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July 1st

"Dexter" returns to cable tv tonight in Oz, fantastic first show; Deborah Morgan off the rails and pissed at the world... sad that this will be the final season though, such a unique show. I looked at a handful of items I still need to get framed for the house, one was the exceptional Shepard Fairey-DEXTER printed (signed & numbered) that a really good friend sent to me for my birthday. This is so cool, it has to be framed soon, too nice to leave rolled up. What will we do without Dexter in our lives? I notice, as each season progresses his killing knives seem to get larger and pointier!!!

The Rolling Stones got 135,000 punters at Glastonbury- not bad for a bunch of guys about to turn 70 (well some of them). Mark has all the parts arriving for a bluray of the show so I hear- we buy everything "official" anyway but sometimes it's nice to see this only a few days later. We are not fans of big outdoor shows, it would be the last place we'd want to see the Stones play.

July 2nd

OK every day I was getting emails, tweets, letters asking if I would change my mind and have a Facebook page as well. I have soooooo avoided it, a lot about Facebook I don't like (and still don't), I DO see it's worth, so both sides of the coin. Truth be known I have had a Sheepbook page for quite awhile , I needed it to view some of Nathan's photos for a possible cd project. So in the end , I have bitten the bullet. Today I said "Yes", and just like the other ten billion people who have it) Oh lucky me-heck I feel so special. I just don't want my Facebook page to be fucking BORING. I've checked out so many and they are dull as dishwater,fodder for sleepwalkers of life. Surely everyone has some flash and excitement in their life? How come it rarely comes through on FB? In the end it was just easier focusing on my page and rarely looking at other peoples, which sounds a bit self obsessed (it's not) but I would love for a few people to come to my page and actually get slightly excited by something they see. Of course the majority probably won't, but I'm hoping it will be enjoyable for a few. So yeah bit the bullet and we'll see how long it will last. I just don't want to be one of those people who find life easier by hiding behind a computer screen. (Falls off soapbox and hits head).

Jane has been amazing, she's so onto FB and helpful, Allie too gets me, what I want from Facebook, poor Jane will surely disconnect her phone if I have to keep calling. I want a Tee that reads Facebook Virgin (and I'm Gonna stay that way)..... I have decided I will try to "break" Facebook with excess....(He says with tongue firmly placed in mouth).

To find me on Facebook , this link may well help: https://www.facebook.com/peter.green.165033

Chatting to Trudi and we are wondering if I may have Raynauds phenomenon brought on by chainsawing, my fingers are a bit freaky, especially during Winter and long hikes... need to get it checked out. I ran 4 laps around Kalorama oval last night, I'm aiming for 10 which is a lot. 10 is around a 5 kms run. Hell I'm happy to do even 4.

I have 224 'friends' -some really are... which is nice.

July 3rd

Rosemaree calls by at 10.00 and we all head to The 3 Little Ducks. I meet a really nice local vet who has 2 baby Wombats with her, all snuggled up. Both orphans from roadside kills. Daisy is the girl, and I am stoked I get to hold her, she is magnificent...looks a lot like a baby Kangaroo. She melts my heart. Wendy takes a snap with her phone , great we worked till 4.00 last night so I will look like crap. Still Daisy is gorgeous and that is all that matters. Vets and carers are heroes, not football players or rock stars!

Last episode of "Wentworth" tonight, at least it's back next year. Ends well, the Matriarch gets a pen in the neck- brilliant blood spurts as Bea rips it out-love it! Plus the governor Ericka gets a tongue sandwich from Frankie ! Yes!! Very sexy. What 2 old perves Marky and myself have become *GRIN*.

July 4th

I am going through the Osborne street photo albums to try and find some more photos for THE EARLY YEARS book. Mark has been working away on layout every chance he can get. He's been doing such an incredible job, I am so impressed. I am awake early today, and go for it as far as emails and work. I clear out half my In box by the time we head off for lunch. Such a productive day. Happy Independence Day to our American mates. I can't stop writing THE EARLY YEARS in upper case... strangely obsessive doing that!

July 5th

Fave Movie- Life Of Pi (it must be on BluRay..we have waited and waited & finally it's released. Fantastic) Thanks Mr & Mrs Smith.

Creep of the Year-Tony Abbott (well that was a tad predictable!) -Phoney Tony Toupee! Southern Baptist Churches as well.

Hero of the Month-Animal carers and Mark Goulding who single handedly has saved thousands of critters. Plus he is a stud!

Colour- (Jo Sonya's) Indian Yellow

Book- "The Early Years" (don't you love self promotion!) sorry THE EARLY YEARS (the upper case edition).

Accessory- 1976 Ugg Coat (Winter), and leather sixties retro shoes. Not worn together.

Cop out of 2013-PG doing Sheepbook.

Good change of mind- Mr Rudd on gay marriage-great we have a PM & deputy PM showing some guts & supporting this.

July 6th

I'm up early today, I'm off for my "Screen For Life" session at Kilsyth Hall. They are doing Stroke Screening- strokes happen one in every 10 minutes-so it's a preventative thing. So they check for plaque build up, irregular heart rhythm, systolic blood pressure. Abdominal Aortic aneurysm screening, so an ultrasound for that, nice cold gel all over my abdomen.. the girl doing that one is fun, we both laugh a bit too loud. The results come back in a few weeks but she seems to think my AAA results are good. They check your neck areas and atrial fibrillation risk-abnormal heart beat . It happens when the hearts upper chambers don't beat regularly.. so you have things like blood clots happening. The ECG test identifies the presence or absence of atrial fibrillation. Next it's PAD- Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening. You know the old hardening of the arteries. It can increase the risk of s stroke up to 6 times. If left untreated 75% of people with PAD will die from a sudden heart attack or stroke. I also pay a few extra dollars for a bone density test-which is this oddball machine that has to rounded probe that touch your heal of your foot. They can tell straight away- I'm stoked (not stroked!!!) " yours are perfect, all that Australian sun as a kid" says my tester. It took about 70 minutes, close to 60 of us are being tested today. Thankfully I don't smoke, 1 out of 2 smokers will die from smoking related illness, why would you it's just not worth the risk. Probably half the people here today would of been smokers and they were in such bad shape, 1/2 of those 10 years younger then me -and they looked pretty bad. One guy couldn't even put on his sock! I left feeling ok, the main results take awhile... but I am hoping mine are all good. I'll just keep running a few laps every night... I just don't want to be a gym bunny. If I do gym I just tend to get bored after a few months.

July 7th

I have a headache all night, think i worked too much last night and stupidly forgot to have my breaks. A lot of Neil related emails came in, so I stayed on top of those.

I have a coffee at the general store and end up chatting with Toni for an hour- a local -she's cool. I even got some work done. Quite a bit... watched the world walk in , and was tempted and bought us a locally made Bushmans Pie- the general store makes fantastic pies! Good quality ingredients.

July 8th

Mark finishes the Surrey Rd chapter for THE EARLY YEARS , his job is actually harder then mine... I only wrote the book, he has to wade through it, shuffle it, get me to add/subtract lines, lay-out, photos ... Marks talents shine above mine. I'll never be a real author but honestly I don't really care, I'm just happy that my little books seem to go to good homes and are appreciated- to me all of that is just good, good, good.

I add a message from Neil to our various boards on our websites... just so people know his album is still coming together. www.frenz.com/crowdedhouse/

July 9th

Have a chat with Amanda which was fun, she has so many kids and adores them all equally. Funny at school I seem to recall she once said to me "I'm not having kids"- always the ones that say that , have tribes!

A cold, cold day, at Kalorama, must of went very close to snowing. So little rain...I hope we do get at least one snow fall this year...and during the day not at 3.00 in the morning. I'll photograph the hell out of it. We hear form Warwick and Navene which is fun. Great to see married life is bliss for them both. We are promised a dinner so as soon as our life gets a breathing space we will certainly take them up on it.

Another night where we worked till 3.00 in the office.

July 10th

Our Crowded House-"Ghost Cars On The Freeway" book is now close to 1% remaining, so it's going to become extinct soon. I mention it on the net and there is a rush, when people think "I'll miss out" it seems to make a few human go wild. They've had so much time. www.rocketpocketbooks.com has copies and Frenz Com has about 24. (merchandise area of this diary site).

The new polls are in and Mr Rudd has a 22% lead over Mr Abbott as "Preferred PM"... Labors primary vote is up by a huge 38%! bring on the election, Abbott will lose and we can get on with our lives. Even the few Liberal voters we know, nearly all of the detest Abbott , refusing to vote for a homophobe. Good to see.

July 11th

I decide it might be nice for fans to see some of the costumes from or our archives, so while I'm starting to air them (I give them an airing, clean etc every year) I snap a few photographs, just using the el cheapo camera. I'll use my brilliant camera during Summer and photograph all we have. Such nice comments- glad it's appreciated.

Pinks "Funhouse Tour" dvd has ticked over 31 Platinum in Australia. That is crazy-31 platinum, nothing would come close to that. The show tonight is filmed for the next dvd. I was happy that our Split Enz and Skyhooks DVD went Platinum.... but 31 times...whoa, Australia most certainly loves Pink.

July 12th

Paid our rather expensive Gas bill, I guess it's cheap compared to some peoples bills. Once it's paid I just forget about it. I have crunchy tempura prawn rolls tonight from the Japanese place. Not bad. I get quoted on an online music website. Oh well they spelt most of it correctly, so I guess any publicity is good publicity. Today was all a blur, just little things done and dusted.

July 13th

I fall in love with Emma Phillips exceptional photo of Pauline Hanson. I care little for Pauline's crazy comments (most of the time) but the photo is sensational- such a great 1950's feel to it. So Emma Phillips really worth checking out her work folks. Love for her to photograph Neil Finn.

Was happy to see that the Otway Estate Brewery has released a "Spotted Ale" where money goes to the conservation program for the endangered Tiger Quolls. We love Quolls.... so please drink up! Buy some Spotted Ale today.

We watch the last piece of our Star Trek original series blu ray and the pilot episode is included, is it me or does anyone else think Captain PIke looks a lot like a young Morrissey!

I start painting the cover art for THE EARLY YEARS. It's kind of like french painter Jean Dubuffet , well a little bit. My idea was based on a whimsical thought that Mark and myself at age 8 do a drawing what our future will be.. so it's very kid like, a winding road, with images and storm clouds, the bus to Melbourne.... there is a beach and the little blob is my mum on a red surfboard... there is a skyhook smashing into the Wollongong steelworks and it will all end at the Murchsion street Woodface apartment.. with a woodface peering out the windows... while the building flies away! Anyway we'll see. The front is ok.. so far the only computer pieces are the title and prequel information. The rest is 100% painted by yours truly. Hell I'm not sure if I like it, I do keep looking at it.. it's hard to materialise the innocence of childhood to paint like that. You keep wanting to sharpen things up, and tidy up pieces etc-I've fought the urge to do so.

July 14th

Drawing the bus for THE EARLY YEARS seemed to chew into my day..I found a page on the Net- "How to draw a bus" isn't the internet great. It still looks a bit like a sausage on wheels...I failed bus drawing 101.

We hear from our old mate Claire which is so good...hopefully she'll be visiting when Laura is next up, or maybe at Laura's party if we are here. Chat to my sister and baby may be coming sooner instead of later, we will know for certain in a week .... I need to book air tickets home , so I will be nearby for the blessed event. It will be an EVENT! The baby Jesus didn't have this much attention. I am all 3 wisemen joined together.Well maybe a snippet from each and cloned and baked!

So that's it for the moment , stuck in Winter mode here, which is a cool time to work on this new diary book prequel, Mark only swears every 20 minutes now so it must be coming together in some fine fashion. It's not on the Rocket Pocket website yet but already THE EARLY YEARS (that damn upper case again) has sold 10% of it's copies. It will be a one off run and possibly the most enjoyable of all the books me thinks~!I have such a buzz on this one.. it's sure to be made into a movie.

Keep rocking the world.... don't let the bad shits win!

and remember in the words of Buffy "Beer is good" (well Spotted Ale beer anyway).

Live life!


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