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RIP Alice! What will the Brady's do now?

May 13th

Chat to Bongo Skyhook today as he wants to do an interview on Gold FM. So I line one up for the morning slot. Happy to do this. I think they want him with guitar for a bit of a song. Morning radio always shuffles about so I'll probably miss most of it. I've been sleeping in (well a bit)-we are still in the office right on time for work-every day. Very disciplined...but we are staying up later. Last night we climbed into bed at 2.30!

A little bit of sun this afternoon so I take my lunch into the garden and plant some bulbs. The weather is so whacko I never know if it's the right time to do so. It rains late afternoon and I think of my lucky "boss" sunning himself in Greece..in a few days time. "I remember sunshine" he shouts from the hills of Kalorama. Hell it's not even Winter yet.

May 14th

Oh the horror budget, Australia reacts-with total hatred. Even the Liberal faithful are pissed. The failed experiment called Tony Abbott unravels even further. He's running out of feet to shoot himself... $80 Billion from hospitals and education, good grief truly appalling! I'm saying little as I think the rest of Australia has spoken LOUDLY and it's only day one. This will be his undoing, that and being hit with the ugly stick at birth.

I am determined to reclaim our office floor-will be so glad when the Dizzy Heights go out- I hear from the record company who somehow lost our order for 3 days... I roll my eyes, apparently it's all OK... I just smile now, past the hopeless stage. It will happen when it happens and that should be soon.

May 15th

Neil's last show in Dubai. Some nice reviews.

We have coffee with Jane and Allie at the General Store and am spoilt with some cool gifts. Love the way our conversation is heading, only slightly rude.

I usually care little about political speeches but watch Mr Shortens Budget Reply as I was curious. I have to say it was really amazing. A few mates went and sat in the public gallery and they were saying how it was such a cross over of people watching it. Locals etc.. the Gallery did erupt in such a positive way. Abbott sat there like one of those clowns at side shows that you drop balls down the open mouth to win a prize- I think he was taken back by the huge public reaction. It was incredile to see-a defining moment in Australian politics-possibly.

"Say what you like PM, spin as much as you want, Australians can spot a lie when they see one" !!!!! Shorten is so right!

May 16th

Thousands of leaves now cover our property so I am tempted to do the "leaf photo". I hand pick some selected GREAT leaves for my face to highlight it... and bury myself under them. Maybe I'm losing weight as there is only my face..no leaf mound! Mark is on a ladder-I only freak once when an ant bites my face..I try not to think of centipedes crawling along my back. We have a leaf explosion at the end where I burst out of the ground. Great photos, so strange..looks like I've peeled off my face and dropped it onto the ground!

We finally get some time to watch the Australian WILFRED on dvd. Season Two "Dog of a Town" is just brilliant. Laughing so much that it hurts as Stephen Curry (The Castle etc) in a giant cockatoo suit. Possibly the best episode of them all. More power to Wilfred! Dan Wyllie is in that episode too as Goldy the guide dog! The 2 nudists are hysterical as well! is it too perverse for me to wear my Wilfred costume while watching an episode? At least it's nice and warm in the dog suit.

May 17th

We have some fun, instant party- 4 hrs of Stones and some Jack Daniels- great footage Marky, some I've never seen before, some only once. I am amazed that the Rolling Stones still don't have an official dvd of all their videos. It would certainly be a big seller. Great night... fun party. My head does not hurt....!

May 18th

I take my Mac Book Pro to the General store for some editing and transfer for the Enz page. The numbers seem to be growing , all good signs. It keeps the bands sales ticking over too. We've had a few emails from new fans, who would of guessed after all this time wanting details of what cd's are available. You make the effort and are rewarded. It really is that simple.

May 19th

So now the "supposed black box signals" are incorrect- what every happened to the PM's "We are tatalizingly close & should have good news in 1 to 2 days"? Why would you be stupid enough to say that to those families and the worlds media. Good grief. So someone needs to ask, how much has this wasted search in the wrong area actually cost Australia? I see Mr Abbott has just ok'd a further $60 million. I'm starting to think the hundreds of millions would be better off used on the living then the dead. The ocean has a habit of giving up it's secrets when it's ready.... $200 million wasted already...URGH!

May 20th

Season Two of "Wentworth" commenced tonight and it's really good. Nice to see The Freak arrive as new governor ...something is bubbling under that exterior ....well I hope so. It would be sad if Joan Ferguson isn't truly evil and vicious. Nice to see an Australian drama doing so well -I just wish Foxtel would authorise more episodes per season. Very popular in the UK I hear, no surprise as the original had a massive UK audience.

Win $20.30 on the lotto ticket Trudi gave us, lunch was $20.10 so thanks Trude you paid for our lunch! Yey!

May 21st

I do remember to email Sharon Finn on her birthday, a few of us in May and I usually remember. The Finns are away on vacation ..they have sun-we have doom and gloom. Wanna swap guys?

So many emails around Split Enz and people wanting to know about the remastered cds that are still available...every day people ask. The facebook page has most certainly lit the fuse for some Enz music being sold. I hope Warners stay on top of the catalogue. Now to get the Enz dvd re issued again, no reason why that should not be in the stores. As you can tell it is blowing me away a bit, the popularity.

May 22nd

I have a really nice chat with our mate Wendy, I was all comfy on the couch with a green tea... perfect position to gas bag. She's a good chook!

I spend today working on Neil Finn solo "stuff" a good solid 8 hours. Now just waiting for this stock to arrive, how could the record company lose ours. I am trying to stay nice. It will turn up I know it...GRRRRR.

May 23rd

New X-men Movie released. "Days of Future Past" easily debuts at #1 here...and number one in 117 other markets ($172 million week one). I am glad "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is still in the top 5 too...it's made an exceptional $100 million so far! So people are still going to the cinema, eh?

May 24th

Mark surprises me with a bluray version of AC/DC's LET THERE BE ROCK. Filmed at their Paris show on Dec 9th 1979. A passionate crowd and you could see that AC/DC were heading to stardom. One of the best live versions of "Whole lotta Rosie", and Angus and band in fine form. Incredibly sad that only 2 months later Bon would be dead. Anyway great gig, a total joy to watch this one.

Off for dinner tonight, spoilt by some friends which was really great-we are feeling the love!

May 25th

A very cool present arrives from our mate Wendy C in QLD.. just made my whole week.. Loved the card too...one of Judy Bergsmas beautiful sea turtle cards!

Mark is digging my special tomato soup way too much-4 bowls-yes four! OK it is pretty good, and perfect as we head into Winter in Oz. Remember this is from a man who hated soup! It must be good.

May 26th

May isn't a good month for the Federal government . The consumer sentiment index had a huge drop. Usually it's around 103 points, it dropped almost 8 to 92.90, the lowest it's been for a long long time. People are just not confident and that terrible budget just pulled peoples purse strings tighter. If the public are not spending there won't be much GST. Not good.

May 27th

Happy Birthday Neil Finn.

We make it Neil day on the Official Enz facebook page. By the end of the day we have crashed past the 4000 "likes" and 55,000 people have read the posts for the week so far. Nearly double what we normally have. It's great, there most certainly is a vibe. Mark put together a special musical/collage.. it is appreciated by 40,000!

May 28th

I drive to the little stone church at Kalorama and take some photos. It's Anglican , and a few celebs have been married here over the years. I just love what it looks like...

A massive cluster of mushrooms are growing on the old tree stump across the road. Mushroom pickers have invaded the hills , half don't know what they are picking - can't believe some people are so silly ! So easy to die eating the wrong type.

May 29th

Mark recorded BYZANTIUM on Foxtel, a nice vampy movie by the guy who worked on "Interview with a vampire" . It was filmed in Ireland, and near my friend Chris's place. It was a flop as a movie but we really enjoyed it, it had a great feel to it. Moody and that set the tone.

Finally I hear from ACE insurance.... it took them forever -at least I now know what I am covered for in the worst case scenario. Hey I pay a massive $8.80 a month so I'm not expecting it to be some major policy!

May 30th

Today I work out our bills- they always seem to arrive at the same time en masse! I will never know how struggling old age pensioners get by. Those with no major savings, it must be a scary world for many people.

I hear from our mate Merelyn today which was nice , always time for the "gals"!

In a few weeks I think we are heading to the snow with some friends, which will be fun. Still the way the weather is going it may well snow up here before that adventure. Am getting some new tyres for the 4WD, so it will be superb to drive.

May 31st

Nelly is away so Annie makes my Saturday morning coffee. I take the MacBook Pro to do the final read through on "The Early Years" draft. Will be stoked when this one is back from the printers. Book #8, who would of figured. Still a few of the original pre-sale art pieces to do but thankfully most of those are ready too. Just not enough hours in the day sometimes. My coffee mate John shows me some photos his daughter took of some lyrebirds in the arboretum area. I spotted Peacocks on that road too a few days ago.

Chat to Greg Skyhook for awhile which is always good. Just think the brilliant "Living in the 70's" album turns 40 this year. FORTY! and it is still our favourite record.

June 1st

Winter! The locals keep saying it will snow up here this year! I think they single handedly are willing it to do so.

Sad news that Ann B Davis who played Alice (Nelson) on the Brady Bunch has died, age 88. She kindly sent us a signed photo for our Brady loving friend Wendy- (for Christmas) .... what will those Brady's do now without that house keeper! Hopefully not Alice's sister... that never works out well! RIP Ann B! What an icon!

That's it for another diary, hey this one on time!



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