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"Can I Have Another Piece Of Chocolate Cake" - Warren Lanes Rinehart Painting!

March 25th

Well I guess if you are reading this all of Kim Jong-un's rhetoric hasn't caused a nuclear war (yet). Still April 15th if the anniversary of the birth of the countries founder Kim II Sung, so maybe a week to go. Apart from a few stray missiles targeting Sth Korea I still think it's mostly a fruit cake trying to look powerful in front of his own people. But like most extremists, when pushed into a corner they find it pretty easy to push the launch button. Of course you add in the China factor etc and who knows what could happen. I would feel very sorry for the innocent Nth Korean people who get stuck in this mess, especially if America has to retaliate...America has 5113 nuclear warheads- Nth Korea, 3 at best.. if any! I'm still not sure why America needs so many, over kill or what, but I prefer Obama to have some to Kim Jong even having one! Just another fat heinous pariah-the world would be better of with him gone forever. Still another fatty would no doubt replace him- funny how the leaders are always obese while their people are starving eh?

I'm sure the Nuke Pills website is doing a roaring trade these last few weeks. The dosimeters are on special this week, a small credit card which can fit in your wallet and detect radiation from dirty bombs or messed up nuke reactors. A tip if you do buy these- if at home keep them in your freezer, they last double the time (about 5 years)..other wise you tend to get about 18 months. You pay about $100 for a RadPack of Potassium Iodide tablets good for about 7 people. You really know if you are someones friend if you make their RadPack list I think!! Forget lame Sheepbook friending- Rad Pack friending is the only REAL thing that counts. But you usually get the CC detector with that so you, the loyal glow in the dark customer, do get a bargain. It worries me that I'm even putting this in the diary, is there a part of me , in the far reaches of that micro brain of mine that wonders if that idiot could actually trigger a nuclear war. Pretty horrid thought. Better go check the use by date on our Radiation Pills- incredible to think they might no longer be a novelty talking point & actually be used! Yieks.

March 26th

So Paulo has been gone for 8 years now. It seems that long, not more not less. We think of him almost every day- it's funny I can't remember having a single fight or argument with him all those years..I'm sure we must of, but none come to mind-which I quite like. Nothing but good memories and the never ending sadness that he still should be here. The fans are playing lots of Paul stuff today-world wide-I love that.

We watch THIS MUST BE THE PLACE, with Sean Penn in the lead role... I love this movie & fully understand why some just don't get it or even hate it. I thought Penn was brave and exotic and just wonderful... and it sucks that it was a financial failure-still a lot of the time the really cool movies are. It's like knowing a great secret while the rest of the universe goes on it's predictable way. More power to the Sean Penn's of the world.

Desert tonight is Tarte Tatin..usually it's made with apples but I had loads of pears- a whole $1.88 for a container full-so pear Tarte Tatin. It worked so out so well..and good to see Marky enjoying fruit!

March 27th

I've located a decent Reel to Reel machine on Ebay, I can tell already about 5 people are after it, great that it's in Victoria for easy pick up. Chat to Greg Skyhooks about it and he seems to think it's pretty good. So we'll see how the bidding goes. I was telling him buying on Ebay is most certainly an art form... but you know if 5 people want something, really want it that's when some of it comes down to either higher bidder or the luck of the gods against the clock, even with auto bid. So far I think I've managed to get all the things I've gone for but this one will be a bit tougher. At the same time we won't go to some insane money amount to get it. If we miss out one will turn up-they always do. Our lovely mate Rosemaree says she may be able to grab one from work, so that's another avenue. Nice she offered.

March 28th

USA taunt North Korea with their amazing B2's...the best North Korea could come up with is Kim Jong-un in a bad hawaiian shirt, dark shades and singing "rock lobster" ... sorry old chap thats the B52's.... Kim Jong misses the point once again. You'd think he'd at least go for a beehive hair do and try to be Cindy or Kate.

March 29th

Good Friday Easter holiday- I try to be GOOD honestly do..... I support people having the choice with religion, I don't support Woolworths being closed because of it. Close to 20% of people in the Australian census say they have 'no religion", 60% are christian in 1901 96% said they were christian. Christianity drops between 2 and 5% each census. So if it keeps falling at that rate by 2021 less then half the country will not be christians-so I think Woolworths should open all day that year! If staff members are christians they should be allowed to have that day off. They don't close for the witches sabbaths-Wicca is a religion!

I think I swing far more to the agnostic view these days, believe in "something" (man can tag it "God" ) but not really religion. To each their own.. I guess. I wonder why it's ok to eat chocolate crosses and chocolate girls praying but so hard to find a chocolate christ! Archbishop George Pell would would screech fire and brimstone at that idea I guess..... I have no problem against christians, I do have problems with christians who invade others space pushing their God and beliefs down the throats of people at malls and front doors.

March 30th

I see Bowie drops out of the top 10 after week #3. I'm happy for our Crowded House boys as the Very Very Best Of continues to climb-it won't go away will it- I suppose Best Of albums have staying power. The Bowie album is in such a weird place, without radio support it doesn't have much staying power and I'm wondering whatever happened to the massive Bowie fan base-maybe I falsely assumed it would go to #1 and stay for a few weeks, but at this rate it will be out of the top 20 in 4 weeks. It's a worry. He IS Bowie-maybe that doesn't count for all that much in 2013. Iconic or out of date relic? I'll always adore ol' David.

March 31st

Watch "Fire in the sky" , the alien abduction scene does my head in a bit. Makes my hair stand on end.

Tomorrow is April, another year that seems to be picking up speed and flying past. Had lots of phone calls today from friends, seems everyone wants to talk. Nice to hear from people.

April 1st

A friend was convinced that fresh blueberries contain more antioxidants ..I had to tell him he was wrong. They retain the same levels of antioxidant activity whether they are frozen, dried or fresh. I think the dried ones have more sugar?

Game Of Thrones returns and it is brilliant as ever. Love how the dragons keep growing- so cool.

Did you know 2.3 trillion minutes are spent worldwide on mobile phones. ?

April Fools Day and I did bait poor old Red Symons from Skyhooks... and it worked..I am a bad boy.

April 2nd

The Finn Brothers make #1 on the public vote in the Herald Sun for greatest Australasian lead singers. It's in the public vote which is the one that matters. The voting is still open (don't think you can use your smart phone though) so vote on the net from anywhere in the world... click on the THUMBS UP image next to the Finn Brothers (and give John Farnham and Guy Sebastian a big thumbs down-such SHIT music from both of them, middle of the road dribble).

Here is the link: takes a few seconds-so easy to do, so please cast a vote or two. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/music/john-farnham-voted-australias-best-singer-of-all-time-by-panel-of-his-peers/story-e6frf9hf-1226610268921

Thank you to the masses who have voted already (yes you can vote a second time if you wish). We have this amazing fan base that truly kicks arse...!

April 3rd

Bruce Springsteen generates $25 million in ticket sales for his 10 Aussie shows-WOW, Australia just loves the boss....and MY boss too, Neil (& Tm) Finn still #1 on the public vote for greatest lead singer.

Sad news, Chris Bailey, bassist for The Angels lost his fight with throat cancer. Doc is still fighting on. We play a lot of Angels cds in the office today-such a fine band-especially around face to Face & Dark Room. Doc was especially kind to we two young teenagers from Wollongong when we were at shows.

April 4th

Bird Flu has now killed 7 in China, and that number grows every day. China slaughtered 20,000 chickens at Shanghai market in the hope of stopping it.

Our Rolling Stones pinball machine has somehow fixed itself... the strange noise gone...the pinball guy who I usually speak to seems to think it is a "heat factor" around older machines. Well it saves me $ on a service fee so I'm stoked.

I'd be amazed if America doesn't know how many nukes (if any at all) North Korea has. Kim Jong-un doing his usual rhetoric rants, like a spoilt fat brat-he deserves a serious slapping-what a dickhead!

April 5th

We call into The Good Guys looking for a new washing machine & indeed they are good guys. Great price, delivery, extra warranty and they will take away the old machine. Very efficient ...we get a new Samsung washing machine-hey gotta support our allies in Sth Korea (where Samsung make their machines).

We find a wild pot plant in the national park-pick a handful of leaves. Neither of us really smoke much pot, almost zero.... so I grab some chocolate chips and make some cookies! Pot cookies-what fun.

Congratulations Warren Lane for his brilliant painting of Gina Rinehart stuffing her face with chocolate cake. It wins the Bald Archy prize. Just reminds me of Crowded House's "Chocolate Cake " song especially the lines :

"Can I have another piece of chocolate cake, Kathy Straker (Gina Rinehart???) boy could she lose some weight. Can I but another slice of real estate....."

April 6th

Washing machine guy arrives and he is great, quick, does the set up and he's off. Mark all excited by this machine that has more dials and settings then the space shuttle!

107,000 trips to and from Melbourne airport happen every day and if Tony Abbott ever becomes PM he has ruled out funding the airport rail link. It's pathetic, actually no, HE is pathetic. Melbourne needs a rail link to the airport, why do politicians not get that.

The Rolling Stones Hyde Park show sold out in 4 minutes. It it wasn't for adding credit card info they say it would of been 1 minute. So 70,000 tickets gobbled up. The special ticket packages though seem to be a bit of a rip off and not worth the money. A second show has been added for Hyde Park....

April 7th

I have some coffee at the General store at Kalorama- I eavesdrop on the locals chatting about Nth Korea... there is a bit of fear... we don't want a nuclear war.

Have a laugh at the email that arrives, which reminds us to turn out clocks back 1 hr for daylight savings. "Don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hr this Sunday ...or if you are voting for Tony Abbott, turn them back around 60 years". brilliant- sent it out to a few mates.


We head for a swim down the coast, last chance before the water gets too cold...a nice day. Home again and I drop Mark off with all the gear as I'm trying to catch Bob Starkie and his band playing at the Caravan Club. Such a rush, I miss part of the first set and have to leave mid second set. I spot an ex friend of ours, she's sure put on weight since I saw her last-especially in her cellulite legs (meow).. urgh- not a good look! I do run into the stunning Indianna Starkie, Bongo's first daughter who is just gorgeous & she whispers she is pregnant- some woman are just glowing when pregnant and seem to bounce back with their body shape, some don't, even years later! A few people who read this diary come up and say hello which is so nice, as Mark is at home and I didn't invite any one as I knew I'd have to bolt. Our friend Mary is in the crowd, mate of the Finns so we chat outside for awhile with some other people- just a nice afternoon.

Bongo is playing so well-passionate as ever.. laura does a fine job on vocals especially the 'Hooks stuff. Dance with Toni Gibbs and her husband near the stage with a lot of other long term Hook music lovers. It's not Skyhooks but it was fun.

I head off full speed..get home, put in some ebay bids for a Reel to Reel and the price gets too high, insanely high and we just miss out-which was ok as I was a bit "iffy" about the final bid (with 2 seconds remaining).

Our lift arrives and off to the Logies we go...nice meal at the table, it's at the back but hey.. a good first hand look at "the event"... great to see Molly, he does look like he's been through the wars but I am so glad he made it, apart from his "umms and arghs" a good speech, I got a bit teary for him. As was Brian Hendersons speech, iconic aussie news reader and also had his own music show pre-countdown. Adam Hills was truly truly brilliant and made this comment from the stage- "Britain is looking at Australia as one of the wealthiest countries in the world "so why are we changing governments? That's like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger shagging the nanny - not that I'm comparing Tony Abbott to a latino housekeeper". It made me laugh-quite a shot at Tony Toupee. Richard Wilkins head now looks like Bert Newtons-huge like he's had it inflated with a tire pump... and his eye job has expired.... Asher gets the gold logie and she is brilliant...Bert Newton wonderful speech.....and Bruno Mars so short as we were next to him at the after show party. A fun night, great slag off session.... thank you Steve for spoiling us. We had fun.

Home at 4.30 in the morning and we watched the episode of Dr Who that was recorded while we were out.

We are now well and truly exhausted, if Kim Jong-cow dUNg nuked Kalorama I doubt we'd even know as we both are falling asleep standing up-all partied out!

Stay safe and practice your duck and cover routine...



P.S.- Some sad news just in. Our friend Diane Jackson lost her brave fight with cancer. She is the mother of my god-son Timothy. Some of our fondest memories are of Diane and Timbo living with us when he was a baby at the Sth Yarra house. Diane had a wonderful laugh, a sense of humour that kept us in stitches and we were totally envious of her amazing hair. Thankfully we had stayed in contact on and off for several decades and I caught up with her on tours. It's shitty, she deserved a long life, a lovely hearted woman who we were proud to call our friend. Rest in peace Diane, and thanks for making our life that extra bit special by being our friend.

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