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Skyhooks- DON'T YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN OR YOU'VE HEARD- out (approx) October 30th

September 15th

People are still talking about Mr Abbott's knifing. He still hasn't showed up at question time, major sulk or what! Even Gillard & Rudd turned up after their de-throwning. I guess people just want to see him sit way way way up the back. Andrew Bolt will no doubt rattle on what a mistake "Australia" has made (rolls eyes) .

I find a cute old fashion photo album from our around Australia road trip of 2003. Some good photos in it, will have to scan a few up for Sheepbook, a couple already on the diary page in the photo area. Love our road-trip moments. Australia is such a brilliant country to explore, it always horrifies me how few Aussie check out their amazing home.

September 16th

Way back in 1979, this day in history, the mighty Skyhooks set fire to the roof of the infamous Bondi Lifesaver. It was during the second encore, flash pot - the crowd kept calling for more. A brilliant music venue in Sydney, every night an adventure when you went to the Lifesaver ("The Swap"). As Sherbet once penned, "you can get the lot at the Swap". I keep telling Antony O'Grady (ok I mentioned it once) that we should co-write a book on the Lifesaver, and hey it would make a wonderful tele movie!

September 17th

Power out today on part of the mountain, so the office is like a dark cavern. I call in for a few hours, mostly tidy up and locking some archival files away. Just dull physical stuff, but I do manage to wipe a few things off the "to do" list.

I've told our bands and record company that they can't contact me today, not quite a day off, though I sit with Mark and Banshee on the decking for a moment, which was enjoyable.

September 18th

Well by the time you read this the cat would be well and truly out of the musical bag-. and the press release etc sent to media. We've been working away on a 3CD Skyhooks release called: " Don't You believe What You've Seen Or You've Heard". I'm surprised we have been able to keep it under wraps for this long. Just a really nice reissue- 3 CD set. Skyhooks "Living in the 70's" , "Ego is Not A Dirty Word" and a 3rd CD "Skyhooks: In Concert 1974/75".

The beauty of this release, remastered and wonderful bonus DEMO's of songs. Most fans have never ever heard these. The Live cd- I'm surprised that Skyhooks bassist Greg Macainsh has not gone crazy on this one - wading through the various tapes. Some in very average condition, and I love that he sets the bar high , so overall the quality exists. David at Warner Music. is probably sick of our sight, and I'm surprised he hasn't gone crazy as well. A few deadlines collapsed, but even that isn't too bad- it's looking like this 3 CD set will be out (around) October 30th. I'm stoked as well as RAM Magazines Anthony O'Grady has penned a Hooks essay for the booklet (plus we've added in some cool photos, images) and managed to get our way with the packaging. The pressing run will mean this will become some super collectible for Skyhook fans. 44 marvellous tracks. I have managed to get the presale link for JB HI FI , so grab a copy now as only 5000 are pressed.

It's funny, all those years ago as kids living in Wollongong, who would of thought 40+ years later working on another Skyhooks project. A wonderful buzz.

I chat to Bongo in the afternoon, around another project. Always great to hear from our ol' buddy.

Pete at the garage lends me his white Ute for a few days, so we are tooling around the hills in it. It feels cool. Blokey moment.

September 19th

I drive the Ute up to the chemist to grab some pills for my mate. It's odd looking out and seeing someone else car in our yard.

The Canning By-Election is underway and my predicted 6% swing against the Liberals happens, after postal votes that may even be higher. If the same % was across Australia in a full Federal election, the Liberals would loose 31 seats! Still so many other factors so it really isn't that easy. It sounds good though.

We really enjoy the "Place To Call Home" cast get together on Foxtel. Season Three starts soon and yes we have to admit we have fallen for this Aussie drama.

September 20th

So Red Symons on the panel at Rockwiz-Palais Theatre - October 8th. Will the other 'Hooks join him for a play as part of their salute to the ARIA Hall Of Fame? That would be fun eh? So runs the line to the media.

Dr Who returned tonight, a wonderful new season start. Missy (Master) just brilliant , talk about a slaughterhouse - Michelle Gomez exceptional in that role.

September 21st

Such a wonderful article in The Age on Alice Anderson. My Mum has mentioned her a few times, a sassy aussie girl from the early 1900's- mechanic, inventor, owner of the first women garage (at Kew) and my favourite bit- chauffeur to the stars. Was her death really an accident?

September 22nd

So brilliant having a Crowdies fan at the reception desk for your Doctors, god they look after us. They probably would anyway but today they went beyond the call of duty.

September 23rd

Back to Prahran , but before we end up on Chapel street it's a quick drop into Gregs. As always nice to see him, not as much as we would like with us being so far away. Skyhooks is well & truly on the radar!

Next it's to the Drs and then onto the Market Cafe. Kristina and her brother Arthur are in and just a hoot, fun hour. Plus the coffee is the best in Melbourne and their Mum makes this kick arse cheesecake. It's one of the few things at Prahran that thankfully has stayed the same. The extra surprise is that Dr Paul turns up who was Katie from Bardots husband. So it's like some old school reunion- a really nice afternoon.

Mark buys the very last copy of Keith Richards new solo cd from JB Hi Fi. We make it home before Canterbury Rd is flooded by commuter traffic.

I have a bit of a slow dance with Mark to "Robbed Blind" in the kitchen. Romance is not dead and Keefs gravel voice crooning away- just excellent.

September 24th

I have a chat to Joyce Strachan today- Shirls Mum. Such a good sense of humour, she had me in stitches. Nice both parents are still around, Joyce is 88 and Ron 91. They'll live forever. Good people.

September 25th

I'm awake at 7.00 , up far too early, Skyhooks Press stuff going out. Jump the gun by 30 minutes and it's good to have a scoop up on the Net. Iarla re-works the front page of the Skyhooks website and some tidy up , so his timing is perfect. www.skyhooks-music.com has a bit of a face lift , and the traffic is picking up.

The fan vibe is brilliant and Dave gets a pre-sale link to me so fans are ordering DON'T YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN OR YOU'VE HEARD. Imagine Skyhooks selling again in 2015.

https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/browse/rock/dont-you-believe-what-youve-seen-or-youve-heard/833330/ It's almost midnight and I really want to make my infamous chocolate mousse for Giles and Fen, which is part of the birthday present. I'm nodding off, it's been a long day, manage to finish the mousse without my head falling into the mixing bowl.

September 26th

I work on our BAS in the morning, this year is flying by. Great to get all our tax out of the way.

Rosemaree kindly wings by and grabs us and off we go to the party. 45 minute drive but quite nice, Marks navigating tonight , so I'm enjoying being a passenger. A fun party, nice and relaxed and head home around 10.00. I take a few photos, a couple through an old plastic wine glass, I'm still into oddity's when I photograph things. These shots look like I'm viewing them through the eye of a Dalek! Miss R shows her driving skills by avoiding numerous kangaroos and wild rabbits running up the centre of the road. We only get lost twice and even that was fun. A really enjoyable night.

September 27th

The Skyhooks emails are still rolling in. It's all a bit daunting just how many. I have a chat to Christie Eliezer and he pens an article for Music Network. Christie's great, all those years with JUKE magazine, he's been incredibly supportive with projects of ours. The little 'Hook mention makes it onto the front of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Really it's almost everywhere. Wonderful excitement in the air, happy to be part of it. get to The Palais October 8th , history could be in the making !

Another fine episode of Dr Who tonight. This is actually a good season (so far).

The days are magnificent up here, a fantastic time of year to live in the National Park!

Life is good, no make that brilliant.

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