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beer and bird

One Of These Is Not A Boutique Beer!

January 28th

Neil's on THE PROJECT tonight, he did ok. It's not something I'd normally watch, fluff tv but it was good to see the boss on the tube, he carries himself so well on such shows. It wasn't really horrid to watch, it's just not something I'd bother with. I managed to send work out so quite a few people did get to see it. It would of been cooler if he played a song.

Paid our monthly Netspace bill, one day we will pull them up on the crap speeds that we get, why did Australians vote that foolish Abbott creature in, we've blown it big time with broadband... no vision what so ever. Most of the old Liberal voters wouldn't care because they'll be gone soon enough, caring zero about such things.....and happy to let Australia's broadband be held together by plastic bags and gaffer tape... sad days created by men with no vision.

January 29th

I put the Noel Crombie clay head on the Enz page and people are way excited. It's like those Chia pets, you know, you add grass seed and it grows like fur and hair..... on the Crombie head Noel grows "grass hair" and you even get a comb with it. I love it!

I saw some of the upcoming INXS telemovie.... I'm hoping what i saw was the worst, if not it's pretty bad- poorly written and poorly acted. Still we'll wait for the whole show and give it a chance. The hype should make it a hit I guess. Whatever a hit is on free to air tv, gone are the days of massive tv audiences. In a country of almost 23 million a hit these days is 2 million "watching". What are the other 21 million doing?

We use the Sanity card Sis gave us for Christmas and finally get to order in THE BIG BANG THEORY on BluRay... box set-6 seasons...stoked- thank you Sis!!! We LOVE Big Bang Theory! Such a smart show..

January 30th

Even with these stinking hot summer days our place seems to be surviving and quite lush. All the natives are growing, We are happy that the fire wattle seems like it enjoys it's spot. I'm still picking vegetables every single day from our garden. Life seems pretty good.

Most of the afternoon is spent on Neil Finn work, the albums coming up, touring etc.....going to be a busy year.

January 31st

I mow parts of the drive way and rocks are flying everywhere, but Ailsa Craig looks pretty good when it's all done. Speak to our mate Jason who is going to install the fan in Marks bathroom to stop his endlessly long showers from removing all the paint. I'm going to cook the family an Indian dinner as a bit of a trade off-yey! In the mode to cook.

It feels very strange seeing 2014 move by at a fast speed.... what happened to January..hell what happened to 2013? Every minute of the day seems to be occupied with something.

February 1st

Unemployment jumps to a ten year high in Australia. That's what happens when you have a useless government jokingly "running" the country. Wait till the AMA report come sin on Public Hospitals, the Victorian Liberals are sweating over that, they promised an extra 500 new beds in the first year but they are now (nearly) 1000 hospital beds less. The three areas the useless Libs will always fail- employment, education and health. Just sad Australia could be in such an amazing position and watch what happens, recession around the corner. On the day of the AMA report medicare turns 30! Hands off Abbott.

February 2nd

I keep checking out parts of Cuba, it's only a matter of time before we visit. Just timing it right...... after all how many times will one get to go to Cuba. Sis is in the lottery for the tickets to Gallipoli ..think she's hinting if I want to attend the service. The 100th anniversary is coming up..... maybe I can leave her in Turkish Thrace and head off to explore other bits of Turkey- actually no I'd be worried too much........!

February 3rd

I'm happy for Nathan he worked on the Australian Crawl Best Of- debuted at #4 on the aria charts. The Crowded House Very Very Best Of also jumped (from #22 to #12 on catalogue charts)... and Finn-Kelly still floating about. Once Neils' Dizzy Heights starts to chart we'll have a lot of Finn related in the ARIA top 40.

God they are going out of their way to push the INXS telemovie...two parts, I bet the first part one will be huge the second part 50% less. Lets wait and see. We were such huge INXS fans , I just hope this isn't totally horrid.

The real Neil cd arrives, and of course I manage to rip the cover in half , I hate cardboard packaging. Not a great start. We have a chunk of club orders that have to come in from NZ, everyone knows to be patient around signed copies-and thankfully for the best part people are.

February 4th

Our Blu ray of Big Bang Theory arrives, 6 seasons worth-wow that's a lot of shows! It is doing so well here #6 on the ratings- the rest is mind numbing reality tv shows. Thank god for cable and blu ray- Reality TV dull tv tumours for the undead!

February 5th

Perfect Summers Day and that's all I'm writing.

February 6th

On a flight around family stuff, not even telling mates, we are just off.... last thing i want to talk about. Remember to breathe. Sad days.

I do call Bongo re: filming and leave message on his voice mail.

February 7th

I see Australia's greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector are down 7.6% since the carbon tax started. That's about 14.8 million tonnes less. Good!!

February 8th

A lot in the papers up here on todays Griffith By-Election, our dumb arse PM is expecting this to be a win, but it appears he counted his back hairs before they hatched and the Liberal National Party did not grab the seat. The Stones are right Tony-you can't always get what you want! A1% swing-that's it, the LNP threw so much money at that seat and lost-end of story.

February 9th

Managed to watch the INXS telemovie, it had a few moments but mostly fluff- poorly written, and how terrible was the Molly clone..it looked like Molly if he had stroke-for such a magnificent band this really was pissy. Ask yourself in 5 years will anyone even remember or care about this. It's vehicle for INXS to sell records, milk it for what it's worth guys. How many people will try to convince themselves it was good? It's mostly those who didn't actually see INXS in their prime.

February 10th

Home again late afternoon... been a long few days. I manage to get my washing done.

February 11th

Work all day and most of the night in the office, on Neil Finn stuff.. so many emails but I manage to get on top of them all. For once the electronic decks are cleared and my IN box is actually empty! Hurrah-that is a first. I was talking to a mate around Dizzy Heights and I tried explaining to them that I'm not concerned about the chart debut, I worry more about week 4 , after it has been out for a few weeks. Will it be consistent? It just is in the back of my mind that it may go in and leave fast and I hope I am wrong, you just never know these days. It's 2014 anything is possible and the general public has such a fleeting memory. I hope it becomes an outstanding success. Give me a Neil Finn on the charts to most of the other crap any day of the week.

February 12th

Andy the Kookaburra arrives... I have some bottles of boutique beer with cool labels..and Andy lands amongst them... I tag the snap with "One of these is not a boutique beer".

I start doing some homework on Countdown. 40th anniversary this year....... I get an interesting phone call.

February 13th

Mark is making time to convert over my footage from the Split Enz "When The Cats Away" show at The Club (May 1984). The sound and filming is poor-the camera I used was a beat up second hand 'thing" bought at the local pawn store from a man who always reminded us of a porn kinda guy (we nicknamed him "Deep Throat Man"...) I filmed on top of the back bar at The Club, this tiny metal shelf that would bounce up and down as the crowd did. However it really is a rare jewel as it was the last Enz show before they set out on their farewell tour. So as far as history goes important- 1/ Hessie on lead with the Enz without Tim 2/ an unreleased Paul song 3/ the band at a crossroads do we go on without Tim or not.... anyway head to the Official Enz website and check it out. PLEASE remember to give us a LIKE too! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialEnz

Ed Vedders in town soon, I like the (rough) set list for his current show.... hell even a cover of The Beatles Blackbird. He plays a mean version of Neil Youngs Rockin In The Free World too. Australia loves the Vedder man. See you at Bells lad!

February 14th

It is true I did forget it was Valentines Day this morning. I did however remember that today marks the 20th year that Mark has worked with me in the office, a far cooler anniversary.

Our 2 plastic Flamingo's were necking today..love is in the air.

February 15th

I sit down and write a letter to a friend, seems so long that I'd penned a real letter-felt a bit strange doing so. Work on loads of Neil Finn stuff today (again), just the signed cd's to go and we have caught up with everything. Finally!!

I see the Alcoa plants are shutting down. Abbott and Hockey make fools of themselves for saying it was because of the carbon tax. The head of Alcoa sent out a press release pointing out that it had nothing to do with that. Appalling they'll use a company closing down for their own political agenda. Those two must hate it when the truth comes out, shows them in their true colours.

February 16th

Well the INXS show helped flog quite a few INXS cds, their Best Of at #1...with the lone picture of Michael staring out at you..so much for being a band. Neil Finns "Dizzy Heights" debuts at #6 which is great, I was hoping for #5 but no matter, that's pretty good, #5 in NZ, #22 in UK. I knew the mid week would not be even close- I just ignore it..detest UK mid weeks-we all get way too excited from it. I'm hoping this album will hang around for awhile.

We watch the first episode of the second season of "House Of Cards" and it is great. It will be another cool season, and apparently signed for a third... it has left me with a fear of being pushed in front of a train though!

That's it for the moment.

How intense is the worlds weather?

Stay dry!


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