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Satan's Bus Stop

Kalorama-Satans Bus Stop- the fog rolls in. Winter 2015.

June 22nd

I think we have made Mondays the official schnitzel salad sandwich day here at the office. One of thew few days we don't go out for lunch - they are a bit addictive and we bake them (not fry) so possibly a bit healthier, and loads of our organic salad bits and pieces. My mouth is watering just thinking of lunch today.

"True Detective Season 2" underway tonight and it was good. Season one was great but this one seems pretty good. We are enjoying Matt Dillons new tv show Wayward Pines, it's finally getting fascinating, in a LOST sort of way. Slowly improving , so we are sticking with it.

June 23rd

Louise goes to Berwick so no pancakes today- how inconsiderate is that, oh well life still rolls on, but only just!!!!! They are pretty friggin' amazin' pancakes folks.

I decided to order one of Jim French's books- he's the USA artists, lots of iconic homoerotic imagery- he did such exceptional work. I didn't know that he created Colt studios - where have I been, how could I not know that? I'd love to get one of Jim French's original polaroid snaps-that would be very cool. He's still alive and still taking exceptional images. The two cowboy shirts made by Vivienne Westwood were based one one of Jim French's photos. His stuff is probably too erotic for some- in 2015 I am amazed at how prudish some people still are (and you still get half brained fat white trash that love to use the word 'fag' which is pathetic) . You just want to shout "we are sexual beings" . I'd hate to wander through life not feeling sensual, sexual and a touch seditious.

The Abbott =Hopeless Tshirts arrive. Yey...speaking of prudish.

June 24th

Day off for Marky. All is well.

June 25th

I was born in te Awamutu.... Happy Birthday Tim Finn. Looking good for 63 ol' chap! We "talk" via email.. which is never the same but still fun. I like that this founder of Split Enz can still play sell out shows in London.

Blood & Thunder- The Sound of Alberts (Part 1) was on tv tonight. It was ok but hated the hyped narration. Part 2 will be better, AC/DC with Bon and The Angels! Yey.

June 26th

Played the Morrissey "Swords" cd today and the bonus disc is scratched to some ridiculous degree. The usual problem that shitty cardboard packaging. I'm fairly supportive of the environment but when it comes to my music (like so many others) totally detest CD releases where the disc slides into cardboard and scratches the hell out of it. Annoying in this case as it's the "bonus" disc that really is stuffed because of it. Plus it's really hard to find another copy.

June 27th

The Matiilda's played well again Japan in the World Cup. They still lost but just 1 goal. Fine effort girls.

It's that time of year where all the roses at Ailsa Craig get snipped . The only one that doesn't is the ice blue rose which seems to like the current cold conditions and flowers. Each year that goes by it appears to get more blue and less white. The gardens can look impressive up here, a lot of work but we love our house and yeah it's a tad majestic we know!

Coffee with Miss Rosemaree today , I love to watch her knit whilst bitching at the same time- a true skill (joking Miss R).

June 28th

I photograph Greg Skyhooks yellow hat for the Official Skyhooks page. Every few weeks we put up some of their stage costumes and Gregs yellow suits/hat are so iconic. He's amazingly helpful and supportive of the page, it probably wouldn't exist without his help. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Skyhooks/751125208300602 (Remember to give it a 'like').

June 29th

Working away on a few of Hessies songs today. The final few he gave us for use all those years ago- in need of some mixing etc. I wish his planned solo release would of happened, he seemed to chop and change it, at last count about 3 different versions. I do miss that crazy guy- he had a huge warm heart and we were blessed to of known him. Mark and myself miss the little shit so damn much.

End of month so getting our BAS ready too, and the end of the financial new year. We are on top of all of our tax stuff- usually get it all in and done and dusted within a few days. We obsess about having receipts for everything, very efficient in that way. The Tax man must be very happy with us. Plus I have a good accountant, makes my life easier.

I find my old JVC video camera, just a really small camera but I took it on holidays and on the road and just filmed loads of stuff. One day I'll have time to edit ("I won't" screams Mark).

June 30th

Power workers and tree cutters on the mountain so all the cafes are closed today (no electricity), we manage a coffee and sausage roll at the Kalorama General Store. The locals all wander in and say hello. It's coming up to ten years for us on the mountain, quite a nice little community this one.

We are enjoying "Halt + Catch Fire" on Foxtel. It's pretty good, the story of a Dallas computer company in the eighties. Mackenzie Davis is brilliant as Cameron. They played Richard Hells "Blank Generation" in the soundtrack, so I woke up singing it this morning. Love Hell & his Voidoids! very cool.

We donate a whole $5 to Labors "It's Time" Marriage Equality advert. Every bit helps, we keep the wheels turning on this in the media. As determined as Abbott is to stop this, he won't be able to do so.

A few issues today on a record company project we are working on, I put on some brakes and continue with all our other projects. Nice that it's that easy, it will work out just a bit frustrating.

July 1st

Still in Voidoid land, so I purchase Pete Astas book on Richard Hell- I'm hoping it's an enjoyable read.

Rosemaree kindly cooks us dinner tonight, yum, a really nice relaxed night. Her cats are very strange though, saying that all cats are I guess?!

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry- she turns 70 today- which is incredible. I love that debut Blondie album, it has a bit of edge.

July 2nd.

Rocket Pocket Books has a small flood of orders come in, I think it's because the Australian dollar is now shite, so overseas people are getting super bargains because of the exchange rate. www.rocketpocketbooks.com

July 2nd

No calls from Peggy, our machine has been on. I try the number she gave me (twice) and it just rung out. A friend tells me she hasn't heard from her either, so I just leave it . Hopefully she is ok.

We watch "Blood & Thunder" on the ABC. The 2nd part of The Alberts story. It's ok,. still hate the narration and all the exaggeration. It was ok though, not brilliant simply ok.

Greg mentions that the unauthorised Gudinski book is out soon, I'd forgotten about this release. Chapters on Skyhooks and Split Enz. I wonder if Nathans in it (yieks)?

July 3rd

Umbrella Entertainment have a great sale on. I end up purchasing seventies biker movie STONED and also the Disc 1 of "Skippy the bus kangaroo". I am a man of extremes. "What's that you say Skippy, they were both a bargain, just $10.00". You are right Skippy you sexy little Macropodidae!!!!

I heard the Stetsons playing on ABC radio , new album "True North" out soon, love that banjo that is in the mix.

"Penny Dreadful' returns- excellent start- Nightcomers! Yes witches in this one- keep still my gothic heart!

July 4th

Marks birthday later this month so I manage to grab us 2 tickets for the Rolling Stones London exhibit. April 2016. It seemed all of England wanted tickets, took me over an hour but just when I was giving up I managed to get two.So April 2016 we are off to London, 2 business class airfares using our freaky flyer points (thank you Woolworths!). After the Stones it's onto Cuba at long last. I'm excited as being April I'll be able to play Dragon's "April Sun In Cuba" and actually experience it first hand! Mark was a bit blown away when told, looking like a 12 year old opening his christmas presents! Here's hoping people give him crispy ten pound notes for his birthday.

I am keeping the house warm tonight, it's 4 degrees during the day so a cold one. The fog is rolling in, all along the tourist road. The Kalorama bus stop looks rather picturesque. I expect satan to hop off the bus at any moment.

July 5th

Spinach Pie for dinner, one of my old classics.

Life seems great at the moment, we can always do with some more money, seems about 20 years since I had a pay rise. I'm in some sort of natural calm and full of happiness. The balance has returned, so whilst I'm on such a natural high I shall wave goodbye dear readers.

Every prophet is in their house....


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