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Gumby makes a life decision. To abandon the TARDIS for more conventional means of travel with Pokey in the Crowded (Flying) House! Dr Who returns to Australian TV! (Hurrah).

August 11th

Marks tonsil and flu combo continues. I am solo in the office and it feels very weird. I need a cardboard cut-out of my best friend so that the illusion will get me through the day. I keep sneaking to the house and asking if he needs anything. Eventually he will say "no just peace and quiet" if I keep doing this...I'll surely drive him nuts.

Mail off the cheque to the accountants. Strange GST growth on our bill.. I really should ask what that yearly fee is about. They could say anything and I'd just believe them. Saying that I do have really good accountants.

August 12th

Horrible start to the day with news that Robin Williams has died. I feel so sad, not like I knew him, maybe because it's someone who brought so much joy to people but couldn't find that joy in his own life. I can't recall a single person bad mouthing him ever, so rare. The list of Robin Williams movies we love is huge. He will be missed. Death to Smoochy- so few know that one-we LOVE it! Too many people say "Paul Hester" to me today, it's a raw nerve. They just didn't think....

Happy Birthday to Allie. She's a mate so even with Marky sick I'll make a quick zoom and see her on her birthday.

I do catch up with Andy White today..we chat, plan, and he likes one of my "ideas" a lot- all will be revealed -eventually.

Nice to see the gals and you too Josh -even if it was brief. Allie loved her present so I'm happy. I get home asap...but only after I've tied some of those "Happy F***n Birthday" balloons on Allies car!

August 13th

I catch up with Noel Crombie today- just great seeing those guys. Leave with 4 wonderful battered old suitcases packed with Split Enz bits and pieces. For the first time I wish for RED lights so i can sneak a look inside the small suitcase I have positioned on the front seat of the 4WD. I try to take a snap of myself looking at the suitcase at the lights (for Sheepbook of course..and I hate the word Selfie so don't even think it). The man the lane next to me looks at me like I'm photographing my cock or something. It does look suspect! I should hold up a sign saying "No I'm not a pervert"...or "I am but I'm not photographing my penis"!!! Noel has been so generous (and trusting). The Enz fans on Official Enz facebook page will love some of this. Especially the early Enz material which no one has on the Net. Just gold, all of it. Thanks Cromb.

August 14th

I head out shopping to buy a few goodies for a birthday pack I'm putting together for our mate Rosemaree. I like to make an effort around our close mates. The traffic was horrid though. Usually it isn't this bad. Some girl at the liquor store made a rather obvious pass at me. She was cute, make a note to tell Marky, I'll forget about it for sure. The woman at the cash register goes "Wow she had the hots for you sunny jim" and of course I just get totally embarrassed and exit as quick as possible. I'm so lame.

August 15th

Huge laughter as we find this piece in the New Musical Express (7-1-1978).

"Peter Greens Father- " The magistrate made the right decision (to commit Peter Green to a mental home). Peter definitely needs help. He must have given away tens of thousands of dollars. He would help the whole world if he had the money. He lives in an Alice-In Wonderland world of his own".

Of course I just love this and pop it up on my net areas. And I do you know..live in a Wonderland. I'm always amazed at how many conservative people hate that- so go ahead and try to tear my walls down- you'll fail believe me.... (Love Alice xoxoxo). Go back to your dull mundane lives and stop invading mine. (GRRR).

August 16th

A bit sad today, but mostly for Mum and Sis. My dad has been dead for 28 years today. Hell that is a long time. I just deal with it, prefer to put my energy into the living, as would my father. We all flutter around death- and life is ticking by, a waste of time endlessly mourning those gone... while your own life is disappearing.

We can finally burn again on the mountain, so Mark and myself do-we go for it. We clear a lot today and those gorgeous gums suck in our carbon. At least it's good to clear it all for the upcoming Summer. Love how Abbott thinks he can keep climate change off the agenda of the G20 summit in November. What a clown he is-sorry Tony your megalomaniac ( remember to add that "a') you don't have enough clout to keep it off....! Another Poll in and even more Australians dislike this fool. The Emperor has no clothes on .... or a brain!

August 17th

I take some "me" time and read read read all Sunday- truly wonderful and I just love it's a "real" book and not a tablet, pad etc....!

August 18th

Happy Birthday Nigel Griggs. I get a chance to return some of Nigels archival items we borrowed and thought I'd surprise him for his birthday. The Olinda Lolly Shop has in fresh marzipan bars so i get him 2 as he loves those and a card. I drive slow to avoid the speed cameras hidden on the road to Nigels. So good to sit and chat etc. I was only calling in quickly but 2 hrs later-well that IS quick for us! He helps out by signing a present for a mate. Bless him! Officially the first Enz member to be a pensioner which we both chuckle over.

Pop a card in the post to our buddy's Fenella and Giles. Congrats on the wedding anniversary both of you xoxoxo. Many more years together to you both!

August 19th

One of those rush days for Rocket Pocket Books. I'm not sure what triggered it off but most of the orders were for my 4th diary book 'TRIP'. I love that it's going to so many homes across the globe. I somehow get them all numbered and signed and the whole batch mailed -with 2 minutes to spare. Kereena said I looked "rushed" when I burst into the general store/post office-she was right I was! Enjoy TRIP those who secured a copy. If your collection needs this 4th diary book you can grab it via F/16 merchandise link at bottom of this page or www.rocketpocketbooks.com

Afternoon we head to the city for some recording etc. Trying not to think about slow city traffic. No trees no trees where are all the trees????

August 20th

Happy Birthday Rosemaree. I give her a call at work but she must be at lunch so I leave a message on her home machine. Into the city again for filming etc. Day two and it feels like I have been doing this all week. We sneak into Rosemarees and put up a Birthday sign, balloons and some flowers. Just a nice surprise for her.

Some horrid city drivers out, two accidents-thankfully not us. A long day and evening, home at 3.30 in the morning. Banshee happy to see us.

August 21st

Finally day of dealing with the city. See I'm over it , I miss our trees.

Faves List


Creep- well Tony Abbott has that place reserved for a year or two.

Bluray- Twin Peaks Box Set. The show still works in so many ways-listen to the Log Woman.. so wise..so strange!

Book- Memoirs of a Young Bastard-The Diaries of Tim Burstall (thanks Mr Mac!!xx)

Pet Hates- People that lie & those who don't return your phone call. So I no longer call them.

Colour-Tangarine because it sounds so good....

Things I do daily- Frank N Further voice impersonation for Marky!

Music- Morrissey-"World Peace...", Andy White-"How things are" and Enz -Luton (2 cd set).

Fave Robin Williams Movie- Smoochy, One Hour Photo, Mrs Doubtfire and The Birdcage.

Crystal Ball Prediction-The State Liberals lose Victoria at the November election-one termers for sure. Please don't vote for these cretins.

August 22nd.

USA emails me at 1.00 in the morning, for a conference chat a few hours later, so I miss it. It happens. Just didn't want my boss thinking i was a slacko.

Supermarket shopping at lunchtime and they have the latest Captain America movie on BluRay for $10.00 off so grab one of the last copies. As we are heading out, the check-out the girls says" Keep the docket" you'll get a further $5.00 off next weeks grocerys! Brilliant- $5 will cover my weekly hit of blueberries. I've been healthy all week and can you believe it, almost lost 3 kg. Stoked. I need to exercise even more... some of my friends are getting so chunky I'm fearful they will have heart attacks. That thought alone just makes me do the right thing, well most of the time.

Horrible night-Banshee is really really ill. I check all her signs for poisoning etc. Thankfully she threw up (well out of both ends *Urgh*).. so her body is exiting toxins and no sign of any blood. People just panic and I do a bit but I'm trying to stay calm. If we need the 24 hr vet I can do that but she is dealing with it-as many animals do. I just sit with her, check her eyes etc. It meant staying up the whole night-which I did but about 3.00 she showed a lot of signs she was improving-even giving me a nip on the finger (ouch). When the sun was coming up she had something to eat and her eyes where much clearer and alert. No more cat crying, lots of purring. Now I feel like deaths door from lack of sleep.....

August 23rd.

I cancel a surprise flight home to see Sis-they didn't know so no biggie. Also PM our friends wedding anniversary- just to say congrats. I stumble through the day, good coffee from Nelly helped. We are LOVING the Twin Peaks bluray box set. The Log Woman Rules! (It's not called that but she does...).

August 24th

A beautiful day on the mountain. Just the best! I get a lot done today. Mostly in the office. We avoided getting up at 4.30 in the morning to watch the new season episode of Dr Who. We'll watch it at 7.30 tonight-how exciting!!!!!!!!!

That's it from Kalorama.

We are diggin' the sunshine!

Peter, Mark & Banshee.

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