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Congrats America!

Congratulations America on the supreme courts ruling on same-sex marriage. Australia you will be next!

June 1st

Winter has arrived, BRRRRRR! It has, it really has. I chop wood, I know we'll be using it this year.

When the super conservative newspaper The Australian says "they see no good reason to resist this reform & marriage equality is no longer considered radical" - you know it will indeed happen here, no matter how much the Christian Lobby throws money or bibles or hounds politicians- THE PEOPLE will make this a reality!

Great group of people from Brings Thoughts To Action, in Nepal just hands on and helping the locals. You can find them on Sheepbook, and a very cool article in The Age. Something positive about people who unite together to help those in need - without any financial reward. So we'll happily make a donation for supplies etc.

One of our very smart net friends has managed to track down the nut case that's been pathetically trolling us on Sheepbook. Love that we will have all their details - they are so dumb it's amazing. You wonder what sad little lives they have, if this is all they can muster- thanks Dee for your incredible help. It's so obvious who it is - predictable has been.

June 2nd

Sad news that Joan Kirner died, lost her fight with cancer. The first woman premier for Victoria. I met her twice, once she told me about her idea to recycle Melbourne's street water for park use etc, but said not only the Liberals but even her own party didn't think it was a good idea- and these days that happens in quite a few suburbs. I liked that she came from a teaching background. She seemed like a decent person- and you rarely say that about those in politics.

I get some sad news that my great aunty has passed away so I try to get a flight home. The first flight out is full but Qantas help me out- looks like I'll be leaving here at 4.00+ in the morning Urgh! Sad as I really loved my Great Aunt- she was 96 so that is exceptional.

I'm considering not going to sleep tonight, it's all a bit pointless getting just a few hours.

June 3rd

I get an hours sleep- it's going to be a long long day. So maybe that will help-it doesn't. The alarm goes off and I'm sneaking around the house like some cat burglar while trying not to actually wake the cat (and Mark) I turn off the whole security system as we have night alarms and cameras and it is so LOUD when activated. It will wake the whole of Kalorama if it goes off. Everything in our yard gets filmed, you can't escape the multitude of video cameras. Some are so tiny, the size of a 20c piece but crystal clear images. The night camera images are mind blowing.

I must be slower in the mornings, as I seemed to take forever to get ready. The car is covered in a thick layer of ice so that slows me down. I don't have any baggage to drop so I get my ticket at the Qantas valet counter and within 10 minutes my flight is boarding-every seat spoken for. For the first time in years I like the little breakfast snack that is served- a really nice yoghurt and you have a packet of dried fruit and granola that you can mix it. At this hour of the day it's exactly what I felt like.

A quick flight and we land in Sydney, off the plane and my hire car is waiting. I listen to ABC radio all the way to Wollongong and take the first turnoff down the pass and visit Sis at work. She's just taken Miss MIm to creche , but I'll try and see her later this afternoon. I can't believe how nutty Sis's work is, no wonder they won small business of the year , it's endless. I decide to see Mum at the funeral, she doesn't know that i am arriving, so I'm going to give her a nice surprise on such a shitty day. I call in to see Marks Mum but not home, so I head to the funeral and I'm pretty much on time. I'm in my pinstriped suit and the sun is shining so it's great to feel some rays on my skin.

A few of us are chosen to put a rose on the coffin which was a really nice touch. I sit with my Mum, Cousin , Sis and Uncle in the second row. We loved the images on the screen and the words spoken were real and from the heart. Despite it being such a sad occasion, I get to see some relatives and family friends that we have not seen in ages.

Mum heads home afterwards and I go grab some lunch for us. We sit and chat for an hour and it's good. She "allows" me access to one of the drawers in her cabinet and we wade through photos, for me to take back to Melbourne for scanning, some I've never seen before. It's a nice afternoon but the clock is ticking ahead fast, so it's time to say goodbye.

I manage to visit marks Mum and step Dad for 18 minutes- talk about a rushed effort. Next it's Sis and she drives me to MIMs creche. She spots us through the doors, gives me a "I know you" look, suddenly runs at me and throws her arms around my legs. Just felt like crying and my smile stretches around my whole head. She takes my hand and shows me her "work book" which is up on the wall and has her paintings and bits and pieces in it. So damn cool . I laugh as a cute blonde haired kid comes up and hands her a toy- apparently it's Maddison's boyfriend and he dotes on her. All Hail Maddison. It's a short stay and I'm off again, and MIM waves goodbye-so damn cute.

The drive back is long, and traffic snarls along the way- I ditch the car at the airport and run for my flight. I have 16 minutes to spare, so up the steps to the freaky flyer lounge. I make a toasted sandwich and grab a juice (twice) and back down the stairs and my flight is boarding as I arrive at the gate. PHEW! On board and I nod off a few times, head jerks and I spring up.. fuck I'm exhausted.

So happy when we land, I call into the chocolate shop and buy Mark a treat, plus some natural ginger chocolate for me to eat in the car. I wind the window down to stay away. The Valet service has my baby ready so I leave the airport quickly. I listen to ABC radio it's always good to hear that when I'm driving by myself. The mountains come into view and I know I'm almost home. Mark holds me for a bit longer- he knows I'm fried and that just helps so much.

June 4th

Still worn out. Sleep most of today, feeling rather strange.

June 5th

Some weird depression kicks in, the return of the black dog. Two shit days, slap slap slap- I bounce back, as is my way. Hide from the world like some crazed leper. Mark suffers with me, such a sweet man, he sees me at my best and most certainly worst. There is no way I'm going to moan about all this shit on Sheepbook. Enough people do it- droll.

June 6th

Coffee with Rosemaree this morning which is good. So proud of her efforts, knitting blankets for orphan cats at the animal shelter- she has a good heart- and amazing knitting skills. The other cats will be envious! She is donating them to Paw Prints Animal Rescue, they do such excellent work. Check out their page: http://www.pawprintsprivaterescue.com/

I'm wading through photos at the store for band use. John and Brenda pick their favourites, it's always good to have someone neutral look at them. Rosemaree you are biased *GRIN*. I know who you'd pick!

June 7th

The old turntable gets thrown out. We are refusing to horde such things. See things can be thrown away.

Playing a conversion of Markys, great version of "Wild in the streets" by Skyhooks at Wonthaggi , December 1979. So few covers by Skyhooks but love this one, Macainsh is fucking awesome during this song.

June 8th

Public Holiday, some old Queens birthday was it?

I buy Season 1 of THE FOLLOWING on Bluray. Just online, $20 cheaper then JB Hi Fi. Bargain. Sad they only get one more season.

I bake bread and we have wonderful schnitzel salad sandwiches.

June 9th

Yey Bowel Cancer results are in. Came up negative! It's one of the Federal Government Tests- they send out, so was happy to do it. The result letter always leaves one "nervy". Just keep eating walnuts.. they are pretty good for us guys. We are fortunate that the government covers the costs of these things - be it Labor or Liberal - it's good both support this.

June 10th

Up early as Neils Auckland Pre-sale is happening for his upcoming show at the Town Hall. It's brilliant he's donating the money to Medicine Mondiale- they save so many babies lives with those incubators.

Next I'm up from the office to the house for a meeting. The Record Company comes to the mountain, instead of the mountain going to the record company. We accomplish quite a bit. Marvellous what my home made Tomato soup can do- helps create that good vibe.

It is freezing up here today, 4 degrees and we have all the heating on , except the open fire... I need to chop more wood. Never known it to stay this cold for this long.

June 11th

I have a total craving for Louises exceptional pancakes , so we head to BRUNCH and I'm in luck, she's in the kitchen and sneakily makes them for me. They are way way too bloody brilliant. I am a spoilt little shit but she knows I appreciate it. Mark digs his scrambled eggs from that place too.

Sad news that Christopher Lee dies, aged 93. So many movies (was it 210 of them?) that he has been in- Dracula of course, The Man with the Golden Gun, and the Hobbit trilogy... sad news.

June 12th

I decided to cook Marky and myself some bacon and eggs for breakfast and I also made a homemade apple pie from scratch. Pastry is always a bitch but it turned out ok. It would have been a disaster if it wasn't for Nellys little hints.

Dinner I made stuffed peppers- I bought this huge bag for $3.00 from Woolworths so trying to figure out what I was going to do with them all. Inspiration struck so a serious cooking day.

I see the Liberals fall further behind in the latest polling. They asked an extra 100 people, it should be more. Bill Shorten is again Preferred PM and 7/10 have said YES to Gay marriage.

Buy an Abbott= Hopeless shopping bag on line. (chuckle).

June 13th

Happy Birthday Red Symons. I send him an email, 66 (one fell off I'm sure he was 666). I never really contact Red on birthdays etc but today I did, all those sixes a call from me would be the most amazing present anyone could ever receive (says with brutal sarcasm). Actually the last few times I've chatted to Redmond have indeed been enjoyable.

I'm digging about in my storage area and find an original pair of Vivienne Westwoods punk pants, I mail ordered from Malcolms SEX shop on Kings Rd all those years ago. Very cool, seems so long ago and by the petite waistline it was indeed. I see the "Never mind the bollocks" artwork is now on the Virgin money credit card. We all knew they'd sell out c'mon you know the Pistols love the buck$. The adorable Robbie and Rosie gave me a Vivienne Westwood shirt whilst we were touring in the UK. It has the 2 nude cowboys on the front, with their long swinging dicks. No one ever commented.. the Westwood design was based on USA artist John French (1969). Those cowpokes are happy to see each other on the dance floor! I love some of John French's work. Love to own one of his polaroids.

June 14th

We watched aussie movie "Mystery Road"- one of Marks wonderful "finds". What would i do without him. I'd miss so many excellent aussie movies. I do think Aaron Pederson is a bit hot too - it did win a few AFCA awards as well. Quite a host of them- Best Film, Actor, Director, Supporting Actor, Screenplay, and Cinematography plus the Film Critics Circle Award for Best Film, Director and Actor . So check out "Mystery Road".

June 15th

Enz bassist Nigel Griggs visits today, nice to see him, he arrives with his favourite Nippys flavoured milk! We like a guest that brings his own drinks!

Today marks the nine year anniversary since Democrats senator Bartlett and Natasha Despoja first tried to get a bill for same sex marriage passed. It failed that time and nine years later with a cave man for a PM , too spineless to allow a conscience vote , one wonders if it will ever have a chance with a primate for a PM! Saying that even that dickhead can't stop this from happening. History will not remember one-term Tony very well will it? I'm waiting for this USA court case to end, I have a feeling gay marriage will happen in every USA state very very soon- all the signs are there. Bring it on.

June 16th

Loving the latest season of "Orange is the New Black", Ruby Rose looking very hot. She's perfect for the role too.

June 17th

Miss MIM goes for her official photo shoot today. An agency has grabbed her. It's kind of fun, and I'm a bit of a proud uncle. Sis and hubby are so careful about all this but it's probably the best agency in Australia otherwise I think they would of said 'no'.

I have a vocal moment with a big fat queen at the General Store- just a stinky lard arse bully. Sometimes one has to stand up when someone is screeching at you - so i did.

June 18th

The Deli is over flowing so we eat at Montague again. Astrid is on and the coffee is great.

We end up doing some night shopping. Woolworths have those funky $3 vegetable and fruit bags out. Buy a bag which has 20 organic apples and a few other bits of fruit- several apple pies out of this batch- such a bargain for $3. Plus I clicked on Woolies orange card and was given a 1KG bag of Friskies cat food. Thank you Woolworths.

June 19th

It's a cold old day on the mountain, our noses freeze while Mark and myself do some laps.

I see the old has been is starting to attack me again on line. Once more hiding behind his computer- what a gutless turd he is. I just ignore it, if he only knew how many people thought he was a worthless waste of oxygen.

June 20th

I'm working on my computer at the general store and 2 girls arrive from Sydney. We start to chat and one of them saw the Enz at the Oceanic Ballroom , all the way back in March 1975. She told me some information that I didn't know, and that the area where the Enz played (it was their 2nd gig in Australia) was actually called "Back of the room"... and that the Enz freaked her out. I love that it just made my whole day. So much i emailed Tim Finn around it.

I have another run in with the obese Queen. Classic, this time I stood up for myself (again) and it got all hysterical. Nelly showed "it" the door. Hurrah.

June 21st

I have coffee this morning and my group of Amazon women are with me- Allie, Jane Rosemaree and "fill in" Amazons- Mark and John. But no sign of the Queen.. ! I love how the gorgeous crew showed up, very loving and they'll take on any force known to man and God to protect the Gryphon.!

End of financial year soon and BAS stuff going in. I don't know where the year has gone , it just zooms by. Mark and myself do laps of the park every single day now. Feeling incredibly healthy plus it's fun and a lovely environment to exercise.

That's it from me , stay healthy and it's good to stand up to bully's!

Life is good, no make that fantastic.


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