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January 13th

Just as we let slip the Official Enz Facebook page, a small earthquake happened. Is it a sign from the old gods, is Noel not happy? It could well be God's starting pistol.

It actually was a pissy earthquake, but for some reason very LOUD but little shaking. At first we thought a truck had over turned on our corner, after that I worried a BIG tree had fallen down. I walked the boundary but no tree down (yey). So I checked and yep Earthquake.

I am keeping Mum about the FB page going up, for a few days..but it just took minutes and already 120 people are permanents! Now I've done it, I'll have to stick to my word and add stuff every day (well night) as I'm working on Neil stuff all day. I'm not a big fan of Facebook but I can see it's good side too- I rarely check out other FB pages- no spare time and I have a life away from it.

January 14th

Hot Day, we put all our fire sprinklers out. I guess we are all on fire alert on the mountain. You try not to think about it but it has to be in the back of your mind. The sirens go off on a regular basis at Kalorama like some foreign shore is bombing us and we need to scramble into a bunker. In reality probably a tourist driven off the road.

Miss Fee's birthday, will be so exceptional to see her and the rest of the gals in a week. We are looking for ward to it.

January 15th

Very sad to see The Newsroom axed after 3 seasons, it deserved more, much more, such a well written show while absolute crap like The Biggest Loser survives. Fat people to make lesser fat people feel better.

Yet again another hot day, its 4 in a row, hottest temperatures for 110 years. 245 fires from lightening strikes! Thankfully none near us.

January 16th

My Mums birthday is in March so I'm thinking of flying up for that and a chance to see magical Mim my niece. Only a quick day trip but she'd appreciate it.

Mark wades through a few of Noels costume drawings with me, and we pick a few that we can use on the Official Enz FB page. I'll match a few with band photos so you can see how they turn out compared to the original concept.

January 17th

Yes another hot day- we are well and truly over it. By late afternoon a drop of rain appears and I strip down to my boxers bolt outside and dance in it and cheer like some total nutter. It feels great, it smells great, it even tastes great. Relief comes none too soon.

January 18th

Wake up and the day is cool. I head to the general store with a pile of photos to go through. Lots of slides and a viewer.

Home and I spend 5 hours working on Neil Finn bits and pieces...the natives are restless.

I work so much i forget to have breakfast and lunch ends up being at 4.00 in the afternoon.

We catch up with some collector fair mates and gives us some radio shows as presents and a small handful of Enz and NF discs for some lucky fans. I pay for a final one copy which is a present for Neil himself.

January 19th

It's Sunday and I work in the garden and the vegetable patch. I have been watering it 3 times a day from the tank during those hot days and it has thrived...and survived, been picking vegies every day. Lots and lots and lots of positive emails on the Official Enz facebook page, some very happy Frenz!

January 20th

Mark takes some time to give me a crash course in disc conversion etc. He is so patient, I am so hopeless, well not too hopeless eventually I get it together as my learning curve improves.

We are waiting on our book people to return from their 4 week break, eager to get THE EARLY YEARS into the system. My fault as I forgot they take so much time off.

We catch up with Rosemaree at 11.00 for some food which was nice. I get a call in the afternoon about in laws arriving tomorrow so Marky looks like he will have to stay at Kalorama and miss out on the dinner at Madam K's.

January 21st

I leave late but somehow the driving gods are smiling and I make it all the way from Kalorama to Brunswick street in 33 minutes-hardly any cars, the M3 is empty and not a single red light. I stayed under the speed limit-I was totally amazed.

The good part is that K's is close to the end of Brunswick street that I turn into, just one block down, I spot a park around the corner- opposite Handsome Steve's-House Of Refreshment! I am so early I sit in the car for 30 minutes and write. I give Shock a call to see if they are close by, they are so I put some coins in the parking meter, change my shoes and count my luck on this great car park. Funny how I have driven the furthest but arrive the earliest.

I see Michelle and Laurence... waiting and no one else. It is SO SO good to see them. Shock just looks amazing, and happy which does my heart well. We eat, I am starving, I've missed meals today because of radio stuff. The entree nibblies are excellent. Laura and Kevin arrive, fresh back from overseas, and eventually Fee and Jo. It's so nice to see these guys, we have all changed but not in so many ways. There is a bond, it feels good, very good, though my 3rd day with almost zero sleep and I kind of feel like shit-not the best company. The staff are very cool and are fine that we are all louder and louder as the night rolls by. I love that Laurence digs cameras, real cameras...he gets that 100%. Anyway this was such a fun night. We depart into the night many hours later- I have to get home and once more the drive is ok. Thank goodness for great mates!

To add some oddness to this, tonight is indeed the 34th anniversary of the True Colours album being released. By fluke here we are the staff of the Enz office... I do raise a toast to the album, and also to nathan (who is away in Europe) it changed all our lives.

January 22nd

I heard Morrissey is about to head to France to continue work on his next album-yey! He's signed to Harvest Records and Joe Chiccarelli (The White Stripes, Beck etc) will be producer...I loved his version of "Satellite of Love" at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.... and " People are the same everywhere" still one of my faves. More power to Morrissey.....!!!

January 23rd

I get up early to have a listen to Neil's webcast, the sound was really bad, which stood out as previous efforts the sound has been brilliant... shit happens, in the end I gave up. Looks like I wasn't the only one. I still think it's great that he does these, not sure why this one had bad sound. Maybe one of Tony Abbott's plastic bags and gaffer tape became undone.......!

Oh weird Facebook stalker, used our contacts to get all his details... if a giant bumble bee turns up at your home with a chainsaw your stalking days are over! and the twit acts all innocent- obviously has no life- waste of oxygen.

January 24th

Lots of Neil Finn work today, I'm sure he has forgotten to send me the album, I should be subtle and remind him but i feel like a tosser doing so. So eager for my ears to enjoy "Dizzy Heights".

January 25th

Happy Birthday to Mal Green... brother Mal turns 61 years young today!

Good old Tim Finn the first to email me a piece on Paul Hester in the Enz... he is incredible just goes and does it and gets it to me, no sweat! (and Tim can sweat as we all know!)

We are horrified that the Western Australian Liberals have agreed to shark culling. It's so fucking stupid! It's been tried before- Hawaii a decade ago, just under 5000 sharks were culled and it did absolutely NOTHING to change a single thing. I notice our sea swimming "PM" has kept his mouth shut on this issue. What sort of dickheads cull sharks with no scientific proof etc... talk about a knee jerk reaction. Cull the WA Liberals -that will be the catch cry!

January 26th

Happy Australia Day especially to our Koori mates the first Australians. I know for many it is an invasion day but the original people of this land should be able to celebrate what is their country too and thats why I do-I love Australia warts and all. Not that anyone I know has warts! John at the general store hands us all a gum leaf, which makes a good bookmark, what a nice idea.

For us, I've decided that the Official Enz page will be Paul Hester day seeing he was the only Aussie in the Enz. Thousands visit and leave comments, it's a good one. The page is doing well, just on 60,000 have read the posts and comments and 2232 "likes" so far, so I'm happy that word of mouth is spreading. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialEnz

January 27th

Public Holiday today, go to work you lazy bloody Australians.....so easy to bait! Love it!

Breaky at The Deli and people sit down and chat....nice day.

We end up working in the office all of today, I wish the words "pay rise" would get mentioned to my boss, the hours keep on growing and I guess eventually it will just get too much. I love all my work areas don't get me wrong, but kills me getting paid every 2 months, and really do I sound like the kind of guy who even uses the word "budget"! *GRIN*. I hear Ed Vedder will indeed be turning up at our MAX session for Neil. Just a couple of songs but good to see him and hear him sing.

Mark points out that it's 30 years since the Enz office first got it's Apple Mac.... 3 decades incredible. Nathan was right they are a mighty computer! Speaking of Nathan D Brenner-get well from all of us!

That's it for the moment.

Fight for the good things in life!

Fuck Pussy Riot Save the Shark!


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