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September 9th

We spend most of the day working on ENZO -which is on sale-well eventually, as the time kept changing today,ended up being 2.00. I guess NZ had quite a few shows on sale... 2/3 of the tickets sold today, a lot of Frenz from our club list have already grabbed tickets. Having some of those early Enz boys must tempt people, probably one if not THE last time they might play together. The gig is at St Mary in Holy Trinity at Parnell, just around the corner from where the Enz first started. Only 500 people per gig so it's intimate in that way. I'd like for it to do well for Eddie as he does put his time and energy into these things. Still not sure if I'm working on it as the budget is insane.

We have tea and some of Karena's excellent Pear Cake from the general store.... and avoid the crappy election result. If that's what the majority of Australians want so be it, but I bet they'll be the first to moan when Abbott's goes back on his promises and basically show he is a liar. Each day that goes by is one less with Abbott as PM! Maybe we can hibernate for three years!

September 10th

The 3rd asylum boat has arrived today since the election result. Tony Abbott did say- If I win the election not a single boat will arrive.....!

Take off an hour from the office to tidy up the house, our place is fairly tidy at the best of times but just huge to vacuum the house. I am still looking for an old style floor polisher, to get our lovely wooden floor boards all sparkly. My Mum used to have one but long long gone I'm afraid.

September 11th

"Sons of Anarchy" returns to cable, direct from USA... have loved the promo's for this season, some of the best adverts I've ever seen for a TV show. Whoever put them together deserves an award.

Our good friend Nathan Brenner turns up, and he is right on time. Our security cameras spot him as he arrives so I head up to greet him and to make sure he finds us. It's the first time he's been here so I'm impressed that he was on time. Loves the house etc.... decide to go to the 3 Ducks for our meeting and some food. So good seeing Natty and his memory is indeed very solid so his talk for the National Film & Sound Archive will be pretty good. He's had such a exceptional career. We have so many fun memories from days in the office, to our time on tour... all part of musical history & I'm happy to be able to help Nathan tell his. I take notes, several pages worth.. just need to organise them into some sort of time frame. It will help him stay on track and jog his memory.

We wave goodbye and it's nice that Nathan is still someone we consider a friend, managers come and go and he really is one of the good guys.

We watch LOST on Bluray, it was time to see it again. We are amazed how actor Justin Chatwin who plays Eddie at John Locke's commune looks like a young Jessie Pinkman (Aaron Paul) from Breaking Bad. Incredible really.

September 12th

The Sound City documentary is on cable tonight, always an enjoyable thing to watch, especially if you really love music.

I email Jenny Brown , good to hear from her... what past she has had, write of the first Skyhooks book, the fun Marsupial Wrestling poetry book... will see her on the day for Nathan's interview and she is putting it together , will be very enjoyable.

September 13th

We watch "Paranormal Activity" on cable..a few ok moments but I was amazed by the XBox Kinect sfx... infra red dot tracking/night vision.. they used it too much but the first time you see it, it looks pretty cool! I want, I want.......!

Steve Kilbey from The Church's birthday...he's 59, so close to that big 60 ...! I find the sign book of poems he sent me, still one of my favourite keepsakes.

September 14th

Today was just fantastic... managed to track down our ol' buddy from the Enz office, Michelle. Gave her a call today and we yapped for 42 minutes and ten seconds. Nothing has changed all that much, she sounds like she is in a great relationship and I'm over the moon we have found her- it seemed like ages since we starting looking for her. It honestly made my whole week... she's one of the best things from those days, lovely classy woman.

September 15th

The Kilbey book inspired me to put a few Church items on my Sheepbook page...just trying to keep it interesting..... hard to do at times. I'm really select as to how many people I say "yes" to as "friends" it's about 1000 and that will probably do. I get a few dozen emails every day from people saying they are enjoying the FB page because it's "not boring" which makes me chuckle. I've got no great urge to check out many FB pages, hard enough staying on top of all my other areas. If it gets dull I'll just bail on it... for the moment just adding and yapping... and even enjoyable.

September 16th

I work on some of Nathan's stuff today... and quite a few Neil Finn emails that rolled in. I see another asylum boat has rocked up on the shores of Australia, no doubt that will be the first promise that Tony Abbott breaks.

The weather is slightly improving, we even spotted the Sun for a few hours....so bulbs are sprouting at Ailsa Craig...over the next few months we will be working in the gardens, unless we escape for a few weeks. Still deciding. Good weather may well keep us here.

September 17th

Tim Finn confirms that he is playing the Riverboats Music Festival, which is near Echuca in February 2014. He's in fine form, even adding a violin player to the live show.

It's looking good that my wish will come true, Sophie Mirabella is falling behind in the seat on INDI....one smelly old Liberal less is a good thing, especially a useless one like Mirabella.

September 18th

and the day starts off well- Mirabella has conceded the seat of INDI. Cathy McGowan is the winner.... she will be a good local member. A blade of grass would be compared to Mirabella's lack of effort for that electorate. I'm so happy, this is one result I have always hoped for. I see six other seats in Victoria have indeed not fallen and stayed with Labor... the Liberals would be spewing over these as they expected to win,win ,win. Palmer now looks like bumping off the Liberal in QLD with his Palmer United Party. Looks like he is 36 votes in the lead!

September 19th

"Strike Back" arrives on bluray. OK Sullivan Stapleton is a rather good looking aussie man... funny how he's gone from " Secret Life Of Us" to a USA TV show... the blurb for the show is good " Brutal, ruthless, deadly... and they're the good guys". Fast action and we like it.......! Sad though as "Magic City" got cancelled so only the 2 seasons for that show. We wave goodbye to the Miramar Playa and those other cool sets!

September 20th

I spend an hour shopping, getting balloons and bits and pieces for Emma's surprise party. Off to the art room to work on a large "E" and "M" to hang under the Happy Birthday sign. I have a word to the weather god and indeed the sun will shine on Sunday...... despite what the weather man says.... I will be right on this *GRIN*.

September 21st

Beautiful day up here...have a coffee and am amazed when a local says "all politicians lie" like it's ok to do so... I just wanted to say Fuck No- accountability, it's people like you who let these idiots get away with lying. But I bite my tongue. Such an appalling attitude. Is this what we have become, ignore political lies, sorry I will never accept that.

I speak to mum about an old B&W photo, and find out that the day after my grandmother died, my grandfathers brothers wife passed away too. So both brothers lost both wives the day after each other. How sad and strange is that. My mother is putting emu oil on some aching leg joints, so I also buy her a stuffed emu (toy nota real one!)......! I keep telling her she'll grow feathers and turn into one if she over uses the oil. I so do not want to know how they get the oil... I really don't.

Work in the yard this weekend... and sit with Mark on the decking in the sun. We have been escaping for day trips etc..... but too many tourists out today though......! I stay up very late and work on the Press stuff and mail outs. I wait till it's 12.05 so officially Sunday and so 3 hours worth on the Enzo shows. I hear that Tim Finn's 2 kids joined him onstage at his Leigh Sawmill Gig tonight...he'd be stoked...sounds like a brilliant show.

Horrible news from Nairobi where so many have been killed. The Westgate shopping mall was one we went to, only a few years ago. 40 dead and 150 injured and the gunmen are still inside. It's such a busy shopping area, just evil.

September 22nd

I haven't slept, I feel crap today...head to the bakery to buy some loaves of fresh bread to make 50 sandwiches. I spot the 3 Ducks which is open, so call in for a coffee. Some locals in a Neil Young cover band start chatting and I look up and realise I only have 45 minutes before we are meant to be at the park. Zoom home, cook chicken, make sandwiches... Mark packs the unopened gazebo into the car. We head off to Montrose Park. The gazebo is hard work for 2 people because the poles are not very tight-thank god I packed my gaffer tape.... Rosemaree , Zak and Josh turn up so they help which is great. Josh balances on my shoulders to tape the roof. I bring some sheets of paper to cover the EM sign so she wont spot it. Fran and Pete and the boys arrives , as does Andrew, with his daughter Molly and very very cute dog Murphy. We get the call and everyone hides. I pretend our car has broken down and open the hood.. Allie, Jane and Em and Amy turn up and we do indeed surprise Em. She looks shocked as her birthday is in a few weeks...

It's such a nice day, food and kids having fun, I packed 24 bottles of bubbles so we annoy the shit out of poor ol' Allie. Murphy chases balloons and the kids climb and play. I join them on some of the very cool rides at Montrose Park. "We're glad you are not like the oldies" I'm told which makes me laugh- even though if I go round once more on this giant spinning wheel I probably will puke.

By afternoon we need to head off... more ENZO press awaits me. The first show on November 2nd has sold out, so 2 more shows -November 3rd- special Matinee (with reduced family tickets) and November 4th are now on sale. It will be very cool having some of those original Enz guys playing too. Rare as well as you never know if this is the last time playing live for those guys. www.ticketmaster.co.nz DO NOT MISS OUT!

As I go to send this, the 8th asylum boat has now arrived in Australia. The Liberals are trying to smokescreen the media by not telling them boat figures. So officially Mr Abbott has already lied, the boats have not stopped "from day one", Australians who believed his bullshit have already been suckered, that didn't take very long did it? Sad days for this amazing country!

Hang in there


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