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Happy Valentines Day from Kalorama - 2015

February 2nd

Nice call from my friend Toija who is putting together the Bowie conference, which coincides with the amazing exhibit. I get the good news that my Bowie live photo is being used on the invites and other main areas- so that's kind of cool. Not my best photo by any means but there is something about it- yes maybe "the hair" - I kind of like it, it works. I never get that excited over the phone but afterwards it does make me smile. My bit of 'cool' for the day as I said to my sister.

February 3rd

Still no final result on QLD election, it takes time to re count etc. I know that Labor will form power, I guess they'll need that one independent to do so - still incredible to return after one term and by such a massive swing. I do hope the upcoming NSW election has a similar result. It is tougher and some of the Liberal leaders policys I do like (like his pushing of the recycle scheme). I bet the "Abbott factor" will play a role too - as soon as he started rewarding states for the selling of assets he bought himself into play at any state election too. Plus sometimes people will send a message to their Federal parties via State voting. I know the Libs were ahead by 12% 2 months ago. Todays polling has them drop to a mere 6%-so it's possible NSW may follow Queensland and kick them out.

My office floor is covered again... basically all those bands that we have something to do with. I do manage to reclaim the carpet after awhile but the requests come in around work etc and suddenly there goes the floor again. I should just surrender to it but it's good having the office looking a bit more under control. A small part of me is actually professional- why am I laughing with you at that comment-I am, honestly I am- no one ever believes me.

I was chatting to a friend in Sydney today-who has worked for the music industry for ages and we both commented how many "Hobby Managers" there are- people who think they would make great band managers but at the end of the day they really are not. Just all talk and very little action. It's bad for the industry and bad for the artist-just walking ego's that should really go on and do something else with their lives, and you know what ?-they usually do because they rarely ever kick any goals with their artists and the act soon works out that it is a waste of their time when the rewards are so few and far. I can count the good managers I know on one hand.

February 4th

Today is rather tedious, mostly addressing tough packs for a future mail out- god I hate those long English addresses-ridiculous- so extreme to have a postal address that long, especially for such a tiny country.

I've decided to grab a copy of ARROW Season 1 on Bluray for Marky. After his appearance on The Flash it has convinced me we will indeed like it. In fact he kind of makes The Flash look like a puny One Direction "band" member, The Arrow a bit more rustic and way sexier then puny child man The Flash. The show has some edge and grit-we like that.

Speaking of One Erection, I see that the tickets on the Aussie Tour have been slashed in half because of lack of sales, never a good sign - the novelty value has waned the kids are moving onto the next fad.

February 5th

I did bite the bullet today and bought some Claratyne tablets for hayfever -they are so tiny. I take 2 and that's all I need for a month. The pollen on the mountain is intense- mine isn't too bad compared to some people.

I see that Lung cancer has overtaken breast cancer as the #1 killer in woman in Australia. Why would anyone be stupid enough to smoke?

February 6th

Evil home rates are due in a week, I hate handing 3 grand over to the council. Still once it is done that is it for the year. I just know what great airfares I could buy with that money. As soon as I've paid it I will indeed be onto Yarra Council to do some street work near our place. At least a small part will be used to re-open Olinda Pool so that makes me slightly (only slightly) happier.

I see they are moving for a spill in the Liberal leadership. Abbott will remain as I know what some of the numbers are already - even having a possible spill is amazing and shows how much dislike there is for him-especially on the back bench. Where there is smoke there is fire....

Foxtel removed a chunk of money off our bill, so my phones and Foxtel is a mere $97.00 this month- now they are the bills I like.

February 7th

A few very very late nights in a row- like FOUR are taking their toll. Instead of good morning in the corridor Mark and myself just yawn at each other!!!!!!! Seems we keep getting asked to parties , it's all kind of odd. If nothing else we are meeting fresh faces- I guess? We'll go back to be hermits soon I'm certain.

I speak to my sister who has generously bought us some amazing tickets for a show at Crown, box seats. Plus a room for the night-way too cool but we are happy with the show, the drive isn't that long, so we'll see. Its possibly the day before Marks brother and wife visit so probably a good idea to be home- imagine if we slept in and missed their visit.

February 8th

I make homemade chocolate mousse again this weekend- I have it down pat now, every batch tastes pretty good. The secret is in the whipping and the folding and yeah a bit of expensive alcohol. (In the Mousse not while I'm making it- HIC). I get about 8 out of each batch so handy when friends call by. That very subtle orange flavour just adds to it- it's one of my better creations- no doubt my sweet tooth will be the end of me one day. I do continue to go jogging, not as much -being careful on the "knees". It's all about the knees as one gets older.

I hear from Neil and he's playing one of those high price fundraiser for a school in NZ- love that he does stuff like this from time to time.

Life isn't too bad at the moment, yeah sure we could all do with some extra money-the bills increase but my pay never does. Still we are healthy, and very happy, have a nice selection of close friends that we love- truly one must count ones blessings on such things.

February 9th

I keep hearing about how smart Mr Turnbull is "a regular Einstein" so they say (rolls eyes) compared to Mr Abbott "the mad monk".... I knew both of those rang a bell and remembered it was actually from one of Dylans songs- "Einstein disguised as Robin Hood with his memories in a trunk, Passed this way an hour ago with his friend, a jealous Mad Monk." How great is that sometimes life does imitate art and vice versa. I guess Abbott is really jealous at how easy Mr Turnbull has it , popularity he's 4 times as liked... and for those who really don't think part of politics is indeed popularity they are most certainly in denial. Good ol' Bob Dylan..... and the proposed spill happens, Abbott is still party leader which is no surprise. The thing that does surprise many is that nearly 40% of his own party did indeed want him to go. Another nail in his coffin... tick tick tick.

February 10th

A good sleep last night, a real deep sleep-even Banshee sleeps in so I am refreshed and recharged and ready for battle! I feel like a Viking today! (no where I can find one???).

February 11th

We run into our old friend Mary and her boyfriend Ross at BRUNCH this morning- great to see her- she created the original Deli at Olinda so we miss seeing her every week. Nice lady.

I see JB has Arrow Season 1 on Bluray for half price so figure that would make a very cool present for Marky. Usually it's around $65.00 here which is insane. No wonder blu-ray sales flop in Oz. It means I'll have to do a sneaky drive to JB at Eastlands before Valentines day- a pain as they are still adding onto the shopping centre so parking is crappy.

Lots of Neil Finn emails today, they come in small waves, several, none, more, zero, a LOT, and not a peep. I still answer one one one -think it's good to do so. I'm actually on top of all the mail. It feels good, just struggling with parcels to be mailed out and usually it';s because I'm waiting on something to arrive. Some things are out of my hands especially around delays.

February 12th

Unemployment figures are in, the worst numbers for the Liberal government in 13 years. It climbs up to 6.4%. So surpassing other countries- UK- 5.9%, USA 5.7%, New Zealand 5.6%. It jumps to 6.3% in NSW, with their state election coming up in a few weeks I'm sure people will be asking the Premier how come he hasn't done anything about the rising unemployment numbers of NSW!

I do drive to Eastlands and fluke the perfect parking space. JB have Arrow #1 as the old price of $65.00 so I grab the manager walking by and he checks and says "yes we do need to change that"... plus the copy I have, has the Buy1 Get 1 Free sticker, so Mark ends up with the full bluray season 1 of "Fargo" too, and I find an old JB card in my wallet so a further $7.00 off- whacko- I'm on a bargain roll!!!! The staff tell me JB is moving, out of Eastlands and around the corner so not far- though it was handy having it in the shopping centre.

February 13th

Labor have now officially won the Queensland state election- that one seat gives them power. Incredible how it has changed so quickly- the people have indeed spoken. The domino's are falling, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland. Imagine if NSW follows- mind blowing really.

Our boring old home rates are due on Sunday , I'm fine around most bills but hate paying the rates- around $3300, but we deal... once paid they are gone for a year. Hurrah. Mark asks if we can afford Chocolate... I just laugh and say 'always'.... it's in the shopping basket.

February 14th

Happy Valentines Day my delicious creatures-yes all of you, both sexes, all sexes, and even those amongst you that are asexual persuasion...or multi-sexual!!! Marky sneaks a huge insane size box of Maltezers into my bed in the morning. A man with a giant package of balls! Yieks. Gotta love that.

I have coffee with Rosemaree and I snip a rose when I'm leaving the house so that is hers. See I am a good friend. On the way home I photograph a wooden heart on a tree in the fog bound Kalorama Park. Yes the whole mountain is hiding under Miss Fogs waistcoat today-it's actually beautiful. It adds to the photo. The sheepbook crowd seem to love it- so that is worth doing.

I hear "Message To My Girl" on radio -all day every hour-such a romantic song...it has lasted the distance.

A wonderful meal tonight overall a really good day.

February 15th

Our buddy Merelyn calls , it's been awhile so this is a nice way to start the day -chat chat laugh laugh... old gloves together the both of us.

I pay the evil rates-on time... so put that out of my mine for another year.

Mark keeps checking out the site for the people who make the Batmobiles. Thye now make a 1966-LX model which has more guts and Ommph! About $220,000 (US) for the top of the range, that would be the one you'd have to have.

I keep dreaming- can you imagine us at age 80 in the Batmobile driving through the winding hills of the Mt Dandenong..we'd be old and crusty but the car would still be shit-hot! Now there is an image I could live with! It's also the image I'll leave you with.

Holy late diary entry Batman.

XXX from the Batcave at Kalorama


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