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Peter Green is Red. Birthday Bash- August 2015

Peter Green is Red. Birthday Bash- August 2015

July 28th

I hear from Tim Finn today, he's signing some brilliant 8x10 photos for the Frenz. Today also marks the 40th anniversary since 'Mental Notes" debuted from Split Enz. What a remarkable journey it has been for Tim, since the start of the band. So great he can still play in London etc to sold out crowds and get a very passionate response. He's always been really decent to us, I think having a family has just made a world of difference in his life. More power to Tim Finn!

The Gudinski book is out today, I haven't read it yet so who knows if it's any good. I'm sure Nathan will have a few comments on it! Yieks- go Natty!!!! I think he has a few of his photos in it - wish he would release a photo book.

Work out a title for a project today, it "works" - CD titles can be hard sometimes, all the good ones have been taken. I like smaller one word titles.

July 29th

I visit Jodes and she offers to drive me to get Maddisons birthday present, I totally appreciate it. I'll remember which friends have helped us out and which haven't - if nothing else our "home detention" has shown that clearly. It's been really nice in so many ways.

Groceries arrive from Woolworths today, just bizarre and like some strange comedy.

The indian truck driver decides to turn the wrong way and almost takes the huge truck over the retaining wall and into our yard. Next, he gets it stuck in the mud. Our mate Jace turns up and we can not look at each other without laughing. It just gets more bizarre every moment and finally 2 hours later he has left, and almost forces a lady off the road. There is good news, a grocery mix up, so we end up with a few extras , about $20 worth. I call them and am honest but they say "just keep it"...and they also give us a free next delivery coupon - so in some ways we are indeed rewarded. The whole evening was just bizarre and Mark and myself chuckle as we stuff our faces with goodies.

July 30th

I woke up singing Lennon's "Oh Yoko" from his Imagine album- I just couldn't get that song out of my head today.

I find a small box of polaroids from my first visit to Disneyland, very funky pants and hairstyle. Also my ticket and even on that first visit Disneyland was close to 250,000,000 visitors- incredible! Walt- what a visionary. I can't wait till Maddison is about 5 years old, so her two uncles can take her on a trip to the magical kingdom.

Jodes and the kids take me to Knox to buy MIMs birthday presents, a funky dress, some toys and a few other bits- I think she'll love them. I do try to be a good uncle. Hard work sometimes.

July 31st

Off for a few days, no phones etc, escape I wonder if anyone will even know I've gone?

August 1st

Where did all the months go, I've blinked and it is August. Another birthday horror month for us, like May, so many birthdays in August.

August 2nd

I see Bronwyn Bishop quits as parliamentary speaker, good, I'm glad the old thief has gone. So cavalier about her thieving of OUR money. Such an appalling mix of hubris and arrogance and such a biased speaker. She won't be missed and history will remember her as nothing but a thief. Where has Tony Abbott been for the past 4 weeks while this has been going on, the invisible man of Australian politics- not a sign of leadership during all of this. Watch it come back at the ballot box and it will be the final nail in Abbott's political coffin.

August 3rd

Nice to be in my own bed, I sleep so well, coma state!

Work away on scans and bits and pieces for the next project. Four hours worth tonight- Phew!

August 4th

I hear from Neil just as he's heading off for holidays overseas. I should ask to be tucked away in their suitcase, I could do with some sun and a recharge. Vitamin D seems to be in short supply- I've forgotten what sunshine feels like.

August 5th

I help a friend get some "points" for an animal shelter she works at, enough and they get some council money, so I'm hoping it happens. People are amazing who look after injured animals, will always find a way to help if we can.

Maddison calls me and says "Luv you Unca Peta, Bye Bye". Apparently she really was into her presents, I did score big time on the "Good Uncle" poll!

August 6th

Andy Warhol would of turned 77 years old today if he was still alive. I grab some of my Warhol heads from the giant collage and set them up in the bath tub. I wanted to do a PG is dead surrounded by Warhol in the bath but it stayed as an idea in my head. I just took some snaps and held one bit of art over my face. I managed to smash a candle holder in the process. The things we do. I'm trying to imagine Andy W at 77- I can't , maybe some just burn bright and fast.

We hear from the car people, still a week before they have the part in from overseas. It's weird and kind of ok our oddball "home detention" I'm in exile... walk to the general store every day for my coffee. Some amazing mates have stood up and called and asked if we needed any help- so kind of them.

August 7th

Again our grocery's are being delivered, free thanks to generous old Woolworths. I leave a note out, with the numerous security cameras they are safe to leave them by our door. It's like Woolworths Santa has been , so many bags full of goodies. It doesn't feel like we have paid for them...

Warner- Mushroom have their "When Sharpies Ruled" cd out today, the city stores have stock, outer not yet. I thought the Skyhooks song on the disc was the wrong choice but we are not involved with this one. The more obscure tracks I think I prefer. Very happy La Femme made the cut, such an underrated oz band.

August 8th

A flood of book orders, for both TRIP and GHOST CARS today... all through Rocket Pocket Books. I think the collectors get excited when our little books are down to the last box. The Crowded House- "Ghost Cars On The Freeway" will become some super collectible , I can tell as some people are buying second copies. It's just going to stay this one print run, I'm trying to keep it limited. TRIP is fun, I love the diary books, just being able to put them in the back pocket of your jeans is a blessing. Still working away on THE EARLY YEARS , it's had a few false starts but close. www.rocketpocketbooks.com

Mark teaches me how to use Perfect Photo Suite- I am now addicted. He's adding a few others to my lap top, there is no stopping me now. I work away on my one good picture of Candy Darling. C'mon you know Candy... from the Lou Reed song, "Walk on the wild side". One of the icons from Warhols Factory scene. Anyway the photo works well, popped it up on sheepbook , a few people emailed me wanting a larger jpeg so they could frame it. Love that.

August 9th

Fenella and Giles steal us away from home detention and off we go for some brunch at Montage. So nice of them, always fun. We had a hoot.

The results from the latest polling arrive , released to the press tomorrow. Labor is now ahead by 6 points, Bill Shorten "Preferred PM' by 16 points. SIXTEEN, Abbott's worst polling in 5 years. Trying not to laugh.....it's the 40th consecutive Poll with the Liberals behind, a new record. The clock is ticking.

August 10th

Work work work, mostly Neil, Split Enz and some fanclub stuff today. The day flew by, I looked up and it was 7.00. I forgot to have lunch. Thankfully Mark made us dinner. It was really delicious too. We are still doing laps of the park, almost every evening. Disciplined or what! ?

August 11th

I put up a few photos on Sheepbook from the Surrey Road Sth Yarra days. (1984 -1986). Fun people that we lived with, nice shots we all look so happy. Gina Patterson where are you?

The Second Rockwiz show at the Palais Theatre is now on sale, October 8th. Maybe I'm even working at them-which is good.

August 12th

We do remember to call our mate Allie on her birthday. How old, well never mind.

Tonight I head up to the art room and work on a small painting for her. One of Morrissey, Jane and Allie already have scored one of my Warhols so this can be a brother piece, same size. I work in Aqua and a Burgundy, two I rarely ever mix. I'm happy with it. I check with Jane as I don't want to be an art wanker, forcing my average work on people for their birthdays, but she reassures me it's good and will be loved.

August 13th

In honour of Robin McLaurin Williams being gone 1 year, we watch "Dead Poets Society" tonight and have stored "Good Will Hunting" on the IQ Box. Wow I'd forgotten that "Good Will Hunting" is heading up to 20 years old. It cost a mere $10 million to make that movie- so says Mark! Still very sad that Robin Williams died. It's my friend Jennifer in NYC's favourite movie.

Chat to Giles and Fen tonight. Straight after that to Laura and Wendy. The phones are sure running hot here.

August 14th

Still car less which we expected, so more ordering of Grocery's online. It's quite nice, I feel rather exuberant doing so. What shall we order today?

Big thank you to Lisa and gang for mailing those chocolates- we do run out so they go into our office survival kit! (and last 2 minutes). We are feeling the love , stranded here. Thanks everyone, who have cared xoxox

August 15th

I get to sleep in, a bit of a stomach ache, my own fault, pigged out last night - while watching cable.

I make some guacamole' for Allie and Rosemarees bash tonight. Spend a small fortune on Avocado's and chillies etc. It will taste great. I've got a little case of the blues. My Dad would be dead 29 years , that seems so long ago. Usually it doesn't feel this bad, and I know it will pass. Weird after all this time it can still create some sadness.

3.30 and the wonderful Giles & Fenella pick us up for Allie & Rosemarees Party. A really fun night , and Allie wins the door prize for the freakiest moment, somehow thinking Rosemarees Chocolate Ripple Cake was a large roll of foil wrapped garlic bread and BAKES THE CAKE. Of course I'm with her and Giles on the kitchen floor screeching with laughter. Marks takes the second award, as he's eating the baked disaster he exclaims; "I normally hate Rosemaree's Ripple Cake but this is fantastic". (Rolls eyes). I managed to get through it and had some fun.

That's it from Oz

All the best

Footnote: The COUNTDOWN: DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR 2 part documentary will be repeated one final time on ABC 2 at 8.30PM on Sunday August 30th. The 2 episodes will be screened back to back.

It was the ABC's most popular documentary in 2014. Proud of my little cameo in this one, we'll always support the ABC.

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