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The finished BEX art. (Peter Green 2013)

April 23rd

Every so often I seem to fall (slightly) behind with the diary. Life somehow takes over and suddenly it's past deadline... I'll have to get Deb a big stick to whip me into shape...!

I see France has voted on Gay Marriage and it is a landslide victory for the YES vote..one day Australia, one day. While PM Gillard & Tony Abbott lead the parties it won't happen here from either of those "leaders". The political system here is in need of new blood, no wonder s many people are disgusted with what they have to choose from. 331 YES in France to 225 NO.. massive! We like that! The majority of Australians are behind gay marriage, it's time political leaders listened to the people!

April 24th

The owner of Warners has 11 billion dollars , wish he'd invest a few thousand (yes that's all) into Skyhooks- I can not believe how they have let the Skyhooks catalogue become shit! The Hooks sales will just grind to a stop, nothing fresh or original = zilch sales-it's really not a hard formula guys , or even a costly one.... seems incredibly sad that one of the more interesting bands from Australia's musical past has been left to rot! We hate it, not our call but it's kind of sad, especially something magical as Skyhooks. C'mon Warners pull your fingers out!

April 25th

Anzac Day... and I have a plan to spend it creating art. So I head up to the art area and I am focused..loads of music too, all day and all night till I get my canvas completed. I finally am ready to attack the job, BEX headache powder image from the 60's and 70's... think Warhol brillo boxes. Everything feels perfect and I know it's going to be a creative period. I'll probably have to finish the framing etc tomorrow but the creative side will be done and dusted. BY 2.00 in the morning the BEX art is finished. I'm happy, I tell my friend Allie I'm 65% happy. Which is good...just the fact that I am comfortable enough to hang this baby in the hallway says something. I think the main reason why I'm not 100% is simply the amount of individual BEX squares, some work, some kind of work a handful I don't like. Warhol told me many decades ago that even the 'faulty ones" are art and in some ways "add" not detract" and I get that.. my favourite "square" is a faulty one... I even tried to reproduce the fault square and simply could not.... which is funny. I guess if I can do one such piece of art a year I am happy.... so is this for my 2013 "piece". Greg Skyhook is lucky enough to posses one of my one off BEX canvas's. That one I love.

April 26th

"Wentworth" (Prisoner re-boot) and "Da Vinci's Demons" our fave 2 new shows on cable... oh and "House of Cards" (USA version) all 3 excellent and we love that the 2 USA shows are on our screens an hour after America! Wentworth is fantastic, love how they have finally started filming in the laundry..you just knew it was only a matter of time before someones hand ends up under the steam press!!!

I found some wood for the frame for BEX today, sadly it's slightly warped (some may say..how appropriate for me)... so I put together a frame and stretch the canvas... Mark says needs a border so I always listen to him and hey presto it has one..! I'm a happy Gryphon, art work completed! Mark was right again-as always.

April 27th

I hear from the "Ear" for Rocket Pocket Books.. seems like I have been thinking of this for way way too long, so it's now all coming together. I love having this diary site, small flecks of PG trickle onto the net, Rocket Pocket Books is really a site for the book company so it's somehow connected but not...I like that. It should be live on the net around mid may. www.rocketpocketbooks.com What fun as Sally Crombie says..

Mark was right the infamous Hooks Sylvania #1 tape DOES exist..I was unsure..I do trust MG's memory over mine but it seemed weird that we could not find it... but we did tucked away in a box of mixed tapes. After all this,time,it has done it's thing it doesn't sound as brilliant as we thought... Mark will add some magic ... I'm always happy with whatever results he can get from such things.

GREAT coffee today, Nick made it at the General store... kept me buzzing all day long..... head full of ideas all of them falling out of my ears (I have a very Monty Python image of that).

April 28th

Divinyls are in the charts again here after the sad death of Chrissie, nationally their Best Of is at #14, the highest placing it ever had. Same thing happened to Skyhooks after Shirl died, The Collection charted really high as did several other Hook albums. Visit the Hooks website at www.skyhooks-music.com

I start scanning photos..Mark sets up the secondary canon scanner on my desk... we work out there are about 30,000 photos to go through from bands to friends to family....obviously I won't scan all but I will scan a hell of a lot. It's handy to have all the Enz and Crowdies stuff done in case we need it down the track. The photos go all the way to the day where I was born in that cross fire hurricane weather at Wollongong!

Mark is working in the garden this afternoon so I give him a hand, he is wielding the chainsaw like the lead in "Kalorama Chainsaw Mascara!" (Yes I purposively penned mascara for once not a typeo). We've cleared away an old stone garden bed.. and planted natives and a few berries.. looks great.

April 29th

Hmm the elephant in the Victorian Liberals Party room-Mr Geoff Shaw.. roll on the next election for Victoria It feels like this state has ground to a halt, business is fleeing and moving to other states, sad as it was doing so well for quite awhile. I notice someone has spray painted "Tony Abbott LIAR!" on the road near Ferntree Gully.. I wonder what Mr Abbott has lied about this week (rolls eyes). The people are "speaking" well via spray paint!

April 30th

Scan scan scan... decide to tweet a few photos to our supporters. The GryphonMusic twitter area seems best for these. Starting with Enz snaps and then Crowdies a few people have never seen. I sent Sharon Finn some , thought they'd enjoy them too. I heard back from Tim Finn he seems to love the snaps we are emailing him, some go way way way back... love those early Enz cozzies so bright and circus like.he has all these cool little comments.

I mail another huge box of Ghost Cars Crowdies books today, I can finally see the office floor again- a few more to go but making head way, I never envisioned these would take so long, it's all the paper work....!!!

May 1st

"Wentworth" debuts on Foxtel, the re-boot of Prisoner (Cell Block H) and we love it, being huge fans of the original show (I once sent the Freak a letter & Maggie replied..cherish that) we were a bit hesitant that Foxtel may well fuck up this iconic show- but they didn't , it's brilliant, stands alone , Frankie Doyle is now a gorgeous lesbian (think Ruby Rose) .... and it's put together so well, and keeps giving twisted nods to the original. It's now the #2 show on Foxtel, nothing will bump off Game of Thrones....but I'm just happy Australians are supporting Wentworth. Wish there were more episodes though seems so few.

The Hobbit was released today, so cool to watch it and at the very end in HUGE letters- the title song credit for Neil Finn! Very proud of him.

May 2nd

Happy Birthday Warwick, good to chat today, he's coming up to our place with his gorgeous wife Nevene.... will be fun to see them! He's so happy these days, they are a good couple. Rosemaree commented that she has never seen him happier.

Miss Astrid from the Ducks leaves for America today, we'll miss her for the 3 months while she is away-stay safe girl!

My pay goes missing, truly truly sucks, as someone who gets paid every 2 months you can imagine, think of 8 weeks of your pay suddenly not being available....hate it.

May 3rd

So on a tight budget till all of this is worked out. I remind Mark of all the people stuck in traffic having to leave home at early hours and bumper to bumper heading home..every day. We'll get through till Westpac work this out. Money stuff is so boring......

May 4th

Mark is wandering through the Hooks "Guilty" sessions and loads of other stuff... Macainsh is being a bit odd about his cassettes , they are his, so no biggie we respect that. Seems a tad crazy though as Mark just improves the live shows a lot, all those crackles and pops removed etc. Loads of comments from people what a brilliant job he has been doing on other bands stuff-nice to see.

Our mates Merelyn & Maz have their anniversary this week-congratulations girls and we will see you tomorrow. The weather has a bite to it, it's been so fantastic so when the cold arrives you can feel it.

May 5th

We pick up the girls, and the mountain is insanity. The Chestnut Festival is on and thousands and thousands have flocked up here for the day. The 4 of us arrive at the 3 Ducks and somehow they have messed up our booking-I must of given everyone one of "those" looks as suddenly gorgeous Margo swaps people about and we have the big table. I''m glad the 4 of us had so much to talk about, it was insanely slow today... people were losing patience.. fast.. Maz's gigantic laugh ripped the building apart several time (chuckle). Two million hours later we are home at Ailsa Craig and we take some anniversary photos under the golden trees of the girls. I drive them back to the accommodation, cars are still all over the mountain, the alarms are going for the SES to drag vehicles out of the ditches. Yieks..danger Will Robinson TOURISTS on mountain roads!!!!

Get an email from the Ear ( I do have to stop calling him that) and Rocket Pocket Books website will soon be up and running, which is very cool. Located at www.rocketpocketbooks.com it's good for the book company to have a little rocking website. Books will always be available via Frenz Com too and the diary etc... but nice to have them all under the one roof.

Sorry about the delay with the diary, especially to you Deb (big stick in the mail) , somehow I just fell behind and felt like being in quicksand this week trying to grab back time to do this.

Blast Off!!!


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