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Archive: 23 September - 6 October 2013

September 23rd

We are home for a couple of days. Too much swimming and hiking, so give Dr Chiro a call so he can pop a few bones into shape. The Montrose spinal centre are pretty good and seem to fit me in whenever I want, which is great. Still avoid looking at those acupuncture needles after all this time- I chill out, and feel great that I have had it done. Good to get some corrections. I know back stuff is long term, so I happily allow for that. The main thing is to keep active and not live on the couch, so I keep that in my head. I don't mind some couch potato time but need to balance it out with some exercise.

I re-work Nathan's timeline for his chat with the NFSA, happy to help him, I still believe he would of been totally fine without my help. The suns out again, best time to be up here on the mountain, just perfect weather today.

September 24th

Amazed that Liam Finn turns 30!. The years roll on by, love his recordings, I'm stoked he's followed that road. Puts on a good live show too. I email Neil a snap of him in the back of the hire car with a young 3 year old Liam asleep in his arms. He's a good dad. Apart from Liam's musical abilities we are always impressed by his fine crop of facial hair!!!

We see the latest report on diet drinks & artificial sweeteners, like diet coke. They can actually increase your craving for sugar, the Yale medical study has found. No dopamine is released so dieters have that craving. It's so silly that over weight people think diet coke etc will actually help them, in fact it probably makes them chunkier. We do have some coke in the cupboard for summer and guests but for the moment we have avoided buying any. Prefer our fruit and vegie juices.

September 25th

Lots of people heading down the coast, roads are fairly busy. School holidays but the weather is turning for the worse again. We blow out a few escapes this week and hang out at home. Some neighbours are away so I check on their place. The stray B&W cat visits, Miss Banshee hasn't spotted it yet so no cat fights (PHEW!). She doesn't care and will happily take on dogs that wander in the property. I watched her on the security camera chase a dog off our property once... she is full of confidence that kitty of ours.

The Wollemi Pine has lost all it's fake winter snow off it's leaves, so it knows warmth is on the way. Our exquisite dinosaur pine is so healthy and seems to be on a bit of a growth spurt. I make a note to take some photos of it, I should really keep a record of it's height for the nursery people. Eventually I'll put some more in if we can get them. I want a Wollemi Grove!

A few phone calls today but people not leaving messages, their loss. No message, no call back. Mark helps me clean up the roses, that run along one of the walk ways. I usually prefer natives but the smell of roses on a balmy Kalorama night is quite enticing.

I speak to my mum and she is using emu oil for her leg and food. I am trying not to think how they get the oil from the poor old emu. I do see a small stuffed toy emu for aussie animal week so I buy it for her. need to get her some more oil, if she says it's working, who am I to argue.

September 26th

The weather certainly has turned and I'm glad we are at home for a few days. It buckets down, the water tanks are over flowing. I work on some of the Enz dates for our gig list. Trying to get these lists done (will they ever be done). Skyhooks. Crowded House and Split Enz. So far it's 981 Skyhook shows, 911 Crowded House gigs and 763 Split Enz shows. I know a few Enz ones are still missing. In a week or so I'll start on a Neil Finn solo gig list and then a Tim Finn one. Eventually they'll end up on the net.

We can't believe the Liberals are still pushing that piece of shit broadband of theirs. Only a dickhead would support this idea. The copper wiring in parts is now over 100 years old. The next election promise to be broken by Abbott will be " EVERY household in Australia will have 25MB a second within 3 years of him in office". Feeling suckered Australia- you should be!

I try to repair Marks bronze bathroom cat. The bowl piece broke off so araldite glue... it really needs some sort of weld job, and even then I doubt it will hold. It's such a funky statue... seemed a shame not to have it intact.

I go through the Mystery Box and find a very very old roman coin that I dug up at Wollongong, when I was about 12. I'm trying to work out how old it is (it's incredibly worn) and wondering how it got so far in the ground. There are a few signs that the romans did indeed visit the south coast area (or maybe not) ... and old coins occasionally are found on the beaches. Not sure if there are any official roman shipwrecks in the area, and I guess they'd be destroyed after all these years... maybe amphora with old wine could still exist and metal but not much else. Anyway I'm looking at thousands of roman coin images to see if I can work out a match.

September 27th

Asylum Boat #10 arrives in Australia with 80+ on board. Abbott still trying to hide his lie from the media and public by refusing to release figures, talk about denial. So much for transparent government.

Mark working away on the final chapter of THE EARLY YEARS . The first 14 flowed so well and suddenly #15 is a bitch. We will get it done but just want it to flow. I waded through the book the other day and liked it a lot, so I'm hoping this prequel to the diary books finds a good home amongst our readers. For the pre sale people I'm thinking of adding a hand screened piece of art (canvas) just flat as a fun extra. Each one will be slightly different, quite a nice idea...and I have some thoughts on what the art pieces will be. You'll just have to wait and see. Who gives art with their books.... ? OK I do.

September 28th

Decided to collect all the Australian Animals cards from Woolworths. They give you some when you buy your grocery's and you can get a very cool aussie animal folder to put them in. So I thought it might be a nice thing for my little niece Maddison. Isn't that what we uncles are meant to do? So please any aussies shopping at Woolworths , when you pay they'll ask if you want any animal cards- say YES as we would love them. I have about 70% so far but it would be cool to complete our collection for MIM - so all cards appreciated- Peter-PO Box 50, Kalorama VIC 3766. Thank you in advance..and so does Maddie (or she will when she can talk!).

September 29th

Our frieds Trudy and Liz spoil us with a cool lunch. I do however supply a baked cheesecake and the infamous tomato soup as an entree. Trudy brings along one of her early photo albums from when they were both teenagers and it contains amazing photos of Skyhooks and AC/DC. The AC/DC ones are especially very cool as they were taken at the East St Kilda house in the very very early days. The 'Hook photos we love, backstage at Countdown and live, just great. We talk the day away, and so nice to catch up with the girls.

September 30th

Last episode of "Breaking Bad" tonight and an exceptional ending, with Badfingers "Baby Blue" playing over the top of the last moments. Sad that such a classic show has now finished, so brilliantly written. We are amazed that so many late comers are now into the show. Why can't people ever get into cool shows when they start. It's annoying when they pretend they've always liked shows from day one, the newspapers are just as bad running big reviews of the last few episodes..and they've ignored it in the past. I see that 25% of the illegal online down loads of the final episode have come from Australia. So Breaking Bad gone, Dexter gone and Magic City .... a golden era is ending.

Do some drawings for a possible Crowded House christmas card, it may work...... I like our cards.

October 1st

I somehow chipped a filling when we were away and thankfully my brilliant dentist can fit me in. Time to get my teeth cleaned too. The cleaning is the worst part, the lovely dental assistant reassures me and it almost works *GRIN* till the second lot of grinding and my body tends to lurch off the chair! The noise always adds to the fear. I'm lucky these are the best dental people I have ever had and I trust them... so imagine how bad it is from the previous dentists that I hate!

I drive to my accountants and drop in our BAS and also a few items for their charity auction. The cupboard is totally bare of signed things for charity's now.....I'll have to start saying no to requests.

Merelyn reminds me that Marc Bolan would of been 66 years old today.....so lots of Trex playing in the car and office and floating around in my head all evening.

My teeth feel so clean and fantastic.

Spend the evenings ending out reminders about Neil Finns text webcast... just 30 minutes but really it's just a test run for future events.

October 2nd

Up early to catch Neil's webcast and so few hiccups. Seems to run fine most of the time. At least half of the people that viewed it got the information from us , so that is great. I love Only Talking Sense, just one of my faves.

Lots of Neil emails today, it lights a fuse and people start writing. Spend 4 hours on those.

We have another run on the Crowded House-Ghost Cars On the Freeway books, the stock pile is shrinking, I'll soon have to dig into the Frenz com excess stock. I love how they are going to good homes, and pop up everywhere. Someone just sent me an image of the book at the Petra ruins... how cool!

Book MG's air ticket home for christmas, mine is already done, seems rather expensive .

We head off in the afternoon for a few days away.... loving this holiday time. Even though I'm still working away. The answering machine and security systems are on so if it's important messages can be left.

October 3rd

The Green Guide run some 4 star review on Breaking Bad...better late than never guys......

I have the lap top with me so I am working away on the Neil Finn Gig List. While it's a quiet time it's good to do such things for his use. Eventually down the track I'll ask fans to contribute.

Thinking "Jason" from Friday 13th may well be our Halloween look..and a small Jason mask for Banshee the cat!!! So maybe a classic this year for Halloween

October 4th

I make passionfruit curd tart...the first time I've made this one and it's pretty good. We are home again and call into the general store for a coffee and sausage roll. I love watching the passing parade ....so few stressed out people up here compared to the city, must be the clean air.

I see another asylum boat has arrived, how many is that now Mr Abbott? Things are looking bad in America, if they get hit with a full on recession watch that rebound in Australia and Abbott won't know what to do, at least Labor managed to keep Australia out of recession when it happened everywhere else.... Abbott is a dumb arse, watch the shit hit the fan here with him as leader. Unemployment will start to rise....

The first Enzo show has sold out in New Zealand and 2 more now added. A very special matinee 2.30 pm show on November 3rd... (special family ticket price) and a 3rd show on November 4th. It's so great that some of those original Enz guys will be playing at this- as time marches on it is rare that they get to have a play so who knows this may be the last time, so please if you can make it to these ENZO shows don't blow it, you may well be seeing history in the making. Tickets are available via NZ ticketmaster.

October 5th

80 days till christmas...really, how did that happen?

Daylight savings soon so we put the clocks forward, we hate it, it throws the day out. Still it means we are coming out of our winter thaw, so that is the positive.

My good ol' Mum, mailed me some of the Woolworths cards for Madison...you are a cool grandmother mum!!!! Chat to our mate Wendy on the phone, I've promised her the cheesecake recipe for christmas. So few people get this one... feel the love Wendi!

Mark is reading the recently released Prisoner book (Cell Block H) so we have started from episode one of Prisoner...only 692 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!! Insanity Marky insanity!

October 6th

Wow thank you Teali for the animal cards for my niece! You really helped bump down the number needed. Appreciated (a lot!).

We've spent so much time zooming about, my body ended up crashing today. Just needed sleep at our house. I did however get to the art room and potter about in that area for an hour. I have one unfinished art piece from 1990 so I laid it out on the floor to try and get an idea on how to display the various parts. I have a few ideas so we will see if any work out. I left it in limbo, just wanted to get an idea on what I am working with. It means I'll have to do 2 final pieces which is ok, just art board so that should be the easy part.

So that's it for another 2 weeks, a bit of a rush on this diary update. October is always a rush of a month, you wake up and know the end of the year isn't too far away. America is a real concern, only 10+ days to go for them to work out all their shit, and then it all starts crumbling down. The money is about to run out- it's a huge concern and of course will shake up the rest of the world. Time to plant your vegetable patches people, you may need them to survive!

Remember to breathe!


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