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It's Time For Gay Marriage!

It's Time for Gay Marriage Australia. Melbourne Rally. Saturday 13th- Parliament House (2.30-4.00 PM).

May 18th

So happy anniversary to this diary page. 19 years old- isn't that incredible. Deb Levitt must receive a round of applause for her amazing efforts once again. How did she suffer me for all this time! Thanks Deb [editor's note: least I could do!]

So F/16's last year as a wild and woolly internet teenager. A blog before blogs existed (I do detest that word) ... diary is so much more interesting. Blog just reminds me of bowel movements or bad jokes- "why do bears blog in the woods?"! (Add your own answer here). Anyway by year 20 we will be well behaved, I'll correct all the grammar and typo's. Yeah right that so will not happen! Thanks for sticking with us, as we head towards our 500,000th visitor.

I remember so clearly how incredibly excited I was when it was our 100th visitor. There is the smallest amount of discipline involved to scrawl something every 2 weeks , the 14 days seem to approach at lightening speed and I'm always apologising to Deb for being late late late. It must be a horror for her when I'm on time! Anyway thank you!

May 19th

We are a bit obsessed about the movie UNDER THE SKIN (as previously mentioned). It's strange, as a lot of emails and comments have been made since we mentioned it. Even now it pops into my head, as I try to work out all the odd bits and pieces. Maybe I did like it, I think i like that it sneaks into my head. I have no great urge to watch it again, but I love reading peoples comments on it.

Bongo Skyhook cals up ,wanting to check some Skyhooks "facts" which is always ok. Better that he gets it all correct when chatting to the media.

I mail Nige my copy of The Living Enz... the only one we have so I worry about Australia Post delivering it safely (they do!)

May 20th

I'm woken by a gasman who looks a lot like Daryl Braithwaite from seventies band Sherbet.. and next Bongo Skyhook calls again. A very strange start to the day. I do remember to contact Fran to pass on our best wishes to Pete, I'm getting good at remembering friends.

Stuff mailers, post, post post, it's such a dull task but we get a lot done today. I love our office, people say it has a great feel to it. The floor does need a bit of a vacuum and I will do that soon. I secretly buy a new turntablke and hope I got all the specs. correct or Mark will call me out on it... I think I picked a good one. Vinyl bliss here I come.

May 21st

Happy Birthday Sharon Finn- glad you received our shiny sparkly glamish card! I do love the ol' Dawn Finn.

The turntable arrives and Mark is impressed. Quote: How come this one is better then anything we have had before" . I know he is impressed- ok I DO rock! Marks going to convert some of the rare radio promo discs- interview LPs, we have a few, great for the fans of Official Enz and Official Skyhooks Sheepbook pages.

I email Peter Farnan about his possible album. Happy to help if we can.

May 22nd

I mail in our BAS tax forms, can't believe I almost forgot our BAS receipts- very weird, I'm usually mailing them off on day one.

May 23rd

Gay Marriage is getting loads of press, I love seeing Abbott tremble and attempt to be a flexible PM- which he is so obviously NOT. He can't remotely stop this and he finally knows it. Those against give such lame excuses and they nearly always contradict themselves. Squirm, squirm move out of the way sir this snowball is gaining speed and you will be squashed. Throw as many bibles at it as you want- Marriage Equality will happen in Australia and I bet it will by December this year!

I keep moving LPs to the art room Mark and Doug have convinced me otherwise so I'll be moving them back again (sigh).

Ireland votes YES on gay marriage both remarkable and brilliant. Only the old and bitter would hate to see so many people happy. Shut the fuck up and let love rule- you sad old fucks. This is a great victory!

"The gay community has given all of Irish democracy one of it's greatest days"!

Wake up in the middle of night feeling incredibly sick- throw up (oh joy!) but it's one of those vomit sessions where your body tells you- "hey I'm just getting rid of something & you'll feel better". It took 3 hours but I kind of felt better , though flu-ish as well.. so kind of strange as well.

May 24th

We visit our friend Claire for her big birthday art gallery bash. I take and pack some heavy duty flu pills - so I'm keeping clear of alcohol. Well so i thought, but didn't realise the drinks were loaded with it, so I was kind of off my head. People told me I was indeed having a great time. Lovely Laura looked after me, I did buy her a pin on "art heart" - we had fun-well possibly. Shit I don't care- I did buy a metallic bird for our metal one in the kitchen. I kept trying to get the people to sing "Happy Birthday" but after 2 attempts it was just me- the lone fucked up guy at the party singing to himself. OK three times is a charm..so by #3 it happened -poor Claire she handled it so well. A nice night, and got home safely. Happy Birthday Claire. (HIC).

May 25th

I have a peep at a property near Apollo Bay, it's good but the "colours" are all wrong- too nice maybe but realistic when older.

I mail my friend Wendy (Victoria Wendy-I have a few W's) a copy of TRIP- the 4th diary book. There seems to be some rush on this one, maybe people want it for their little diary book collection. I'm still signing them all and get overjoyed when a copy goes to a new home. Rocket Pocket Books and Frenz com the only 2 places where you can get the last of the stock. www.rocketpocketbooks.com

May 26th

I mostly field emails around Neils Melbourne show- so many, for such a small show, so many people are emailing us.

I've also added a few of the Skyhooks live video footage from 1978- the brilliant Nightmoves II show at Melbourne's Palais Theatre. Travelled down to Melbourne on the train with Cathy for that one- what a fantastic gig.

Love "Bondage on the Boulevard" from that show- almost a "new" song for many. Great that Greg mentions that we came down from the 'Gong- as wild and wooly teenagers that mention was very exciting,


May 27th

Happy Birthday Neil Finn.

I head into the Recital Hall to catch my fabourite part of Neils gig- soundcheck. I meet up with our brilliant new manager outside & get my pass , just inside for 2 minutes and run into Sharon - happy as always , all those years in Melbourne, and the weather still puts on a good show for them. It's nice to have the Finns back. "Dizzy Heights" was my favourite song performed at s/check- I've fallen for that one big time- haven't a clue why , the title track just works.

The surprise string section for the show tonight have a rehearsal from 3.00- 6.00 so a solid 3 hrs for them and add on Neils and it's a long soundcheck. I have a chat to Neil, he's wearing a really nice woollen top- "I'll have that one I joke"- he's looking good at age 57! The extra bonus is that my mate Duges is back on the crew for this , it all feels just so right. A mate and I'm stoked we now have this excellent bunch with us. The boss is going to pick the lucky "amazing prize" pack winner later on and tries to convince me to do it onstage. There is no way I am going onto that stage, he never believes how shy i can be.

Japanese food arrives but I'm in the mood for italian, so I decide I'll head out for a quick bite. Run into Harry at reception and I explain that on Neil's birthday I'm attempting for him to have an autograph free day, a day without all the demands for signatures etc. It's good for him not to have to do all that stuff-he's done so much previously. Harrys heading to La Camira so I'll tag along as a group of exotic fell music lovers are eating & drinking at that water hole so I thought it might be nice to say hello. A few have travelled from a far too. It's really good to see everyone. As I gaze around I spot Rosemaree, Julie and Allie at another table, so I excuse myself and have to sit with my other family.

Dinner was really nice and I turn my mobile off. I love a mobile free zone-even if I have to create it myself. Texting at dinner just shows bad breeding.

I'm back at the gig with time to spare and Neil picks the lucky ticket backstage. (Sorry Sharon had my phone off). I add some of the Finns names to the guest list, Michael Leunig and the Crombies (yey). One spare ticket and Andy White scores it.

The show starts-Neil with "When You Come"... straight after a lone voice from the crowd goes "Hey Neil, Happy Birthday"..... and instantly everyone sings. EVERYONE , it's astounding. I love that Spirit of the Stairs is played and Devil You Know...and quite an interesting mix in this first segment. A small cup cake and candle arrive onstage so I make sure that goes to the band room as well.

Miss Vicki and the strings enter for One Step Ahead - "In My Blood" is played- taken from the French..is it " dans mon sang"? I could be wrong on that translation. The strings etc are awesome.

I love that club member Daryl (Dazza) is up onstage from the audience. He's brilliant and sends me the best email afterwards- what a positive moment for someone. He is brave and fun-we like that.

I know that the Finns want to escape straight away for a little get together , so off to the band room to help Sharon pack.. and raid the avocados (thanks Dawny). All ready to go and he's off stage, hand him his suit top, down the skinny stairs and into the car. One lone person is already outside holding a guitar to be signed -and he stops and does autograph it. Into the car and away away away. A really good night.

May 28th

Happy Birthday Andy White. The endless May birthdays continue- I've lost count, it's close to every day. Give Mr White a call and take him to breakfast at RIPE. Even a candle on a very nice piece of cake.. and we sing. A nice way to start the day. Andy will be playing another show at the Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford on JULY 23rd. So if you are in Melbourne come on down.

May 29th

The 2nd Neil Finn Melbourne show, such a nice mood for tonight, once more lots of familiar faces. These shows sold out in 4 minutes which is brilliant. More importantly (cough) Famous for 16 Minutes turns 19 today! Far more important, we all know that. Thank you everyone especially Deb!

We hear from Boo- Miss Belinda Chapple, our awol Bardot girl who has been living overseas, just great to hear from her and have her back in our life.

May 30th

Happy Birthday Fen- a belated present mailed- I did take it to the Melbourne gig, so good intentions.

I rarely go in Lotto but won $42 -so yey! We like that.

Tony Abbott looks like he is caving in on gay marriage- I don't believe it , I think he'd do and say almost anything to stop it- kissing the arse of the revolting Australian Christian Lobby- makes me want to vomit!

May 31st

Backdrops are getting a clean and packed away again, in a different storage area. I hear from Nick Seymour who says thank you. I'm just sad we have lost so many-forever. There was a really large Gay Marriage rally in Sydney today. So great to see so many straight families out and supporting it. The snow ball is rolling and it will happen here... but those who have the decency to support it still need to be vocal about it.

That's it for another diary- Winters icy paw is descending on us on the mountain. Ice in the mornings but Mark has spoilt me with a fantastic new super warm blanket... so we are snuggled and I purr as much as Miss Banshee.

Love life and stay active!


This Saturday June 13th in Melbourne. The Marriage Equality Rally is on. This one is important, so please if you are reading this and can make an effort and attend it would be fantastic. Parliament House- Spring Street, Melbourne. 2.30 - 4.00 PM.

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