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Happy Christmas Everyone

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

November 30th

Mail off a birthday present to a good friend. They are avoiding birthdays but we are reminding them how special they are and just happy they are part of our life. It's not about the age it's about us being so fortunate to have them as a friend. I did hold back on sneaking to their house with 100 Happy Birthday balloons and tying them to their fence. So I have some minimal self control.

Signing, signing, signing, these cards are endless.. Going slightly crazy, I did write Happy Birthday instead of happy Christmas this morning on one.

December 1st

World Aids Day. I notice Foxtel are playing the Larry Kramer documentary in honour of the man on this day. What an amazing life he has, he really was a crusader- revolting how arse holes like President Ronald Reagan did nothing around the AIDS epidemic. Ronald Reagan deserved a bullet between the eyes. Where is a lone gunman when you need one!

December 2nd

"Banksy Does New York" - this was cool, a fine documentary/marketing tool/ fun month. I like Banksy, I like the attitude and the art- more power to the Banksys of the world, may they shit all over the Ken Done's!

A massive run on new memberships for the Frenz club. Spent most of today sending out membership kits to fans. The other part signing those endless Christmas Cards. Next we are announcing the end of year Christmas Stocking. The wonderful Nick Seymour is donating a "mystery item" to it, in fact Nicks going to pick the winning ticket too, when we catch up on December 15th. So we'll make some fan very very very happy. It will be great to catch up with him too as it's been too long.

December 3rd

Making a few Christmas boxes for mates this year. I've only got black and a bit of white spray paint so I'll have to cut out a few templates etc for some images to go on the outside. See Banksy inspires me.

Speaking of boxes (no I'm not being rude for once), a surprise christmas box arrives from the brilliant Blue in Hawaii ...loving the Dali tarot cards- very kind gift -thanks Blue!

December 4th

Tim Finn's "Ladies In Black" arrives in Melbourne in the new year . Melbourne Theatre Company. Rave reviews from Brisbane, he must be happy with the results.

Bruce Munro's FIELD OF LIGHT will be sparkling away at Uluru in April 2016. 50,000 solar flower stems. That will look amazing surrounding the rock in the Northern Territory.

December 5th

An exciting day up here, Olinda Pool opens. Our local member who is the deputy Premier worked some miracles and also managed to get the government to cough up $500,000. So huge applause to Labors James Merlino during the speeches today. They ended up with 600+ people dropping into the pool site for the day. I went down with my trusty camera and the deputy premier encouraged some shots. A few people had official media passes on, I bluffed it and waved my beautiful L series camera and lens and everyone assumed I was part of the rat pack.. I managed a few good shots and Mr Merlino and the State Government press person asked to use a few. Which I'm fine about. So rare that local politicians make a difference and with the pool now open, Lilydale TAFE reopening and 2 more dangerous crossings being converted we actually have a pollie that is doing something, The past 2 premiers were jokes , useless and they wonder why they got booted out after only one term.

So camera duties done I head back to the 4WD and get changed and have a swim. Mr Merlino says "come join us in the water" so I dive in and as always my mouth is open.. strangely though the pool water tastes sensational. It's a beautiful day too, sunshine and happy people. More are arriving as i head out and a woman stops me at the back gate and asks about the load in area. Do I have 'rock guy' printed on my forehead. I realise it's Clare Moore , Dave Graneys wife, and a fine drummer. She tells me Dave is sitting in the car and go say hello. So I do. I say how much I detest "selfie's" but manage one anyway. Nice to chat. Finally get home as the sun starts to set.

December 6th

Happy Birthday to YOU.. it's a secret who's birthday this is, but they'll know! *GRIN*. No idea why people go weird over birthdays, I think it's nice that people love you so much they celebrate the day of your birth.

I owe Brenda $1.15 for my coffee at the General Store, I'll try not to leave the country! I hate owing money of any sort. I never know how people can live with themselves when people give them things and they never end up paying it back. What do they do hope the person will croak it so they'll never have to pay. I'd guilt too much. Pay what you owe, it's a good way to live your life.

December 7th

One Skyhook signature down, another soon, the fans will be happy having some of their booklets from the DONT YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN OR YOU'VE HEARD release with some autographs on it. Thanks Skyhooks boys.

December 8th

So sad, Warhol factory great, Holly Woodlawn dies. I knew she was sick and went into hospital in July for liver and cancer complications., I remember her appearance in Warhols TRASH (and of course WOMEN IN REVOLT). How amazing to be immortalised in Lou Reeds "Walk On The Wild Side". "...Holly came from Miami F.L.A. , hitchhiked her way across the USA, plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs and then he was a she..."...

December 9th

Happy Birthday to the amazing Nick Seymour .

Started mailing a LOT of Christmas Cards out, we'll be doing this way past Christmas, so many. Someone told me that we would be the company that returns Australia Post into profit this year! They could be right.

December 10th

Great news that Gay Adoption gets the YES in Victoria. As it should . The times are a changin' if you don't like it go live elsewhere.

We drive to Mount Dandenong Hotel as they have incredible parmigiana . Sitting at a table and a friend laughs as they read the newspaper. She shows me page 2, and there are a few more of my photos from the opening of Olinda Pool. At least they gave me a photo credit, that gives me a little buzz. Nice when it's unexpected. I'm about to climb into the car and spot a $20 note by the side of my tyre. I think this is the same spot where Rosemaree found $5 a week before. What a good night.

December 11th

My friend Allie is rather sick at the moment and I know she's kind of alone at home tonight so I call in and visit - with a gift christmas basket that I put together (thank god for JB Hi Fis discount dvd sale). I stay till about 11.45 and make it home just on midnight. A nice night and lots of laughs. Got to look after your mates.

December 12th

Take a huge box of cards to the general store, getting them all ready to mail. I know people appreciate the efforts so we are happy to do this. I work on a few christmas surprises for Marky too.

December 13th

60 years ago today Dame Edna first graced the stage. What a career from a drab Moonee Ponds house-wife to this mega star icon... and she still has great legs. Elizabeth should fuck off, Edna is the Queen of Australia, make no mistake!

Up early today as the power goes out for more underground line work. So we head off to Eastlands for some serious Christmas shopping. So few cars on the road and the super shopping complex is majorly empty, which is a surprise. Shop for 4 hours and we get a lot out of the way. We are overloaded with Christmas cheer. Ho , Ho fuckin' well Ho! (opps).

So another year is coming to an end. I really must thank the amazing Debbie Levitt for putting the diary up every few weeks. That is so fantastic (3 cheers for Deb). [editor's note: You're always welcome. <3]

Have a brilliant Christmas everyone.

Love from Peter, Mark and Banshee.

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