.

Stay happy and love life it's way too short!

Thanks too Deb for putting this up xoxox


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