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Even birds fall in love! (Kalorama 2014)

September 8th

Wake up hoping no trees came down in the night. The windstorm was intense, very little sleep. Am over the moon, hardly anything the smallest tree limb and almost no mess. We were lucky the tourist road again covered in fallen trees, a few houses at Healesville with trees crashing down on their roof tops. Banshee walking next to me while we are checking out the property and she is yawning. Kind of cute when cats yawn! Of course that starts me off doing the same.

I call Mum again, which is my daily thing and Sis later on that night. I've kept fairly quiet that my Mum is in hospital keeping it private, well except for the diary. Waiting to see if, well I should say when I should jump on a fight. I'm probably more needed when Mum gets home, of course it means I worry every day. I've told hardly any of our friends- I just need to stay focused. I just wish she would of listened to Sis and myself but mothers can be stubborn old things.

September 9th

I drop the mail into the general store and cruise down the mountain. Thought I'd attempt to grab our Steve Kilbey concert tickets so we have them. I get into their office with 5 minutes to spare. The guy at the desk looks at me strangely- "Hey you're Peter Green". Of course I instantly feel like someone has spotted my mug poster on Australia's Most Wanted. He says his name, I vaguely do know it- of course- our mate Skip. He worked with him-such a small world. He's a nice guy and I get the guided tour of the room where Kilbey is going to play -so wonderfully intimate. It's going to be a really good night. He says how he'd like Tim Finn to play -which would be great for Tim and vice versa. Who knows. (*note-at the time of writing this gig has already 1/2 sold out... don't miss it).

Back home to more endless scanning, the archives are over-flowing. A few of the big Split Enz collectors emailed me, they said "we thought we had it all but now we know we have nothing". Which isn't exactly true they have quite cool collections, but the stuff we have been putting up is really impressive I must say.

September 10th

Mark wakes me up early. "Are you any good catching birds". Of course I thought he meant my long lost skills for picking up women! He didn't he meant the feathered variety! An Eastern Rosella had come down one of our chimneys and was kind of flying about inside the pool room. A pile of feathers in the fire grate. I put on my leather winter gloves and grab him, more feathers fall. Mark runs to get the emergency bird cage and I'm trying to calm this bird down. I can feel his little heart beating through my gloves. He's screeching like I'm killing it and then he responds to my voice and is a tad calmer. Mark returns with a box as the garage security door is down. We check out our new buddy who I have named St Nick-seeing he came down the chimney like that other gentleman. Nick has lost all his tail feathers so we are worried about his flying skills. If he can't fly he will die if we set him free. Tail feathers grow back fast so we may have to look after him for a month or so.

After a while and being partly covered by a towel he does decide to eat some bird seed and have a drink. I visit our neighbour Martin and swap 2 of my home grown oranges for an apple , as I thought St. Nick might enjoy a treat. He does, he really devours it. We leave him for the most of the day so he can calm down a bit.

Sad afternoon as I heard that Richard Kiel who plays Jaws in the Bond movies has passed away. A gentle giant of a man.

I call Mum in the afternoon, the nurses are great. She sounds so worn.

As I fall asleep I hear another rosella outside calling, it must be St Nicks mate as we never hear them this late at night,saddens me even further.

September 11th

Get Well Jane!

As the sun comes up, I hear that rosella again. I decide that later on I'll take Nick in his cage outside so his mate can see him and maybe "visit'.

So we head to the lawn area near the back entrance to Ailsa Craig and there she is, sitting on a tree limb. They start bird talking and it kind of kills me inside. So I tell St Nick I'll risk it, this is your big chance. Please just fly somehow. I slowly open the cage door and he climbs around. He climbs out-she calls and off he goes, as straight as a bullet to the tree limb. They sit and actually rub heads together. It's crazy I'm almost teary, almost!!! She flies to the highest branch and again he folows. A final tweet and they go up up up.. till I can no longer see them. I'm sure she was saying "Hi Honey, hate your new haircut,where are your feathers"..... "It's a long story" he says... but hey true love rules, even in the bird kingdom. If nothing else inspiring or I'm way too much of an old romantic at heart! Probably the second!

September 12th

Hmm I'm not so much worried as slightly concerned. I have always heard from Nigel from the Enz within 48 hrs but it's been almost 3 days- I'm sure he is ok but it's still weird. As I'm about to fly in the royal canadian mounties, he gives me a call. He was just having a few days away from his email and phone. I'm glad all is well. He's a good mate and I guess at times I do worry about all those Enz boys. None of us are getting any younger. Well ok I am it's true.....*GRIN*

September 13th

The suns out this fine Saturday so we work in the yard for awhile. Mark heads in for lunch and I remember this longgggggg tree limb I want to burn. Somehow I manage to carry this thing, it's twice my weight and ridiculously a pain with broken small limbs. But the stubborn side of me does it... I get it to the burning area. I'm happy. I quite like the exercise, just don't want to become a fat blob on the couch, that's not living, in fact it's probably dying- so I'm making an effort. Just some exercise or gardening or running or chasing the cat!!!!

September 14th

I am driving to the bakery around Ridge Road and without warning this little moment of sheer happiness just rolled over me. I wish I could have that every day, maybe it's a lose pheromone rattling about. I attempt to hold onto it, and you know you just can't. This sort of bliss arrives and then it all returns to normal. Not sure how it happened-felt amazing and left a lasting vibe all day. Shit I'm becoming an old hippy!!!! *GRIN*.

Call Noel and lock in a drop in time for Monday. The Crombies are super busy at the moment so I feel guilty disturbing them but they say it's all ok-so Monday it is.

A lot of emails in this afternoon from music fans worldwide singing their praises for the Official Enz facebook page. We just keep putting in the time and up the ante as far as content. It's been awhile since Split Enz has had this vibe, it's nice to have the feedback- thank you everyone.

I am loving the new Dr from Dr Who...it's still enjoyable though i do miss Russell T. Davies writing- nothing comes close to his exceptional style.

September 15th

Spend the morning working on Neil Finn bits and pieces for his NZ tour. A few shows still not totally sold out but it's all very healthy. It should do well. Fans flying in from overseas, everyone is vibey and ready for some good shows.

Call into the House Of Crombie and as always Buster the dog goes nutty at me-in a good way. He keeps wanting me to take him for a walk! Well my doggy translator says that. Noel hands me another 2 suitcases, so many cool photos in this lot. One classic item is a reject piece of promotional art from Chrysalis Records for the UK "Mental Notes" album. This 1950's style hairdresser girl ....advertising her split ends..opps Enz. I love original art like this..so very cool. Chat to Noel about our love of Norton motorbikes... masonic lodges and what's been happening. He has a brilliant memory around the band and some of the stories just make me smile. I head home again tempted to check out what's in the suitcases at every red stopping light.

I have to run into JB HI FI at KNOX and worry for ten minutes that some evil person will break into the 4WD and steal the Enz archives!!!! Thankfully no one does. I make it home and Mark is as excited as I am when we open up and go through the musical treasures inside. I can only have a quick peak as I have Neil Finn solo stuff to work on...

We start watch "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2009) from scratch , such a great sci fi show. This will keep us going for awhile! Nice when you haven't seen a series for awhile. One of the writers is a huge Crowded House fan-we like that!

September 16th

We wake up and the power is out on the mountain. Truck accident takes out tree, takes out power lines. It's off for ten hours-so kind of romantic and we just fill in time doing "N.I." in the office (Nothing Important = NI).

The Deli still has power-it's on another grid but the electricity people are working on the wires in that grid area this afternoon so their power will go too. So we just manage breakfast before it's turned off.

September 17th

Exhausting day, at one stage I thought i was starting to go crazy with the on again off again sound checks in NZ.

September 18th

Scotland votes, pretty much what everyone expected going by the polls. I thought it would be closer.

Speak to my Mum at the hospital, relieved she is sounding a bit better. The nurses like her so that's always a good thing.

Lots of nice emails from Finn fans at Napier NZ today.

September 19th

Good article on Professor David Christian and his wonderful "Big History" series. A further 108 schools have picked it up this year. Those schools that don't have "Big History" are falling behind.

Sorry to hear that Number 96 actress Elaine Lee dies. The sex and sin aussie soapie from the seventies was just brilliant , nothing came close at the time.

Still laughing at Joan Rivers comment- "I've had so much plastic surgery, when i die they'll donate my body to tupperware". Just excellent!

Andy White locks in November 26th at Melbourne's "Toff On Town" for his album launch. Tickets are such a cheap price. Come on down to this one, and say hello to us-will be a fun night for sure.

September 20th

Head out into the vegetable patch and dig up potatoes for our roast- they grow so well up here. Call Rosemaree at the last minute and see if she wants to join us for dinner. Attempt Passionfruit Curd , over the following week I make 3 and they are consumed by friends to the last crumb. You know it's a popular item when your neighbours ask if they can have a THIRD piece!!!

Skyhooks "Living in the seventies" single started to chart in Melbourne around this time 40 years ago-what a magical album that is- THE BEST Aussie album ever!

September 21st

I take a large pile of negatives to the general store and go through them while Nelly whips up a coffee for me. They would have been from the late seventies mostly- all Split Enz, we'll be working on the Enz archives till the end of the year.

I bought my first 2 christmas presents for this year-so the clock is indeed ticking....

On that note Ho Ho Ho... have a great month.


P.S.- Victoria now has the highest unemployment rate on mainland Australia. 60 days till the Victorian state election is on- TIME TO KICK THE LIBERALS & NAPTHINE OUT!

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