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What a Great Thing To Wake Up To- Abbott Gone

What a Great Thing To Wake Up To- Abbott Gone

August 31st

Up very early as we have to announce 2 new Neil Finn live shows for Christchurch and Wellington. The sun's out but it's cold in the office at this time of the morning. I'm awake way too early, trying to maintain the vibe, I think I need a coffee, which is kind of lame. My one coffee a day.

I mail off a birthday card to Laura and Spock and a present too, it's the thought that counts. Hand made cards too- I like those more then the presents. We've known both of them for many decades now, good friends.

I do think I am a bit blue today, and kind of scatty, not sure why. I'll just role with it, too easy for people to moan.

September 1st

First day of Spring, it really is a brilliant time of year here. Throw off our old grey dullness and even a touch of sun on my skin brighten my mood. Happy Birthday to Laura too and glad you enjoyed your Kalorama honey...honey!

I borrow Martins battery charger for the car and it still hasn't charged it. Still it has been sitting here in the cold for a month so it's as dead as Tony Abbott's polling numbers. Like those I'm wondering if anything will resurrect the car battery, for nothing will resurrect Tony (chuckle).

September 2nd

I am horrified just how many Syrians are forced from their homes because of this war. Someone said it's almost half the population that has now been displaced. This refugee crisis in Europe is insane. The UN says nearly 3 million have fled to Syria's neighbours- Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan. I see Mr Abbott has turned his back on them, watch public pressure change even his views on this- for a man who continually preaches Christian values he certainly doesn't have a heart around such matters. He'll soon change his mind, maybe at the same time he could make more effort around Australia's homeless problem too. Let a government be judged how it treats it's citizens.

We give Spock a call for his birthday, we'll be catching up soon which will be fun.

September 3rd

I'm back in the office tonight to update around the Neil Finn shows- the asbestos scare forced a change in venue. 99% of fans are brilliant and get it, but every so often you get someone really moaning, and really what would they prefer lungs full of asbestos dust. (rolls eyes). Just be glad the shows were not cancelled all together, sometimes people should just be happy they have a ticket.

The weather is changing, it's getting close to that magnificent Spring weather. Loving our place , the flowers are bursting forth , life is pretty good.

September 4th

We walk to BRUNCH as it's a great day. A friend tells us about the Mt Dandenong garage and says the guy who owns it is a pretty good mechanic. In a few days I was ready to face the "devils elbow" with no brakes and was not looking forward to it.... so after breakfast we venture in and see the owner. I feel i can trust him, so looks like I will get the car up to him on next Friday and let him fix it. I am so relieved , this has been insanity, taken so long. It delayed some work bits and pieces too but fans are understanding.

I tried Charlie's "Raspberry & Apple" juice- very little sugar, pretty good! A new addiction.

I get a call from the guy at Fotofast in QLD and 5 of the 6 films turned out so my photos will arrive soon, some of them 30 years old! I'm excited.

September 5th

I do listen to people, in this case Mark & Doug and decide that all our vinyl albums should not be kept in the art room or garage so we carry them back inside. In our large wine cellar this is a decent size wall cabinet and it is perfect for all these LPs. Mark's in the shower and could I get this one sliding door open- no f'n way. So I'm thumping it, I've oiled it, I've talked abruptly to it- it would not open. After 30 minutes Mark comes on down to check out what all the noise is about. He gently lifts the counter top and the door slides. Boy do i feel silly, we all know who is the smart one in this family and it so is not me!

It is perfect, I give it a clean, grab some white paint and redo the shelves. The good old hairdryer gets them ready in record time. I decide I need to put them in alphabetical order so that takes some time but all done. I'm good at my A to Z's. So by the end of the night they are all packed away, nice and neat.

We decide to watch some episodes of Number 96, the Oz TV show from the seventies. This night 40 years ago the infamous "bomb" exploded on the show, killing some major cast members etc. It's cheesy and wonderful, and ahead of it's time. We love Number 96! I hope the mob at Umbrella Entertainment release more episodes soon.

September 6th

Coffee at the General Store and I wade through the Molly book again looking for some mistakes for them to correct, as it's out soon in paper back. Looks like the Molly tv movie will now be February.

I see Gin Wigmore debuts at #13 on the Oz charts with 'Blood & Bone" that's pretty good.

A late night dye job and my hair looks much better, a bit of red in it this time. Cool!

September 7th

So apparently Julie Bishop & Malcolm Turnbull have been testing the waters again to see how many votes they can get to possibly kick Abbott from the leadership spot. Funny they think they are being so secretive but the halls of Parliament is a bit chit chat and a lot of people know-well everyone except Abbott. I guess this time they want to get it right. Imagine if it happens, an Abbott free world- now that would make my week.

My photos arrive today from Queensland, some very interesting shots, some we can not remember, exciting to open them, little time capsules. Brilliant.

September 8th

We are having one of those truly brilliant days. Happy as pigs in mud (who thought of that expression).

September 9th

Work seems to be pouring in, busy time in the office. We have had a number of friends call by and they enjoy it up here, this time of year. Just wander around the few acres in the sun.

Great to see Crowded House supporting the Save the Children fund, especially at the moment around the refugee crisis. The marvellous HELP IS COMING now on iTunes and more exciting, on vinyl. A 45- HELP IS COMING and one of my fave unreleased songs ANTHEM. The 45 is available from The Vinyl Factory and love the cover art by Nick Seymour. I like it when we work on projects like this that help others. Hell I'm happy we have a new vinyl single to add to the collection. Good work Crowdies. (Top 20 in UK, NZ, etc, so doing well).

September 10th

It's that time of year when we can burn again, those trees of ours sucking in any stray carbon. Spend a few hours working in the yard. I've been in the office so much lately I figure I'm owed some time off. Kind of cool having a fire going, what is it about fires - all that's missing is a large bag of marshmellows.

The delivery guy triggers off all our security cameras, so he's a bit surprised when we head him off on the walk track. Pretty much impossible to walk on our property without being filmed. Big brother is indeed watching you, human or beast! Miss MIM calls in the middle of all this, yes my gorgeous niece is chatting, well kind of. Somehow she has her "Thank you" sounding a bit like "Fuck You" so that's kind of funny. Sweet kid.

September 11th

Lots of good raves for "Last Cab To Darwin" movie. It seems ages since Australia had a big movie, this one sure has the public support and nice reviews too.

We are excited as "Strike Back" returns to cable. Sadly it's a delayed viewing , as it had already been on in America months ago. Great first episode. I mention it on my Sheepbook page and several woman do comment what a cute arse Sullivan Stapleton has (chuckle). We like that he's a bit chunky and not so obviously Hollywood worked out! Such a kick arse show, sad it has come to an end.

Martin visits and we charge the 4WD , and off we go, very little brakes but we make it to the garage. No cars on the road, not a single one- so that was a relief and we manage to stop without driving over the edge of the mountain. So it's in repair mode now, another week or so and it will be 2 months car less, am surprised how well we have survived.

September 12th

Another sunny day in the National Park, probably means it will get flooded with tourists, still that's a good thing for the local shops. A friend rescued a koala bear on the road up here, so that was a nice start to the day. I've only ever seen one Koala the whole time in 10 years up here. Lots of wallaby's and echidna's but Koala's are rare.

I receive this really nice email from Anthony O'Grady, - he was the editor and basically started RAM Magazine. (Rock Australia Magazine) in the seventies, a fave of mine when I was a kid. A very cool writer and basically a "love your work PG" email so that made my day. Totally respect that guy, I'm such a fan of his writing too-so it was kind of wonderful. Nice to be appreciated.

September 13th

You know Christmas must be approaching fast when we start wading through cupboards and our storage areas for bits and pieces for the end of year Giant Christmas Stocking. Mark finds a few other precious items so a few fans will be excited. We have such an exceptional fan base, it just keeps growing and growing.

I catch up with Rosemaree for a coffee , she takes a snap of yours truly in my "Normal People Scare me" T-shirt. They do they really do.

September 14th

A friend gives me a heads up call at 1.30 . Looks like all the sourcing & vote gathering by Bishop and Turnbull over the past few weeks will come to fruitation. There will be a leadership challenge and they are rushing this through. It will happen tonight. It's very strange & this one feels totally different and for the first time in ages I can see some hope. It hardly feels reel that Abbott may well be gone as PM by tomorrow. I head to the house and tell Mark, he'll believe it when it happens. As he pointed out most rodents when cornered will do anything to survive.

My day closes down and I start watching this all unfold. Calls come in and the Net is a buzz. I work on the previous set of votes from the last failed coup. I make note of those who are speaking to the media in support of Turnbull and Abbott. The numbers most certainly add up for Turnbull. I have 52 YES for him and 46 for Abbott.

By 9.15 the vote is on. I'm in the office and on the Net. Around 9.30 PM Abbott has been voted out. 54 to 44-I was very close. Amazing, blink of an eye. I bolt too the house, grab Mark and we pop the champagne . Incredible-I howl as load as i can, we are dancing about like crazy people , so fucking happy. The phones ring and ring, hundreds of emails arrive, so many people posting on Sheepbook. The ultimate Karma happens too- Abbott is the shortest serving PM since Harold Holt- and he is 4 days short of receiving the prime ministerial pension package and all the perks that go with it. Brilliant. Ditch the witch indeed- wonderful news! All night we receive visitors with bottles of champagne, a party happens and we all see the sun come up on a wonderful Abbottless PM day.

Now if the icing can be on the cake, a win by Matt Keogh in the WA electorate of Canning this coming Saturday. It's a hard call, 11.5% safe Liberal seat, still the Libs have already lost nearly 10%, so it's not impossible.

Good luck Matt and we hope the Liberals receive a caning in Canning too!

This has been a great week!


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