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Stones wine

Can't always get what you want? Try a drop of this Rolling Stones 50th Shiraz.

February 17th

Monday morning feeling fine.......! Unlike the Boomtown Rats I DO like Mondays! I always have "the vibe" come Monday, a week of new challenges. Another week to survive... and to find something artily stimulating.

"Love Child" is finally on channel 9 tonight, wow twice we have watched free to air tv recently- feels very strange- how do people suffer those mind numbing adverts!? "Love Child" is ok, not great but ok, the music is good. I am always amazed that every time someone does a period piece (in this case 1969) that every car used is shiny and new..it's like they have gone to the Holden Club and used their cars-didn't people have beat up pieces of shit to drive in 1969-it drives me crazy! Especially around Kings Cross surely the cars would be crap!

I have been playing that demo ish acoustic version of "Don't Change" that Andrew Farriss plays on guitar.. the one good thing from the INXS telemovie. I see My Kitchen Rules beat INXS Part II by 250,000 viewers. So a lot of people didn't tune in for Part two.

Record Fair was on yesterday, I managed to find 3 items for fans, off my collector list, all under $1 each-super bargain so i just mailed them out as presents. A nice surprise for 3 lucky Finn fans. No real radio show discs at the fair- well 1 disc but that was it. Mostly Kiss live shows on the collectors table.

February 18th

I have a chat to Nigel from the Enz.... every so often the Official Enz sheepbook page just leaves me uncertain over a fact so it's really handy having Nige and Noel local to be able to call. So far they have been patient and not told me to F-Off! Tim Finn has been great, he emailed around a few things so that was a really nice surprise. He's an Old school kinda guy so it's nice that he has been supportive. In fact all of them have, Neil encouraging it on his Facebook page...Eddie sending a very cool email. Thanks guys.

I hand over some art ideas to Marky so I can get the silkscreens ready for the bonus art for the upcoming EARLY YEARS book. I had to re do a small segment so it delayed it-I hate delays they drive me crazy.

February 19th

Ed Vedders at the Palais and once more Melbourne just loves this man. Pity the weather sucked for some surfing but I'm sure he had a great time.

The voting is over for our Enz favourite albums and song. "Message to my Girl" romps it in as does "Time and Tide". Nearly 5000 people emailed in.

February 20th

Good to see Labor's Tanya Plibersek get such solid support from the Labor caucus on her upcoming marriage equality bill- of course it won't happen without it being a co-sponsor from the Liberals and Abbott is too much of an ugly homophobe to allow his Liberals a conscience vote. Sad really, people vote for politicians to represent them and those Liberals who do support gay marriage are not allowed to vote with their conscience. What's wrong with that picture!!! Who says their are no dictators in Australia?!

My niece Maddie has her first tooth, so teething well and truly underway. They grow up so fast. Mum says she is chewing on everything she can get her hands on! I'm excited as I'll probably see them down here in May.

February 21st

We finally get some time to watch FROZEN PLANET on blu ray- amazing. The best footage in the world- you can only watch this on a decent size tv-a total waste other wise.

I found at today that Sheldon from Big Bang Theory has a 4 napkin system at lunch, I notice Mark has a 3 napkin system, so he does vary from Sheldon ..ever so slightly. No one can sit on Marks place on the couch however..or the dinner table, or the restaurant....

I get a call from the Crombies and head on over and spend 4 hours working on the stage backdrop for Neil's upcoming world tour. A bit worn by the time I get home-it looks incredible... so much effort it will be down to the line as far as getting it finished. How do people suffer driving in 9-5 traffic-urgh! I had to drop Noel off at his car place- he's a good mate.

February 22nd

The final Guided Tour at the Mushroom Exhibit today. Wendy and Rosemaree head in with me in the car. I manage to splinter 12 of the group to an earlier day so just 24 people which is the perfect number. We arrive on time, and manage to park for the third time in the EXACT same car spot. The exhibit closes today so one last walk through. Another really nice bunch of people and they are not afraid to ask questions, 99% of the time I even have the answers. Allie wins the music pack-which is kind of funny. Wendy gets Molly's middle name correct (Alexander).... ! I'm in the costume room having a chat about the Skyhooks costumes on display when I spot a Skyhook out of the corner of my eye checking out the exhibit. I control my evil urge to say "hey look a living Skyhooks icon from the exhibit" but I continue chatting about the cozzie. It's a bit tacky to mob someone at such a thing, especially when they are at the exhibit to check it out not to be a prop. Let them enjoy their privacy.

I manage to get the whole tour finished in under 2 hrs, and make it back to the car as the parking meter clicks over. Yey no fine and head home. I get really worn out by doing these things. They can be fun but I'm glad it's finished. Will be happy to have all our archive items home as well. White Night is on in the city this evening and 20,000 people go through the exhibit that night! Wow!!!

February 23rd

ARIA charts are in and Neil's Dizzy Heights debuts at #6 in Oz, #5 in NZ and #22 in the UK. We are waiting on our stock so I send a reminder email to NZ. I'm massively concerned that it has debuted too high and too fast and will run out of steam before the tour starts. I hope I am wrong but my chart nose is twitching and it feels off centre. Guess we'll know next week when the 2nd week of charts are in.

I email Deb about all our Split Enz live dates going up on the net. I've been wanting to fix up the Live List from Letters to My Frenz, and add a pile of shows. What goes up on the internet will become the definitive Enz list. It's a complicated thing to do especially around early shows but we will be making a huge effort with it. Mark will take up the challenge as he usually does... so it will be sensational. It will drive him totally bonkers though!!!!

February 24th

We have a lot of book orders come in today from the Rocket Pocket Books website (www.rocketpocketbooks.com) the largest amount we have had in about 6 months. I think people are adding to their collections. Something has triggered it off but i have no clue as to what. But that's cool I'm stoked our books are heading to peoples homes to enjoy.

David lost his head last night. Our friend Cecelia gave us Michelangelo's David statue as a present a decade ago and it seems like the Kalorama weather has had a depremental disaster on poor ol' David. Head and arms have gone.., BUT I kind of like this new version of David standing amongst the ferns. At least his rather small sculptured penis did not drop off-you'd never find that amongst our foliage!!! So even a small disaster can end up looking artfully beautiful!

February 25th

All Australians remember the March In March. March 15th-17th-across Australia. Hundreds of thousands of us will be marching to show a Vote of NO Confidence in the Abbott government. People power- a chance to stand up and say No to Abbott and co destroying Australia and so far that is what he and his cronies have done. The highest unemployment in 10 years, his medicare tax etc-the list goes on. More details for the March In March can be found on the link below. We are stoked so many of our friends are attending and not just moaning on their couches. http://marchinmarch.com.au/

It looks like Australia is indeed waking up from it's deep political sleep. Another Newspoll arrives, the Liberals now falling behind by 8 points, Mr Abutt preferred PM by 1 mere percent. (Originally he was 15 points ahead). Honeymoon over Abbott- divorce from the Australian people is imminent!!!

February 26th

I hate how more Minke whales have been slaughtered in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. So much for the Liberals election promise to keep an eye on things and to send a boat. Greg Hunt you truly do suck! I know I should expect politicians to be liars but at the end of the day they shouldn't promise things just to get in.

Back to the House of Crombie from 1.30 to 6.00 for more work on the back drop. The girls are in doing their thing and I'm with The Cromb. I am enjoying contributing. I'm not saying too much about the backdrop for the Neil tour don't want to wreck the surprise .... huge effort though-astounding really. I'm driving home and my oil light starts blinking - which is a worry.... car car car trouble as Adam Ant once sang!

February 27th

We drive to Mt Evelyn, desperately need oil in the car, I have oil for everything else at home except engine oil....my timing is great as it is on special and the motor gobbles up half the container. My back tyre also has a small slow leak, have a feeling we may swap it for the spare soon. Which is a pain as 4WD tyres are big mothers....

We have some lunch at Morrisons and Sheldon isn't in....but the BLT are really nice. They say they have missed us- oh blushing red.

I consider driving to Dan Murphys to get Mark the Rolling Stones 50th birthday shiraz wine.... it's so cheap just $15.00. Will be a collectors item not a lot bottled. Think our closest Dan's is at Boronia! But with the tyre I decide not to do so. Hopefully the magic wine fairy will just leave one on our doorstep.

February 28th

A friend mentioned that Russia looks like taking over the Ukraine and that there is massive troop movement. I wonder how the USA will feel about all of this. It officially becomes an occupation doesn't it? Hope no one with their finger on the nuclear missiles has a knee jerk reaction.

March 1st

So Autumn has arrived, all those millions of damn leaves will start falling off our trees soon.... they are endless, we drown in leaves at Ailsa Craig!

Tonight the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra Parade is on... looks like rain but that only toughens peoples resolve to have a great time. Good to see Senators Penny Wong & Louise Pratt march in support of gay marriage. I hope Louise Pratt wins her spot in the senate with the new Senate election that is being called for in WA on April 5th after the AEC lost 1370 ballot papers after September election. Senator Pratt has always fought the good fight for the LGBTI community so if you live in WA throw your support around her- she's one of the good ones (so few!).

March 2nd

MAX have their All Time Greatest Love Songs.... I'm sure the INXS Love fest will continue and they'll do well in the voting but it's nice to see Split Enz nominated with "Message to my Girl"..... it gets voted in at #7 in the top 50 which is pretty good. I'm happy to see Nick Cave in the final batch too. So all weekend "Message" video clip is getting a lot of video play on MAX for the Enz. Thanks to all the Enz fans who voted- top 10 is always a good thing-so thanks. I even cast a vote for Skyhooks "Loves not good enough" which makes me sound rather jaded- such a truly amazing unique song.... it's always in my top 10 that one.

We are really enjoying the second season of House Of Cards, it deserves all the success that it is having. So much hype for season two in Australia where the press ignored season one-they always do that here...Breaking Bad they waited for the final 2 episodes before falling all over themselves. Anyway "House" just exceptional.

A full box of Rolling Stones wine arrives (Yey). Shiraz and made in Australia. I really like the packaging. I think people get the rock and roll wine these days even before the music! (HIC). The band arrive in Australia in 2 weeks , probably the last time they will ever play here, watch the wine sell fast and yeah maybe even a few CD's! *GRIN*.

Life is a rolling stone.... roll on!


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