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PG Levitating in front of the Dogs In Space house

PG Levitating in front of the Dogs In Space house

November 10th

I email the record company all our catalogue numbers for the Split Enz DVD, I'm trying to re it reissued, so many people have emailed wanting copies-seems crazy people simply can't buy it. Same goes for the Skyhooks one, these 2 should never of been allowed to disappear.

We watch the debut of "Penny Dreadful" on Foxtel, this series not fast tracked so we are so far behind America here.... we like it...really nice Gothic overtones.

November 11th

It's the "When the Sun sets over Carlton" launch tonight. Marks determined to work so I take my mate Rosemaree with me. Thought I'd make a day of it and get as much done as possible and of course have loads of fun. I grab some petrol at Ferntree Gully & Rosemaree spots a big bargain store that she wants to go to down the track-but it's her day too so I flip a left turn and in we go. It's great, some fantastic bargains, I'm amazed at how cheap art canvas is, in the end I fill up a huge basket....I will be back.

We drive to Morrabbin to get some stock for the office, and I'm falling behind time wise. Aim the car towards Richmond and visit Jeff Jenkins who penned the Molly book (well Ghost written by him)... such a nice bloke and I'm very spoilt. A cool signed copy and all these other goodies- Christmas has came early.

We head down the road and visit the Dogs In Space house-where the movie was filmed. I have an idea about a photo where I am levitating in front of the house-basically you do a very stiff like jump in the air, creates the illusion. The graffiti is still on the road from the movie so that is cool. Back into the car and we head towards Carlton. I call in a car park and hey presto there one is. Ross Wilson is next to us-so say hello etc. I spot Ross hannaford walking down the street but he's off to a book launch elsewhere. The launch is upstairs at Jimmy Watsons.... it's a decent crowd- why do I look so young (we like that). Bongo is there and I introduce myself to Jen Brown..chuckle she is wearing the Greg Macainsh badge.. Starkie and Brown are on the panel.

I walk Rosemaree to the front and two seats are "waiting"...great spot- I like how it just happens that way. Excellent for my camera too as I can sit and just click away at the various people on the panel. It's a fun hour or so, lost of stories about the good old Carlton days. We head downstairs with Jen Brown for some dinner- quite hungry which is rare. I spot Mr Mac and let him know where we are in case he wishes to have some food too. Lots of people call by the table to chat, one oddball guys asks if Rosemaree and I are married (chuckle) we both give rather extreme answers-he runs away!

Time flies by and we have to head home, a fun day... I guess it gave Rosemaree an idea of what we do, well some of it- yes we have fun! Does that count as work?

November 12th

Scary figures in today-the latest analysis says Victorias unemployment will hit 7.3%, surpassing Tasmania making us the highest, and state debt the highest of any Australian state too. Surely when people see this they will kick Napthine and the Liberals out. Add in the Abbott factor-and the Libs can deny it all they want but some of the voters anger at the ballot box will indeed be aimed at our stupid PM and useless Joe Hockey. I am quietly confident that Victorians will do the right thing and kick these guys out after 1 term.

It looks like Olinda Pool has been saved too- a lot depends on the upcoming election result but the Yarra Ranges Council has backed down... people power- just fantastic.

November 13th

Manage to get Andy White in a few magazines today, just little mentions but I'm happy even having those. It all helps with the big promotional picture.

Chat to Nigel Griggs, was going to be a little chat but we talked for an hour.... I like Nige so that is ok.

The power is out again on the mountain tomorrow for line work- a few more times coming up-so we work all night to make up for it.

November 14th

We feel like crap today-those all nighters kill us-they really do.

Labor has stepped up to the mark and promised 13.4 million to save the Palais. A certain manager moaned, I just rolled my eyes and bit my tongue- I really should of said-it was ok when you were filling it and taking money from the punters. Sometimes one has to stand up and be counted..The Palais Theatre most certainly IS worth saving. It works out to be about .48c per Victorian... I'm fine with that!

November 15th

Steve Kilbey -lead singer of The Church playing a solo show locally-how happy are we!! So we cruise down to Montrose- all the way.. coaster to coaster.. and low and behold a park at the very front door. It's sprinkling with rain but who cares- it's warm inside, we are in the second row. 130 people, seated and intimate. Steve is in fine form... it's possibly THE best gig of 2014. Best $30 I've spent lately. He's "Chatty Steve" tonight and it's wonderful- we smile, we sing we laugh . He reads from his new book, he returns and sings again.

We catch up after the show, he signs the new book. "Oh it's the Wollongong Boys"... we talk all things 'Gong. The house at Dapto where he lived is so close to my Mums, like a fence paling away. "You know they've put in a pool" we joke... he does know-he has sneaked back to see his old stomping ground. We talk about picking blackberries and it's all good.

I have 2 Church posters in the car which I have been too embarrassed to get signed previously.. sometimes I keep the fan boy bottled up. "Holy shit , do you know how much this one is worth". (I do).. it's from an early early early gig that we attended... did we blow his fuse? We pose for a snap, he's been so attentive and patient- like always I leave feeling like a bit of a tosser-no idea why- I just dig Kilbey-we always have... but chatty Steve is our favourite. Great gig....! Now buy the book.

November 16th

I watch the first of the two Documentary's on Countdown. ABC TV at 7.40. Apparently they won't be on DVD as it's too difficult securing all the rights. Oh there I am green shirt blazing away. It's made from a Paris mansions curtain material... my shirt proves to be more popular then I am. OK I'm not too horrid, it's fast and over and done with quickly... (I sigh). I love that there is a tad of Skyhooks footage we have never seen before, just a few seconds... we love the seventies Countdown. Good work Jeremy B and crew from the ABC! Next Sunday Part 2.

November 17th

Early Voting starts today and because Mark doesn't drive, I take him to Tecoma and we both vote. The centre is next to the ugly McDonalds -it's empty, it is a lemon so the locals tell us. I have no problem about anyone eating Maccas but I don't want them doing it so close to the national park- endless litter. This one should not of been built.

Our local Liberal member is handing out flyers- I am nice to him, and point out we will never vote Liberal while they do such things as close down TAFES. While Youth Unemployment in the Ranges (and hell Victoria itself) is out of control. He looks nervous like a cornered rabbit with nowhere to run. An old lady bellows at him.. will she attack-nah-just letting off steam. We vote, it's done.. nice and fast.

Back in time to hear Andy W on Lee Roys show- LIving in the Land Of Oz- it's good even though Andys dog decides to go on a barking spree!!!

November 18th

We've been at Ailsa Craig for 9 years todays. isn't that incredible? I look back at the F/16 diary from November 19th 2005 and it all seems like a strange dream. We still love it up here, every time we head into the city I find myself obsessively looking for trees....

November 19th

Happy Birthday to Enzman Eddie Rayner today... another year ol' chap!

Jeff Jenkins who penned the Molly book or co-wrote etc... anyway he has been so fantastic around Andy White-a true believer just loves the album. I wish there were more music critics that have such tastes. makes me want to puke that some think Guy Sebastian is so talented- good fucking grief!

November 20th

I head off for my election training, it's off the mountain and I leave with plenty of time to spare. As I'm heading down the tourist road a huge tree falls across the road, I manage to spin my car and end up with just the foliage and a bump on the side of it...which is far better then what would of happened- me squashed. All these years on the mountain and never a tree down across the road whilst driving. I stop and no other cars in sight. I move it a bit but it's huge..so call the SES. I spot a break need the side part of the road and drive around, like off road, through a beat up old fence and back out the other side. I'm now running late and possibly in some sort of shock.

I arrive at election learning centre and my manager Marjo gives me a "I was worried" look..I explain why I have twigs in the my hair etc.. and attempt to play catch up... I am in shock I just sit even when the class was over. I decide to do the manager training pieces too while I wait and do quite well consider I've never studied for it. Eventually I get home, a deep bath cures all!!!

November 21st

Happy Anniversary Marky-if we had one this would be it I guess. 34 years as whatever we are.. which is fantastic. I dig my best friend no one comes close.. he rocks..we rock.

Latest Polling in, Labor ahead by 6%..... I think the Liberals are going to end up as one termers in Victoria. It feels amazing but I'll wait till the fat Liberal sings before doing the happy dance.

November 22nd

I'm having coffee and a razzled freaked out lady arrives and her car is playing up... so I do my good deed for the day and add some oil and water..and send her on her way- I refuse money that is offered.

November 23rd

Countdown Part 2 is on, I have a few seconds appearance which I'm ok with, sad that so little Split Enz is in it. Tim and Neil didn't do the interview.. crazy.

Yes I know the F/16 diary has fallen behind again, my fault, just side tracked with work..... I'll make a huge effort over the next week I promise!

Christmas is way way too close!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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