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Archive: 25 February - 9 March 2013

February 25th

I see Michael Barkers son has been getting the media on his back for Internet "trolling" ... I'm sure there are more important things in the world to worry about. Sometimes a spotlight on someone just makes them react even more extreme. It usually doesn't end nicely, all it takes is someone who never has a light on them to get their back up and who knows, danger will robinson! I wonder how much Enz footage will get played, apart from some stuff that we have probably very little out there with Michael playing drums. If he didn't have a semi famous dad I wonder if he would receive the same press coverage. Storm in a tea cup , slow media day. They'll end up just encouraging him and others I'm sure.

February 26th

Oh sad day, Raymond Cusick died, he designed the Darleks in the original Dr Who. Don't think he ever got paid a great deal, when you think how much money has been made from the Darleks from merchandise etc he should of been treated better.

A lot of emails today, mostly from teenagers and people in their early twenty's loving the Finn-Kelly show at Brisbane. Fresh fans , some encouraged by their parents to see the show. Good to see teenagers are not just all about Justin Beaver and One Erection! ZZZZZZZ.

February 27th

I can't believe we missed a major Skyhooks gig date on our list, it was an oddity of a show but it was recorded released as a single and on a live album and somehow we missed adding it to the gig list. So that makes 978 shows for those Skyhook boys. I wish someone would do something about fixing up the bands catalogue, hate it when people can't buy all of the albums, I've almost given up, it's like banging ones head against a concrete wall. You'd think with Mushrooms anniversary happening they would take care of such albums like Ego Is Not A Dirty Word and Guilty Until Proven Insane. A bit sad really...the bands music should be treated with more respect.

February 28th

I hear from Sis and she's down for a visit in a few weeks, all rolly polly and pregnant! She's nearly half way and will be a relief when the kid is born, seems like she is very over it!

It's funny how the Japanese fisheries minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said criticism of Japans whaling is a cultural attack-I thought their endless slaughter was for "scientific reasons" not the slaughter for food. I wish the japanese government would make up their minds on which lie they wish to tell the world. We are still not buying any japanese products till whaling ceases! Hayashi can get stuffed (how very australian of me!).

March 1st

Wow 30,000 at the Adelaide Finn-Kelly show, pretty amazing, considering the promoters expected 15,000. Nice weather ,good tunes...the police were saying it was a really enjoyable crowd very little trouble...quite a large crowd for the start of the Adelaide Festival. Everyone is happy.

I see Clint Eastwood is showing support for gay marriage in the U.S. supreme court, it's great he still manages to surprise people. He is amazing. I hear quite a few conservatives have stepped up to show support too- that won't happen here, the conservative side of politics isn't even allowed a conscience vote thanks to Tony Abbott. Maybe Dirty Harry needs to pay him a visit and give old ferret face a lecture...or his Magnum! Opps. (The icecream I'd never encourage violence).

March 2nd

Sydney Mardi Gra is on, a bit of rain but that always seems to make people more passionate and determined to have a great time. It's the 35th anniversary but this year no broadcast, well not on tv or cable, just the net..a bit lame.

We spend our Mardi Gra chainsawing two tree limbs that have been hanging around in the yard. I carried them both to the garage by myself....I found some new arm muscles that were hiding ... felt good.

Work in the vegie patch during the afternoon and I've planted some peas-think I've only ever tried to grow them once so who knows. My body yearns for more green food.

I did catch up with Rosemaree at the Kalorama General Store for a coffee. She needed to go to Bunnings so I went along for the ride with a pocket full of gift cards. The plant area has improved a lot, it got really crappy so I'm happy to be a returning Bunnings customer again..now that it's ok. I fill up a trolley. Amazing basil bowl for the main table area of the house, so it smells sensational in the kitchen. I also find a solar orb! A mere $10.00 and it's this cracked glass sphere and emits either white light or changes colour..very cool.

Awhile back our mates Laura and Kevin gave us this urn...and a total fluke/meant to be moment..the solar orb sits right on top, into the urn..like it was built for it. We call it the "Orb of Thesulah" ... which comes from numerous sci fi/fantasy related shows I'm sure... it's very funky...it charges during the day and at night the kitchen is wonderfully freaky drowning in light patterns ... feels like religious icon we have found from long ago. All hail the Orb of Thesulah!

March 3rd

Summer is over but it sooooo isn't- a long run of days over 30o in fact they now think it will break all heat wave records for March, since the 1800's. Ailsa Craig is nice and cool but even our home can only take so much. Meanwhile the dams continue to drop every single day as people use more water to cool down. We'll be using desal water soon enough.

I spend Sunday address checking and packing more copies of Ghost Cars...slow and steady, people know I appreciate their patience. Each time I have to stop for an email it takes me away from getting more books done. I've had a few new Ghost Cars orders come in too, there can't be much stock left, was hoping to have some for sale on the net but I think they will all be gone before that happens.

The new look Age newspaper arrives, it's more compact and I love it...you don't take off with a newspaper sail if it's windy, I'm glad it's a smaller size, hope it gives the Herald Sun a run for it's money.

I keep telling my mate Greg Skyhook that Ted Failleu's days are limited, he doesn't believe me.. it's not just the Polls that put the Victoria state Liberals behind it's the feeling amongst the public, people have totally lost faith in this state government, I think Ted will get the tap on the shoulder soon and asked to hand over the reins. Hope he takes that dickhead Peter Ryan with him- what a tool.

Mark bolts into the office all excited- "come check this out"... and I do. As we head to the decking I see a tail disappear and I know instantly what it is. A large blue tongue lizard is living under the decking and was sunning himself... which is fantastic. They are great, not poisonous and we both love blue tongues. Not sure if Banshee does though! They remind us of our days as kids at Wollongong.

March 5th

Happy Birthday Mum... she made it to one of the more important numbers. A small dinner at her house, we give her some very bright funky flowers. She's great these days, the possibility of a grand child has added some spring into her step-which is nice to see. Sis is just on 4 months pregnant..so awhile to go. I hear from Bic Runga and she has a month to go before baby #2 arrives..

March 6th

We head into the city to St Kilda for the final Finn-Kelly gig, when it's a run of shows I always like the last one.. it's another stinker of a day... Melbourne is cooking. We park by the sea baths and is that Paul Kelly surfacing from the depths of the bay from a swim! How funny...

While we are standing in the foyer, a young guy is on the balcony and calls out "Ted Bailleu Has Quit".... the foyer crowd lets out such a LOUD cheer- it felt like an Eva Peron moment... I expected Ted to walk out in some fine robes onto the balcony singing "Don't Cry For Me Melbourne".... all bizarre but not unexpected.

Tonight we are sitting with the punters, which is great as it's nice to see from the front and not the side-the Finns have given us 2 amazing tickets-the show has sold out so pretty much zilch comps-these are great seats, really great so thanks guys. The line up for water goes out the door so we head in parched .... we have our workers pass so a beer in the band room later with the family.

"Silent House" just blew me away, loved it loved it..also my head almost explodes with memories when Neil mutters the words "11 Osborne street.." which is the old house at Sth Yarra...it all comes flashing back... I lapped it up, just brilliant. There are hundreds of reviews so I won't even attempt one. The crowd was appreciative, the guys amazing, thumbs up to Elroy Finn who is indeed a mighty fine drummer. It's a gig you just had attend, no second guessing it. I get why so many people love this show. We catch up with our mate Benny, big thank you to Dave one of our long long term crew guys-from the Enz days... anyway thanks for your pass loan for a second. Good to see Ben, we never seem to see him as much as we used too-he's always on the road, but knows how close we three are, mates forever. Oh yeah Noel and Sally's backdrop exceptional-talented bastards!

Meanwhile I'm about to croak it from lack of liquid...so spot Pinky and head to the band room to see the family. Elroy is wandering about- I didn't want to gush how great he was , so just gave him the thumbs up. It's always a joy to see these guys, just fun and possibly the best tasting beer I ever had in my life! People are all saying "Wow Ted Bailleu's gone, how good is that", it's all we heard during the night. I guess it's like Melbourne is waking up from some long political sleep! WE say our goodbyes and slip out into the warm night, it's a long drive home and we haven't had much sleep lately because of the heat. The beaches around the bays are packed with people night swimming-thousands of Melbournites becoming creatures of the sea. There bronzed skins rippling wet against the moonlight-almost reptilian. We have parked by the sea baths-I always find a park in that area, the ticket machine only lets me have a $5.00 parking ticket so thats great, and no fine..a cheap night out-hell even the beer was free. Thank you Finns for a fantastic evening. Sydney is next.....a cooler climate I'm told.

March 7th

There is a media frenzy on Bailleu going, and a few more scalps might follow. Denis Napthine is now leader and premier... people keep saying "Nap Time" ...Victoria has napped enough, it's falling behind every other state thanks to the LIbs .. time to get this state back on track. I thought Matthew Guy would take over but he's marooned in the upper house with no safe seat to go to. I look into the Orb of Thesulah and this is what I see. Victorian Labor will win the next election (just), in 18 months time. Denis Napthine will be kicked out as Liberal leader and Matthew Guy will be leader of the Victorian Libs. Go on keep this bit and see if it happens. The Orb of Thesulah never lies..! Now where are those damn lotto numbers..come on Orb cough up!

Another hot day, I've lost count......

The webcast/streaming from the Finn-Kelly Opera House show is confirmed, Neil mentioned it to me awhile back but we have been waiting for it to get the green light. It will be from the last Opera House show on the 18th. Head to the NEWS area of www.frenz.com/neilfinn/ for the details on where to watch it.

I get a letter from our council who manage to mislay our rates cheques, but they found them, so have wiped any late fees and charges, as they should. They were ok to deal with but still couldn't quite explain how they somehow messed up. I'm just happy they worked it out. The rates guy was a fan so that helped I think?

March 8th

Bowie's album is out at last. Sadly the 2nd single "The stars are out tonight" totally flopped in Australia and New Zealand- so both non charters. I thought the first single was huge in the UK, but it really wasn't, only 2 weeks on the UK chart. It will be interesting to see if Bowie will debut at #1 here, it should be easy to do so, you need to sell so few these days. It's Bowie for god sake...#1 fore sure? Do I need to consult the Orb?

A Current Affair run a story on Michael Barkers son but they incorrectly use Enz video footage with Mal Green... next they highlight Mal in the line up and then use the close up....sorry guys this is NOT Michael Barker. Do they not have researchers on this show, good grief they are so stupid. I'm sure it opens legal door for Mal to sue them?

Quite a few used stamps arrive for our land mine charity. This is brilliant, I'm ready to hand over another full bag to them. The stamps are sold and prosthetic limbs bought for land mine victims. So please any used stamps mail them into us at PO Box 50, Kalorama VIC 3766 Australia. A big thank you to our friends too who have made an effort-we love our mates for doing this.

March 9th

Mark is the nature spotter..he rushes me to the window and on our big side lawn area the cutest brown bunny, actually he was large , fluffy brown wild bunny with a BIG white tail. He is camera shy and we can't seem to photograph him. It's like the Easter bunny has arrived early. All the critters are heading to our place! Free food!

We are watch GRIMM on BlueRay each night, it keeps getting better & I hear they have signed for a 2nd season (Yay).

The Very Very Best Of Crowded House jumps up 13 spots on the ARIA cat. chart in Australia (#26)I've no doubt this will eventually click over double platinum! The Finn-Kelly tour is helping sell itI'm convinced.

I see the Queen has signed the support for gay marriage in the UK...well I've known many Queens he says... anyway it is good to see, whatever value is in that-if nothing else it moves gay marriage up a notch with the press. I'm more impressed that Clint Eastwood is bellowing support from the rooftops of Carmel!

March 10th

Sorry this diary is late, been side tracked by emails around the Finn show and the webcast on the 18th. No excuse really, I'll blame the heat, it just slows one down. The record was indeed broken, day after day of hot weather. It was relentless. As I write this a little cool change has finally arrived..it's meagre but not as brutal.

Take care, stay safe and fight the good fight! (I have no idea what that means..must be the heat fatigue again).



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