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Archive: 3 June - 16 June 2013

June 3rd

I'm determined to get all these photos scanned by the end of June. Even our media files, it's just good to have them stored. From family, friends to band stuff and holidays. Not all of them, I am being select but good to have them done. The problem isn't the vast quantity of photos it's the endless memories that keep rushing back. I think we probably have taken more photos then anyone we know in some ways a well documented life indeed!

Twitter has bene great fun-our GryphonMusic twitter account just handy to pop a few snaps up every day, my bunch of twitter mates seem to enjoy them. 500 now-wow! Word of mouth is good.

June 4th

Nice visit today from Nigel from the Enz , he lives close by so it's always great to see him. We chat about so many things. His old pre-Enz band the Cortina's turns 50 this year, so it's just not the Stones hitting 50-Mal Green was in that band too (The Cortina's not the Stones *GRIN*), I know they are all in the one country at the same time so I keep suggesting they head to a corner pub and have a play. It probably won't happen but I love encouraging such things.

I see Kevin Rudd on the news , wandering about the country which is in election mode. There has to be a time when the people supporting Julia Gillard know what is best for the Labor Party and go hat in hand and ask Mr Rudd to take over the leadership. He's not a stupid man, he won't be drawn into a vote unless he has the numbers. If not for the party, it should be to stop that horror Tony Abbott from becoming PM- and really Kevin Rudd could do that. In all the Liberal Polling voters prefer Malcolm Turnbull (62%) to Tony Abbott's 38% so even the Liberals don't like dickhead Abbott. He'll fuck Australia up good and proper and watch the jobs go if Tony Toupee gets in. It really IS time those who are serious about stopping Abutt (opps Abbott) tap Kevin Rudd on the shoulder.

June 5th

Start work on a bit of a push for The Very Very Best Of Crowded House. Yes it's been out for ages and it keeps on ticking over but we are so close to double platinum in Australia, it wouldn't take much for it to do so here. Some of our JB Hi Fi mates have been getting the stock in some obvious places, and the special price deals will tempt those people who love Best Of albums. I've been asking people to give it as a birthday present or to your great great great grandmother.

CD sales are so slow here we may even get it back in the National Top 50 which would be amazing considering in October it is 3 years since it was released.

June 6th

Crazy day for Rocket Pocket Books, both Ghost Cars and TRIP are neck and neck and today , half of it was spent wrapping up copies to be mailed, and numbering them and signing a few. I get so excited when a book order comes in, I'm a bit pathetic like that- I love knowing they are heading to places far abroad and so many positive emails that have came in lately. Gives me such a buzz-who needs drugs!

I see the bill passed in the house of lords which threw out the wrecking amendment in the UK. So the support for gay marriage is strong. 390 to 148. Maybe if Mr Rudd gets in here he can give the old gay marriage bill a huge push.

The second season of the rebooted Prisoner (Wentworth) got the OK for filming. It's no surprise as it has been Foxtel's highest rating show. It IS really great, and yes Frankie Doyle is hot, in that Ruby Rose sort of way.

June 7th

Spoke to my sis today , all's well in baby land, she's due in 7 weeks. Marks mum is convinced that the scheduled date should be thrown out the window and it could be "any time"! Don't say that I have to book an air ticket home.

I tried to get to the Oracle to grab a present for Bek but they closed at 4.30, I arrived at 4.35 (don't you hate that) so I visited our friends at Mandana and found a very cool wooden horse with amazing metal on it. Plus they gift wrap it so perfectly. I'm happy. I am hopeless around birthdays. I did find a brilliant birthday card.

June 8th

I take the lap top and work on a chapter of THE EARLY YEARS at the general store. Have a second coffee such is my vibe, I scrawl away merrily. It seems like heaps of people call into Kalorama General for breakfast and coffee now, it's always packed. I take some gold and show young Nick who is on his gold hunt, we both get a buzz from it. It looks like a golden tadpole (or a golden sperm!) such an oddball shape for gold..and oh so shiny- no wonder people get addicted to finding it.

I chop some wood for the house fires, it's starting to get cold , 5 degree's today, so nice to have the fire roaring away in the pool room.

I'm thinking of quotes for the book "maybe I wanted anonymity at school" came to mind when I had to have a really solid think about my school days. I always thought I was a bit of a Heather Mooney at High School. You know the character played by Janeane Garofalo in "Romy & Michele's High School Reunion" but in reality I probably was not. It's just some romantic rebel vision in my head. No, it was really anonymity I suspect, or being invisible and a tad of a freak at the same time-can you have both? Fuck it I don't really care, High School didn't mean a lot , I loved feeling slightly different, I watched students sleep walk through life and I swore I'd never be that stagnant...and stuck in their humdrum existence which was assured when they left- I count our blessings every day. Dullness isn't living a life it's surviving- fuck that.

June 9th

I get up early and bake an organic passionfruit cheesecake. I had the vibe and our mate Bek is dropping in and it's been awhile. Will be interesting to find out the latest on what is happening with The Seekers 50th anniversary tour after Judith D was hospitalised.

I'm trimming back the plants around the circular drive, before the seed drop happens, they can get out of control especially if birds transport them. Bek turns up just when I finish so good timing. The house is warm so we hang out for a few ours, chat, exchange some May birthday presents which is great. She loves the giant BEX art, so I make a mental note that tomorrow which is the queens birthday I'll work away and get a small bex box art piece done for her and just mail it as a surprise.

A really enjoyable day, and made even better when the Bexster shouts us Indian for dinner. She refuses to take any money, declaring loudly "you always pay for everyone so this is my treat". How nice is that! A fun day.

June 10th

I don't give a shit about the Queen or the royals so I enjoy the day working on art. Mark keeps saying 'you know it's not really the "old bats birthday today". So her majesty now known as "Old Bat" . We care little... we display a picture of Miss Candee with her birthday cake-that's the only Queens birthday that we bother with.

Brad Pitt in Sydney, turning up for World War Z, oh no the return of Bard and the ponytail! Yieks. He still is a handsome man though.

Finish the smaller BEX art and it's ok, I was after some fractured design so it was fiddly and I did keep messing it up, endless washing of silkscreens. I found the easiest solution was to relax and just roll with it and that way worked out best. Some art can't be forced. Hope the Bek enjoys it.

June 11th

I see Bongo has an article in The Age, he mentions the "S" word-yes Skyhooks, so someone may not be happy. It shouldn't be a big deal, I'm sure people will enjoy the gig. We are away for that day, so we'll miss it. Bob emails and says our names are on the door, he always thinks of us. Just the thought was kind of him.

June 12th

Chat to Miss Jane and a few other people today, I am still scanning away till well after the sun sets. Trying to get as many done as possible before the next load of work arrives. I hear from Neil which is great, I have my next years work layout in my head. Too soon to talk about releases etc, prefer to wait till the 'boss" gives me the ok to do so. People get so inpatient it will happen when it happens, take a chill pill, new music on the way, it just takes time.

June 13th

I attack the office, really start gong through stuff, shred and recycle loads of non essential paper work. Scan scan scan and finally I can see the office floor again. Mark is working away on some music. We are quite active in this quiet period.

A few friends at JB get the Very Very Best Of Crowded House into good locations and tagging on details on emails etc. I'd love for this baby to resurface in the National Top 50. Time to flex some muscles.

June 14th

Chat to Ben and Jen just before they depart for the States, will seem strange knowing they are not in the same country as us. We wish them well and really if America gets too horrid they can fly back to Oz. An adventure I guess.

OK I am spoilt- I think I have Warwick and Navene to thank. I get a parcel card at the post office and I thought it was my magnesium tablets arriving. But it's a huge box! It ends up being the new Samsonite Litesphere suitcase. I need a new bag but this has blown my mind. They cost $599.00!!! Fuck me with a chainsaw as Dexter sister would say! Anyway no card or information... but I am guessing this is a present from you Mr Smith- truly made my day, my whole week.

I also hear from a close friend and overjoyed that his cancer has now gone, no sign of it- Mark and myself are so happy for him! Could this day get any better!

I speak to my cousin David at the 'Gong and email him some old family photos-he'll get a kick out of them.

June 15th

A quick day at the snow for us, which was fun.....a good time to go as it's not freezing just right. Some time to ourselves, happy Gryphon snow bunny! Have a bit of a cuddle with my boyfriend to stay warm. I'm glad he has long arms to wrap around me and keep the warmth in. See romance is not dead!

June 16th

Charts are in and I did the "YES" jump in the air with fist. Crowdies back in the national 50 at #39 with "The Very, Very Best Of Crowded House" so good to see this. The album is also at #7 on the Australian Artist chart and #5 on the catalogue chart. We creep slowly towards double platinum. Life in the old girl yet.

The afternoon I package up a few more Ghost Carts books. Only 2% left for the Rocket Pocket Books site. I've allowed a few for Frenz Com and will have to get the details to Deb soon (sorry Deb. been slack and sidetracked). Just wanted to make sure all our club orders were covered first. For those that need "TRIP" it is down to around 3% and can be found : www.rocketpocketbooks.com or gorgeous ol' Frenz.Com.

That's it for another diary, mid year already. It's been a strange one. I feel like I am treading water in a quicksand pit and the rope I'm holding onto is snapping, but in the distance I can see Marky with a long ladder -"Run Forest Marky Run"!!!! Marky always turns and goes "I NEVER run"-and he doesn't-well only if it's raining! The second part of 2013 must improve and Kevin Rudd I know you love reading my diary so c'mon time to be PM again!

Peace to you all
Gryphon of the Kalorama Hills

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