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Enz Dizrythmia tour 1977

September 22nd

I have started sending out some PR stuff for Andy White. I'd love for Spectrum magazine in The Age to run a piece-we have managed one for someone else earlier on- it's hard to do but a nice piece for Saturday readers..so here's hoping. Always nice to work with Andy, we say no to a lot of PR requests but Andy's a mate so it never quite feels like work.

School Holidays are on so the little bastards are everywhere on the mountain. Pity Yarra Ranges doesn't pull it's finger out and fix Olinda swimming pool-all of this beautiful weather coming up, lame that they are too tight to do this-plus it's a good back up source of bushfire water for the CFA. I see Labors James Merlino has stood up with the locals to get the pool repaired -maybe the political muscle is what we need. The Liberal guy has done nothing around this-so annoying. People will remember that at the ballot box..in 68 days time. The Victorian Liberals will be one termers-we hope!

September 23rd

I made today Split Enz "Dizrythmia" day on Official Enz facebook page (makes it sound like I waved my God like hand and it "became so"...). Apart from Luton I think Dizrythmia may well be my favourite Split Enz album. We had some cool bits and pieces, a lot never before seen. I'm hoping the fans appreciate all of this- it does take up a lot of time to stay focused on the page. We do get many "this is by far my favourite band page" emails which is great.

Meatloaf for dinner, it is true I do cook a killer meatloaf!!! I wish it was made out of something other then meat! *GRIN*.

September 24th

I'm resurrecting the fernery that is part of Ailsa Craig. It was pretty average when we bought it , so i think i can improve on it with my Peter Green-Thumbs! I buy some Dracaena species- usually good for patios and really for warmer areas but they might do ok. The main killer are humans over watering them so I need to control myself. We have quite a few tree ferns scattered around the place and many baby ferns have sprung up so I'll move some of them in as well. Ideally I'd love to extend the office sideways and add in huge stain glassed windows but it would probably cost about $100,000 extra to do so.

September 25th

Side tracked by work so i cancel Banshees visit to the vet, she just needs her yearly check up and shot, a few extra days won't matter.

I hear from Miss Wendy and we chat for 2 hours- sometimes it is epic! I have a few Miss Wendys, all of them Goddesses.

September 26th

Neils at Dunedin tonight and he calls me just before the show. I'm out buying some Indian food for dinner so miss the call. I call the band room 30 minutes before he goes on and hopefully he got the scan that he needed.

I spot a new copy of Battlestar Galatica the original series on dvd at DVDland..it's pretty cheap so I do purchase it. I'm sure it will look incredibly dated but even that will be fun.

September 27th

Mark finds 8 more Enz shows, courtesy of the Crombie magical archive suitcases. 979 Enz shows now, we keep asking the band to play a further 21 at Kalorama Hall so we hit the magic 1000 mark. No takers yet but we will keep pursuing it. We keep fine tuning the list, trying to work through band member memory's too -now that's hard-they all seem so totally different....so relying on reviews and adverts etc. I know it's only a number but it does sound a bit special when a band can say they have played one thousand gigs.

A full table at the Kalorama General Store today- Fenalla & Giles, Allie and Jane, John and Rosemaree. Nice to see everyone, a good waffle session was had. Allie makes the mistake of shouting me a second coffee, so I am totally off the rails. Lovely coat hanger hook from Fen and Giles, so us -thank you guysx We love little presents. I found this great red coat... well I have a new hook now so I need something to hang on it!!!!

The Grand final is on, the Hawks just walk all over the Sydney Swans-what a good time to go supermarket shopping-it's almost empty!

September 28th

I'm driving back from the bakery with Bowie's "Aladin Sane" album playing way too loud in the car.. I see something approaching me-rather agile, down the road..it's a runaway sheep. As I slow and drive past-I swear he looks up just as Bowie sings " with snorting head he gazes to the shore"...and suddenly veers left into the undergrowth of the national park. It just made me smile...Bowie's "Drive-In Saturday" will never be the same again!

I take our company BAS along and get 99% of that done, no interruptions today, some morning I just love being solo at the general store-I get some work done.

You can tell it's not too long to Xmas when I start calling some mates for Christmas Lunch at our place! Yieks.

September 29th

60 days till the Victorian State Election and unemployment still continues to rattle on the cage of this useless Liberal Government. They somehow in succeed in bumping off their previously high record number, maybe Napthine will work out that the unemployed actually do vote too. Especially Youth Unemployment, in some areas it's now almost 20% unemployed -which is a terrifying effort. I see even smelly old Murdochs biased birdcage liner paper-the Herald Scum , has Labor ahead by 3% in the public daily poill. You'd think the Young Liberals would all be out pushing the vote-it's not like any of them would be getting laid or having a life, it would give them something to do. With 60 days to go anything can happen and I think only once in Victorias history has a state government been booted out after one term and if the Liberals go-that most certainly says what a dog with fleas state government we have had for the past three years! WOOF!

September 30th

Good grief is this what Australia has come too. Abbotts chief of staff Peta Cretin and useless Bronwyn Bishops extreme rubbish about Burqa wearing woman be forced to sit in the PUBLIC gallery behind glass. Two Liberal idiots who don't even know the difference between a Burqa and a Niqad. Just how will segregation change anything? Except make people angry. They still wear their Niqad , they now sit in an area with school groups... and Tony- who is fearful of Burqas (like he is of gays) will still get to see them (maybe he will never look up?). Cretin and Bishop wave the old security card- but if they look at the past they will find that only ONE crime has happened with someone wearing a Burqa and you know it WAS A MAN! Is this what Australia has really become? Rarely do I think John hoWARd had anything useful to say but not so long ago in 2006 it was hoWARd that said-" ripping away muslim girls scarves is not going to make them more 'Australian' , if anything it will certainly make them feel more vulnerable and different". Heaven help any kids who like Batman or Spiderman... you will be next on the Liberals paranoia list! Anything to smokescreen your shit budget eh guys?

October 1st

When I was younger (yeah 10,000 years ago) as teenagers Mark and myself always looked forward to October..as radio stations 2SM and 3XY changed it to ROCKtober. There would be endless free shows and the month ended with a huge concert- loads of Australian bands-most our favourites and free free free. There is nothing like it these days, the passion isn't the same, and I know that sounds a tad jaded but it's true. Either you went to the Rocktober gigs in the seventies or you didn't - it's too late to make up for it now. So even now when Rocktober arrives I still have a little lingering buzz from all those years ago- what an amazing time to be a teenager-shit we were lucky.

October 2nd

It's amazing Rosaleen Norton would of turned 97 if she was around today. Roie still one of my favourite australian artists. She also shares the birthdate with our early Split Enz drummer Paul Crowther.

Andy White should be back about now from his Canada trip, but we'll let him have a few days to recover...various bits and pieces of promotion are now happening around the very excellent HOW THINGS ARE album. I have to say it is a sheer delight to work on this project. I love it when an album is good, I really like it when an album is VERY good! I've had so many emails around this release, music fans just seem to dig this one.

I hear from the badge company and our Crowded House square album badges as well as the infamous Frenz of the Enz badges are nearly ready, I expect them in a weeks time. I'm sneaking in a special Crowded House fridge magnet for those who get in early. I like it when we give a little bonus surprise. Badges are so much fun... if I see people with badges on bags or jackets I have to read them.

October 3rd

Hush hush shhh quiet.. we hear that "the gum we like will be back in favour". We just hope Mr Lynch that it does have the same flavour! Still you do work miracles young man so looking forward to it - David Walk With me!

October 4th

Decide to put the "Enz With A Bang" documentary on Official Enz page via You Tube. Mr Abbott's internet (you know the one that "will do" ) it's so insanely slow, it takes 14 hours to put this up and we pray aloud that we won't have any power outages .... it uploads through the day and into the night and should be ready by tomorrow.

Coffee at the General Store and I get to read the paper today... so nice and peaceful.

I see Dizzy Heights is still $12.99 at JB HI FI so i spread the word-bargain price for Neil Finns album.

October 5th

I'm sound asleep and the hallway lights come on, feels like someone is shining a spotlight in my face. It's Mark (for a minute I thought it was Tony's anti-Burqa squad...checking on my wardrobe attire!). For some reason he thinks I am in the office and ok-ing the upload... but I was catching some Zzzzz's. It's 4.30 in the morning and that is on our first day of daylight savings, so really 3.30! I stumble out of bed and ask Mark what he is doing. It must be the office ghosts he heard (he thought i was in the office already). Now that I am awake I'll go to the office and turn off the net, add the documentary to the Split Enz page.

Banshee is still in her blanket on the end of my bed when I return at 5.00 and she gives me that "what are you guys doing"? look. Of course I can't go back to sleep so it will be like jet lag all day.

I love the Tea Partys current album- "The Ocean At The End"-they are at The Palais next weekend, and I'm amazed it hasn't sold out yet. They put on a great show. Front man Jeff Martin looking very handsome these days-he ages so well (*bastard!). *GRIN*.

I remind Mark that this Tuesday at 6.00 we are off to the Public meeting to SAVE OLINDA POOL. The local Labor guy is now supporting it (as he should), no sign of the Liberals...I'll have to find out what The Greens member is doing, surely they'd be supportive of it. To add salt into the wound , the same council are giving money to Healesville to build a new pool... the people of Kalorama-Olinda and says just want ours repaired!

The pre-book ticket price for Andy White's (live at The Toff In Town) album launch date look set to be a mere $15.00. That is so so SO cheap. It will be November 26th and if you go to one gig this year, make it this one. Tickets on sale soon via the TOFF website. Come up and say hello to us too: http://tickets.thetoffintown.com/event

80 days till Christmas! It's doing my head in, another year gone forever! Still a few months to make it a very special year! Go for it!

Love life , it all goes by way too fast!


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