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October 7th

A large envelope of Woolworths animal cards arrives from my Mum, the things I do for my niece Maddison! I'm horrified so many people flog these on Ebay- totally tacky.

I pack my Million Dollar Riff Book & our copy of Marsupial Wrestling. Going to see Jen Brown tomorrow who is asking Nathan a hundred and one questions about his life- as Edna would say-the poor dear will get quite a probing! I'm hoping she doesn't think I'm a tosser for asking her to sign them. Those 2 books meant a lot to us when we were growing up, I think Marsupial Wrestling was the very first book that Mark and I went halves in..our first joint venture.

Afternoon in the garden by myself, just weeding and trying to stay on top of this wild forest of ours. By dusk I'm starting to itch a bit. I'm hoping it's just some strange plant reaction and not chicken pox, which is what 2 of our neighbours kids have. All night I itch like crazy and lotions and bath do little so I book in with my other doctor....

October 8th

No sleep and managed not to scar myself from scratching all night. It's so tempting to give one self a big hard scratch. I bailed on the NFSA chat, which is ok, worded Nathan up and he has his time line so he'll be ok. He has a pretty decent memory, and plenty of fascinating stories.

After a few tests looks like it is a plant I had a reaction too, the same one Mark did I'd say at a guess. So at least not looking like adult chicken pox. A shot, pills and cream and even an hour later I'm feeling much better.

Late afternoon I'm back in the office and surprise visit from Allie, John and Em to say goodbye as they head back north. I'm not in the best mood, still fighting the urge to scratch.

October 9th

Christmas is arriving fast so this year we put together one of our truly amazing christmas stockings for one lucky club member. A brilliant selection of items and you'd be crazy not to have a ticket in this. One fan will be the happiest on the planet. I like it when people get something special. The previous winner just had a mere ten tickets. Sometimes that's all it takes. Enzman Noel Crombie will pick the lucky winner. That's one job I don't want. Gotta be in it to win it, email me (peter@frenz.com) around tickets while we have some left.

Apart from record fairs, the other very cool place to search for those collectibles for your record collection is Dixon's second hand store. The one at Blackburn (100 railway road, Blackburn) is VERY cool. I could easily spend my 2 months pay at that one. So much vinyl too- just excellent. So if you live in Melbourne check that one out! The prices are really good too.

I start going through the list of our items for the upcoming Mushroom-Melbourne Music Exhibit. It goes for several months and is FREE! At the RMIT Gallery (344 Swanston St, Melbourne). November 19th - March 3rd. It's not open on Sundays. So all our major bands are in it, from cozzies to back drops to artwork..... somehow it's gone from a simple 5 hour job to what feels like many weeks. Saying that, I want them to have access to as much stuff as possible. It's such a fan positive thing you just want it to be great.

'Orange is the new black' debuts- took forever for this one to come to Australia and we love it. So cool how Captain Janeway from Trek Voyager is a russian inmate ....and with it being created by 'Weeds' Kenji Kohan we knew it would be loved by us. It just grows on you... excellent. It will help fill in the void left by Dexter, Breaking Bad and Magic City going.

October 10th

We work till midnight tonight on the upcoming EARLY YEARS book, exhibit and all the Neil Finn emails that have started arriving.

Rosemaree calls, can't really chat in all the madness going on, sometimes it's like that.

Mark is putting in the hours with The Early Years, I feel a bit slack around it, sidetracked by all the other stuff.

October 11th

I was going to make Banshee a Jason/Friday 13th cat mask but have now decided to make her a lion. The store on Amazon wouldn't ship to Oz so I've made up my mind to make Banshees the cats lion cozzie myself. Little Kitty's wanting to be Big cats!!! So I'll be a dog, Mark a pimp and Banshee a lion. Meg the chicken is just happy to be alive..she cares little for Samhain.

The Dr Who 50th anniversary special will be on November 24th , can't wait it will be excellent!

I start going through the costume archive and drag out Neil's Woodface jacket and pants and get them cleaned. Because Nick hand painted them we have to be very careful. Times like this I wish my sisters dry cleaners was nearby!

October 12th

Eddie is starting to do the press rounds for Enzo. The first show on November 2nd has sold out. A second matinee show for November 3rd and a regular show on November 4th are both on sale. Tickets via ticketmaster (NZ). It's great some of the original Enz are playing. I did ask myself could this be the last time, it's rare those guys get together and as time marches on, less and less. So if you have a chance to see Enzo in NZ don't blow it.

We take an hour off and attack the large area where we are extending the vegetable patch. Mark is great, so focused, we do work well together. It's quite a decent size area and a lot to do. It has these runner ivy sprouts and go into the ground so each one we have to rip out, takes forever. Add in some blackberry bushes and weeds, it's massive. It will look great when complete and the vegies are in. I love our garden areas, so nice just to walk around our place. People always comment on the nice vibe. Just can't live in a box without trees and such, it would kill us. Plus Miss Banshee queen of the jungle!

October 13th

Coffee at the general store and I take in an hours work-nice and quiet today get all of it done. Nelly makes a grand coffee. I see Bill Shorten is the new Labor leader, which was expected. I wish the Liberals had a leader. Instead of that fuck head Abbott. I see his first lie just gets bigger. "Not a single boat will arrive from day one, if you vote for me"-Tony Abbott (Debate #1). What a lying sack of shit he is, and the sucky Murdoch Press too biased to even mention it. Boat #14. Another arrived today with 60 on board. Feeling suckered Australia-you should be. Start building your vegeatble patches, I bet Abbott leads Australia into a recession.

October 14th

Pearl Jams LIGHTNING BOLT in stores today, I go and buy an official copy- hope it debuts at #1 for them. OK I actually bought a few for christmas presents for hard rocking family members. Hope it helps Mr Vedder, prefer Pearl Jam to be #1 to many other horrid things that are on the charts. I also grab a few bits and pieces for Halloween. The shops have a lot more Halloween stuff this year. I also buy a huge roll of art canvas for the bonus little art piece that is being included with the first 130 copies of THE EARLY YEARS. It kills me $$ wise but great to add something a bit unique.

I pull out a pile of backdrops to measure for the exhibit...just making it easier for them to know the sizes, the hang space is pretty decent at RMIT. They should look pretty cool. They are huge, especially the crowdie ones... always a pain in the arse to roll back up.

Mum tells me MIm is making noises, she's a happy grand mother.

October 15th

I order my mum some emu oil for her aches , I feel bad even buying it, trying not to think of the poor emu, but she says it's one of the few things that works....and mums come first.

October 16th

David Jones send me a new store card, all nice and shiny, I really only use mine for life insurance....one of the few policies that exist with a suicide clause in it! Not sure why that makes me happy.

2nd episode of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, fabulous, the characters are growing -fast!

We call into Spotlight on Canterbury Rd, what a cool store-huge. The girl behind the counter points out that I'm in the kitchen ware area looking for my fake orange fur for Banshees costume. Mark is with me, we take a number and wait, 2 lone guys amongst 50 woman. We smile.. Mark is impatient. Spotlight has a massive range of halloween stuff and really bad wigs!

October 17th

Mark adds the hospital logo to the EARLY YEARS front cover- painted by Peter Green age 8.....it will make sense when you see it. It is growing on me....covers are always hard work.

I start envelopes for the Christmas Card mail out for late November -early December. I'd forgotten how much I hate our mail outs.

A Powerful Owl is outside the office window tonight, grab Marks night vision gear and go owl spotting. Owls are cool.. we love them up here.

October 18th

Word is in on 2 of Neil Finn's showcases for DIZZY HEIGHTS. One in LA one in New York. I'm hopeful of others... it is early days. I have to stress they are showcases so they tend to only go for 1 hr. The LA one is at Largo on November 19th. The New York one at Le Poisson Rouge on 21st of November. Both on sale now (25th). In fact they will probably both sellout in 5 minutes.

The Boom Crash Opera 4 cd set is out today. Worth getting for The Lost Things alone.

October 19th

No sleep for Marky the owls are very active last night, he is grumpy when lacking in sleep.... I try being extra nice and quiet today (that will kill me).

Tony Abbott avoids journalists questions on how many boats arrived last week, it was 3 Mr Abbott, 142 people. How come I know that, but your memory seems a tad selective. Watch him try to spin Australia that the boats are stopping! Keep your electricity bills folks as he also says- 9% less electricity, 7% less gas. Keep your bills and see through his bullshit. Of course Liberal voters would be too scared to actually do this, they live in their own little world of denial.

"Perks of a Wallflower" was on cable last night and just brilliant, loved it and the sound track. Though did laugh that in one scene "Don't dream it's over" is playing -that song was so BIG it just keeps being recycled. Logan Lerman was such a great choice as Charlie..and hey Dylan McDermott & Paul Rudd will always be applauded by us-love those guys.

Work in the vegetable patch, burn loads of roots and ivy runners.... horrid neighbours had their washing out and ran out to remove it. I politely said I'd stop adding to the fire while they cleared the clothesline. They'd hate me being so nice I'm sure. No thank you or anything from them- we should be happy all the other neighbours are amazing.

October 20th

I guess my Wilfred the Dog costume will be arriving soon....it's probably nice and warm, I may leave it on all next winter.

Well Pearl Jam did debut at #1 with Lightning Bolt in Australia. That is their 8th #1 album here. Wow! It's playing as I am typing this... it kicks.

25 degrees outside , I worked on the garden for an hour but too warm. I'm amazed that in a weeks time they predict it to be ZERO. Winter just wont go away.

Spend part of the afternoon emailing people around the Frenz Club Christmas Stocking, still a few tickets remaining, you have to be in this to win it. (email: peter@frenz.com) I love it when we have a cool prize. With just 65 days till Christmas this certainly would be a very nice present for one lucky music lover!

That's it from me, next F/16 update we should have a lot of details around THE EARLY YEARS book and the cover etc.

Thanks to Deb for getting my crazy ramblings up on the website.

Love life everyone, it's way too short-off the couch and see the world.


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