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Summer = Bath Time For Banshee

Summer = Bath Time For Banshee.

November 16th

I send in my invoice for Rockwiz, their tour is now over, so time to get paid for work. The Palais gig was indeed fun too , nice when the band say they are happy with what you've done and same for the Rockwiz chaps.

I have been looking at the 360fly camera. 32GB internal memory and 360 images. Hell I just like what it looks like , such a sci fi-ish camera. We should get one for the stage next Crowded House tour.-grab band and audience in one swift move.

November 17th

Hot day so decide it's bath day for Miss Banshee the cat. She loves it though she looks like a drowned ferret. So patient, lets me clean her crazy fur, and stands with her hands on top of her wash tub. She's a good cat and spends the rest of the afternoon drying and grooming. I guess every other cat would freak out being dropped into a bath of water.

I check on our passports both are still fine, good to do in case one flight hops. You never know, it's a possibility.

Guests arrive from Sydney so it's endless Margarita's, pool and I was going to make chocolate mousse but my containers are elsewhere. I'm feeling guilty as I promised and I hate going back on promises. I need to not leave such things elsewhere as I'm relying on others to return them. Very stupid of me.

November 18th

Happy Birthday Foxy one. Send her an email and photo that we took. They live so far away now, I do wonder if they will ever come home.

Watch the second Sin City movie and really enjoy it. Love Lady Ga Ga's cameo as Berth the kind hearted waitress. I mention it on Sheepbook and amazed at how many other people dig this movie. Of course the predictable critics panned it , but what would they know they like such crap. let the people decide. I'm certain the movie is the reason I use so much "red-comix" special effects on my photo work these days.

November 19th

Happy Birthday Eddie Rayner. He sends me a university photo of himself to use on the Enz page. The Frenz dig it, loads of 'likes' and comments. He's still chiselling away on those live Enz songs for possible release.

Mailed our accountants their cheque, totally paid up on all bills, I owe the world nothing. Feels good. No mortgage , nothing. Of course that lasts a few days as I'm certain the post office box will be full of bills over the next week.

November 20th

My Mum calls at some crazy hour as someone connected around the family has passed away. It's not a surprise, my sisters husbands Mum. I liked her , only met her a few times but thought she was nice.

It was a long night, electric stormed moved in and lit up the skies above Kalorama. Of course Miss Banshee was jumping off Marks bed way before the storm arrived so at 4.00 I let her into my room. I opened the windows and watched the skies light up. The rain started, and I heard Mark do his best to kill the one lone mosquito that was in his room. So no sleep.

We send the printers our christmas card image. These are going out all the way up and maybe even past christmas. It's a huge effort starting mid December.

I hear from Sharon Finn which is always a joy.

November 21st

Happy Anniversary to the best looking guy I know! What an amazing time we've both had. Known each other since we were 5 and 6. So many people get stuck in such crap failed relationships , so we count our blessings that we don't have that shit to attend with. I keep today just to us and wonder if anyone will say anything.

Catch up with Fran & the lads, Fen, Giles, Allie, Em and Rosemaree and John. The table is packed at the General Store. Thanks for the coffee too Giles! Fran gives us this great super hot chilli plant for the vegetable garden. I'm having second thoughts about it going into our garden as I'd like to put it in the massive flying saucer pot on the decking instead.

Afternoon now so off for a jog, keep spotting the wild marijuana growing along the walk tracks. It has to be from bird droppings, no one would plant it in such an obvious spot. I leave it , not up to me to fuck with mother nature.

November 22nd

Charts are in and we have not one but two Skyhooks albums on the National chart. "Don't you believe what you've seen or you've heard" is now getting some 4.5-5 star reviews which is great. If you love Australian music this is the album for your collection. A really great Christmas present-stocking stuffer.

Rosemaree continues her crusade to knit ten million blankets for orphaned cats - such a good thing to do. Now how am I going to entice her to take the adult learn to swim classes at Olinda Pool when it re opens. I won't have to now as she just read it here!!!!!! Everyone should know how to swim.

November 23rd

We are really enjoying Season 2 of The Leftovers. Iris DeMents wonderful bluegrass title song just makes me smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlaoR5m4L80

The Patti Levin for President- Dark Lodge episode was wonderfully trippy. Like one of those moments from LOST where you scratch your head trying to figure it all out.

November 24th

I keep hearing bad things about Cold Chisel's Hanging Rock gig. Sounds like it was a terrible vibe too. That's a pity.

I email Nick today about finding some Seymour "Mystery prize" for the upcoming Christmas Stocking . I'm sure he'll turn up something amazing. Half the tickets have already gone, you have to be in this to win it.

November 25th

We get to vote in the upcoming Logie awards. One new talent, her surname was Crombie so she scored a vote from us-ok a LOT of votes from us. It's very hard to take the Logie's seriously. A Place To Call Home or Wentworth for Aussie drama, it's all too hard.

Lee Lin Chin gets multiple votes for best presenter (SBS). I think A Place Top Call Home will romp it in this year and free to air tv will wonder how they fucked it so badly and lost it to Foxtel. I avoid all Reality TV shows , I avoid voting for them. Will our votes count, well probably not! But go Elaine Crombie- from 8MMM Aboriginal radio. I'm sure social media will stuff up any real chance of true talent shining through.

You can vote for Elaine Crombie here: http://www.tvweeklogieawards.com.au/vote/ She's in the BEST NEW TALENT area. Stuff all those Home & Away and Neighbours kids vote for Crombie!

Tim Finns collaboration with Poet Dorothy Porter is The Fiery Maze and it will be at Melbourne's Malthouse Theatre (Aug 2016) tickets are now on sale. More information here: http://malthousetheatre.com.au/whats-on/the-fiery-maze

This is an eagerly awaited production and will be a sell out, so grab one now Melbourne. From the man who started Split Enz and shows no sign of stopping his creative roll.

November 26th

Another huge storm hits the mountain and there is a tree limb across the road near our place. The SES end up with 750 calls so we stay out on the road and direct traffic till they arrive, till 4.00 AM!!!!. Really nice guys and they lend an extra hand by chainsawing the wood into smaller bundles. The joys of living in a National park, oh well we'll have enough wood for Winter again. Nature provides.

Tom Hanks Giving today in America.. ok that's Thanks giving! Oink oink.

Happy Birthday to Toija and Merelyn as well, we love you guys, another year older and most certainly wiser?

November 27th

Christmas Cards. What more can I say, sign them fold them, it's all underway, it's all we will be doing for a month or so. It's endless. Thanks to those who have sent us cards and especially that little extra gift of postage stamps, very kind and generous of you.

November 28th

I get some work done on the big table at the general store. I decide to drive to the city & mow a mates lawn while they are away , it's only a small piece to do so takes me 5 minutes. The traffic is building up on Dandenong Road so I take a short cut past the Woodface apartment at East St Kilda. I'm in awe how gigantic the conifer is. That little 30cm tree is now massive, about 4 stories high. Something about the Woodface apartment block, all that good energy.

I arrive at our friends place and mow the lawn out front as they are away. I meet the next door neighbour and I guess he knows I'm not breaking in as few burglars have lawn mowers with them. Clean up the junk mail and give Bongo Skyhook a quick call. Just wanted to make sure he is home and also so he can sign the "Don't you believe what you've seen or you've heard" cd covers.

I head down Chapel street and happy to see a few of the old shops at Windsor still exist- the outrageous SHAG being one of them. I swing a left into the Prahran car park , cut through Dan Murphys and head to JB Hi Fi while their 20% bluray sale is on and grab a bargain for Mark. Back across the busy Chapel street and some beer from Dans to take to Bobs. It's hot outside so a beer after the mowing is a good thing.

I park in my illegal car spot and sit with Bob in that cactus packed backyard and great just to sit and chat, have a beer or two. He happily signs away , cover after cover while his cat sits on my lap starring at me with those golden eyes. He shows me a few amps and love those classic guitars that he has. Of course that leads to some playing , Bob Starkie one of my favourite guitarists. A fun afternoon.

November 29th

I start carrying some of the wood to the garage , so I'll be chainsawing soon. It's not a lot but perfect for the winter supply and by that time it will be nice a dry.

We had another rush on the Frenz club memberships last week, the numbers just keep on growing, considering it's such a quiet time that's impressive. I'm still scrawling on envelopes and getting christmas cards posted. The Crowded House backdrops look pretty damn fine on these. My accountants are sure to ask how come we had to buy so many pointy's!!! I keep wearing them out with the signing.

That's it for now, Ho! Ho! Ho!


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