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PG and Banshee

Love the Cat, Love the TV show- Banshee rules

March 23rd

I'm happy how the Warhol art turned out. Put one image up on Sheepbook and some very cool comments, also 2 people asking about buying copies. Which was really cool. Love it when the little art pieces go out around the world.

Book in for our Dr at Prahran. Out of Stillnox, the best sleeping pills for long plane flights (I did write plane "trips" but probably not good to get all trippy on planes). I just pop one and sleep solid for 6 hours and no lingering yucho stuff. Just don't drink booze with them- I am still amazed that people do that. idiots. Wasn't it Jack Nicholson that drove a car over a small cliff after taking some with booze?

March 24th

Our friend Janes birthday tomorrow so a quick surprise tonight. A man bearing gifts, always a good thing. Cuddle with the girls in bed while we watch some really outrageous TV. Allie just has this wonderful laugh. The kids are great, though some of the documentary stuff was a bit eye opening. A fantastic night, good mates and a nice mood. Great to see that Andy Warhol is going to a good home!

March 25th

Happy Birthday Sweet Jane!

We avoid The Deli on Wednesday, the religious coffee drinking people are in, and they are too painful. So go a few doors down to "Montage". Food is good and plenty of space.

Wade through the Enz archives today, still trying to get a balance of all eras which can be difficult when those first few years are so thin on the ground. Still by far Official Enz has had some cool early items up. You'll never keep everyone happy, but thankfully the nutter fuckwits are far and few and are so ridiculously transparent. A handful of spineless cowards hiding behind their computer screens- kind of sad really. I'll let Karma fuck them over, I'll take the high road.

We are still walking around Kalorama , just a few laps every day-nice that Marky is doing this-just that little bit more exercise, a good thing.

March 26th

Well Hessie has been gone 10 years today. We think of him so often, still seems like some strange dream, saddens me. I was driving with Mark today and he did this perfect Paul impersonation : "Hi Boys, it's your Uncle Hessie here". I just had to laugh, so spot on and made me smile throughout this sad day.

March 27th

Neil plays the fundraiser for Iona Girls School in NZ. All went well. It's great he does such things.

Woolworths mail out some coupon books, so loads of extra flight points coming our way. It doesn't cost us a cent more but we are happy to have all those extra points. Will be great not paying for 2 Business class airfares, it saves so much, about $20,000! Thank you Woolies!

March 28th

Happy Birthday Tony W! Have a great day.

I catch up with Allie nice and early at the General Store-laugh way too much, my face aches.

The NSW election is on today,it goes almost exactly as expected, even down to the number of seats -we worked out a few days ago. The Greens did incredibly well, close to a 10% swing against the Liberals- which is rather a solid message. I watch it anyway, intrigued by some of the seats and the reaction. I love election time, roll on the Federal election.

I wrap easter eggs in a box for home, for Mum, Sis, Maddison etc.

March 29th

My AAMI is due but can't pay it as the bill pay area at the post office is down, a few extra days late won't matter too much as I know I'm covered.

We are really enjoying the latest "Hell On Wheels" bluray- what a very cool show, it will fill a void when "Justified" finishes in a few weeks. How great is Timothy Olyphant and he's a bit of eye candy too eh? No one wears Levi's like he does!

Playing Neil Finn & Jim Carters- "Blue Smoke" in the office a lot. Love the YouTube footage too...check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0-wKD-MioM&feature=youtu.be

Our recycle bin is only half full today- does that mean we have been wasting 50% less- I hope so-we do try hard!

March 30th

I'm loving working with our new manager-a mate but apart from that it's just so much more together, I have to admit my working day is so much better. A win win for everyone. Welcome Bill!

My gorgeous ol' Mum mails us some Easter chocolates and a very funny card. I know Mark and myself are 21 years old but she still treats us like we are 14! Which is ok.. she's a good (Easter) egg!

March 31st

I grab some Kalorama honey for a friend, cold pressed so really healthy!

Good on the Christian Church-The Disciples of Christ in Indiana-standing up to the homophobes. I hope the good people of Indiana don't stand for such bullshit of not serving people because they are gay. Any business that tries this here will find out the hard way- people will protest with their wallets- which is what they are doing in Indiana. It's 2015 such bullshit. Disgusting, it really is.

April 1st

April Fools Day- don't people play pranks any more on this day?... I guess not. Gone are the days of Coloured Owls and Yeti sightings......and toilet paper pinned to someones back.

An exceptional Easter parcel arrives from Sis and MIM...hell we are spoilt- I love our family. My Mum is in fine form today.

April 2nd

We are getting close to announcing 2 shows for Neil Finn- one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. The Melbourne gig is on his birthday in May. Sydney on the 30th- will be good to see him play again. The fans are growing restless!

As I work on our pre-sales, it looks like I'll be running with the date for a one off Tim Finn show too- in London. Tim will be playing Bush Hall on July 12th - the UK fans will be stoked as they rarely get to see him perform these days, it will be one of those "don't miss it" gigs.

April 3rd

John at our local General Store brings in some Easter eggs for Mark, Nelly and myself, such a nice act of kindness. It doesn't take much to make me smile and such things always do. Mine is a double yoker-, chocolate variety! A freak. So double the amount of chocolate!

We are blown away by this exceptional weather, Summer has long gone but it still kind of lingers. Tourists are wandering around the Dandenong Ranges taking photos of the red and gold leafed trees- way too excited.

April 4th

"Lost In Space" will be on Bluray later this year. 15th September to be exact- 50 years exactly since it was first shown on American TV. This will be very cool.

I buy Season Two of "Banshee" the TV show on Bluray- it's got free postage so will take ages to arrive. (rolls eyes) it's only coming from Queensland.

A lot of phone calls today- just friends checking in- people keep asking about my birthday in May. I haven't even thought about it-May is too far off. Also , heaps of emails in from Skyhook fans who are loving the Official Skyhooks FB page. They are so excited by it. If you love Australian Music check it out and please feel free to give it a "Like".


April 5th

Allie calls and we are catching up again tomorrow- which will be fun. I've got our mate Doug looking for Sherbets "Slipstream" CD (yeah I'm not quite sure why I want it...but I do love that title track. ) Good old Dixons, those 2 stores are goldmines for rare items-if you live in Melbourne go visit them. I can't wait or the record player to arrive for the art room..all that vinyl at my finger tips (Mark rolls eyes and runs!).

That's it from the top of the mountain.

Love life and fight the good fight.


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