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Archive: 29 January - 10 February 2013

January 29th

We watch Led Zep's "Celebration Day" and love it, after all these years they still play so well... such a brilliant gig. Fairly sure it was the one that Neil Finn went along to when he was in London. Jason Bonham son of Zeps John is a mighty fine drummer-his dad would be proud of him. A great gig, not bad for a bunch of old farts-the magic still exists! But is it white or black magic that's the real question! *GRIN*.

Dear sweet ol' Molly Meldrum turns 70 today, which probably freaks a few people out, not many people knew Mollys real age. I know he's celebrating it overseas, hope it's a fun day for him.

January 30th

Had a few stomach pains today, very weird as I am usually so healthy. Think I'll have to visit the good doctor. I'm sure it's nothing but like all things , act upon it asap.

Spend the day sending out emails , mostly answering Neil Finn related questions. It's like everyone woke up today and had the same though-email PG about Neil Finn... was rather odd, something certainly triggered it-were the planets in alignment?

January 31st

I decided to check out the degree that the Liberals hold out seat of casey. It's only 1.1%, next federal election (Sept 14th) I'm asking everyone up here to vote for anyone but Tony Smith. Good to shake it up and watch the seat change hands, he seems to lose about 3000 votes every election, so I figure next one will be very, very close. Time to tip the scales, they have ignored the outer suburbs for far too long-goodbye Mr Bailleu too in the next state election.

I work till 10.00 tonight filling in padded envelopes for more Ghost Cars books- getting them done, takes time and I won't be rushed on this one.

February 1st

February already, another fast year, I refuse to admit it's because I'm getting old, and I did not pluck out a grey chest hair today!

My sis sends a present parcel, Mark scored this amazing Rolling Stones original concert ticket framed and I was totally spoilt. All good news on the baby front, another few weeks to go and then she has passed that dangerous area, so we are all hoping for the best. A baby in the family, truly excellent! It's changed my mum a bit too she seems more focused, we like that.

February 2nd

That Very Very Best Of Crowded House refuses to go away in Australia. I can see it selling double platinum here, it moves up one spot this week to #17. I guess in many ways it pays our wage. So more power to it!

Sharon emails me Arlo's address, as I want to drop him a line & send him Ghost Cars. One of our most beloved crew guys and our favourite guitar tech- so we all loved even after all this time. Went to America after working with us and had success with Sheryl Crowe. A nice bloke.. think he'll enjoy the little (book) trip down memory lane. I'm looking at getting another huge pile mailed (mostly to American around Feb 12th) hoping to mail a further 150-200.... one day there will be a time where I can stop mailing them. That's the horror of doing this yourself, all the other bits-saying that do you know how stoked I am that so many people have wanted this little book. I remind myself of that, as I envelope stuff another one..and another and another. I should count my blessings which I do..really.

I hear from Gill Civil who played keyboards in Crowdies for a short while and her copies of the book go out in a few weeks-she has a new album out this week too, so all of us are throwing it out into the world, books and music and hope it gets loved.

February 3rd

My doctor tells me I need a break, he asks if I took time off over christmas, I lie and say yes, I actually came into the office most days to catch up. He takes Mark aside and tells him to enforce a small holiday on me. We shall see, I guess if it means I'll be worn out or re charged I should listen to him.

I've added it up, down to 350 books to go, even that sounds like a lot but when you know how many I have done, I'm happy.... it seems never ending. Australia Post are doing very, very well from us. What will I have to talk about when these are all done..I know the next diary book-THE EARLY YEARS! Book #8 for Rocket Pocket Books.

February 4th

I blow it and miss the first part of the Warhol doco, it was on last night, part two is next Sunday so I make a note not to miss it. It sounds pretty good. I spot some of the Warhol limited edition Campbell soup cans on Ebay, I am so so so tempted, they do come up from time to time.. love them. Next pay maybe I can splurge..a mate in America does spoil me though -a Warhol soup can watch, it comes in the most amazing tin. Sometimes a present can just make your whole day, no make that my whole week! God that sounds shallow- who cares it's true. Someone just makes this effort and wants to surprise you..that's pretty special.

February 5th

The power is off on the mountain again today, they always seem like they are replacing power lines and poles. I suppose it's a good thing that they do it, but it means a whole day without electricity in the office, so we need to find some other things to do. We are waiting on a part for our washing machine, so Rosemaree lets Mark do a load of clothes at her place, which was great. We headed down the road for lunch while it was washing. I see in the paper that Robin Sachs passed away, he played Ethan Rayne in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Funny as we only just watched an episode with him in it last night.

When we are home Mark heads around Ailsa Craig and picks a massive container of fresh blackberries. They are so good for you, they contain phytochemical ellagic acid which kills cancerous cells and slows down the growth of tumours and hey it does lower cholesterol. So before you rip out any stray blackberry bushes think how good they can be for you!

February 6th

Great that England moves one step closer to gay marriage becoming a realty. The marriage bill has passed, 400 YES against 175 NO and the Torries played a huge part-who would of thought, from such a bunch of conservatives, just goes to show politicians can do the right thing. Good to see. Now if PM Gillard and Mr Abbott would open their eyes and also their ears and hear that the majority of Australians want this to happen too.

February 7th

Wake up to some stomach pains again today, not sure why, maybe I'm jogging too much, or eating too many of the blackberries that Mark has picked. I have been working late hours, mostly emails around the upcoming Finn-Kelly tour so feeling a tad worn, probably a bit run down and need to recharge. Mark tells me he has a surprise for me, some time off. No phones, no emails, just time to recharge. ZERO office hours.

February 8th

Our mate Spock blows out our breakfast get together, a good reason so we'll catch up with him in a few weeks. A truly amazing day up here on the mountain, I'm not sure if it's the bushfires elsewhere but we seem to have quite a few black cockatoo's visiting Ailsa Craig- you can hear them approaching from their strange bird call-lovely creatures.

Quite a few emails around Ghost Cars today- really nice comments, some really really good, still 300+ copies to mail, a slow process but we are making head way. A large amount go out to American fans in a few days time, just shrinking the pile.... so glad people are patient. I appreciate that.

February 9th

Wow win $50 on lotto, I haven't gone in it for months so this is great. Thanks lotto gods...!!!

This baby is taking it out on my little sister, exhausting and endless morning sickness that becomes afternoon sickness.....think she'll be relieved when it's finally born, still away to go. Exciting but I hate seeing her so worn out.

I see Dr Who will have a 3D episode as part of it's 50th anniversary celebrations..I wonder when the ABC will show it again here. It seems like forever.

February 10th

Grrrrrr Australia Post are useless, we ordered disc mailers and nothing has arrived yet, bought the few they had, from 3 different post offices, it's like there is a shortage on, they are hopeless and take forever. Australia Post has gone down the tube in many ways.

Amazing to see Gotye win 3 Academy awards, and take out the Record of the Year award.. not bad for someone from Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.. think it was the first time an aussie grabbed the Record of the Year grammy since Olivia Newton John back in the seventies!

Big thanks to Deb for updating the main page of the www.frenz.com/crowdedhouse/ site .... hoping to have our one millionth visitor this year so check it out.

That's it from the ol' Gryphon, a short diary update.

Take care


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