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March 24th

We are loving Twilight Zone on blu ray...Rod Serling is so damn cool! Season 4 episode 3- "Valley Of Shadow"....3 years before Star Trek first aired on TV... and in this episode they have invisible barriers ("shields" Mr Spock), transporters, and replicators. Wow did gene Roddenberry get inspired from this one. To make it even more trekky...James Doohan (yes good old Scotty from the Enterprise) is in the episode as well. You have now crossed over to the Twilight Zone.

I'm getting back into my running, the weather has been pretty good. They expect April to be the hottest on record, which is odd as it usually starts getting cooler by that month. They will eventually have to change the seasons or add a fifth. It's all so out of whack from global warming etc. My tomatoes seem to like the twisted weather patterns, well my small tomatoes.... anything BIG doesn't seem to want to grow.... well zucchini's are the exception to the rule. We grow them big up here at Kalorama! Time to dig up the corn and bury the stems back into the earth. I love my vegetable gardening way too much.

March 25th

Neil Finns New York show at Town Hall very close to a sell out, think we have about 150 tickets to go. Love for this one to sell out for him, always sounds so grand having a sold out show in New York. It's on April 8th so if you are thinking about it-GO..the shows have been brilliant and I think it will be ages before he returns.

Emails emails emails... wasn't the internet and computers meant to make our lives simpler and easier.... sometimes I physically cringe when I turn on the Mac and 2000 emails roll in. Sadly most are not spam. Do we still call it spam....or junk mail mail or have the kids got some new exciting name for it. ?

March 26th

Nine years today since Paul took his life. That seems such a long time. I went sad for the smallest amount of time, just you know tears almost falling from eyes.. and of course I'd think of some absolutely mad crazy silly moment being around him and in the middle of this loss and sadness I'd laugh like a mad man.

I put a bit up on the net, one of the live LLT songs from The Conty...a few snaps on sheepbook and other areas. It's Paul of course we would. Again I consider driving to Blackwood but it's so far and not sure if I want to add sadness to such a day-maybe another date , one of those bright happy days.... I'm not sure if anything exists after death and as you get older you really start thinking nothing does- which makes such an early death even sadder. Still for awhile he did burn bright and from the people who made contact he certainly was adored- it would be incredibly sad to think that in his last moments he thought no one loved him- I'd say though at such a moment it's the last thing you think about. Maybe we feel some guilt, isn't that human nature to do so? We just miss the little shit!

March 27th

Love the promo for the upcoming Xmen movie which is out in May. The comic book geek in me is all a buzz of a new X-men release.

I have this excellent NZ cookbook that Sharon Finn gave me... also in it some handwritten recipe's from my Mum...one is for her very cool Pavlova- so I've decided over the next week to make one. Fiddly little bits that help make me extra special, I'll add as much fruit as I can so it has some healthy properties.

March 28th

Good to see our friend Greg, a nice day, time most certainly flies by. Lots of good ideas today, nice to be able to help.

Mark tells me that Big Bang Theory has been signed for 3 more seasons, taking it up to ten! The only show that isn't a reality "show" in the top 20..... thank god for blu ray-no way we are watching that puppy on free to air tv.. Also, the Blu ray with season 6 has BBT at the Paley Festival (2013)..a fun extra.

March 29th

It's great to see the U.K take the final step for gay marriage. Just shows how incredibly far behind Australia is, when a conservative UK government can show decency over such a thing yet the neanderthals here are too spineless to allow a conscience vote.

An old lady backs into my car at the general store. She then tries to flee the scene and drives over a garden bed.... I stop her and have a chat-I wasn't rude or threatening but gave her some words of advice. The 4WD is ok, it's as tough as a tank-just was pissed that she knew she did this and tried to drive off without even bothering to check. What a horror...lets hope she doesn't kill someone on the roads. Sometimes you have to know when to hand your license in honey!!!

March 30th

Captain America- Winter Soldier special screening tonight-ciname packed....and thankfully a passionate crowd not an annoying one. The Captains lookin' good!

I'd make a great Aztec I tweet... their Xochitla (its kind of huge flower bed/garden) was full of red Dahlias (which I love)! Hmm when I croak it remember to cover my coffin in blood red Dahlias .....!!!!!!!!

Crowdies VERY VERY BEST OF still hanging around the charts, it moves up 9 spots on the ARIA catalogue chart to #26. We must be very close to double Platinum with this in Australia- it's the 68th week on the chart! So the first Best Of (Recurring Dream) has managed 13 platinum, and this one 2 platinum-= 15 Platinum alone for those two in Australia. Crowded House have indeed sold more platinum albums in Oz then Kylie.

March 31st

Spot some bootleg Enz Tee's on Ebay, so legal can do it's thing. ...passed on the link.

I hear from Deb in the states and she's going to the San Francisco NF gig, envious, what a cool venue, I do love the Palace of Fine Arts...it's such a magical setting. Have a good time Deb!

I am listening to a lot of Hooks songs, hours worth, back to back....wow.. that's not a bad thing, they sound so fantastic still after all these decades. They don't make bands like that any more!

April 1st

Hottest April 1st day on record!

Pizza Pizza Pizza! (at least the kids laughed on the phone-THEY have a sense of humour!)

April 2nd

Taking control of the "Early Years" book project and steering it into completion,. Delivered art work for the film for the screens today...so 300 lucky people will get a little bonus art surprise. I'm just glad the wheels are turning on this again. It got stalled as we went on a search for a new book printers etc. I'm always amazed at how many book printing places close down in this country. We try to keep them 100% Australian made-even though it costs 20% more... but it is so exhausting dealing with the bullshit. I can understand why so many books are printed in Hong Kong.

The search for the missing plane MH 370 continues, Abbott has stopped waving his arms in front of the press like he is the great commander and chief...all his posturing and they've turned up nothing. I bet the Chinese find something before anything led by the great commander A Butt! After all this time you'd think the debris field would be huge , it is a massive area but still. Rubbish is probably floating in the ocean from the Japan tsunami still. Tony did find some seaweed though! Congrats on that!

April 3rd

Spent most of the day giving the Town Hall show a second push. We had some nice emails from fans who are travelling to NYC for the gig. There is a vibe and yes I have no idea why Neil isn't playing Chicago-he's crazy for not doing so!

We are over the moon- the International Court of Justice upholds Australia's bid to ban Japanese whaling in the Antarctica. The court unanimously found it had jurisdiction to hear the case & 12 votes to 4 found Japan's scientific permits should be revoked. Japan said it will abide by the decision of the court. We'll see....still an exceptional day for the whales and all those who believe Japans whaling to be bullshit. Good work Mr Rudd, Labor and The Greens who managed this! Sea Shepherds & Greenpeace too. Not you Mr Abbott who opposed it going to court in 2010-so don't you take any credit you worm.

April 4th

Head off for the friday grocery shopping and excited as I go to the silkscreen place straight after & get my art screen. It's not a wooden screen, metal this time which is a first, it is lighter and the transfer looks pretty sharp. I always get a buzz when I pick up a new screen., my idea of Christmas.The place up here is great, half the price to what I used to pay at Prahran a decade ago. As soon as I get home I bolt to the art room and do an art test to see if the image is sharp enough and it's perfect. So I decide this weekend I'll work away on 300 pieces of art. My friend Wendy was all vibey about doing some and helping so I'll email her. I hear from my mates Chris & Lisa and they say they'll give up what they are doing to help if I need them, which is so cool. They are my emergency team. So they are in...I know they dig my Pavlova cake so I'll create one..at least the fresh fruit is the healthy part.

We start watching another season of Enterprise on Blu Ray... people slag Enterprise off- we like it. We get it, we love it and kind of like that it's not a mainstream lovefest. It's almost your own little sci fi secret. Looks exceptional on Blu Ray. Worlds sexiest vulcan!

Chat to my Mum, she gets so fearful over my sister having the odd cancerous cell removed, I reassure her all is ok- she's being a mum I know that.

Thinking of stopping replying to PM's on sheepbook, I have enough to reply to even as emails. Mates know our number... so i think PMing may get the big heave ho.

April 5th

Coffee at General store, first is great, I'm working away and go for a second and Nelly, who rarely fucks it up does and makes me something else. It's like an invasion in here today so I know she is under pressure. I watch the Kalorama trade walk in and out, some are happy some are so impatient ....people keep thinking i work at the store, it's very odd. I cut up 300 art blanks... ! I enjoy watching humanity like some space creature....

Home for lunch which I wolf down and straight to the art room. Our mates arrive and they are so excited to help. Lots of music playing, even the mirror ball is bouncing off light.... it's more like the Kalorama disco then PG's art house. We have the big roller door open towards the street and people in cars slow down and watch us.

WA senate election is on this weekend, both Liberals and Labor drop back- and the Greens do massively well-which I'm all ok with. Abbott flew in the whole of his cabinet to push and push the Liberal vote home- looks like it backfired with a 5% drop! The Greens getting more power would totally piss him off... especially from WA which is rarely Green friendly.

I wave goodbye to our friends, and it's 4.00 in the morning, they could of stayed but they have animals to look after. My 30 year old hairdryer that I use in the art room finally died. It just made drying the art pieces much quicker...so I need to purchase some el cheapo one next week to finish the hue colours. It's funny how a $10 hairdryer can dictate my art work being finished.

April 6th

Daylight saving ends so clocks are back. I feel ok considering we had little sleep. I email a few friends, one Jennifer from NYC with some music...and to say hello. Nightmare scenario around a gig in Ireland announcing on a poster that Crowded House were playing- which they weren't ...so my IN box fills up with more and more and more emails. 3000+ to be exact. So the next few days are wasted on this. I hear from Neil which is great, and he fills me in. I keep my replies short and simple to all 3000+

The Vintage car rally is on at Kalorama oval, catch up with the Norton bike guys and I forget just how heavy bikes can be. It is a truly fantastic day here, and the oval surrounded by those sleeping giants, and hundreds of old cars roll in. The 59th year for the Kalorama Vintage Car Rally- can you believe the people in charge of the oval were trying to stop them from having the rally on the grounds! I wonder if this is the Yarra Ranges Council (again causing havoc ?). The locals love the rally, and thousands turn up for it. I take my camera down and take a few photos, a few locals come up and say hello...just a nice afternoon. The cars are so well maintained- beauties all of them!

Excited as "Game Of Thrones" -Season 4 returns tomorrow-HD and BIG mother of a TV the ONLY way to watch such a cool show-such mind blowing panorama's .... I bet those dragons have grown! Bring it on.

That's it from the mountain.

We are both happy, healthy and very sexy!

Peter and Mark (that sounds very Batman & Robin ish!).

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