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Check out the brilliant new Russell Morris album!

April 7th

Game Of Thrones -Season 4 commences on Foxtel- such a great start. I know it's trendy for people to suddenly like this show after it's been on for numerous seasons, but who cares, if it keeps the production budget up and the writers continue the same quality. We loved this show from episode one, and one of the few times I can say the show IS as good as the books. Now where can I find me one of those BIG dragons!

I email Neil's manager to see if he has any word on our Dizzy Hts stock, no idea why it's taking Kobalt so long-you'd think they'd be happy to sell another 280 copies. The fans have been so patient, at least I've let everyone know, it still sucks that they have to wait this long. I'm hoping Neil lights a few fires under people.

April 8th

I see the infamous "Legend of King O'Malley" is back on at La Mama Theatre soon. It's a musical play, very famous in the 70's in Oz. O'Malley was a real person, big cowboy hat and lavender suits... satirical magic at it's best.

Coffee and cake at the general store. The cake is good, ALMOST as good as what I make.... Mark says Nah... but he's biased, he knows which side is cake is buttered on *GRIN*.

Deb sends in a few orders for Ghost Cars via Frenz Com, it has these little runs, we get a chunk of orders, it goes quiet and another chunk. Which is ok as our stock basically sits in a box and a bit so I'm glad while we only have these last few that they'll move on their own at some civil pace. One day soon we will be putting the All Sold Out sign on Ghost Cars Crowded House book. You can also get copies via www.rocketpocketbooks.com

Hmm no plane yet Mr Abbott, so much for being "tantalizingly close" ! I bet parts wash up on the WA coast before anyone finds it. I'm sure they will eventually, the sea always gives back it's secrets. It must be driving the families crazy, still seems so odd with all that technology etc it is taking this long. I guess it is a BIG ocean- that's if they are indeed looking in the right spot. There are at least 550 life jackets on board, you'd think they would of recovered at least one by now.

April 9th

So I'm still wandering around in our yard attempting to photograph the other Owls. It sure is dark some nights. I head under the huge canopy and turn off my torch. I can see some of the stars above through the branches and I listen to the many nocturnal critter noises. Mostly Possums trying to move about quietly. One Owl tonight but he wasn't up for a photo and left Ailsa Craig quickly. I only caught him out of the corner of my eye, not even time to bring up my camera.

I put up a few Jimmy & the Boys photos on the net, I even reach out to Joylene to make contact, but no luck yet. I miss my favourite shock rock band.....! They were so unique.

April 10th

I wrap Maddison's amazing easter present, it's an egg snow globe with a cute bunny inside, I wrap and wrap and wrap them, I so don't trust Australia Posts delivery skills..... ! Her first Easter so I have to give her something special.

I emails Neil's manager again around Dizzy Heights, the discs seem to be taking forever, it's strange never was a problem in the past. I'm wondering if it's this new record company. How hard can it be I wonder to myself.

April 11th

I head to Eastlands and grab a fantastic new woollen jumper and 2 shirts. I have a gift card and it works out to the last cent. So happy-thank you Sis! I also grab Russel Morris's new album VAN DIEMENS LAND. If it's even half as great as Sharkmouth I'll be happy. I tell all our mates about this one, fingers cross for a top 5 debut. That would be good to see.

It's school holidays so Eastlands is like a mad house. The food mall is out of control. We escape asap......too many humans-we hate that.

It's a windy afternoon so I photograph our Sae Shepherd flag which is blowing like crazy on one of the trees in the grove.

April 12th

I work in the office most of Saturday and we have a really nice dinner with some friends. They even shout us, which is great- stoked. We like it when we are taken out for dinner.

Mark is in the shower so I wander outside to see if I can photograph the elusive owls. My night eyes are pretty good... I still have a torch with me. I try all the regular spots and not even a possum stirs. I can feel a temperature drop and I can see my breath. I head down the second track and walk up our main path. At the last minute I decide to give it one last try. So I walk along the main track. I'm not sure what happened but all I can remember is a white flash. I hear Marks voice near the main door (he's actually swearing at the door, not sure why). The world is on it's side and I'm staring at a fern. My face has some dirt on it. "Shit my camera". I check to make sure it's ok. It's my favourite present from Mark and I am so careful with it. I sit up and Mark approaches and stares at me with one of his "why are you on the ground" looks. We think I might of hit a tree limb, but no low lying limbs about. I just don't want to worry him over something I can't explain.

I'm now inside, and in the bathroom, just checking myself for cuts and bruises. Nothing, except for some dirt in my hair and on my clothes. How weird. I try not to think about it. I'm fairly certain I didn't faint or black out. I feel really good, just happy my camera is in one piece. Just one of those strange unanswered moments. Sits on my mind all night. Don't you hate that.

April 13th

I head to the office with the camera chip, to upload the Sea Shepherd flag photo for the FB page...and I wasn't prepared for 2 more photos that are after it. I'm assuming they were taken last night, both very freaky, ghostly, swirls..one smoke like the other I keep thinking electric musical notes. They both creep me out. I rotate them and try to work out some obvious reason as to what they are. I'm trying to be as skeptical as possible around them instead of jumping to the obvious spectre moment. If nothing else I have proof of something weird.... just having 2 different snaps instead of one is fascinating. I'm a bit uncertain about putting them on my sheepbook page but I thought some other photographers might have suggestions. (I have a few who are regulars on my page) I didn't realise the level of well, "excitement" they would create. Unfortunately it left me in the situation of having to explain things over and over so it started doing my head in. As I type this 2 weeks later it's all still a mystery and maybe it should stay that way.

I work in the art room late tonight, I had the large roller door open and it's not too spooky walking back to the house down the same walk tracks. I stop and turn the torch off on the spot where I "fell" and nothing, no ghostly whispers, no flashes . Just darkness. Good!

April 14th

Drive to my barbers at Mountain Gate and get a haircut and a bit of red in my hair. It was time, and the ABC documentary is on in a few days so I don't want to look too scruffy. I kind of vague out at the Barbers... really I just wanted to get home, it's a busy period around Neil Finn and a lot to do.

Good news on the latest poll, Labor over takes the Coalition 52% to the Liberals 48%. Tony Abutt now 1 point ahead as preferred PM, he was ahead by 23% when he/they won the election. My, the "great experiment" has crumbled, the honeymoon over. Talk about on the nose. Australians are probably sick of Abbott's endless broken election promise and see him for what he is. Great to let this run it's course and watch it crumble before our eyes.

April 15th

It's like our mothers are turning up, we seriously vacuum the house. It's normally really clean but we go the whole hog. No doubt the camera guys etc will want to move stuff so might as well work on all of the rooms, Spring cleaning in Autumn! . I have to say Ailsa Craig looks amazing when it's clean as a button. The woodwork is beautiful in this house. We are so lucky. She shines.

I work on my little "help" list...I'm hopeless at interviews, cameras make me nervous as all hell, I just don't want to look like a goose, so the smallest amount of professionalism from yours truly is needed. I have help notes... just little reminders for me.

April 16th

I drop in a huge handful of Rosemary for Nelly at the general store- she uses it in their pies and sausage rolls. Our friend Trudi gave us this small plant and it's now the herbal Mt Everest. Talk about the perfect spot for a plant! So it's good that it is used. The Kalorama General Store pies are amazing.

I chat to Leanne in Perth for ages, it's been awhile so nice to be able to catch up. Sucks that she is so far away on the other side of Oz. I'm glad her health has returned.

Well the Countdown ABC film crew arrived and on time. Jeremy the producer (nice bloke) turned up with cookies- ok instantly in our good books. I recognise Graeme the sound guy, he was one of the floor managers at the Countdown show-so was nice to chat. In fact the whole crew are just so easy to work with, reassuring, and good suggestions about lighting. Ailsa Craig looks like a jewel lit up, wonder if it shows up on the footage. I'm such small potatoes around the show, so honestly not too fussed if I end up on the cutting room floor. However they seem very happy with my waffle etc... I only asked for 2 re shoots and Jeremy has great guidance -very relaxed with him. I email Neil how good it went so I'm hoping they can score the boss for the show too, that would be good.

I think with Countdown hitting it's 40th anniversary later this year , the documentary will be viewed by many. Still amazingly sad that most of the shows have been lost forever. 2 1/2 hrs later and it's over. Mark tells me that Jeremy called into the office to say how pleased he was with the interview... which brightens me up no end. I swear after I am filmed for such things I feel horrid... not sure why. It's not a low self esteem thing, and really till you spend a few hours in front of a camera you won't know what I'm saying. I just hope it works out ok and I don't come across as a dickhead. Anyway it's over , so i can breathe again, I did "my bit".

April 17th

Happy Birthday Mr Crombie.

We give Noel a call and sing happy birthday..... in the middle a spoon solo, not one solo but a double spoon solo. "Go for it Mark..." I hear Noel laughing..... how great is that. Have a fantastic day Mr C.

I make it Noel day on sheepbook, so we run quite a few Noel photos. Crombie most certainly is worth celebrating, what a unique guy. He's always treated us really kindly...even as daggy school kids. Those are the things you remember.

Supermarket shopping today as it's closed for Good Friday. I still think all stores should be allowed to be open on religious days-sure let staff off if they really are religious. Each year polls show that religion plays a smaller role in peoples lives, it shouldn't be forced on people, especially when the majority now no longer believe in it or want it. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves, it shouldn't be forced. As I get older I think less of mans Church created religion, if there is some amazing God I seriously doubt he/she is the Churches version.....created by men with endless faults. I detest the fear that many churches lob onto their congregations really vile.

April 18th

Rain rain rain on Easter Friday. I work in the art room. Call friends and family. That's my religion on such a day, kindness to my fellow men/women...and family.

I track down my Reels on Countdown photo, we all loved the Reels , especially the Enz guys. It's a fun shot the band disappearing into the Countdown fog machine.

Game of Thrones Season 4 tonight, what a show!

April 19th

A day of fiddly bits and pieces. My secondary list of crap jobs around the house and little things to do, I manage to wipe all 30 off my list. The last one at dusk. That's a sigh of happiness folks!

I go out to try and track down some Owls to photograph (yes I never learn). I turn the torch off and listen to the baby possums climbing high in the trees. Just little eating noises and climbing high amongst the treetops. Nearby a liquid hits the branches and I escape possum pee by a mere few inches Urgh time to put the torch back on. I have no urge to receive a possum golden shower! No Owls again, they've gone elsewhere for the moment, maybe my spooky moment scared them all off.

April 20th

I ask the Split Enz fans how they'd feel about Warners reissuing the Enz dvd and we have around 3080 people check out the post...and hundreds comment, so I'm hoping we can encourage them to do that. Same for Skyhooks- "Right there on my DVD" should still be available for music fans to buy-seems ridiculous that those two are not easily found. Such excellent content on both.

Russel Morris debuts at #4 on the National ARIA chart with Van Diemen's Land. Amazing top 5- just shows how many people thought his previous release Sharkmouth was great! Grab a copy another excellent release from Russel Morris-he must be stoked at it doing so well.

We go through our second batch of corrections for The Early Years, pick up a few dozen each time. Not long now- finally!

What an amazing world- despite the possum pee!


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