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Archive: 6 May - 1 June 2013

May 6th

I paced this diary out a bit, as it was very close to the latest update..and guilted I'd be lobbing it on Deb almost straight away. It's good as we have almost caught up (yey), so easy to fall behind on such things. We also have the flu at this end, which sucks as in the past we have been lucky, or very healthy. It seems like most of our friends are spreading this one around, it's like a viral pass the parcel! Of course Mr Goulding gave it to me.. which I expected, I guess we have to give each other sympathy for a week. I can feel my body fighting it but it is a bit of a horror this one.. massive headaches!

May 7th

We are just loving "House Of Cards" (USA version) and why not, Kevin Spacey, exceptional actor & a really fine script.. the whole cast-superb. I hope it has a second season.

I finally manage to pay Mark back the $ for the radio discs he covered from the record fair. Thank you Mark & especially from the few lucky fans who got these- very kind of you to lend me the buck$.

May 8th

Happy Birthday Rebekah. I tried to call her 3 times, she's on the road with The Seekers, and her message bank just kept coming up as engaged/full, well I tried. She's probably flat out in tour mode. A friend told me that Judith looked rather exhausted, those guys are very old to be doing such a full on tour.

May 9th

Minnesota will vote this week for gay marriage...and good news from Delaware which became the 11th state in the USA to legalise same sex marriages. Once it hits the 50% of states in America, the snow ball will really roll... and they'll jump on board fast. It's slowly changing here, more politicians are finally paying attention to EVERY poll that has been done in Australia where nearly 60% of the public say YES. I grow weary of the same old argument that the Church says no to gay marriage. Someone needs to remind them that the church DO NOT own the word marriage, it was around before the bible and was about land ownership-religion had nothing to do with it! If the church spent more time dealing with it's child molesting priests and hand them over to the authorities instead of shielding them - and keep their noses out of couples private matters the world would be a better place.

May 10th

Had a few calls over the last few days from people wanting to drop in on May 11th- so nice that people are thinking of my birthday (maybe they just want to count my wrinkles..thank god for bio-therm). So for those who have asked to drop in and visit, I have decided to cook indian, all from scratch. I'm not going to phone up people and invite, if people make contact they are welcome. So I plan a small Indian feast-or a large one depending f people just turn up.

May 11th

Another birthday..means it's my mate Cathy's birthday too, hope your day is extra special girl.

People called last night, so I have a table of visitors arriving, all off their own bat, so I've promised an Indian feast. I'm up by 8.00 and grating coconut and grinding fresh spices. I'm making a vegie curry with 30 vegetables, a coconut lamb and chicken tikka in a cashew style sauce. One of my infamous baked passionfruit cheesecakes for desert. Mark jumps in and will make his sausage rolls -yey. I cook all day, the house is full of flowers some arrived from mates -thank you!

I've grabbed the old metal tour suitcase and some of the huge Sari's from the Bardot band room. They are massive and make beautiful Indian style table covers. I took the basket out and picked masses of orange and yellow small flowers which cover the table too. I cook and cook and cook...everything from scratch... people keep saying we'll take you out, but I had the vibe for this. It probably cost me a lot more then shouting everyone at our local Indian but this was nicer, more enjoyable. Rosemaree and Fran rock up first, Warwick and the gorgeous Nevene . Rosemaree tells him that he's never looked happier and it's true- good to see him smiling again. Our local buddy's Jodes and Jason come over and that's great as they get along well with everyone. I hear form Trudi who is in NZ and the phone keeps ringing off the hook. My friend Wendy from QLD has spoilt me this year...very bad of her (in such a good way) and mum and sis give me some money which is great. I have this incredible kitchen knife and cutting board from Warwick and Nevene ..the knife is almost futuristic!

"Sharkmouth" is on and every person comments, wow very cool. I have a dance with Rosemaree, she's dancing like some Harlem funkster matriarch-fun, I think it's because her back is out. We do cut the rug with our funky moves. A really nice night, and oddly warm. After midnight some of us are sitting outside on the steps. Mr and Mrs Smith stay the night which is always ok, and I had such a lovely birthday-thank you guys and all those who called, emailed etc.

May 12th

Mothers Day here in Oz.. so track mine down, she's out and about today... we spoil our mums with flowers which they always get a buzz from. (must be the bees). I love my Mum, she's a handful at times but just adores her kids and heaven help anyone that messes with them *GRIN*.

May 13th

Happy to report that Russell Morris's album SHARKMOUTH has now gone gold, good I can stop buying copies for presents, always nice when a great album charts and sells, always gives me hope against shit like Justin Bieber.

With Judith Duran in hospital the Seekers tour comes to a grinding halt. Sounds like they shouldn't of tried to do such a tour , not healthy enough. Old age kicks in guys.

May 14th

Scanning, scanning, scanning, it's endless... I keep finding boxes and boxes of photos. I wonder if I will ever see the end of this.. a part of me does love it, but so many. I must of kept Kodak in business all these years.

May 15th

Rocket Pocket Books launches today, so excited, it's really just a home for the books but I'm happy to have it on the net, head to www.rocketpocketbooks.com

The first day & I get book orders, I kind of sit stunned, and excited. Wow. By midnight quite a few copies of TRIP have sold, I expected the Crowded House and Wings off flies books to tick over but it's TRIP the 4th diary book that I'm signing and sending out. I'm guessing people needed that 4th book for their diary collection. By the end of the week it's down to the final 3%-so I'm thinking it may well sell out before Ghost Cars On The Freeway. Who would of thought, wonderful little TRIP just kicks into life because of the site. I love that.

For those who have the wonderful Wings Off Flies, you can get a PDF (free) via RPB website that gives more details of each photo in WINGS. (Plus a cute snap of Hessie with the book).

Anyway thank you people for supporting Rocket Pocket Books all these years and especially now with the website.

May 16th

I noticed since I've been adding some scanned photos to the GryphonMusic twitter that the number of followers has jumped, glad so many are enjoying the photos and comments. Twitter is so easy and fast, I do love that. I keep getting emails from people saying "please do facebook" I'm still resisting ...the Borg may be right, it might be futile but ........

May 17th

Way too excited, Sushi Izu ha snow opened at our local Woolworths-just another reason not to shop at Coles. I stopped going to Coles stores years ago, never had the items I wanted and a few always felt grotty, and now with Sushi Izu at Wollies, it's just great. It's only at a few stores so far but hopefully it will continue to grow. Good prices too. Plus I get Qantas frequent flyer points from buying it, gotta love that.

We finally get to see Joss W's "cabin in the woods" which is ok... doesn't quite work, still a million and one weaker movies exist. Even an average Joss movie is good.

I get Eddie Rayner a few new "friends" on his new Facebook page.

May 18th

Morning coffee with Rosemaree at the Kalorama General Store. I surrender my coat as I really have the vibe to sit outside and watch the people arriving. Sorry girl, she probably became a popsicle ....I rarely feel the cold, the Gryphon being a very cold blooded creature. (cough). Chat to loads of people, nice social climate at Kalorama, they don't need Facebook (GRIN). Thanks Rosemaree for allowing icicles to grow on your nose.

May 19th

OK a small present arrives belated, for my birthday and a little note. I am so stoked when I open the mail. The one politician I think is worth his weight in gold, yes good ol' Gough Whitlam, signed a snap of us both and sent it to me for my birthday. Remember this giant of a man is 97 years old in a month+. I'd love for him to be the first aussie PM to reach 100. This was such a kind generous act, I felt a tad teary, I opened it in the general store and people were blown away.

Someone went "Holy fuck it's signed by Gough!". I just laughed. So anyone connected to Mr Whitlam, reading this-thank you so much... an amazing present, and such a kind thing to do. Plus what a week for it to arrive, this coming Sunday the first of a two part doco on Mr Whitlam is on ABC TV. They sure don't make politicians like him anymore, Tony Abbott doesn't even deserve to wipe Gough's arse! If Abbott sent me a signed photos that's probably what I'd do with it! (touche! Greg).

May 20th

Sad news that Ray Manzarek from The Doors dies. He was about 74 I think from duct cancer? . For such a major musician very little mention of this on the news. I emailed a few music loving friends and they weren't aware. We play lots of The Doors in the office today.

May 21st

Oh good grief Justin Bieber at the Billboard awards, and no Justin your crap music doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Just shows what shite Billboard have become giving awards to such tossers, and good on the crowd booing, next time throw shoes, if we are lucky one may take him out! Death by stiletto heel!

We work through till 3.00 this morning, quite a few emails asking about Neil and wanting information, some RPB orders, scanning and some mail out items.We looked up and it was 3.00!!!

May 22nd

Had very little sleep, feel worn out- a big meal at the 3 Ducks helps. People keep walking in asking if it is the bread shop-consideirng there is no bread on the selves you'd think that would be a dead give away.

I email Marks mum some photos that she wanted, might as well, everyone else has been getting snaps. Band members seem very appreciative which is nice. Neil's been away for a few days but I get this cool email, think he enjoyed the few I sent.

May 23rd

Mark tells me it's time to pull my finger out and commence some basics on the next diary book "The Early Years" and he is right, so I start working on some chapter ideas, writing this one in a different way-more segmented. I finally get a chance to email Wendy and thank her for being so generous. I hear from Nevene who said it was the best Indian food she has EVER had and she'd know being part Indian. I'll probably never cook such a feast again as it took forever but it was a taste sensation, I'm glad everyone enjoyed it.

May 24th

Bob Dylan now 72, Jagger is 70 in July.... all the icons are getting older.

It's been cold up here on the mountain, I carry in a load of wood for our big fire place in the pool room...trying to keep the house snug. I take some time out to plant bulbs along the side of the house, 3 dozen of them, they like this cold wet weather, now if Meg the chicken will just keep her beak away from them.

May 25th

We watch "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" which was made a few years back.. Judi Dench and the wonderful Bill Nighy are great in this one. Always a fan of Bill from his "Still Crazy" move days... anyway Marigold Hotel, full of warmth and Marks mum recommended this one and she was right-we were into it. 5 stars to you Margaret.

May 26th

I start writing at the General Store today, it flows and then the Muse must of gone to the bathroom and never returned as I reached a dead end, just stopped, even Nicks fine coffee didn't help (it usually does). Sometimes you just have to close the book and open the newspaper and surrender that it's not a writing day.

We watch The Whitlam Doco (The Power & The Passion) (Pt 1) and really loved it.. great archival footage.

May 27th

Happy Birthday Neil Finn, he turned 55 today. I love that he just keeps creating music, the new album is close to being finished he tells me.

I scan a lot of photos from Nepal today and a few band snaps too. Tiger Tops, so many memories crashing back and those gorgeous elephants in the jungle. I feel blessed being able to spend time with them. How many people have washed elephants in a river (full of crocodiles!!).

May 28th

Visit Dr Chiro, it's been awhile, so nice to get popped back into shape. My friend Rosemaree is now visiting him too, think she knows it's time for the full repair job.

That night I manage to get Marks flu, he got it from Allie and Allie from Amy I think Al said. It's like pass the parcel of germs. By the time it got to us it was a horror bug-we rarely ever get the flu, been at least a decade, this one is horrid. No sleep tonight!

May 29th

Very sick today, all blurry and feverish. A new post man on the mountain route and he sucks, useless. Put in a complaint, over it, it's a service WE are paying for, sometimes you have to stand up and tell them it's become crap.

Loving "Wentworth" it's now the most popular Foxtel show-good to see Aussie made drama can still kick goals-I detest reality tv- mindless fodder.

May 30th

Mark works in the office till 2.30. It's a wet night so he takes the large umbrella to the office and leans it outside by the door. Around 2.00 he hears a crash .... but there is no wind-next he hears the umbrella being dragged along the very long decking. He heads out to investigate, the umbrella is way down the end.... and surrounded by hundreds of little foot and hand prints! How freaky... I suggest leprechauns? But possibly a big possum or a little wombat, maybe they needed an umbrella!

May 31st

You can tell how sick I am! I drive us to the 3 Ducks for breakfast, convinced in my head it is only Thursday (it really is Friday)...it's only when I notice on the newspaper it's Friday, I know we should be at the other breakfast place and then getting our grocerys. Hopeless I am, I'm on the wrong side of the mountain.

Eventually we get to Woolworths. Mark needs new PJ's for winter and they were about $19 last week when I grabbed some. He tells me I should of waited as this week they are 2 for $20-so the sign says. I tell him I'll have another pair so we'll get them. Our friend Fiona is at the check out, and we point out that the PJ's are 2 for $20..but the machine say "no"-so we take her to the sign and it should of been removed yesterday. So with 'store policy" it means we get 1 lot of pajama's for free and the 2nd for a mere $10-how cool is that!

We arrive home to see the multiple tornadoes near Oklahoma City , horrible, I know they happen in that area a lot but you feel so sad for people when they lose everything and in some cases life itself.

June 1st

JUNE!? When did it become June? I force myself out of bed into the foggy Kalorama mist and take the Apple laptop to the general store and I am determined to write. Chat to a local school teacher which was fun, and then Joy arrives. She used to run Verandah View so it was wonderful to see her. So active, working on a water system for a small obscure community overseas-amazing. Plus she wears cool hats! We love Joy.

I do manage to get a bit of writing done... small steps. It's bucketing down outside, apparently it is the wettest start for June on record!

I have a short chat with Fred from Skyhooks, he sounds good, was nice to check in. Next Nige from the Enz calls and then Greg Skyhook-all within the 1 hour!

We watch Enterprise on BluRay, it always gets such mixed reviews that chapter of the Star Trek history, but you know I really really like it, well maybe not the theme song (urgh), the show is underrated and we dig it- I care little about other peoples reviews. Jolene Blalock is one sexy vulcan! She plays the part so well.

Chat to my now very pregnant sister, which is great, only 2+ months to go... it won't stop kicking her... which is freaky. Maybe she's giving birth to a micro Cancan Dancer?!

June 2nd

For an hour the sun came out, the crappy flu is fading, both of us are feeling a bit better. The 2nd part of the Whitlam doco is tonight so tuning in for that.

I spend the afternoon boxing up this weekends Rocket Pocket Book sales, once more TRIP is level pegged with Ghost Cars, quite a few requests from people to sign copies, so i scrawl away for an hour. I've now taken to drawing a small rocket ship on some rpb orders. Thanks you again readers for supporting the website!

Enjoy the world!



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